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Roll up punters, roll up! It’s time to get serious now; we’re into the third edition of the Gambino Punt Club. Ladies and Gentleman first and foremost I must say I know the feeling. I bloody well know the feeling of being a self-proclaimed fantasy football expert yet having a team which is kinda struggling in a league with other people who know little to nothing about fantasy footy man.

God it’s frustrating being the laughing stock of Lygon St.  So to all of you out there who are sick of getting ribbed by your mates about spending hours and hours a week on your team that is struggling at the moment (myself somewhat included), what better way to get back at them by using your superior knowledge to cash in on AFL Fantasy markets!!

This week I’ll focus on some Dream Team markets to mix things up a bit.

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Nat Fyfe ($1.88) vs Brendon Goddard ($1.88)

Now youse all look at this one and think that it’s probably too hard to call. Well I’m here to tell ya that I reckon Fyfe is gonna EASILY account for Goddard in this one. I understand it’s a risk, but that’s what punting is all about hey? Fyfe was superb last week in a near best-on-ground performance against the Doggies racking up 101 DT points. I’m expecting this for to continue at his home ground. Now Goddard was also good against Melbourne, but the reality is that he was playing a Melbourne side that Jock’s Seaford boys would have knocked off. Goddard virtually roamed around the entire picking up possessions wherever he felt like. The key for this one is who does Freo tagger Matt de Boer take? For the sake of my bet I hope he gets Goddard, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets the job on Heppell either. De Boer has done well to limit Shannon Hurn and Brett Goodes to 82 DT points each over the last two weeks. Goddard may find himself spending more time in the back half of the field than he did against the Dees last week which gives me further hope De Boew will play a forward tag on him. Nevertheless, I’m all over Fyfe here dudes!

Dyson Heppell ($1.75) vs Ben Howlett ($2.00)

Don’t get me wrong, Ben Howlett has been very good in the first two games this season but SURELY his ridiculously rich run in form is bound to come to a halt sooner or later. Heppell is a super player, and even if De Boer does get the job on him, I’m fairly confident he’s got enough in him to get over the line against Howlett. The extremely large Subiaco will suit Heppell’s game style and I’m expecting his decent run of scores at Subiaco to continue. Compare that to Howlett, who only squeezed out 62 DT points in his last game at Subiaco. Howlett’s played a few more games against Freo than Heppell has and only averages 62 DT points against the Dockers. Whereas Heppell has only played Freo twice and already has his average up to 72 points. Heppell comfortably for me in this one.

Pearce Hanley ($1.75) vs Brent Moloney ($2.00)

I absolutely love this Irish lad that goes by the name Pearce Hanley. My man-crush on him years ago when I picked him up as a mid-pricer and he did well for me. Hanley was superb last week. He racked up 30 possesions along with 124 DT points. Moloney was also good but I wouldn’t be surprised if he finds the going a bit tougher this week against an up and coming Gold Coast midfield. Another reason why I’m leaning towards Hanley is Gold Coast’s lack of a forward tagger. As a result of this, I’m expecting Hanley to roam free across the half back line collecting a truckload of possessions and more importantly DT points.

Jack Grimes ($1.75) vs Nathan Jones ($2.00)

Can’t really figure out why Grimes is favourite in this one to be honest! He was OK against Port in Round 1 but then found the going way too tough against Essendon the week after – a paltry 59 DT points (burn man!) against Essendon in comparison to Nathan Jones who bravely fought on for 81 points. In the perfect world, a similar thing will happen this week. To be honest I’m expecting Melbourne’s backline to be bombarded once again. This means that Grimes will be spending a lot of time chasing his man around rather than zoning off and looking to get his hands on the footy. It certainly won’t take a huge score from Jones to beat Grimes, but I’m pretty certain he can do it. Last time Melbourne met West Coast, Jones battled on for 92 points in a lost cause whilst Grimes could only manage 65 points. Here’s hoping we get a repeat of that come Saturday arvo.

