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Which bludger would you keep?

Gday there everyone! Hope you all enjoyed this week’s podcast, if you haven’t had a listen click here and subscribe on iTunes.

As we discussed, this week is all about making sure you take advantage of the player price changes that will kick in after this round.

  • You want to make sure you nail those bargains that will have a big price rise
  • You want to get rid of the bludging dead wood before the big price drop.

Many are asking about which players need the big CHOP this week. Thought we’d put it out to Poll. Select all the players (if any) from this list that you would KEEP… then drop in a comment below and let us know why.


How many of these bludgers would you keep?

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  1. Zac says:

    All disgusting

  2. Supercoach jesus says:

    Keep ryder and zorko for now they both can turn it on.

  3. Deanbartel says:

    Ditched Bennell for Crouch last week (GREAT MOVE in my opinion) and Karnezis for Dwyer this week. Happily sitting on $620,000 before I look to pounce on a price dropping premium upgrade (Ablett?) in the next few weeks.

  4. Billericay says:

    I’m keeping Ryder for another week then probably trading to Berger; got Bellchmabers and Ryder rucking want to give them another week and see how They go against a team other than Melbourne (RIP). Zorko I’m hoping will be magnificent this week.

    • Anandu says:

      If you are trading Ryder for Berger do it now, Before his price goes down.

      • The benchmark says:

        I did it last week convinced by mick the mad irishman and his 2 questions.

        • The benchmark says:

          And with the free 300k in my bank now watts will be cut and enter a premium

  5. Supercoach jesus says:

    Traded watts Evan faran ray thinks he is shit

  6. Benn says:

    Is Zorko gonna get some form back or what?

    • SCaddict says:

      Who could say really? If I had 4 trades this week then he would be packing his bags from his short stay at Chez SCa. But since I don't he gets a stay of execution for one more week.

      Hopefully he explodes against GCS as I really don't want to be forced to get rid of him. I'm setting 95pts as the pass mark. Anything less and he's goneskies!

      • Fabian says:

        In the same boat. Not enough trades to get him out. Hoping for a much better output

        • Bridgebuff says:

          Yeah, me too. Have jetta & sylvia avg 50. So hoping roughhead & zorko come good. After all i bought them as premiums.

    • NICK says:

      no there crap get Ritove those to get Rocklif and t.walker

  7. bill says:

    Call me insane, but I reckon we should keep Watts – his output should improve from here, and for Melbourne the only way is up. I'm fully expecting him to average 90 for the rest of the season.

    • Brad says:

      According to mark nealde they're "not out of the basement yet"….that's a scary proposition for dees fans!

    • bridgman35 says:

      You are insane šŸ™‚

    • SCaddict says:

      No you're not insane…..

      You're bloody certifiable!

      Coasters in their desperate efforts to secure their first W will be crucifying every single Dee who has the misfortune to front up to the G this Saturday.

      So I would brace yourself for a massive stock collapse on the Watts commodity. In fact it's likely to get de-listed by next Monday as Supercoach Admins will probably refuse to buy him back from you.

      Actually they may even revoke your dealer's licence as well on the grounds of incompetence or non compos mentis!

    • James says:

      You are crazy

    • Paddy says:

      Insane. Get out.

  8. James says:

    should i get rid of karnezis or not. Help

    • Brad says:

      If he is sub yes. If you don't have Dwyer or neade, yes. If you have Dwyer and neade, AND he's named on field, it shouldn't affect his price too much

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      Like Brad said if he is sub then yes, but if you don't have young Sam Dwyer from the pies then you should trade out Karnezis.

      • pdid says:

        what happens to Sam Dwyer when Thomas and Beams are playing? :

        • James says:

          Dwyer is doing now what fasolo did two years ago. He is forcing his way in through good performances but im hoping he doesnt drop off the way alex did towards the end of the year.

    • James says:

      But I've already have neade macaffer and lee

      • Kano says:

        I trade Macaffer to Dwyer, Karnezis to Kennedy

        • The Old Dylan says:

          No point trading macaffer out until his price goes up mate, trade Dwyer in for someone who isn’t playing or performing

    • James says:

      already have kennedy

    • James says:

      I have 70000 in the bank. I'm going watts to birchell.
      i already have neade macaffer and lee. i also need to get rid of karnezis.

  9. Deanbartel says:

    Btw I accidentally voted for who I'd cut, not keep HAHA. I'm letting Zorko prove his worth until at least round 5 o 6

    • SCaddict says:

      I was wondering why there was a small percentage of coaches willing to keep burnmen Broughton and Watts. šŸ™‚

  10. Your ol' boy Nic says:

    Jack Watts – Watt a disappointment.

    Had him in my forward line, was hoping for big things. Now he's wearing a Collingwood jumper, changed his named to Sam Dwyer and 420k has mysteriously appeared in my bank. Funny game, football…

  11. @MRB37 says:

    Probably keep Zorko. Have Taylor Walker and he's got 2 more weeks, dumped Karnezis and luckily tradeed out Bennell for Maloney at the start of rd 1, but used the extra cash to bring in Ben Jacobs, so it was kind of a wash in the end.

  12. Tom says:

    Thoughts on Dangerfield everyone? Keep or Trade to someone like Mitchell/Watson?

    • Old Holbz says:

      Was thinking about the same problem Tom. My opinion, bloke is a star. 2 rough-ish weeks out of 23. Went into rd 1 with the flu and almost was a late withdrawal. Give him a chance!

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      Or if you really want to trade him and you don't have Moloney……

    • Bridgebuff says:

      Looks like a sideway trade to me. Remember he started with 4 scores <100 last year before he went on a rampage.

      • Tom says:

        So are you saying keep him or ditch him

        • SCaddict says:

          I think you have to keep him. You often forget the sideways trades that work out ok but you ALWAYS remember the sideways trades that bite you on the backside.

          You'd hate Paddy to go off in the Showdown and say Watson to get tagged out of it by Crowley if you made that move.

          Paddy is too much quality not to come through with the goods soon.

          • AFL Guru says:

            i traded Dangerfield for Wingard. Then after Danger Drops $40K and Wingard goes up $60K i can trade Danger back in for Round 4. Yes i wasted two trades but i get $100,000 out of it. 30 trades is enough to allow for a few sideways trades when there is at least $100,000 to make

        • Morse says:

          Keep Keep Keep. He is a gun and ill still post big scores. My number 1 rule, don't sideways trade premiums if they are generally in top 10 for their relevant position. Trading for Watson this early in the season is a wasted trade, generate cash cash cash and upgrade in 5-8 rounds time.

          • Jeffry says:

            Just remember with your gun locks – rise and falls in value really dont matter at all if you're keeping them for their season average – as you wont actually use the increase value unless you trade that player.

            So if you think danger will come good, dont sideways trade.

    • Poo says:

      Keep dander field as he is a main part of Adelaide getting high points each week

    • Rocksta says:

      Trade up to Watson as danger will drop heaps this week and Watson will go up.
      I already have Watson and thus am sticking with Danger for the long term

  13. Ben says:

    I'm surprised there was no Roughead. I was hoping to see his name there and the communities thoughts on him because I have him currently and I'm unsure what to do with him. Maybe trade down to Leunberger. Please comment


    • Kev says:

      With Bailey on his feet Roughie isn't contesting as many centre bounces this year, hence his scores have suffered. Never rated him as a pure forward either.

    • Gilly says:

      I've got Roughie as well. Under their current structure it is unlikely he can score much more than he did yesterday. I'm thinking maybe sideways to big boy McEvoy or possibly bellchambers or leuy

      • SCaddict says:

        I reckon that would be a decent move. Not sure I'm quite there yet on Belly but yes both Leuey and McEvoy are proven performers in the past.

        I just can't see Roughy getting back to his scoring average of last year with Bailey seemingly entrenched in that team now.

