Jock’s post selection video – Round 3

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WATTS – Out KARNEZIS – Out – Trading advice pre lockout

Enjoy the video folks – and join in the discussion below


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  1. Tom says:

    Jock mate, WHAT DO I DO WITH LECRAS!? Please help

    • Top Hawk says:

      Keep him! He is back in the WCE side this week. If you have him, why get rid of him? 82 DT points in 3 quarters in round 1.

      • SC Legend. says:

        What's the problem with him? He was out for two weeks and now he's back? No help needed mate! HOLD HIM! He was a gun in round one until he broke his arm!

    • ross says:

      Put him on field

  2. Rocksta says:

    Josh Kennedy (WCE) at that price is the Lock of Locks!

    • @PeterHiggo says:

      Ahhhh …. At the risk of being even more unpopular, I am willing to roll the dice on this man. Yes, he will go up in value and he may even go OK against the Demons ….. However, I have enough cash cows and have calculated that wasting another trade will outweigh strong desire to race to a full premium team. Expect average score output in the near future, possibly even against Melbourne.

      • Rocksta says:

        Higgo, with all due respect, I hear LeCras will be back 2 weeks max. If true, Josh will absolutely Blitz?

        • Mr_Consistent says:

          Rocksta Lecras is named in the Eagles team for this weekend….

        • Rocksta says:

          Dont think he'll play this week.
          But doesnt matter. With Nick Natt not back for some time the Eagles will all go to JJK. LeCras playing takes the double team away from JJK because they are both so good

      • Rocksta says:

        Higgo, I have 3 starting rookies in the backline, 2 in the midfield, and 2 in the forward line. Even so, scored 2439 last week, and have $189K in the bank. Will back the structure after this week for the next 3 weeks without trading and reasess after that. Thoughts?

  3. @Popey_99 says:

    Yeah beautiful work Jocko. Very insightful. I'm gonna be trading Watts to Birch who is ON FIRE. Not sure what to do with other trade but i'll sort it out… Have a great weekend mate.

  4. Rocksta says:

    And, WCE playing Melbourne this week Jock.
    Crouching, any thoughts?

  5. Luke says:

    I downgraded Taylor Walker to Josh Kennedy, is that a smart move? With the left over cash, I am thinking of upgrading Vlastuin to Liberatore or somebody else. Are there any other midfields I could upgrade to other than Liberatore, or should I just get in Wines or another rookie whose price will rise instead of spending the cash. Or, should I ignore my midfield and use my second trade on my defence by getting rid of Hartlett and getting in Hanley. I do have faith in Hartlett though so I do think Ill stick with him. What do you guys think? Please give me suggestions.

    • Rocksta says:

      I have guns and rookies. Have a Gun Midfield, with Moderate Backlines and Forward lines. I scored 2439 last week. I have 80% of all the best performing rookies. Dont know if its right but is doing preety well so far.
      On that basis, I would recommend downgrading Walker to Kennedy. I wouldn't however use the cash to upgrade to a possible break out player ( Libba). That cash needs to be used to upgrade to a premium and dependable mid.
      My opinion only

      • Luke says:

        Ok thanks so do you think I should use my second trade to trade out Vlastuin and get Wines, only spending 10k.

        • Rocksta says:

          Yes, because Wines' Job security is safe and you will generate quick cash. The Tiges have an imposing midfield and defence and as such Vlastuin will be eased into the sytem.
          Remember, Rookies are only required to generate cash to upgrade to premiums. Thus, they need to play early and play well, so you can upgrade them as soon as possible.
          Do it!

  6. Eefto says:

    Jock Reynolds I bloody love you mate! Greatest man alive in my books. Wish I was you or one of your good mates posting on your website and getting all the attention! Bloody love ya.

    Wondering about Paddy Ryder I have had enough and had a bit of spare cash so I brought in Dean Cox (Mate he is playing the Demons). Also had a gut full of Dayne Zorko so I swapped him out for Rockliff, even though Zorko will come good. Your thoughts?

