How is your mob looking this week?

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Your Supercoach MobWhile little Gazza has been off his tucker for the second week in a row many have taken the captains’s loophole option on blokes like Fyfe (131 SC) and Big Cox (171 SC)

How are you getting on this week? Hope you’re not one of those players getting stuffed around by the Supercoach gods. I’m sure plenty may have shown your Paddy Ryders, Harley Bennells and Daniel Riches the door only to see them come out and go BANG

JR Brumby FC is going along pretty nicely folks.. Hannebery (140), Fyfe (129), Ryder (145) and Big Bouncing Benny McEvoy (139) will receive a one week guest pass to the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community Banquet Hall for theirΒ endeavours this round.

How is your mob getting on? Who’s making you smile? Who’s driving you to drink?



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I had a feeling to put dean cox as captain but instead I put gazza.
Could have earned so much points πŸ™

My forwards are shocking, tex walker, pavlich, zorko, varcoe, neade
Can I get some advice on what to do with my foward line, the players to trade out and trade in??
Btw I have josh Kennedy from WCE


Re: Captains – that's precisely where my brain was at too, KZ7. πŸ™ I struggled with that for a couple of days. When will we learn to trust the gut? πŸ˜›


Haha so true! Next time ill try to trust it :p


Changed Coxy to my captain. Was against Demons after all.


I had Gaz as C…i used the loophole, put Cox as VC…Vlastuin as C, with the emergency being Stevenson…pretty happy!


you took my nickname man as your username! i'll eat you

The Old Dylan



If you’re gonna get rid of Tex, Pav or Zorko you’re gonna get some vital cash in the bank for future trades to help you out so I can only see that as a win. I would personally pick up a Westhoff, Rockliff, Monfries or even a Sam Dwyer. You really can’t go wrong when you’re trying to get rid of premium forwards who just aren’t living up to the hype. Hope this helps!


1262 with 12 played.

What do I do with Zorko? Do I sideways trade or downgrade because I also have Varcoe who seems to have stuffed his shoulder.


Same trades Im up to prior to round 4, got a bit of cash stored up so gonna bite the bullet and bring in GAJ for Zorko, still not sure about Varcoe replacements..


If you don't have Rowe, consider for your fwd slot as he will appreciate in value after third week next week. And with Kruezer likely to be out for a bit (and the other blue ruckmen not doing much) should see increased game time. Bank the extra cash for a week or two and gain the money from rowe's increase and pick up a Steve Johnson or someone then…


My worry with Rowe was him not playing every week, but with Kreuzer out for a while and Rowe playing pretty decently he should be a safe option


had both greene and bennell, traded out the wrong one. also got kreuzzz.
sitting on 1225 from 13. hopefully the port rookies save me


1526 from 15 with Cox as VC. Head-to-Head with the missus this week, so a lot of pride at stake. Tense weekend in the Dash household!

The Old Dylan

Any stakes on the game?


bloody hopeless, Jock.
At the start of the season, picked both Shey and Bennell – this week traded Bennell to Watson which hasn't given immediate results.
Should've stuck with my gut and traded out Shuey – I think there's too many other midfield scorers who crowd out the space

Bellchambers is like a yo-yo; Ryder looked far better in the ruck.

I don't know what to do with Zorko, I'm thinking about giving him the nickname "the anchor"

BUT – I traded Varcoe for Dwyer, so that may well have worked out for the best

My team's projected to make a measly 2000 – prolly going to loose all of my SC leagues, but I'm projected just over 2100 in DT and I'll prolly win all of those!


Cox as skipper, Hanley, both j. Kennedys, and big bennie mcevoy the standouts!


Really happy with my team, only need to trade out varcoe (had him as an emergency this round) and currie for leunberger.

Only sore point for me this week is Shuey, dude can't even get 100 against the demons!


1422/12 captn played.

Failed to use the captn's loophole again..2 weeks running. Should have put a VC on Cox. Instead I have to put up with Abletts score.

Kieren Jack let me down this week, but other than Jack and Ablett's score, I'm pretty happy.


Pretty avo Jock. 1347 with 9 to play. I hope Buddy has a massive day at the office. Got Varcoe but also have $200k in the bank so another trade will go this week.