  14. Josh says:

    Thinking of chopping 2 of:
    Koby Stevens

    to bring in two out of
    JJ Kennedy

    Which two from each list do you reckon? If I get JJ and Berger for Roughie and Karnagezis I get a spare $250000. Tasty.

    • Kev says:

      Do it

    • SCaddict says:

      Yes hold on to Koby. Pretty sure he was only vested as a precaution last week. Shouldn't get the vest again given the impact he's had when he's played.

    • Lachie says:

      Exactly what i'm doing. Keep Koby though, he is a gun.

    • Cold_Willy says:

      Bring in JJ Kennedy for sure, lock that one in for this week. If I were you I'd hold off on bringing in Leuenberger for one more week, give him the game against the Suns to see if he really is back. Bring in Crouch, he'll have a good day against the Power and will almost certainly make you some cash.

      The issue here is who do you get rid of? I'd hold onto Roughie this week. If he disappoints with a poor game (and price drops), you can counter that with a price rise in Leuenberger, assuming he has a great game this week. If he doesn't, you haven't burnt a trade on a dud (not that big burger is a dud, but you get the sentiment).

    • James says:

      Your first two to bring in are valid mate, but i reckon wait on berger. Kennedyis a gun and crouch looks ok as well, but stevens and karnezis are rubbish. Wait on roughie, he will improve i reckon.

  15. Liam says:

    thoughts on luke parker, projected increase of 120k over two weeks..
    nice downgrade from rich, thoughts?
    also, westoff for watts..

    • @MRB37 says:

      Westoff is a downhill skier of the highest order. Avoid.

    • Kev says:

      swans have played gws and gc first two weeks, inflated scores? Barlow or Mundy for mine

      • Liam says:

        Yeah my others thoughts exactly.. I was thinking barlow, but on the other hand if parker inflates up to 450k i can then upgrade to someone like kennedy in two or 3 weeks as I have 200k in the bank with these trades

        • carrot-76 says:

          Parker is a gun, wish I'd gone with him instead of Mitch Duncan as my potential "breakout" mid.

    • John says:

      May have played some lower ranked sides but scored with contested posessions and tackles. Get around him!

    • SCaddict says:

      His team mate Moloney is another viable trade down to consider too.

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      Trading Watts for Westhoff is very much a sideways trade and definitely something you don't want to be doing, I suggest if you don't have Neade, Dwyer or even Macaffer you could look at trading down.

      Or even swing him into the back line and trade him down for one of the Port rookies.

      • SCaddict says:

        Fraid that doesn't work mate. He needs to be in defence for that to happen or for Liam to have ANOTHER FWD/DEF swing like burnman Broughton.

      • Liam says:

        Yeah cheers, it was just a thought, I have neade and dwyer already, I'm not to sure about downgrading to macaffer, with the getting of parker i have 200k in the bank i can get any forward premium i want.. suggestions?

        • carrot-76 says:

          How cone no-one considers Q.Lynch? Scored fairly well both rounds so far, and only $363K !?

    • Charlie says:

      What about Maloney?

    • jockreynolds says:

      Gday there Liam – I love the Parker boy mate – only thing to be wary of is his first 2 opponents which were GWS and the Suns. However… he was vest eggected last season and he wont be effected again. Valid.

      • Liam says:

        Thanks jock I will definitely consider! My issue is who do I trade out for watts, with the trade in off parker I have 126k in the bank on top of watts 440k, who do you suggest?
        Other thoughts: Downgrade watts to macaffer and upgrade rich to a strong premium?

      • bridgman35 says:

        I'm in the same place with Rich, although he has GCS and Melbourne in the next 3 weeks, I'm considering either trading down to Moloney/Parker or up to Pendles (200k in the bank)

        My question is should I only be trading down at this stage of the year and aim to bring in Pendles later on, or just go bang with the money made from Karnezis to Neade

        • Liam says:

          My question is the same, i have the upgrade option but this downgrading could make me a lot of cash

  16. Josh says:

    On Roughie, looks like he ain’t rucking no more. Was the ruck role a big component of his high scores last year?

    • SCaddict says:

      Yeah probably accounted for at least 30-40 of his points I reckon. Of course he'll score more forward this season as he'll spend more time there but it's a not a perfect offset.

      I would guesstimate he's about a 10-15pt worse player than last year but only time will tell the full story. Those who stick by him may be rewarded but I'm getting off at this stop before the price changes myself especially with Leuey looking so juicy right now.

  17. Noah says:

    I'll be Keeping Zorko and Karnezis, who are the only 2 I have out of all them. If I had Bennell, I would keep him too. I would get rid of everyone else though.

    • SCaddict says:

      Me too although Zorko and Karny will only get one more week's good grace from me. The NAB Cup can go and get itself stuffed as can Vossy!

  18. jel says:

    Got Ryder, Watts, Karnezis and Zorko.
    Watts looks out of sorts, so he's out for Dixon.
    Ryder couldn't light up against Melb, so he's out for J Kennedy.

    Give the Brissy boys a couple of extra weeks.

  19. Kev says:

    Thomas, didak, fasolo, krak to come back into collingwood's best 22, dwyer could find himself in the twos simply because of the depth collingwood have in the high half forward position.

    • Emma says:

      We only need Dwyer to play 5 or 6 rounds to generate us cash then upgrade him to pav who will fall in price

      • Nick says:

        Yep! That’s this plan.

      • Kev says:

        Is it worth blowing a trade on a guy who is only going to play for a month?

        • SCaddict says:

          It's a vexed question. His place in the side could be cut at any point such is fhe Pies depth as you mentioned.

          But I reckon you have to get on him if he's named in the final 22 this weekend or else you could be missing out on one of the most lucrative cash cows of the season. He could conceivably double in price in just one round if he has another 100pt game!

  20. John says:

    Dwyer looked better on Sunday than Fasolo has ever looked, and than Didak has looked in the past 2 seasons. No offense intended, but I hope Broomhead takes longer than 10 weeks to recover from glandular fever cos Dwyer can play.

  21. Bartel Flop says:

    Aglee with all Pies fans comments – got Dwyer early – he's a gun! Wish we had him at NMFC – c'mon AtleyHarper someone needs to spark without Harvey. Btw- I will pounce on Pie Beams when he comes back.

  22. jake says:

    dwyer is a gun, i was there yesterday and his attack at the ball, willingness to run and contest will earn him a place in the squad for the immediate future. Seedsman will be dropped before dwyer and that form = 100+ supercoach scores. Hawthorn this week will see dwyer a little quieter but still beating karnezis, mccaffer and possibly neade in my case. If you have him, lick your chops over massive price rises and having pav or possibly bartel/stevie j with trading a neade or mccaffer with him

  23. Zimmer says:

    Have got both Roughy and Ryder, as well as Bennell and Karnezis.

    Thinking of going Roughy or Ryder (which one?) to Berger;
    and Bennell to Watson or Mitchell.

    Will leave me 150 or 200 grand to do more tinkering next week.

    What do you reckon?

    • SCaddict says:

      So long as you have all the lock rookies as well as GAJ then yes looks a pretty sweet move to me.

  24. Unknown says:

    Get josh j Kennedy 100+ round 1 and 2 only 299k

    • Fabian says:

      Eagles have a very good draw heading into the bye rounds and should win most if not all those games comfortably, especially given key players are set to return. I reckon Kennedy will generate a nice load of cash =]

  25. Cezza says:

    Traded Watts out for Goddard

    How about josh Kennedy in for Zorko?

    any thoughts?

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      Yeah I like both those trades but maybe look at downgrading watts to a rookie……?

  26. Andrew says:

    Tom scully is another one I had high hopes for, he spends the whole game bludging around the edge of packs for cheap ball that never comes

  27. Aaron says:

    I don’t have Rockliff, do I trade Zorko for him?

    • SCaddict says:

      If you have no other issues to deal with in your team then I'd unfortunately say probably yes. But the rest of your team would have to be close to perfect to consider such a move. Is there no other logical way to get Rocky into your team?