  7. SCaddict says:

    Really top information in that video. Thanks for posting this bonus material Jock. Ignore this advice at your peril community!

    The Karnezis omission is actually a godsend for my team. Not only won't he drop in value for at least another week for which I plan to trade Berger for him next week at no extra cost, but it now allows me to exploit the captain's loophole on Saturday and so I've quickly placed the V on Big Cox.

    It also simplifies my trade quandary especially with young Dwyer named at forward pocket. So now it's cya to Rich and Roughy and hello Birchman and Dwyer! 🙂

  8. chris says:

    will dwyer make as much cash as wines?

    • SCaddict says:

      Hard to say as it all comes down to Dwyer's JS. But the answer will be a definitive yes if he can hold his spot in the team for the next 3-4 weeks and doesn't cop the green vest during that time.

      However if you already have Wines it's probably not worth trading him out to bring in Dwyer. You're better off having both in your team if you can swing it and don't have other trading priorities.

      • chris says:

        I don't have either

        • The Old Dylan says:

          I’d almost recommend getting both in this week for cash generation, depending on which other cash cows you have. If you can only get one, I would go for wines as it seems he has cemented his place in the power side, while FIGJAM has said that Dwyer might find himself undeservedly forced out of the team with the players that Collingwood has coming in over the next few weeks. But if he puts in another performance like last week he might just keep his spot

      • chris says:

        And I only have enough trades to bring one of them in this week

        • SCaddict says:

          It's a tough one Chris but I reckon Wines has the better JS, One quiet game and Dwyer could be out of the side and not back in for a long time. Others may have a different opinion though.

  9. Raymo says:

    Roughead to Kennedy?

  10. Jono says:

    OUT Stevens ($176,600)INParker ($379,500)
    OUTKarnezis ($262,200)INDwyer ($96,200)
    My trades for this round. Koby stevens is looking like he'll be getting the vest again for a good portion of this weeks game and his average is BE is pretty poor for a cash cow. Was hoping he'd play more but not looking like it and don't want to miss out on the opportunity to snatch up parker at this price.
    Only problem is this leaves me with only 6k in the bank, and I also don't have J.J Kennedy in my lineup..

    • Rocksta says:

      Karnezis to Dwyer. Keep Stevens in at the minute, and save the cash. He didnt play NAB so he was obviously carrying something.
      Parker is a potential breakout, but given they have played GWS and Gold Coast, certainly not a player to bring in.

      • Jono says:

        What do u think of getting in JJ Kenedy or pittard for Stevens or would you still save the trades and cash?

        • Rocksta says:

          Jono, I currently have both in my team. In the case you dont have them, it really depends on how much cash you have in the bank. If you have heaps, upgrade to JJK. With LeCras coming back in 2 weeks tops, and them playing Melbourne this week, he will blitz. If you need to generate cash for later use, go Pittard. It will give you $50K, and much better immediate Job Security. Bottom Line, if you've got the Cash, go JJK. He is a Gun, and I understand Nick Natt will not be back for some time yet

  11. Tom says:

    I really need someone's help with this. Here's my team and idk what i should do with my 2nd trade this week.

    DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Heppell, Atley, Goodes, Pittard (Terlich, Stevenson)

    MID: Pendles, JPK, Deledio, Dangerfield, Fyfe, Wines, O'meara, Crouch (Viney, Mitchell)

    RUC: Jacobs, Rowe (Blicavs, Daw)

    FWD: Cox, Rockliff, Zorko, Lecras, Dwyer, Varcoe (Macaffer, Neade)

    -Atley –> Birchall/Hanley
    -LeCras –> Dwyer
    -Varcoe –> Dwyer
    – Dangerfield –> Mitchell/Swallow

    Help please?

  12. Sc15 says:

    I have karnezis also Dwyer,Kennedy what do I do and who should i get please help me???

