How is your mob looking this week?

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Your Supercoach Mob

How are you gettin on in round 2 so far folks? If you’re not looking like scoring as well as you did last week you’re not a lone ranger.

Little Gazza hasn’t fired and plenty of teams have had the C whacked fairly and squarely on his majestic gleaming scone. Also your Jack Viney’s and your Ollie Wines’s your Kommer’s and your Karnezis’s have delivered many some horror on field Supercoach and Dreamteam outputs.

The Supercoach gods decided that it would be funny to allow Jaeger O’Meara and Brad Crouch go nuts this weekend considering they are sitting on the pine for plenty of teams including the great JR Brumby FC.

Wonder what a par score will be this week… 2050 Supercoach? How is your mob getting on?

Remember the weekly podcast will crank out at 10.30pm tonight



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2100 would be a solid score I reckon lads


Ended up with 2048


i got 2241 with gazza as captain


1277 from 12, looking at about 2150-2200. Not toooo disappointed considering this weeks woes.


Jock, when will these supercoach gods give us a brake!? The team is still looking very nice besides the low scoring players. It’s hard to pick the right rookies to put on the field! Who do you recommend out of Dwyer, Macaffer and Row? I was leaning more towards Dwyer because of his 49 Supercoach points last week with only a half of footy?


1327 off 15 with Pendlebury (c), Gibbs, Murphy, Cox, Bartel, Varcoe and Rowe. Looking at an absolute maximum of 2200 I think, I'll be lucky to get 2100+ though! Thank god for the captain loophole had Ablett as (VC).


1590 from 15
Still Buddy, bartel, Murphy , Gibbs , roughy , blivacsand cox


Hoping my point of difference trade (Mundy for Shuey)
Doesn’t burn me. Sitting on 1800 with roughy, Gibbs, varcoe, Rowe
And pendles to come. Had jägerbomb on field!


TERRIBLE! 17 played (including C) for 1593. Thanks to the iPhone app I managed to bench Koby Stevens (for Crouch) and Karnezis (for Neade), so i'd hate to see my score if I didn't get to that. Started Viney over O'Meara this week and they reversed their bloody scores on me. Taylor Walker was terrible, had every possible free called against him and not a thing called for him. At least Hanley scored big, which I wasn't able to enjoy until after the game.

Also, I messed up because I was fiddling around with trades on Friday afternoon, planning to reverse them later on and complete them next week. Except I got sidetracked and left the computer and then the 1st lockout hit and was unable to reverse them after that. So I got Hartlett's crappy score and Josh Kenendy to come. Bah.

Still got a few big guns left in Cox, Pendlebury and Gibbs, so I reckon I might be able to get to 1900 if i'm lucky.


Which I phone app?


Official Supercoach iphone app. Lets you trade and set your lineups. Wasn't near a computer, but heard on Twitter who the subs were and then used the app to bench 'em. Is handy for when you're out and about.


Yeh ive got that app. Thought you might have found one that gives notification of who the subs are gonna be! Keeping an eye on twitter is the key i suppose..


What I do is on Friday I add a twitter account that updates that kind of stuff (like @SupercoachPaige for example) to the "notifications" section on the Twitter for Iphone app. Then as they tweet the information like final teams, subs or late inclusions it pops up on the phone like i've received a text message. Then just go and update my team if I need to with the SC app.

Easiest way i've found to do it if i'm not near a computer and making it so i'm not checking twitter or facebook every 5 minutes.


Good thinking! Cheers..


I'm curently at 1638 from 16 played. This week it seems that not having GAJ is actually payed off! I had JPK as my captain so i was also dissapointed.
– Dangerfield, Wines, Karnezis, Viney, Zorko all dissapointing
– O'MEARA, Fyfe, Goddard, Heppell, Pittard, Neade, Crouch & Stevenson all amazing.

So overall it's kinda evened out. With Atley, Varcoe, Blicavs, Pendles, Gibbs and Cox left to play, i'll be hoping to get around 2100, which i believe will be slightly above par, as most people would have had GAJ as captain.