      And there's no guarantees that Zorko won't go off against the Suns so don't rip me next week if you make the move and this happens. šŸ™‚

      • Aaron says:

        That’s a good point. I scored 2,330 this week pretty happy with my defense, midfield is doing ok I have Danger and Murphy with high b/e but ill stick by them at least till round six! The only other one who I’m not sure about is Roughy? Was thinking maybe trading him for Rocky if he’s going to sit in the forward line all year but then again he scored more than Zorko.

  28. Fabian says:

    Where is newman on this list?

    Def giving him and karnezis the chop. Not sure who I'll bring in though.

    Zorko is close to going out as well

    • G unit says:

      Had to chop Rough Orange, then went newman before KarnEEhAAz as thought there are better value backs then fronts. Dixon could be the huge breakout, Birchill is killing it, Suban less so then the rookies of port and goodes.

      • Fabian says:

        i'm lucky I don't have rough. was considering him. Yeah dixon does look quite good. Will either bring in him, heath from port or shaw/waters. Already Have birch, gibbs, goddard, goodes and the other 2 port defenders with terlich.

        Up forward it will either be a neade or dwyer or even rockliff.

  29. johnny says:

    should i downgrade danger to moloney then trade out new for bichall?

    • johnny says:


      • Kev says:

        danger to moloney is a step backwards in the long run, tough start for danger but will still be a have a higher average than moloney. Another to generate cash perhaps?

  30. Jarod says:

    Hey Guys Westoff and Monfries as a optio. Look big on Ken Hinkleys plans? Please reply.

    • Marc says:

      Never been a fan of Westoff, beasts against weak opponents, but disapears against better sides. Has looked better under Hinkley, but I still wouldn't feel comfortable bringing him in after 2 games against weak opponents.

    • SCaddict says:

      Westhoff can downhill ski with the best of them so he's looked bloody brilliant the past few weeks beating up on the Dees and GWS hasn't he. But will he stand up when things aren't going so sweet against better opposition?

      To be fair he's performed ok in Showdowns.

      But I like Monfries more and is cheaper.

    • Cold_Willy says:

      Westoff will struggle this week against the Adelaide defence. You'd think Talia would pick him up, with Rutten going to Schultz. I'm not convinced. Handy if you had him last week, but will burn you this week.

      Monfries is an interesting one. I had Hayes last year and I see Monfries as a similar proposition – awkwardly priced, but with clear potential to get you solid scores week in, week out. I'd only pick him up if you are prepared to hold him for a while, as I can't see him making you a great deal of $$$.

  31. hayden says:

    im trading karneis out for j.j. kennedy

    • SCaddict says:

      Smart move!

      • The Old Dylan says:

        I was thinking karnezis -> Dwyer but maybe same as you, and kerridge -> Dwyer? That way I’ll lose dead weight, make cash and increase point output… Solid move?

        • Kev says:

          kerridge is close, wait for team news this week. If he isn't named, then go ahead with karny>dwyer

  32. Dogue says:

    For me:

    C. Dixon for Watts.
    Move G.Broughton to FWD bench, D. Pearce to DEF and in goes A.Mullett (One of the games greatest names!) to the MID

    Already had Dwyer and am happy to sit Broughton on the shelf for another week as his price wont drop yet.

    • Nic says:

      Hope you've got Ivan in the ruck, tapping to Mullett! Thought I was getting a unique with Dixon, but seems everyone's onto him.

      • Kev says:

        Dixon/Mullett play two fantasy relevant games and the eyes light up based on their average. Not convinced at all that they can continue their purple patch. Be cautious

    • ColdWilly says:

      Dixon looks like he's bulked up a bit this year and is a lot more confident. I think he's going to be decent this year. Against the Suns he will definitely have a crack at a big score. Worth the gamble, in my opinion. Mullett will definitely get you some capital for the following week. Do you think he'll maintain his form? I don't think he'll average over 100, but he will definitely average over 80.

  33. Jarod says:

    Is it worth keeping Shuey for another week, because they are playing Melbourne?

  34. Pete says:

    Karneezee to Neade
    Bennell to Cotchin

    • Lachie says:

      As mush as I love Cotchin, I don't see him scoring above the 130's. I'd look at Watson, JPK or even a sidewards trade to Fyfe.

  35. Nic says:

    Watts to Dixon and Levi Caput to JJK. What do you think? Had O'Meara on the bench this week, no idea who to bench in his place!

  36. Jack says:

    Dumping Rich. Can't shake a tag to save himself.

    Rich down to Crouch (offed him when he didn't get selected for rd 1) and Karnezis up to Rockliff with the dollars. It's a Lions type of week.

  37. jimbotraralgon says:

    Keeping danger and zorko.

    Only one trade this week. Not travelling too flash but determined to keep faith in the premiums I have choose.

    Might consider gray this week and punt varcoe if he is picked. Not sure. Thoughts?

    • Pete says:

      Danger will get a tag every single week, completely stops Adelaide's clearance rate

      • Bridgebuff says:

        I think that is only partially true. Danger can still shake tags with his strength and he got good support with sloane, thompson and now crouch. Not quite collingwood, but if opps concentrate too much on danger, those others will hurt them.

        • Jaso says:

          With Danger gettin the regular tag think Thompson will flourish.

          Dangermouse>>>Thomo ?

    • TREVOR says:

      zorko is pretty much a rookie mate… only played 20 games i think everyone got a bit ahead of themselves with him

  38. Bill says:

    Will Daniel Currie play a single game and will he be any good if he does?
    What are everyone's thoughts? Trade him out for Blicavs?

    • Benno says:

      Personally I'm keeping him at R4, he's a very valued member of my team, comes in handy for the captain loophole šŸ˜‰ but I guess it depends of the rest of your team and ruck situation if you want to trade him or not

  39. Benno says:

    Used up 4 trades already, but they are all corrective and well thought through, hopefully no injuries and my side will be trade free for a couple of weeks until I start milking the cows.

    Last weeks trades:
    OUT: Karnezis, Mitchell
    IN: Dwyer, Wines

    This weeks trades:
    OUT: Watts, Newman
    IN: Birchall, J.J.Kennedy

    The trades have also banked me a nice $124k for later use

    • Kev says:

      Good move Benno, even with the injuries woes of last season, 24 trades was plenty for me. I figure I've got 4/5/6 corrective trades up my sleeve before normal buy low/sell high trading comes into effect

  40. Tom says:

    Karnezis out and in kennedy and Ryder out and in Dwyer thoughts?

  41. Jamie says:

    I went like this for this week.

    OUT: Varcoe, Roughead

    IN: JJ Kennedy, Leuenberger.
    Got 537k in the bank. hoping for buddy to have a price drop then karnezis out buddy in.

    • Kev says:

      Waiting to see how leuy pulls up, remember he was sole ruck on the weekend. If longer returns he may steal a few points

  42. Tom says:

    Will dwyer play every week?

    • Anonymous says:

      i highly doubt it

      • Henry says:

        No way. With Daisy back in this week and Fasolo, Ball and Young to come, his tenure is limited. What's more when Ball comes back, even just to the 2s, Collingwood would have to return either Dwyer or Frost to the rookie list and rookie-listed players are not allowed to be selected. However if you were asking should you trade Dwyer into your team, it would probably be a good move. After Round 3 his price should go up $80,000 or so. You could trade him out straight after he gets dropped.

        • Kev says:

          Not to forgot beams as well. I just can't justify the trade for a bloke who will be sitting on the bench. Yes, the initial price rise is handy, but he won't make much more. If you had him from the start, congratulate yourself, well done. If not, lick your wounds, move on

  43. Adrian says:

    which two forwards do i bench out of: neade, dwyer, karnezis, rowe and mccafer. ??