    • The Old Dylan says:

      Show us the rest of your team. Do you have most or all of he rookie locks? Karnezis is not named this week so you can hold your fire if he is your only concern

  13. throttlefinger says:

    Hey Jocko. First time SC player (i can hear the groans from the gallery…). Rookie query: head-2-head match has many same players, namely Viney, Rowe and Crouch. Line-ups came out and Crouch isn't starting for the Crows. I moved Jetta from forward to mid so I could put him in reserve and put in Crouch. (Jetta's ave is a dismal 51).

    My question: is it better to risk putting Jetta in because my opponent doesn't have Crouch and he isn't starting? Or is it a dumb risk because even with less playing time mids do better SC-point wise?

  14. footyinme says:

    Have 286,400 banked

    what should I do with my 2nd trade?

    DEF – Goddard, Gibbs, Hanley, Roberton, Goodes, Pittard, (Stevenson, Terlich)

    MID – Ablett, Pendlebury, JPK, Dangerfield, Mundy, Wines, O'meara, Crouch, (Viney, Kommer)

    RUCK – Jacobs, Rowe, (Blicavs,Currie)

    FWD – Cox, Zorko, Rockliff, Martin, Kennedy, Macaffer, (Neade, Dwyer)

    • Joshau says:

      That team is smokin – I'd be doing nothing with the 2nd trade! Am I assuming you'll grab Leuenberger next week pending a good showing vs GCS?

      • footyinme says:

        yeah thinking of Blicavs out Berger in

        • Lachie says:

          Currie out. leuy in

          • The Old Dylan says:

            Yep. Blicavs will make you money as the rest of he cats’ rucks are broken. Currie on the other hand doesn’t look like playing soon, and if he does you can trade down from the blitz after Currie’s second game to generate even more cash (rookie ramp strategy)

  15. Rocksta says:

    Jock, JJK has scored well against Freo and Hawthorn. He now has Melbourne, and Carlton at Patersons coming up, with Le Cras due back against Carlton and Nick Natt out for some time yet.
    I would have thought that at $299K, he is simply the MUST HAVE player in your team?

  16. storm says:

    hey guys when do the afl teams release information on who their sub player will be for the week

    • Joshau says:

      Usually 90 minutes before the bounce.

      • Mr_Consistent says:

        Yeah about 60-90 minutes before, however you can often make an assumption in who is sub by thinking who the weakest player on the bench is… Fair chance they'll be sub

  17. Tom says:

    Atley to Roberton, good trade?

  18. Marky Mark says:


    i have karnezis, byrnes and mitch robinson in my fwd line.
    which one these should go?
    worried about the price drop of mitch robinson with such a high BE
    at the moment ive got karnezis + byrnes out / dwyer + neade in.

  19. Rocksta says:

    Community, I trialed the Captains loophole in Rd 2 for a test and it worked a treat. That said, it really dpends on which non playing players you have on the bench, timing, and the weekly fixture.
    Last week, I put the VC on Ablett, and the C on Currie. When Ablett scored 99, I changed the C from Currie to Watson (166). Came in the top 260 in the Comp. It's risky though, and needs you to be alert to every game 30 minutes prior to the bounce. Upside is great though.

    • Joshau says:

      Straight up. Wish I had done the same!

      • Rocksta says:

        Try it this week. That said, Fixture is a lot more complicated this week, at least for my team.I have 1 non playing, and 2 emergencies ( but they are on the extended bench and I think both will play – Frosty,Heath).
        North plays second Game of the Round so may not be able to exploit this week. Really depends on your non selected players and when they play!

  20. Emily says:

    Going to get rid of Watts, not sure who to get for him though, i already have Kennedy, Macaffer, Neade and Dwyer. Any suggestions i will have 475K, but hoping not to spend all of it. any suggestions?

    • Rocksta says:

      Upgrade to Hanley.

    • Rocksta says:

      Upgrading to Hanley this week will cost you $25K.
      Upgrading in coming weeks will potentially cost you $60K

    • Rocksta says:

      You need to cut you losses and make the best of a bad situation

    • Rocksta says:

      Sorry, just realised you have Watts in your Forward Line.
      Go Rockliffe, as his opposition Redden is severely out of form!