– Dangerfield will go down in price a lot next round, any thoughts on swapping him to Watson next round, then upgrade a rookie to Dangerfield again later in the season?


The upgrade to Watson could pay off, but Danger will start pumping huge scores soon, so you'd have to get him in pretty quickly, otherwise his price will rise heaps again and you'd have to burn another trade.


My team so far:

Bad: Viney & Wines back to earth, Zorko again disappointing, Crouch great but on bench!

Good: captain loophole “perfect storm” (well done if you used GAJ to Watson – I didn’t by the way…), Heppell comes good, Hanley amazing, O’Meara on field – YES!

Currently 1412/13 capt played, Gibbs, H Shaw, Pendles, Shuey, Cox, A Walker, Cloke, Varcoe, Rowe to play, looking at 2150-2200 I think.

Stephen Hudson

1270 for 13 ,cox as captain.maybe 2100+


Cox or Pendles as captain? Everyone’s thoughts?


tough one there. Cox will dominate being the only ruckman for west coast but pendles play's so well in big games. If i were you i would probably go with pendles because he will score around 135-140 and cox will score around 125-130


Thank you! Paid off!

Fraser D

Help me Jock I’m in trouble. Things just haven’t gone right for me this week. To begin with Ablett scored 98 as captain, Karnezis was sub, viney and wines failed to fire. I almost had swan as captain but decided against if Swn scores 150+ ill be annoyed though.
8 to play with Taylor, Swan, Gibbs, Varcoe, Cox, Kennedy and Macaffer. Be lucky to get 1900 I reckon. Last week I got 2388 what’s going on Jock?


Bellchambers has been the one shining light in my otherwise disgraceful round. Karnezis and K Stevens on the field.. Jack Watts.. FMSC


Scored 1641 with 17 completed including two sub affected scores, Stevens and Karnezis. Had GAJ as captain, not a good desicion. Hope Gibbs, Pendlebury, Kennedy, Cox and Shuey can get me to at least 2100.


1775/16 captn played. Still have Swan, Gibbs, Robinson. Cox and Macaffer/Dwyer to come. Spewing that I didn't use the captn's loophole. The game had started when I relised that I should have put a VC on Gablett, instead of the C.

Had Heath and Stevenson the pine and started with Terlich, both Port rookies out scored Terlich, I knew this would happen, but didn't go with my gut feeling.


I'm doing alright. On 1635 from 16 played. Thanks to heppell, goddard, omeara, luenberger, cotch, goodes (bulldogs). jacobs, danger, kennedy. Gazza burnt me (as captain), and so did karnezis (8 POINTS!), viney, and wines. Expecting to get 2200 with swan, gibbs, pendles, bartel, buddy, cox, macaffer to play. Apart from gaz, vines, wines, and karnezis, everyone got over 90, so quite happy with my score.


On 1650 with 6 to go, not to bad.
Rich, watts and houli have all now burnt me two weeks straight, i want to trade out one of these 3. Which players would I bring in for this 3?


Reckon Watts is your priority. His confidence is completely rocked now. Assuming you already have HepD perhaps consider Hanley if you have the extra cash or downgrade to a rookie like Heath, Stevenson, Pittard etc if you have Watts as a backman.

If he's in your forward line then you could look at Monfries or Puopolo or JJK depending on how they go this afternoon.

I'll probably be trading Rich down to either Moloney or Lukey Parker fwiw.


Hoping Swanny has a big one today through the captain's loophole to salvage an otherwise crappy Rd 2 like everyone else. I guess this is how Mark Neeld feels week in week out.


Don't know how he does it. I was crying in my Weetbix all morning.


1540 with Selwood,Swan,Pendle,Gibbs,Cox,Kruezer,Blicvas still to play. Had Watson C but Karnezis,Viney,Zorko,and wines all screwed me. Had o'meara on the plastic with stevenson but played Browny. Might scratch to 2300 I reckon


Sitting on 1350 with 6 PREMIUMS to play (including Captain Cox, taking a punt on that)

Will be happy with 2000 but if Gibbs, Pendles, shuey and Cox give big games my score might shoot through the roof

Keep in mind I have $500,000 in the bank to make 2 corrective trades this week and get my team up for the first round of league matches


Yes I'll be using two corrective trades as well assuming no one is injured today. Two of Rich, Roughy or Karny will be someone else's problem after this round.