    • Bill says:

      i would say probably neade as emergency and either rowe or macaffer as subs. And depending on how your team looks at the moment i would trade out karnezis for JJK

      • Bridgebuff says:

        I would wait until teams are announced. Will rowe play again? Would have dwyer ahead of macaffer if he is named. Had him on the bench in rd 1 because of green vest and he still outscored macaffer.

    • Kev says:

      I liked the look of rowe in the wet, tough conditions for the big man. Bit of rubbish last term drove his score down, was on a respectable 71sc points at 3/4 time.

      To answer your question; I'd bench macaffer and whoever isn't named. If they all are, neade.

  44. Griffo says:

    Got a few options this week
    Potential outs – Rich / Karnezis / Roughead / Docherty /Lee

    Have most of the gun rookies except Neade / Dwyer / Wines / Heath

    Looking for some opinions

    • Mark says:

      wines HAS to be in

      • Henry says:

        As mentioned below, I have just got rid of Zorko & Karnezis for Monfries & Dwyer. Cash generation is the name of the game in the early rounds, particularly before the leagues start. I also have Neade on the forward line. Both Dwyer and Neade will probably go up $80,000. Get rid of Karnezis and Lee. It will put you into a great trading position in a couple of weeks' time.

      • Bridgebuff says:

        Totally agree. So maybe wines for rich as he seems your only underperforming mid.

  45. Liam says:

    Who to trade out for watts and rich, suggestions needed.. barlow is being considered but struggling with watts

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      Which position so you have watts in?

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      And also rich for moloney or Parker if you don't have them… Or maybe wines, crouch etc….

      • Liam says:

        I have watts in forward which is killing me, already have dwyer neade but could go macaffer..
        Yeah i have moloney already and as of now I have traded rich for parker
        my other option is to downgrade watts to macaffer and then upgrade rich to kennedy?

  46. David says:

    Should I trade Vlaustin -> Heath. I dont have any real problems. Need Zorko to lift though. Maybe Cheers.

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      Yeah I think that's a good idea! All about generating cash in these early rounds…!

  47. Benin says:

    What are the thoughts about westoff, I'm considering him

  48. Jimsa says:

    How do I move a player from one position to another within my team and add someone new back into his old position?

    • The Old Dylan says:

      You need to have someone in the other position who has the same position eligibility, then simply press the sub button.

      If you’re trading, click trade on the player you’re dropping, then in the trade menu an S should appear next to other players on your team that are eligible. For example, you want to get rid of zorko, who is in your forward, and you have bartel in your mid. Hit zorko’s trade button. An S should appear next to bartel, hit it to send bartel to the forward, allowing you to trade in a midfielder.

  49. James says:

    Is it alright to have 2 forward cheapies on the field

  50. Tom says:


    • Noah says:

      It's just a rumour. Don't get sucked in. I guarantee they wont play him even if he seems fit because they are only playing Melbourne.

      • SCaddict says:

        Could you imagine the uproar from Eagle Nation if he played , the Coasters win by triple digits, and buggered his arm again.

        Surely someone is having a laugh?

  51. Michael says:

    Option 1: Karnezis > Dwyer, Kane Mitchell > Libba
    Option 2: Karnezis > Kennedy, Yarran > Anyone (thinking: Dixon, Heppell, Hanley or Birchall – I just don't know, I could either do a sideways move for Dixon get the extra cash and then trade up later, or add in a premium player like Birchall and be done with that position for the season?????)

    • Michael says:

      I am also considering Mitchell for Wingard or Mullet (I live in America, so i'm not really able to see who is legit or not!)

      • G unit says:

        2, and nothing wrong with binging in Dixon as investment though could lock in birchill for the year!

        • Michael says:

          Agree, i'm just bringing in a Premium and being done with that position. Chose Hanley, purely for the extra cash saving. Thanks

          • Bridgebuff says:

            Would keep k mitchell. Had the vest twice but did ok on the park. Would rather look who’s price will drop.

    • Kev says:

      Option 2 – boyd returning will limit libba's scores. Future gun though. Yarran – Heppell.

  52. Jon says:

    Is Lecras back guys? If so, that's great news.

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      There is talk that Lecras could return for the Eagles match against the Dees but not entirely sure yet, keep your eye out for some more news.

  53. JJFYZZ says:

    Real short question

    Who do I keep?

    T/Up – Kane Mitchell

    T/Down – Koby Stevens

    • The Old Dylan says:

      Stevens. Kanye mitchell-san has copped the vest both games, trend could continue…

      • JJFYZZ says:

        I agree, I'll keep Stevens until at least next wee. See if he cops the vest again and if so, take the extra cash and get Crouch before his price rises.

  54. Henry says:

    I would and did get rid of both Zorko and Karnezis, for Monfries and Dwyer – leaving a big cash reserve for future trade upgrades. I will probably trade Zorko back in when his price has dropped. I can't believe even 6% would keep Watts. Do they think SC is like golf – low score wins?

  55. Mr_Consistent says:

    I think you definitely need to get rid of Karnezis as he looks to be copping the Sub vest, but not sure about the Zorko trade, Lions have Suns, Roos and Demons in the next 3 rounds…. possible big scores.

  56. dan says:

    think im going to go with vlastuin to heath and duffield to dixon should make me a fair amount of cash i allready have 130,000 in reserve

  57. James says:

    Zorko gets a reprieve but Ryder gets the chop this week to make way for Leuenberger. This should nab additional points, free up some cash and aiming for a price rise in two rounds.

  58. Wade says:

    Who would you trade out first? K.Mitchell or P.Karnezis?
    Already traded out LeCras for J.J.Kennedy although LeCras might make a return but just need to know because I'm going to trade one of them out for S.Dwyer.
    If LeCras is named, I might keep him and make the two rookie trades instead.

    • Michael says:

      Keep Mitchell, he will get his chance soon, and has more upside both as far as $$$, and i think possessions

  59. Shannon says:

    Downgrade and cash generation week for me.
    Making these trades plus the 240k I already have will give me 800k to play with next week.

    • Kev says:

      two premiums out for a rookie and mid pricer, wise? Heath certainly won't be a 480-500k defender like duff. Few easy games ahead for the lions, another option to get JJK other than zorko?

  60. Eugene says:

    Need some expert opinion here on who to trade out this week.
    3 players I am looking at:


    Which of these 2 should I get rid first?

    • Kev says:

      Watts easily, not just because of melbourne, but he looks totally out of form and lacks confidence. People being a bit harsh on karnezis I think, had a wonderful nab cup but has copped the subs vest twice – not his fault. I'm giving him one more week.

      Get rid of rough, still 5 weeks of tough games for hawthorn and he isn't playing in the ruck where he is more dominant

    • Big Will says:

      I have the same 3, Im trading out Watts and Karnezis.

  61. team changa says:

    thoughts on bennel to rioli?

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      Why not bennell to Moloney, Parker, Libba. Rioli started well, but a tad to inconsistent for my liking

      • team changa says:

        moloney is a good option to downgrade for cash but i doubt he will rise past 450k and cant see him in for the whole yr. with 420k in the kitty already i guess liba would be the best option of the 3 since parker played gws and gold coast without much pressure from either two. leaning towards riloi for the fwd line swing. but its damm close. hows your side looking>

  62. Kane says:

    Trading Karnezis to Dwyer. Then trading Mitch Robinson to either Rockliff or Eagles Kennedy and save $220k? Thoughts??

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      You have to get rockliff in your side

    • SCaddict says:

      It's a tough one as both JJK and Rocky are virtually must haves. Don't suppose you have the spare cash to trade in both for Karny and Robbo?

      JJK could easily kick 6 this weekend considering how badly the Dees are tracking.

      • Kane says:

        Sc addict I can afford both but didn’t want to miss out on Dwyer and have a couple of trades lined up for next week. Ahhhh decision decisions….

  63. Jono says:

    I would like some thoughts on who I should get rid of and who I should try and get in.