  21. Stan says:

    Who do you reckon for the bench, varcoe or kommer, Terlich or Russell ,feel varcoe and Russell ill be more consistent ,also think Melb will get another hiding.

    • Rocksta says:

      Kommer, Terlich
      You will be some $200K ahead, and they are all upgrade targets for the future. This will give you money in the bank and many more options

  22. Strahany says:

    I'm in a real predicament; have both Gwilt and Roughie (in the ruck) who need to be traded.

    I'm pretty much set on going for Leuenberger now, before Roughie drops, but I can't decide what to do with Gwilt – should I trade him up to Hanley (only other DEF premiums I have are Goddard and Gibbs) and be left with $108.3K, or do I downgrade him to Heath (the only good DEF rookie I don't have) and be left with a nice $477.6K to play with in a few weeks?

    I figure that if I go with Hanley, it's better in the short term, but going with Heath would surely be far more beneficial over the course of the season.


    • Rocksta says:

      Really depends on how deep your midfield Guns run!
      If not deep, 2 Premiums in the backline is Risky, Risky, Risky!

      • Strahany says:

        My midfield consists of Ablett, Pendles, JP Kemmedy, Dangerfield, and Fyfe as my premiums.

        For what it's worth, my forward premiums are Cox, Zorko, Rockliff, and N.Riewoldt

        • Rocksta says:

          Gwilt to Hanley, no Brainer, provided you have enough cash cows rookies ( I have 8).
          Hanley is still learning our game and has already been a gun for some time. Should have been All Australian last year.
          And, you will still have $108K in the Bank………………………..Happy days

          • Strahany says:

            That was my first thought, however last year I was caught out with not enough cash to make all the upgrades I wanted, despite having plenty of cash cows.

            My current count is 8 cash cows (9 or 10 if you count Macaffer and/or K.Mitchell) but I feel that having Heath will almost guarantee me the equity I will need, barring a bad run of injuries.

    • footyinme says:


  23. Michael says:

    Hi Community,

    Appreciate some feedback on my side atm:

    DEF – Hanley, Gibbs, Heppell, Goodes, Pittard, Shaw (Stevenson, Heath)

    MID – Pendlebury, Ablett, JPK, Moloney, O'Meara, Viney, Shuey, Kommer (Wines, Crouch)

    RUCK – Cox, Jacobs (Blicavs,Currie)

    FWD – Rockliff, Walker, Cloke, Zorko, Varcoe, Rowe (Dwyer, Macaffer)

    Main issues atm are Zorko & Shuey – I think Shuey's a keeper but has the Zork got 2nd year syndrome?
    Want to get Neade in this week to get cash increase so thinking Zorks – Neade which purely on BE will net me about $70K alone, plus will free up some cash to (hopefully) bring Luey in for Currie then swap Cox & Rowe to bulk up my fwds, leaving starting rucks Jacobs & Luey.

    Am I on the right track here? Allows me to only use one trade this week. As always thanks heaps for the feedback, long live the community!!

    • Michael says:

      I should specify – that’s Andrew Walker in my fwd line, not Tex…

    • Rocksta says:

      Jacobs to Luey, Shuey to Fyfe………………………….Cash, Cash, Cash

      • Rocksta says:

        Long term Gain though……………………………Both Jacobs and Shuey should score well this week given the opposition.
        Look at your oppositions projected score in the private league and decide!

  24. Tom says:

    Varcoe to JJK a good move?

    • Joshau says:

      Do it. You won’t want to miss the JJK boat.

    • Rocksta says:

      JJK More upside.
      And if not in the long term, definitely in the short term
      In that event, take the cash, and upgrade to a Buddy or Pav whom will be dropping considerably in coming weeks

  25. Zimmer says:

    Watson or Sam Mitchell in for Bennell?