Tom Rockliff ($1.77) vs Jack Redden ($2.00)

Sticking safe here and putting my hard earned dollars earned over the till at my ice cream van on Tommy Rockliff here. Despite being favourite, I reckon $1.77 is great value for Rocky and I’m somewhat expecting him to take this one out in a cakewalk. It can’t be ignored that Rocky LOVES feasting on the Suns. His last three DT scores against Gold Coast are unbelievable man: 112, 143 and 110. Compare that to Redden who “only” averages 92 points against the Suns. Load up on Rocky here everyone. As my old mate Higgo would say, “the stats don’t lie.”

As always, I’d love to hear your feedback. Give us a follow @Vince_Gambino on Twitter, post any questions/queries about ANYTHING fantasy footy related in the section below and I’ll make sure I get back to you.


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Should I go Varcoe or macaffer to Dwyer

SC Legend.

Just searching up the odds on who to put in your side..
Dwyer is $1.75 while Varcoe is at $1.95, Macaffer is way out on $2.65.
This is after all, Gambino's Punt club!

I would probably stick with Dwyer to put in a relatively good game, but a good showdown with Hawks – don't see him pumping out another 100+ from any of these players.
Dwyer by the skin of a Sherrin footy over Varcoe.

SC Legend.

If that linked me to an actual Sportsbet website I would be clicking on it.

Hahaha, I'll pass on any scams though cheers Jimmy!


Who to trade in for Bennell???

I already have Ablett, Pendles, Moloney, Danger Shuey (BENNELL), OMeara, Viney, Wines and Kommer.
And I have $375,000 (DT) to spend.



I actually have $380,000 (DT) to spend… it probably doesn't make much of a difference.


Get Andrew Swallow


The Hanley and Heppell bets are pretty much free money


F me mate, Howlett may've come from nowhere but heppell has that bogey socre from round 1. Stats say Howlett easily and at 2-1 it's a given.

Smack a tenner on that and acci the rest in with a Nth win,Pies win,Cats win, GWS WIN.
…… is called gambling.

SC Legend.

I would be backing Gold Coast U/19 points as they have hit some form and have won three of their past four at Metricon.

North U/40 is also tempting.


is this a good trade
watts to birch
karnezis to dwyer

SC Legend.

Seems like a decent trade to me James!
Don't expect don't have too high expectations for Dwyer again this week though. He did look like quality last week though!


Who should be captain this week:




i agree

SC Legend.

V/C Cox, if he scores well you'll know what to do.
Leave C on Pendles dependent on how Cox goes!


Should i trade:
Varcoe –> Kennedy
LeCras –> Kennedy?

SC Legend.

I would do neither Tommy.
Varcoe to Kennedy doesn't accomplish much for a guy who will only jump up in price, burn, and then you'll have to trade him out again to a premium.

Why would you trade out Lecras when he's coming back?

If you HAVE to trade out Varcoe, downgrade to Neade/Dwyer and even Macaffer if you don't have him. OR even hold and see how young Kerridge goes this week.

chris :)

to trade out vlastuin or not to?? gahh, its killing me.. he's job security doesnt seem that great due to the tigers brilliant start..


Need some help
Defenders: Heppel, Godard, Goodes, Pittard, Burgoyne, Stevenson- Subs-Terlich, Vlaustin

Mids:Watson, Pendles, Kenedy, Gibbs, Omeara, Wines, Dangerfield, Viney-Subs- Mitchel, Ball

Ruck: McEvoy, Cox-Subs- Rowe, Currie

Forwards: Bartell, Kennedy, Breust, Dwyer, Neade, Varcoe-Subs-Macaffer, Lee

Any tips or thoughts would be appreciated i traded Kennedy in for Roughy and Dwyer for Karnzesis and have 607k in bank to splurge next week. Are they the right trades??


rowe or varcoe on the field


rowe isnt but varcoe is


This aint the trade talk thread – this is the PUNT THREAD!


Surely Nat Jones is the best value of all those, the only one who tries at all at Melbourne…


Agreed Jaso, bring back “THE MACHINE” Higgo


Spewing I didn't back the dons. A voice inside my head told me to get on them…… Same as rd1.



I took the buck eighty on Nat the Knife and the kid delivers in spades.

And Heps beat Howls too..Nice call Vince.