    I was thinking LeCras for Kennedy and Mitchell for Neadle and then try and get Luenburger and Crouch the week after, but then I miss out on Monfries, Libratorae and Dixon? Are those players worth considering?? Do I hold on Roughead?? Will Bailey keep playing? Also what do people think of Wingard and Stokes as a POD?? Thoughts please.

    • SCaddict says:

      As Lecca MAY come back in the next few weeks I think your priorities are to jump off Karny and probably Roughy. Can't see Roughy scoring at the levels he did last year with the Hawks big men structure as it stands. Karny has been a major disappointment for many coaches no doubt about it.

      Reckon JJK should be one of the guys you bring in perhaps with Leuey if Roughy is in your ruck or have another RUCK/FWD swing.

      • Jono says:

        Cheers. Yeah more I think about it I wanna get rid of Roughy for Luenburger but that would leave me with Cox and Rowe both in the forward line. :/
        I'm thinking of holding Karnezis as his price drop might not be much and I am expecting him to improve still. So do I leave my RUCK/FWD players in the forward line with no swing set and then say drop Mitchell for Neadle and maybe look at picking up Crouch next week? Or go straight from Rough to Neadle, hold Mitchell for one more week and pick up Luenburger for Currie next week?

        • SCaddict says:

          In that case how about Roughy to Neade, Karny to JJK and then bring in Leuey for Currie the following week? That looks like a pretty good plan to me and will net you over $200K and have your swing set working properly.

          If I could get off Karny and had a logical replacement like JJK I would. But moving on Roughy and Rich I rate as higher priorities for me.

  64. Bomber says:

    Hi All,

    I would like some thoughts on who I should get rid of and who I should try and get into my team

    Which 2 should I trade:
    T. Walker
    M. Murphy


    J.Kennedy (Eagles)
    L. Parker

    • Big Will says:

      Probably trade Tex and Roughie.
      Try to get in…. all of those except Westhoff.

    • Hareball says:

      out roughie and walker
      in – Dwyer!!!! , JJ kennedy or Parker

    • SCaddict says:

      Yes Tex and Roughy should be given the chop in my view. JJK is close to a must have I reckon.

      Although his scores will fluctuate as a key forward he will generate you a boat load of cash plus he has the Deeplorables to beat up on this weekend.

      Dwyer is probably the other to bring in if he's named in the final 22 this Sunday so you will need to monitor final teams this Friday arvo as he's likely to be named on the extended bench when the teams first come out on Thursday night.

  65. D man says:

    Morning guys

    Iā€™m looking at making a couple of trades this week.

    My fwd line consists of
    Rockliff zorko cox roughead karnezis macaffer lecras neade.

    With lecras being back most likely next weekend Iā€™m thinking of keeping him.

    Should I trade karnezis and roughie for Dwyer and Jj Kennedy?

    Your thoughts would be great.


    • SCaddict says:

      Yes nice trades although as per my post above you need to ensure Dwyer is named in the final 22 for this Sunday's game before finalising that trade.

      If and when he loses his spot it could be a while before he gets back in with all the Pies depth.

  66. Damo says:

    Off topic but anybody else having problems with their supercoach app on iphone? Mine hasn’t worked for a week despite deleting and downloading again a couple of times. Just me? Cheers.

    • SCaddict says:

      I haven't had any problems myself but it sounds like plenty have based on the reviews at the App store.

  67. Q-STICK says:

    IMO people need to chill on trades, its only been two rounds! Unless any of your players have had serious injuries, besides getting rookies in there is no need to trade.

    • Joshau says:

      I take your point when talking about players like Dangerfield and Zorko, but most coaches need to make a correction or two, and we've got 30 trades – neglect them to your peril. For example, if you took a punt on Watts (as many of us did) you'd be crazy not to ditch him.

    • Big Will says:

      this is the one round where its an absolute must to make two trades, unless you have the PERFECT team, which no one does. If you hold on someone like Watts you're gonna be stuck with another 50 and he'll be worth 50k less next week.

    • Damo says:

      Don't agree with this, especially now that we have 30 trades. Sure, hang on to your premiums (I'll be keeping zorko) but we all took a few speculative punts didn't we? One of mine was Zac Smith who has a BE of 112 this week – he has as much hope of getting that this week as Melbourne has of beating West Coast. Particularly for any mid pricers you have selected you need to be checking the BE's and making an honest assessment of how they are going. For those who look like continuing to struggle, and who have high BE's, not taking the opportunity to get rid of them now is giving money away, and probably points also. Yes you can overtrade, but you can undertrade too. My attitude is do 2 correctives this week to make my side as good as it can be for now, and then sit tight for 4/5 weeks while those cash cows go moo.

    • SCaddict says:

      You're right there's no need to trade for the sake of it but most coaches can significantly improve their team but eliminating some dead wood whilst at the same time picking up some early season bolters.

      So reckon the vast majority of coaches will be utilising at least 1 if not 2 trades this week before all the prices change and opportunities may have been missed for good.

  68. Connor says:

    Have shuey, murphy and danger in my midfield with all having high BE's is it worth getting rid of one of them or persist?

  69. Big Will says:

    Michael Walters/Jeremy Howe? Thoughts?

  70. EPR says:

    Im backing big Zorko to lift for me this week, but Ryder and Karnezis are gaawwn. In come Dwyer and JJK and about 500k CASH!

  71. Dazman says:

    Not much support for dropping Jack Watts, probably because most people don't have him. He is gone out of my team this week, probably for jasper pittard or Charlie Dixon. Also trading Shannon Byrnes for either Josh Kennedy (west coast) or Jamie Elliot, but I already have 2 collingwood and west coast forwards, not sure if I should have 3 from the one team, could be bad come the bye weeks.

    • EPR says:

      IMO you don't need to worry about the bye just yet. Chances are your team will look very different come round 10 because of cashed in cows anyway.

    • Bridgebuff says:

      In regards to byes you need to consider your whole team. If you have one fwd each from crows, pies, bombers, giants, gc and carlton you have a problem (all have rd 13 bye), while if you have 2x port (rd 11 bye), 3x eagles (rd 12 bye), 3x pies (rd 13 bye)you are in good shape

      • Matt says:

        My understanding of the byes this year was that from your 30 players your best 22, no matter the position, counted for the three bye rounds???

    • SCaddict says:

      The byes are almost in the too hard basket and really shouldn't factor into your decision making much at all. You'll probably have a gazillion trades between now and Rd 11 so your will team will likely look very different between now and then anyway.

      Just choose the best value players you can.

  72. john says:

    got rid of roughy and lecras and got JJK and luey got 400k will judd and mundy go down in price and is lecras playing

  73. Charlie says:

    What’s a good price to have laying around coming into round 3? About 500-600k??

  74. Jonnyboy says:

    Traded out karnezis for J.J. Kennedy
    And team looking pretty strong apart from that
    But Thoughts on Kommer?
    Thinking of the possibility of trading him out for the likes of dwyer…
    Possibly generate some extra cash but wondering who of the two will be getting more games?
    Not sure on Kommer's JS
    Already have all the key cash cows minus crouch.

  75. Dan says:

    Want to trade Watts Robinson and Ryder can do 2. Which ones and who for, at the moment thinking
    Watts –> JJK
    Ryder –> Leuy
    Leaves me with 480k in the bank

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      I think out of those 3 players you have chosen the correct ones to be getting out of your side and I agree with the trades as both Leunberger and Josh Kennedy will be increasing dramatically come round 3 & 4 respectively… Good work!

  76. @yvraith says:

    I'm thinking of doing the following.

    Jack Steven & Karnezis out
    Chad Wingard & Josh Kennedy in…
    Banking me a nice $167 in the process.

    Wingard is about to jump in price in a big way.

    With plans to swap Kommer for Crouch & Blicavs to Leuenberger next round.