1283 off 12 pendles captain hannabery star loved my zorko to Berger trade hopefully I can crack 2300


1235/11 Big Cox as Captain, Zorko again is stuffing my team, he is rubbish and as soon as i trade him he'll start playing well! Finally Rich hit some form and the Kennedy boys were awesome, hoping for big scores from Cotchin, Franklin and my Adelaide boys.

Need Varcoe and Zorko replacements?


1442/13, used captain loophole on Cox.

Varcoe & O'Meara are the only ones to let me down, keep naming the wrong rookies on the field each week.

Michael C

1313 off 13 (eerie!). Used the loophole for Cox via Longer – Yes! Unfortunately, planning to trade Longer for Leuenberger this week. Should I go ahead? Also need to trade out Varcoe – could use for a non player ruck for the loophole and swap Rowe into forward line. What do you think, Jock?
FWD: J Kennedy, Dwyer, Zorko, Hale, T Walker, Varcoe, Sinclair, Macaffer
Ruck: Cox, Longer, Blicavs, Rowe


I'm in the darling position where one of my Port rookies is emergency for Beau Waters, and I'm pretty much hanging on that outcome for the league win.

And, if only I'd trusted my gut and stuck Coxy as my captain.


Shocker! Traded up to Kruezer with some spare cash, all going well and then BANG BANG BANG! Patton GAWN! Varcoe GAWN! And then the BIG one…Kruezer GAWN! Looks like thats me done and dusted for the week! No dramas though! Need to take the medicine and regroup for next week. Remember that she's a marathon not a sprint. Long way to go yet!


1397/14 = SC. Zorko, O`Meara and Viney were duds although JJK, Moloney and Hanley were good. Still trying to find a replacement cor Zorko. Dud of the year so far.

1238/14 = DT Swan, Pendles, Martin, Goodes, Stevenson, Pittard, Wines and Dwyer to go. I also have.Zorko in DT but im thinking of trading him down to Rowe and using that cash with the price of Goodes to try and get Hanley or Birchall. I have the 3 rookie defenders but i can see this failibg on me soon.


Viney is not a dud 70 is an excellent score for a rookie in a terrible team.


Yes with a shattered ankle, in a shattered team, not bad at all. Some people have no perspective.


Dear lord πŸ™

Kreuzer gone, Zorko terrible, the gun rookies failed to show up

DT gods have not been kind this week!!!!


Had cox as vc but then changed the VC to Ablett 4 minutes before the West Coast game started. Spewing.

PINQ! Makeup & Beauty

not to bad so far i have fyfe, jj kenedy, cox, ablett, bartel, moloney and j kennedy from syd going not to bad


1287 off 13. Gaz and varcoe disappointed.

Was thinking of trading varcoe next week. Looks like no choice.

Bit hangover. Too many of the barrossa’s best. Shame I will just have to do it all again today. Wine tasting tour. Could get messy!


Driven to drink Jimbo?
I Like it have a great day on the Tour mate, The inspiration for footy decsions for the KrakenKats1 has been Beer and Vino.
The SC Gods have cast a glance at my team and decided to injure Varcoe Lets see if the rest can escape the 'Eye of Mordor" 9 to play today , Worried! Ya


So HAPPY!!! 11 played and I'm on 1389


1317(1488)/Cox VC via MacCaffer/13

Only real disappointment is Zorko; not looking to trade him out though.


1478/12 Buddy, Swan, Danger, Jacobs , B.Goodes and port boys to come


Who are good forwards to pick up??


Couldn't get the captains glitch on cox this week as much as I wanted too, only had McCaffer as my only loop hole player and I reckon he'll be named. Abblet as captain with 1248 from 12. Bell chambers stuffed me as well as O'Meara. Hoping the port rookies, Dwyer, swan, Penders, Franklin have rippers and get me close to 2300. Had Kommer on the bench. Currently got $341k in the bank, was going to use it to upgrade one of my rookies after the price rise but thinking bell chambers has to go, what do you reckon of the sideways trade to Luenberger and then use the money to upgrade a rookie?


exactly the trades that I am making. was hoping bellchambers would have done well enough this week to go up in price – no luck.

Bell out for Luenberger
Rookie out for GAJ (his price will drop for a few weeks I think, so might wait longer) or JK

chris :)

i put the c on mccaffer.. he isn't named and i'm taking the punt


SC 1281/13. Used loophole on Jobe on Friday night after having Cox as my VC for the first 2 rounds …. DOH! Hanley is making me smile, but Zorko is killing me. Need Pendles and Mitchell to both have massive games this arvo. GO HAWKS!