  26. throttlefinger says:

    RUCK: Rowe or Bilicavs?

  27. John says:

    Hi Jock and co…

    I have a midfield of watson, hepell, moloney, o'mera, dangerfield, viney, schuey, mundy (stephens, K mitchell)

    Wondering whether to trade mundy or schuey for Fyfe (though Howlett or Libber look very tasty)…

    Also not sure whether its worth considering trading mitchell or stephens for wines given all three look green jacket material.


  28. Tom says:

    Who's more important to trade in?

    • Sully says:


    • Jaso says:

      Heath more likely to play 5/6 games to create you a trade option.
      Dwyers place to come under serious pressure with daisy/fasolo even beams.

  29. Sully says:

    Stevens-Dwyer and watts-bartel or watts-bartel and varcoe-Dwyer???

  30. Tom says:

    Should i field Dwyer or Neade in the Forward line

  31. Mark says:

    Hi Jock, I have T Walker, should i trade for Rockliff or Bartel?

  32. Sully says:

    Watts-bartel is my locked in trade but I'm going to make another before the prices jump so which trade do you think is best?



    or vlaustin-Heath

    • dan says:

      varcoe dwyer if stevens starts on the field this week
      stevens dwyer if he doesnt
      youve out yourself behind the 8 ball by not making thhe vlastuin trade last week though

      personaly i would go watts – dwyer
      vlastuin to heath or even upgrade to somone like charlie dixon who is set for a 75 000 price increase over the next 2 weeks

  33. taggath says:

    From a quick cash, then upgrade perspective, why is nobody talking about Justin Westhoff for the likes of Karnezis?

    • Sully says:

      Don't know

    • Joshau says:

      Probably because of the risk involved, as there are better ways to make cash through rookies?

      We know westhoff to be quite inconsistent, and capable of horrible scores, so best case he will increase by around 90k in 2-3 weeks. Dwyer, for example, could increase that much by next week, and if he continues to score well, he could potentially make triple his value by round 8/9/10.

  34. rosco_peco says:

    Here's my team;
    BAC: Gibbs, Heppell, Goddard, Goodes, Pittard, Stevenson (Jacobs, Terlich)
    MID: Ablett, Swan, Pendlebury, Dangerfield, Lucas, O'Meara, Wines, Crouch (Viney, Mitchell)
    RUC: Cox, Ryder (Blicavs, Currie)
    FWD: Rockliff, Kennedy, Zorko, Walker, Varcoe, Karnezis (Neade, Macaffer)

    with Ben Jacobs and Karnezis not playing, these trades can wait as their price changes aren't likely to happen for another week or so. My question is, who out of Dangerfield, Ryder, Zorko, Walker, and Kane Mitchell do I trade out? Walker had a terrible game last week so price drop is going to be higher than Danger, Ryder and Zorko. Dangerfield may be a keeper as I am confident he will come good soon. Is it worth trading Mitchell? or better to trade Walker for Dwyer and Ryder to another premium Ruc?

    Please HELP!

  35. Sully says:

    Which one on my field mcaffer, Rowe, or neade?

    Please help

  36. Callum says:

    Bennel TO Parker. Any thoughts? Generates alot of cash. I will trade Karnesis next week as he wont play this week so his price won't drop yet.

  37. Jacob says:

    Hi community,
    I am going to trade out Watts and Bennell but I don't know who I should trade them out for!

    Here is what my team looks like at the moment:
    DEF: Heppell, Gibbs, (WATTS), Goddard, B Goodes, L Stevenson, C Heath, Terlich.
    MID: Pendlebury, Ablett, (BENNELL), Moloney, O Meara, Dangerfield, Viney, Shuey, Kommer, Wines.

    If I trade Watts and Bennell out, I will have $805,000 (DT) left.
    Any suggestions? Who should I trade in?

    I would appreciate help very much!!!!

    • Joshau says:

      Do you have Neade and Dwyer and Blicavs?