    • Ram-Rod says:

      Why would u get rid of Jack Steven? U made a good decision picking him as a mid-pricer, hes scoring well and ur just gonna give him the flick? He will average more than Wingard and will probably end up averaging 100 per game over the season

  77. Guy says:

    Is this a good trade?

    Watts OUT and Dixon IN
    Bennell OUT and Liberatore IN

    • Tom says:

      Don't chase scores mate, that's gonna bite you in a couple of rounds

      • Guy says:

        Who do you think would be 2 good players to trade in for Watts and Bennell then? I have $800,000 to trade with on DT

        • SCaddict says:

          Trade downs for non performing premiums are generally the best way to go as the lads said in this week's podcast.

          Without seeing your team there are so many good rookies to get into your midfield and defence that you're liking missing at least one in both lines.

          This will free up around $600K to allow you to start upgrading to performing premiums and elites in the coming weeks greatly improving your team.

          It's too early to know whether Dixon and Libba are flash in the pans or whether they will continue producing such high output.

  78. Luke says:

    Trade 1: Ryder (OUT) Kennedy (IN)

    Trade 2: K. Stevens (OUT) Parker or Liberatore (IN) leaving 50-100k reserve


    Karnezis (OUT) Dwyer (IN) leaving 500k reserve

    Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!

    • Luke says:

      Already have Neade and Macaffer as my forward bench options, and have Wines, O'Meara, Crouch, Viney and K.Stevens in the midfield

    • Jimbooo says:

      I'm surprised to hear people looking to trade up to libba?

  79. Tony says:

    Like most, I also did Karnezis to JJK. Left me $5k in the bank and undecided on keeping or trading Newman. Not thrilled with the DEF options around or just below his price so might save the trade.

    Will do Blicavs to Crouch next week, which was my strategy the moment Crouch missed out in Rd 1. I think my rucks are OK (Goldy, TBell, Cox in FWDs with Rowe the link), but will have some thinking to do if Leuey goes big this week.

  80. Pete says:

    Who has the better ceiling out of Varcoe and JJ Kennedy? I've been pretty disappointed with Varcoe the last two weeks, and Kennedy is due to a decent price rise in comparison – is it a worthwhile trade in the long run?

    • SCaddict says:

      It's no contest in my mind, JJK by a mile and then some.

      Reckon Varcoe is limited to a ceiling of $350-$400K and JJK about $450-$500K.

      Varcoe has actually played well and had a big influence on the Cats two wins. But he's not much of a Supercoach scorer and never has been if you go back and have a look at his previous season averages.

      I expect JJK to go off against the Dees this weekend and will easily jump up by over $50K in value next week so it's a good time to get on him if the rest of your team looks ok.

  81. Tom says:

    Ok so in my main league in which the winner wins $1,000, i''m expected to lose by 75 points with this team:

    DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Heppell, Goodes, Pittard, Atley, (Stevenson, Terlich)

    MID: Pendles, Deledio, JPK, Dangerfield, Fyfe, O'meara, Wines, Crouch (Viney, Mitchell)

    RUC: Jacobs, Rowe (Blicavs, Daw)

    FWD: Rockliff, Cox, Kennedy, Zorko, Neade, Varcoe (Macaffer, Karnezis)

    How can i improve my team with one trade (Used LeCras –> Kennedy) to potentially beat my R3 opponent!?

    • EPR says:

      The only possible one i can see is Deledio to Ablett and make him your captain if you have the cash for it.

    • EPR says:

      Otherwise you just have to back the likes of Zorko, Atley and Varcoe, who have been producing below par scores, to lift for you.

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      Don't rely on your projections to influence how you trade, I was projected to score around 1600 last week, yet I got 2299 so not the most reliable thing.

      How much money do you have? Because you could try and upgrade Rowe to Leunberger

    • Joshau says:

      LeCras is still an outside chance to play this week, meaning you'd have the potential to turn Karnezis into Dwyer, then Varcoe into Josh J Kennedy and go for a captain loophole to get up on your opp. I wouldn't be doing anything crazy just to chase a single win…it's a long season!

    • SCaddict says:

      There really isn't a big move you have available that will likely make much of a difference this round. So I would just slowly improve your team by trading out Karny for Dwyer assuming he plays and pocketing the $170K.

      It's a marathon rather than a sprint so you will just have to hope lady luck shines on you this weekend and that a couple of your PODs stand tall.

      Also don't forget to make either Fyfe, Goddard or Heppell your VC to take advantage of the captain's loophole. Unfortunately with North playing early and Daw your only likely non playing guy that's the best you've got unless someone like K.Mitchell or Macaffer is dropped which will greatly increase your options.

    • Hareball says:

      maybe downgrade atley then upgrade deledio or someone to ablett … or upgrade a ruck to leuy

    • CHRIS says:

      Sell Varcoe or Karnezis, move Rowe forward and buy Leuenberger.

  82. Tom says:

    Thoughts on Sam Mitchell? What do you think his output would be in the coming weeks?

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      Round 3: Collingwood
      Round 4: Fremantle (Ryan Crowley)
      Round 5: North Melbourne
      Round 6: Adelaide
      Round 7: Sydney

      Very good consistent player, can only see him doing bad against Fremantle, tough draw ahead though…

  83. Emily says:

    Thinking of trading out Jamar and Watts for Westhoff and Leuenberger. Is this a good move or does anyone have any suggestions?

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      Leunberger in for Jamar looks good
      However not sure about the Westhoff trade, two HUGE scores against weak opposition. Had him last year… Very inconsistent. But… Big risk, Big reward!

      • Emily says:

        Any suggestions on who to bring in for Watts then?

        • Mr_Consistent says:

          Kennedy? If you don't have him, if you have enough try and upgrade him to rockliff, or for some cash, downgrade to Neade/Macaffer/Dwyer

    • SCaddict says:

      Would recommend a trade down of Watts to either JJK (if you don't have him) or someone like Neade, Macaffer or Dwyer.

      Have you got all the lock rookie mids and defenders such as Goodes, Pittard, Stevenson, Heath, Viney, O'Meara, Wines as that should be your other trading priority if not?

      You can always postpone the Jaymar to Leuey trade another round as Leuey's price won't increase for another week and Jaymar will probably score not too far short of his fairly low BE so will have a minimal price drop.

  84. Mendo says:

    id go that way,watts will take time to recover

  85. Tom says:

    Andrew Swallow or Sam Mitchell? Who will score better this week?

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      Long term I'd say Mitchell, but this week I'd say swallow, playing Sydney who are a very rough side. Lots of ball ups and contested situations, I expect swallow to get a heap of tackles and clearances, hope I am right!!!

      • Tom says:

        Mate i hope you're right too! A BIG trade depends on your very opinion. What do you think both of them will get? Help me out here mate

        • Mr_Consistent says:

          Haha not sure if you should be relying on a sole opinion mate, but I reckon Mitchell 115 and swallow 130. See if you can get some feedback from others before you make up your mind. šŸ™‚

          • Tom says:

            Well would love some others to make some input into this!! What does everyone else think?

            • SCaddict says:

              It's like choosing between a Ferrari or a Lamborghini mate. Both will be elite performers all season I reckon.

              I'd take Sammy Mitchell only because his price is set to explode with a tiny BE of 71 for him so it may be a long time before you can pick him up below $600K again.

              • Mr_Consistent says:

                Well that's what I was thinking but he is only asking for who's going to score the most this week, Who do you think SCaddict?

                • SCaddict says:

                  Impossible to guess in just one game. Sammy scored 139 the last time he played the Pies and Swallow registered 102 last time he played the Swans.

                  That said history doesn't mean too much in a single game of Supercoach.

                  When trading in Elites you need to think about their likely performance all season and I'd give Sammy the slightest of preferences but either would be fantastic additions to anyone's team.

                  Maybe as a Swannies supporter I'm only hoping/praying Swallow doesn't go off this weekend ha ha!

                  • Mr_Consistent says:

                    Haha, good answer mate!