Tried the captain's loophole with Mundy. Thought he deserved at least 110 but that wouldn't have been enough for me to use the loophole. Gaz as captain not the best but at least it's better than his score last week.

=] Cox, the josh kennedys and fyfe doing well

=[ Varcoe ouch! Like many Zorko is killing me! Mumford giving away to many free kicks.

dustbin feltchers

well done with ryder jockular..i dumped him for lou and ham and egg and burger…(and im a bomber fan)…may pay off, mid mids going well with fyfe and parker and moloney, put rampe on field so i could get kommers 91…had vc on ablett so hopefully pendles fires…. am loving my non playing sunday ruckman loophole ceglar. hindsight would have kept ryder and got jj kennedy for bloody zorko….at least leunberger let me change karnezis to bartel…..thinking sam rowe and crouch or lecras for next week….do i persist with zorko????


Zorko is disappointing me, time to go, and Varcoe's injury is another complication. Thinking of swinging Cox into the FWD line and Rowe off the bench into R3, then upgrading Currie to Leuenberger to play R2 alongside Jacobs. From there I could put Varcoe on the bench and trade Zorko (already have Bartel, Kennedy, Dwyer and Rockliff so suggestions are welcome), or hold Zorko for one more and upgrade Varcoe . Thoughts?


Guys & gals, having an issue with captain's loophole – had GAJ as VC and Currie as non playing C (I have E on Jacobs btw) with the view of getting the C on Pendles if GAJ a bit low. Am leaning towards Pendles today but for some reason not giving me the option to change the C – help, what have I done wrong?


I think because Currie, or at least his team has played, you're stuck with that one.

Am I right?

The Old Dylan

Correct. As soon as a game has started any players on both teams can’t be touched. I wanted to use captain loophole (cox, ablett, Currie) but north had already played


Currie from Nth Melb ? Team played yesterday mate the Loop hole has closed

chris :)

1354/12 with the C on cox! happy with hannebery, and wce kennedy.
zorko is bloody killing me, was never that big of a fan but just jumped on board with it.. (would've gone stevie j in front of him if he wasn't injured early on)

i have a slight dillema. so i have jacobs and mummy in the ruck with sam rowe and dan currie as emergencies. i also have cox in the forward line. i have enough cash this week to swap currie for leuenberger or would that mean to many rucks and should i focus on getting a midfielder such as jobe watson or selwood while they might go down in price a little?


Gday. Just a quick question to anybody out there in the know. I Am trying to use the captains loop hole as have selected cox as vc and swan as captain. The only bench player i have who is not playing is mcaffer obviously as a forward line bench. Cox is in my forward line, But im assuming that i can’t use the loop hole if i can’t get a donut for a midfield bencher. Am i snookered?


No just move maccafer into your starting and replace him with someone from your forward line that has not played yet. Whack the big C on Maccafer. You can also select a forward line emergency to cover for maccafer's 0 score. Do it quickly, pies vs hawks starting soon.


Mate really appreciate the heads up. Thanks for your help


1300 from 11. Had Cox captain obviously. Still have Jacobs, Pendles, Dangerfield, Goodes, and a few others. Looking @ a score of 2200ish.

I am not going to bother trading Varcoe. Will move him on to the bench and then upgrade him to Stevie J after he drops 50k πŸ™‚


1350 from 11 with the big Cox as captain, pretty happy so far. Impressed with Fyfe, both Josh Kennedys and happy that i downgraded Zorko for JJK.

Have guys like Pendles, Jacobs, B Goodes, Cotchin, Libba and the 3 port rookies still to go. Hoping for 4 quarters from Dusty today, might sneak in 2400 if i'm lucky


Took advantage of the loop hole so that makes my captain streak continue to 3 weeks in a row!! Gaz w1, Watson w2 and cox w3 so happy!!! Also happy with the trade of varcoe to Kennedy 130 pt turnaround!!! Need to get big burger in the team and downgrade zorko to free up some cash. He is killing me


I did the same trade Varcoe to Kennedy! Good trade! I was gonna trade Zorko for Monfries who scored 120 but held off another week for Zorko! Spewing right now!