      Maybe Bennell>L Whitfield and possibly Watts>L Brown – the watts trade is a little tough because you've already got 4 great DEF rookies…maybe consider Watts>Hanley?

  38. James says:

    Hey guys heres the team
    Goddard, gibbs, duffield,goodes,pittard,stevenson (terlich, plowman)
    Ablett,Pendles,Danger,Shuey, Heppell, Moloney, O meara, Crouch (Viney, K Mitchell)
    Maric, Jacobs (rowe, blicaves)
    Cox, Zorko, ROBINSON, KARNEZIS, varcoe, neade (dwyer, mcaffer )

    Im planning to get ride of Robinson and Karnezis but i dont know who to get i could get Bartell or Rockcliff but then be stuck with 250k for the other trade which will get me nothing. Or i could get Kennedy and then have 474k which i am unsure who to spend on maybe monfries.

    Any help would be great.

  39. Zimmer says:

    Going to bring in Watson or Mitchell. Which one?

  40. DPP says:

    Ryder for Brogan?

  41. Steven says:

    Thoughts on Adam Cooney? He is starting to find some form.

  42. Ando says:

    Who should I keep out of Koby Stevens and Kane Mitchell? I can only trade one of them

  43. Jacob says:


    I am going to trade out Watts and Bennell but I don't know who I should trade them out for!

    Here is what my team looks like at the moment:
    DEF: Heppell, Gibbs, (WATTS), Goddard, B Goodes, L Stevenson, C Heath, Terlich.
    MID: Pendlebury, Ablett, (BENNELL), Moloney, O Meara, Dangerfield, Viney, Shuey, Kommer, Wines.

    If I trade Watts and Bennell out, I will have $805,000 (DT) left.
    Any suggestions? Who should I trade in?

    I would appreciate any help at all very much!!!!

    • Joshau says:

      Replied above, but in case you missed it…do you have Neade and Dwyer and Blicavs?

      Maybe Bennell>L Whitfield and possibly Watts>L Brown – the watts trade is a little tough because you've already got 4 great DEF rookies…maybe consider Watts>Hanley?

  44. Michael says:

    My 2nd Trade: Kane Mitchell > Dwyer or Yarran to Hanley? Do I go for the cash upgrade? or do I bring in a premium player for the rest of the season?

  45. ollie says:

    Should I dump Rich, Gaff or Z Smith. I have 443,000 sitting in the bank and one trade left.

  46. Sam says:

    hey jock should i put luke brown (ADEL) or stevenson (PORT) on bench

  47. Tom says:

    Who should i have as captain this week?
    A) Pendles
    B) Cox
    C) Dangerfield
    D) JPK

    • Zimmer says:


      • SCaddict says:

        With Big Cox as VC just in case he goes off against the Dees and cracks the double tonne like he did last year against North. 🙂

  48. Tom.H says:

    What do you think the chances are that LeCras will get the vest this week?

    • James says:

      Lecras is to good to be given the vest. I think Kerr is more likely to be given the vest out off the two returning players.

  49. Gav' Guns says:

    What do I do with the cash I accumalate? Do you spend it quickly or hang on to it

  50. Brian says:

    Should i trade bennel out for moloney or liberatore and bring wines in OR hold on to bennel and bring dwer in aswell as wines?

  51. oliver says:

    Smith to Kreuzer or Berger?

  52. James says:

    Who should I field out of Wines, Crouch, Stevens, O'Meara and Viney?

    • Rob says:

      Mate I'd go crouch and omeara

    • jimbotraralgon says:

      I have the same 5 to pick from. I will be benching stevens and crouch.

      And stevens will be the first one upgrade i would say.

  53. sully says:

    rowe or varcoe on the field?

    • jimbotraralgon says:

      Varcoe just. Is slowly building. Should improve AV over next 4 weeks. But neither should average better than 80. Both are early cash in targets.

  54. Stephen Hudson says:

    How long for Gray?

  55. Sammy says:


    who should be on the bench luke brown (ADEL) or lewis stevenson (PORT)