                    • Tom says:

                      Whatever your name is SCaddict, is it worth trading Danger for Mitchell? The rest of my team is pretty well set

                    • Mr_Consistent says:

                      Don't like it mate, sideways trade… dangerfield's only had one bad game and I think he has a higher ceiling than Mitchell in terms of scoring potential

                    • Tom says:

                      It'll take a couple of weeks for his break even to even out though, while mitchell's price will skyrocket. I don't see Dangerfield getting a big score this week

                    • Mr_Consistent says:

                      Not that means much but Josh Jenkins
                      ( dangerfields teammate) just said he reckons dangerfield going to get B.O.G this week.

                    • Tom says:

                      B.O.G doesn't mean best supercoach score.

                    • Mr_Consistent says:

                      Mate if you can give me a player that's got the three votes and scored under 100 supercoach points I might agree with you.

                    • SCaddict says:

                      I can understand your temptation but I'd say probably stick thick with Paddy.

                      There's no guarantee Mitchell with outscore him this week and you shouldn't generally go chasing scores or else you'll find you're often 1 step behind and just burning precious trades.

                      He'd be a nice upgrade from a poor performing mid pricer or regular premium but you shouldn't bring him in at the expense of another elite.

                    • Tom says:

                      Alright well thanks guys šŸ™‚ Saved me from burning a trade there! Really hope that Danger can rip up a massive score this week!

  86. Harley says:

    Don't know if I should keep swan or trade out any idea who I should trade him for or keep him

  87. Troy says:

    Was thinking of getting rid of bennell for mullet good idea?
    I all ready have most of the rookies who will be making some cash just missing wines

  88. davo says:

    Karnezis out, bartel in
    rough out, luey in

  89. Troy says:

    no i have not

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      Then mate don't trade in Bartel in it has to be roughie for Rockliff, probably going to finish as one of the best forwards this year

  90. Ben says:

    hey guys
    do you guys reckon this is a good trade
    Roughy out for Leunberger
    and Karnezis out for JJ Kennedy
    Should give me plenty of cash and more certainty with scores and JS

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      Yeah if you have any other trades to make I suggest you wait on the roughie to Luey trade, you won't lose to much cash because Leunberger goes up in Round 4, I like both the trades

      • Joshau says:

        But Roughie will drop minimum 35k at the conclusion of round 3.

        If you're trying to line your pockets, surely that deserves consideration to trade to Leuenberger before Roughie drops? I'm in the same boat, and am treating it more as a correction trade…I would have started with Leuey if he'd been named round 1.

        • Mr_Consistent says:

          If Roughhead scores 100 or over he will only drop around 30k and it also gives Leunberger one more week to prove himself and saves you a trade that can be used somewhere else this week

    • Rocksta says:

      Great trading.
      You will generate over 200k and not lose anything in overall weekly scoring ( probably gain).

  91. Ben says:

    hey guys
    Just wondering is it worth side way trading Tex.
    I thought he would of performed better without Tippet
    i know its early but a 39 last round is terrible
    I've got all forward line rookies so no need to downgrade
    but is it worth trading him to a bartel or cyril or other premium.

    • Ben says:

      and i have rockliff already

      • Mr_Consistent says:

        I think it is worth trading him to a player of lesser value for some cash generation, do you have Kennedy? Or maybe even down to a rookie like Neade/Dwyer/Macaffer

    • Rocksta says:

      Tex is a great Footballer but I didnt pick him in my side simply because without Tippet I think he will get double teamed a lot. Jenkins played well at the weekend but will never demand the number one defender. I dont like sideways trades but you may have to bite the bullet on this one

  92. Terry says:

    OUT > Karnezis, Stevens
    IN > JJKennedy, Crouch


    • Mr_Consistent says:

      Good trades mate

      • Terry says:

        Overall 279, 1130 last week.
        hoping to keep pushing up the ranks

    • Deanbartel says:

      I dunno about Stevens….He's averaging 30 points a quarter (59 from half R1, 30 from a quarter in R2). I think he has greater scoring potential than Crouch if he plays full games. I do have Crouch in my team and not Stevens though

  93. Ben says:

    OUT: Karnesis IN: Dwyer this week


    OUT:Blicavs IN: Luey next week

    Overall ranked 3300 so fairly happy with rest of team

  94. jayden says:

    to keep karnezis or to not?
    if i get rid of him i can either move neade down to the fwd line and get crouch for the centre and have an extra 492 000 to upgrade a rookie straight into a premium or going with sokmeone like bartel and leaving neade in the centre??

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      I think Karnezis to crouch sounds great and should generate some cash like you said…. Smart trade!

  95. Com says:

    Got 2400ish and ranked 1500 something

    Thinking about trading Ryder for rocklift

    And zorko for westoff thoughts???

    Might even keep zorko !!

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      Both are sideways trades but I think you need rockliff in your side. I think you should look at downgrading Zorko to maybe Kennedy (if you don't have him) or maybe even a rookie ( Neade, Dwyer or Macaffer)

      • Com says:

        Have Kennedy and those three fwd rookies
        The reason I’m thinking about this is to upgrade blicavs to leuy next week with the extra cash I get from bringing in rocky and westy

    • Rocksta says:

      Surprising as I got 2435 and ranked 261. Ive got Zorko and will stick with him for the immediate future. I must however say that he is a risk at that price as we all seem to have forgotten that he hasn't even played 20 Senior Games of AFL footy. Hes either going to get better or be the biggest burn man of the season.

    • Harley says:

      Keep zorko get rocklift

  96. Cold Ass Honky says:

    Not liking the Adelaide boys so far, Tex looks to be struggling as the sole option, and danger likewise is struggling with the heavy tag. So i propose moving Danger for Sammy Mitchell, and Tex for Jimmy Bartel.

    Leaves me 80k in the kicker, so next week i can upgrade Karnezis to Leuenberger (by shifting cox forward), and potentially Varcoe to Robbie Gray (if he looks good).


    I could always forget about the varcoe trade, and do Cotch instead of Mitchell? Already have lids and maric though.

    Thoughts appreciated, cheers

  97. Charlie says:

    With three rookies already on the ground in the mid, would it be too risky to trade out Bannell for wines? At the moment I am thinking more of trading Bannell for Maloney?

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      Yeah 4 on field rookies is a bit too much. Bennell to Moloney is a good trade as Moloney will be a consistent 90+ player and could be a good player to look at upgrading come round 5-6.

      • Charlie says:

        I also could trade roughead to leuy this week, just not sure if leuy will continually score well?

        • Mr_Consistent says:

          Well that's what I am doing I have Roughhead too, I am just waiting the extra week on him and by doing so will only lose about 30k when roughhead's price goes down, I also save a trade that can be used somewhere else this week and can be more sure that Leunberger Is a good choice.

          • Charlie says:

            Thanks for that! I thought about trading out roughead for Neade and then Bannell up to Watson thinking that Watson will score big this week! Then trade in luey next week for whoever i decide. But I’m not sure if that’s a waste of money considering Maloney will go up in price?

            • Mr_Consistent says:

              Well I guess if you are trading Roughhead for Neade you should be sitting on a bit of cash and the trade of bennell to Watson is only a upgrade of 130k, however Jumping on Moloney now means that you could trade him for a much better premium, when they are about the same price. E.g dangerfield in for Moloney

              It's your decision

          • Charlie says:

            Decisions decisions.. But thanks heaps for that! I think I have figured out what I’m going to do now!

  98. Dave says:

    God dam it i put zac smith as a ruck with roe currie and Bilcavs as my rucks with cox in the forward line really thought smith would have a far better output thinking ill give him one more same with karni

  99. team changa says:

    roughhead out for neade??

  100. team changa says:

    bennel to jobe karnezis to neade?

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      It's good, I reckon Watson will score huge again this week.