1685 from 15 should have trade Zorko instead of Ryder but happy with JJK who I traded in, also traded Rich for Mitchell which is looking good despite Rich's score this week.


just traded out bennell and ryder =( yeah and ive got zorko and vlastuin and j. lewis
any tips?

dustbin feltchers

can anyone tell me what happened to luke brown??? why so low??


Used the captains loophole on Cox, thank god Macaffer didn't play!


What a nightmare last game, Luke Brown 20 WTF I will be lucky to crack 2200 and I had wines on my bench. Hopefully my ranking will not drop to much.


Oh My Gosh!!
I just finished rd 3 with a score of 1987 and my opponent beat me by 2 DT points!!!!!


Yeah, there the really annoying ones, keep your head up though


Finished with 2304, used the captains loophole on Cox, lucky Macaffer didn't play!!!


haha nice one sam so did i, finished with 2305 i think that is a pretty good score for this round.

Mark From launceston

Varcoe lost me this round to a mate (worse as he is a Collingwood supporter)
I only lost by 13 points and Varcoe would have probably got me over the line, worse when your emergency scored 95!!!
Still pleased I have did NOT buy Abblett at the start, his price will continue to fall. 740K for one player is ridiculous as we see now how the rest of his team are scoring better


Does Walker for Stevie J seem realistic?


Finished on 2305, was sitting 634 overall before this round,

Bloody hell Crouching… i trusted you…. "Keep Zorko, Bloody gun"


if you were 634 before this round you would be higher now or the same. i was 1,789th and now im 534th and i only scored 2345 and that was with gaz as captain so dont blame crouching for zorko.


Geez you 2 bloody champions. You teach me please??


what the hell do we do with zorko??? he is the only one in my team bringing me down. and i wish i picked pendles over swannie i saw everyone goin with pendles so i thought swannie for a pod, shoulda listened to the masses…

vinny mac

I guess the question is, will Zorko be able to score consistently well for the rest of the season? I was hoping for tons week in week out, but it doesn't seem likely at all. Brisbane do have Melbourne in round 5, North Melbourne round 4. I'm holding for now, will be checking the forums later this week if there are viable trade options.


I've become convinced that moloney is affecting zorko's scores. I think we might be banking on a lost cause if we hang on to zorko for an extended period of time.

Do we all strongly consider leuey if we don't have him?


I bloody love Moloney. Had him before round 1 and dumped him regretting it. Not convinced yet about Leueys legs!


2221 with $800k in the bank….NOT TRADING this week but here's my order of priorities for the next 2 rounds.

Zorko out – Maybe after R4 or 5. Giving him another 2 games to get his avg up before he becomes Bartel or Dustin Martin

Varcoe – Leaving him on the bench for the next 2 weeks until I scope out the best potential uprade/price drops

Dangerfield – Just like Zorko. Giving him another few weeks before I decide to upgrade him (Deledio/Ablett/Selwood)

Thoughts on the above?


Actually considering Zorko —> Martin, just because with a 150 this week in Martins rolling average, he's only going to go up in price again next week πŸ™

chris :)

sideways, pointless


A sideways trade would be Zorko to de boer, Christensen or Dalhaus etc,

Zorko's output is significantly lower than Martins, and in another few weeks Martins price is going to be $100k higher than Zorkos. If anything it's an upgrade haha


Keep Danger and Zork. Dump varc, plenty of cheap options up fwd, Rowe is no 1 option if ou havnt got him

Mark From launceston

Depends if your sideway trade is a player on the up.
As fpr Ablett, heis a waste of money. He will continue to fall in price as his average goes down. main reason is other players in his side are scoring and he will do less. I predict he will average 100-110 points this season


Sounds very smart. I like it!


I want to pull the trigger but I promised myself I wouldn't trade this week….Zorko is just going to keep going down in value though, his BE is 180 something now πŸ™


How about an upgrade to a westoff, he has some massive scores rolling in his rolling, gutsy I know but port are up and about take advantage I say


What is this captain loophole that everyone is talking about? is this only for supercoach or is it for dream team as well?


only supercoach, dreamteam is full lockout so you cant exploit it


apparently it can be exploited in rounds 1, 5 and 10. What is it???

Big Will

This is my lowest point of my Supercoach career. Players like Watts, Karnezis, Newman, Zorko, Roughead, Danger, Swan, Luke Brown have absolutely killed me. This combined with me literally always having picked the lowest scoring rookies on the ground in every position. I lost 150 points based on which rookies I placed on the ground this week. Im too ashamed to reveal my score this week.