      • Liam says:

        Ryan Crowley to Jobe don't you reckon? Shouldn't be as dominant as he has in recent weeks

        • Mr_Consistent says:

          Watson can't be tagged, Crowley likely to go to an outside player like Heppell, Stanton, Goddard or even Howlett.

          • Jaso says:

            CreepyCrowley has kept Jobe to 20,20,21 disposals in the past three encounters.
            Just sayin.

  101. team changa says:

    yeah i figure im better trading up from bennel no real point trading down ive got all rookies cept for neade and heath. might not even trade karnezis if his not sub. hard to know for sure. what are your trades this week?

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      Haha no laughing but I put watts in at the start of the season…..

      Watts to Heath
      Karnezis to Dwyer

      However I am happy to reverse the trade on Karnezis if he isn't named sub, but then again will I know in time to make the trade???

      • team changa says:

        haha its aight i was nearly fooled by watts too, looked very attractive with the swing. im holding of on karnezis too, will deff have time to know since pies play sunday will know by 5pm saturday if he is sub or not. i guess its a blessing with wattscos you HAVE to trade. its worse when you are 50/50 bennel could be a bad trade only time will tell lol.

  102. Liam says:

    IN-Hanley, OUT-Duffield
    IN-Dwyer, OUT-Karnezis
    Really not sure if the trades are necessary but only doing it because the two boys I'm bringing in will go up in price especially Dwyer and not sure about Karnezis with the sub vest.
    Your Thoughts?

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      IN- Dwyer, OUT- Karnezis is good

      However trading out Duffield for Hanley is a bad idea, it is a sideways trade and Duffield hasn't even been doing badly. Has a BreakEven of 117 and if he doesn't get that score is likely to only drop around 15k… I'd keep him, but it's your team and the decision is yours…

  103. SC Legend. says:

    I have already used two trades, just to maximise my cash influx next week.
    Thinking I might do one more for Karnesiz to Neade which will give me enough cash for a Blicavs to Leunberger next week if he breaks the ton again. Thoughts?

    • SC Legend. says:

      I can rather do Leunberger in this week for Blicavs or J.J Kennedy in this week for Karneiz.. Not sure which one has more value!?

      • The Old Dylan says:

        Blicavs = good ruck bench coverage? Unless he is your R2…

        Luey might be a better prospect next week, in case he spuds it up this week? (not likely against the suns though)

  104. Mac says:

    Why are there so many people dropping Tex? I understand that he is Adelaide's only key forward now, but he should be capable of pumping out some really big scores against the teams with a bad defence.

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      Because the last thing people want is to be sitting on a 535k forward with a BreakEven of 183 and an average of 65.

  105. brick says:

    Lions v Gold coast this week.
    Underperforming lions have their chance.

    Punting times.

  106. Matt says:

    hey guys, ive got roughy, karnezis, tex, kane mitchell, vlaustin and zorko. wondering which ones to trade out this week? possible targets are Moloney, JJK, Dwyer and Leuy. Advice would be awesome guys!

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      Wait on roughy and trade him for Leuy next week, tex for JJK and Karnezis for Dwyer ( if Karnezis is named sub)

      • Matt says:

        Thanks mate, but are you sure about trading tex, cause surely he will pick up. And is it worth doing the roughy to leuy trade this week to beat the price drop?

        • Mr_Consistent says:

          You will only be losing about 25k because only roughies price changes, it's your decision but I'd wait on Leunberger one more week.

  107. Jeffry says:

    Ok guys im considering the following trades:

    Ryder OUT JJK IN
    Spangher OUT Dwyer IN (cash cow trade only)

    Concerns are I still have Varcoe, Shuey and Zorko posting rubbish scores for me.

    Do you reckon thats a decent trade? Or….???

    Any help would be appreciated !!


    • Mr_Consistent says:

      Ryder for JJK Is good, Spangher for Dwyer is good, maybe varcoe for Dwyer???

      • Jeffry says:

        Thanks mate, main reason I initially though to get rid of Spangher instead of Varco was because Spangher aint getting games, whereas at least Varcoe is playing.

        But with Varcoe's bad scores I may as well get rid of him now before his price drops, hey ! Also gives me a stack more cash in the kitty too.
        Cheers for the comment, appreciated šŸ™‚

  108. Juggernaut says:

    Hey guys

    So far I'm happy with my team … But I need some help !!

    Should I trade Zorko for Josh J Kennedy … Mainly for the cash ?!

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      If Zorko is one of your main under performers I think that is a great trade. You gain nearly 250k and you are trading in an in form player who plays Melbourne next week, Kennedy is expected to rise by about 60k after next week too!!!

      • Juggernaut says:

        Thats what I have been thinking … I also traded out N, Vlastuin for Heath Campbell, he was sitting on my bench and not playing, campbell is playing and should go up about 70k.

        I didnt ponder about changing Dangers up to Watson … but I think thats a bad move …

        Thanks for the reply btw!

  109. mcareec says:

    libba or benny howlett

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      I think Liberatore Is the better pick, he will play well no matter who the opposition is because he gets plenty of tackles, clearances and contested ball. Unlike Howlett who could easily lose his current form when he plays some tougher opposition.

  110. dean says:

    who to trade out vickery or varco for kennedy?

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      Like flipping a coin mate, leaning towards varcoe though… Who were you thinking?

  111. Bridgebuff says:

    How long does it take for the cashcows to be ripe for picking (selling?)

    I guess the premium one (avg around 100) will take longer than the medium one (avg around 60-70).

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      Rounds 5,6,7,8,9 and 10 are when you start look to trade in your cash cows for new rookies in my opinion.

  112. Trent says:

    I have 9 different options:

    Watts out for
    Pittard, O'Shea, Suban, O'Brien, Dixon, Birchall, Atley, Mackie or Pearce.

    Please help me narrow things down and tell me who you think the best options for Watts would be.

    Help would be very much appreciated!!!!!

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      Oh my…. PITTARD, PITTARD AND PITTARD!!! He is a must have rookie defender, averaging about 92 points and is set to jump by over 50k after next round, plus it gives you some cash to work with for next round.

  113. Mr_Consistent says:

    Wow! Just found out Claye Beams has possibly done his ACL, Big news for those with Karnezis, could this mean he is no longer one of the players on Vossy's sub list….. Thoughts???

  114. Luke says:

    what about Aaron Mullett? at $279,100 and an average of 112 should make a juicy profit. even if his average went to 100 he would still be $500,000.

  115. woodman says:

    Really want to get West Coasts Josh Kennedy but have only $20,000 in the kitty. So i think i might go Karnezis to Dwyer and Macaffer to Josh Kennedy. Thoughts?

  116. Jag says:

    Sick of Bennell, can't break a tag, don't see any real improvement in the near future..
    and waited the extra week to trade out LeCras, but still not sure on what to do…

    Should I…?
    Keep LeCras on the bench, play Neade and Dwyer on the park until LeCras returns. and then cash in on those rookies, and then make the following trades
    OUT – Bennell IN – Libba/Moloney/Howlett
    OUT – Ryder IN – Luenberger (Spell Check)
    Cash Generation of around $300,000
    Trade out LeCras and Bennell, and play either Neade or Dwyer on the Park and bring in another player using the cash generated through the Bennell trade?
    If I was to decide on this option, what would be a good player to bring in?
    Would Westhoff be a considerable option? Or are his high scores only short term? Also, would 'Gus Monfries be another good option? Not sure who else to bring in… Already got the two rookie locks in Neade and Dwyer, Rowe is already a ruck reserve in my side also.

    • Jag says:

      Or trade Roughead Out, using Ryders DPP, move him into the Forward Line and then Trade in Leuenberger?

  117. maru the cat says:

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    this take a massive amount work? I’ve virtually no knowledge of computer programming but I was hoping to start my own blog soon. Anyhow, should you have any ideas or tips for new blog owners please share. I know this is off topic but I simply needed to ask. Many thanks!