Take the good with the bad mate.


Feel for you mate, I creaked my way to 2102 and that was with cox on the loophole…bloody tough week.


Who are some good forward choices?


Assuming you already have Rockliff, Cox and Franklin, you should probably be looking at Bartel, Stevie J ( once he's back in form), Walker ( if he can keep up last years scores without Tippett), Chapman, Rioli and maybe Cloke or Pavlich.


I got cloke as a POD. He is looking good, clutching marks and kicking goals. Has good record against tigers and dons


Bartel or stevie j?




Got 2,211 had o'meara, Zorko, pav Heath Shaw all scoring low and I had Dwyer on instead of wines don't ask why! πŸ™ what should I do with Zorko pav and Shaw??


Geez gillie the sun is smiling on you! Keep all 3 and put wines on. With scores like that trades are highly optional. You doing great


Zorko >> Martin and Roughead>> Cox sound good? Other options could be Bartel or Leuenberger instead of Martin.


Got the league win with 2200 thanks to my opponent having Varcoe (9 points out injured), and Swan as captain! Loving life.

Does anyone rate Callum Sinclair? His price is set to rise after next week and he's looked good. Thinking of bringing him in for an underperforming foward.

Also when does the podcast come out?


is Callum is good. Only concern is Nic Nat due back in 2-3. Coud be a good cash target now but very short term.

The Old Dylan

A disappointing 2035 somehow won me all five leagues… Wanted to use the captain loophole so put VC on cox, and left C on ablett. But by the time I saw cox’s score and decided to put the C on Currie, it was too late as north had already played. Didn’t want to take the punt on macaffer or crouch in case they wound up playing.

Plan for the next couple of weeks: ride the rookie ramp! There will be a couple of rookies over the next few weeks that will explode in value, and by then a few rookies will be starting to plateau. I know I’ll miss a bit of cash on, say, terlich, but I’ll make a mint by trading down to whoever is on the bubble!

The Old Dylan

Also, Varcoe has to go if he has done his shoulder, and zorko could be on the chopping block too


Good on you Dylan winning all 5 leagues. Top job. I stuffed the captains loop as well. Can't see an opening this week? In a few weeks perhaps trade up to dud premo like a pav??


I ended up with 2356 which is a lot better than the below 2000 score that i had last week. The only real underperformers where probably Bellchambers and Pittard. I also forgot to change my captaincy from Kennedy to Cox but all in all i'm pretty happy. Now i just have to decide what to do with Karnezis and Maccafer.


Either of karnezis or maccafer to dwyer, rowe, callum sinclair, neade, monfries if you have enough. Any ofnthose are sound picks


i was thinking of rowe and possibly sinclair.


ROWE lock him in!!


Worst week so far will 2189.. Zorko, roughead and dangerfield… I know i have to keep dangerfeild now but Would you keep zorko or roughead? Who’s someone to look at getting in?


Hanley / Birchall or good for Zorko swing to def. Keep Roughy, I dumped him last season and he scorched a 140 the next week. Told me to stick it. Back yourself with him. Can Zorko get back, i dunno, i hope.


What to do with Zorko??


Keep him, he's better than this and will score bags of points down the road!


I need to drop Watts this week. Unfortunately I missed the Pierce Hanley and Charlie Dixon trains so have decided on a defensive rookie on the bubble. Should I go with Dean Terlich or Jack Hutchins?

My other problem is Jamie Cripps, I chose him as a POD and because of a depleted West Coast midfield, but he is getting the vest and the injury list is shortening. Do I give him more time or trade him out? If so, is it too late to to jump on Chad Wingard or Aaron Mullet? Or should I go with my gut and take the impressive rookie Sam Mayes so I can sell someone like Josh Kennedy (WC), throw Sam forward and buy an out of form premium like Dangerfield in a few weeks?

Thanks for your help!


Guys I need your help,

I have a few problems. Scored 2080 , got $386k in kitty used 4 trades. Got Patton, Embley and Zorko. Do I hold Zorko and look to dump Patton for a Monfires/Moloney? Ditto with Embley? Or dump Zorko for a Hanley/Birchall? I have 11 rookies including the top 10 and coverage for both Embley and Patton. Need you advice please!!

Thanks everyone.


any1 got some thoughts on wingard??? hes flying along,could be this years dangerfield??