Parker, Moloney, Watto, Big Will, Big Boy, Monfries and Puopolo are the most likely suitors at this point.


I'm thinking Karnezis for a rookie (probably Rowe), and then Houli sideways for Grimes or Hanley…..

My priority was to get Ablett in for Shuey if he fails again but now considering Watson instead. If ablett scores below 100 again i assume his price will drop?


What are peoples thoughts on a trade, Watts to Dixon. Dixon looks like he's taking his game to a new level and is spending a fair bit of time in the ruck could be a good POD. Could burn me though.


It's an enticing prospect. I watched him closely yesterday and was quite impressed. It's a bit hard to shake the disappointment from last year but perhaps he is indeed going to a new level.

At least he will earn you some cash in the short term so could always get rid of him and still come out ahead if he disappoints again.


is this trade a good one, trade Zorko for Monfries. Playing freer, winning the ball and plays up the ground. What do you think? Thankyou.


I reckon it's worth bringing Monfries in but I personally won't be selling Zorko to do so. I have faith that Zorko will come good and have other trading priorities myself.

It's certainly not the craziest trade idea I've heard but a no from me.


1728 from 18 with Gibbs, Bartel, Cox and Macaffer/Rowe. I have 2 dilemmas, who do I make captain (used captains loophole) and who out of Macaffer/Rowe? Adjustment trades next week down grade Ryder upgrade Rich.


I'd go with Rowe, Macaffer doesn't seem quite there yet and I have a sneaking suspicion he may be wearing the red at some point….


Thanks Michael hope you're right.


Had the worst week having Karnezis on field and wines and viney were bad when i had o'meara and crouch on the BENCH!!! I also had gazza as captain and he failed to fire same as josh kennedy. Mundy was tagged out and hartlett was knowhere to be seen. Don't get me started on zorko. At least i have made up an emergency loophole. I had lecras and neade on the bench with neade as my emergency and i have dywer and mcaffer on the field. so i put lecras (the none playing player) on the field and swapped him for mcaffer. so i will get neade score replacing lecras. Smart eh? Any way i am 1576 with 5 to play and gaz as captain not a good score for someone who is ranked 16th overall. But i don't know who to put on the field between mcaffer and dywer. Please help.


Hartlett also sat the entire last quarter out as he copped a knock. Was just precautionary I heard, but they had the game tied up, so it was a smart move for them.


Thanks mate didn’t know about that but was really annoyed


Ended up scoring 2097 really disappointing


1626/6 with Bartel, BLicavs, Pendles, Gibbs, Dywer/Macaffer and Cox still to go. Had the VC on JPK, 108 is acceptable but i feel one of Pendles/Gibbs/Cox could do better. 2300 this week is achievable


What to do with Zorko?


in the same boat, unfortunately sitting next to Zorko is Rich… im taking the hit on both of them and trading Roughead before i lose 45k on him


Looking at 2250ish this week. On 1769, captain played, Pendulbury, Gibbs, Bartel, S Selwood, Macaffer, and Dwyer to play.


Just really thought Kane Mitchell may have got a chance to run riot against the giants so went with him instead of jager, also hartlett was horrible


Im on 1295 with kruezer, hibbs, josh j kennedy, harry taylor, pendles, swan and macaffer to play. Had the C on Ablett but hoping i can get to 2000


1679 off 16 with Gazza C. Also forgot about the captain loophole :(. Heroes Heppell, My port rookies on field (Pittard, Stevenson and Neade), Hannebery, JagerBomb.

Disappointments were Zorko and Gazza. Danger was ripped off at least 30 points he kicked the winning goals and only got 107 WTF.

dustbin feltchers

not happy with "karn he says" and kommer, went to races and didnt realise they were subs….hopefully gaz to pendlebury loophole works out….and bloody luke brown and omeara and the pine….arrrrrrrrrr…..

Cold Pies

Gotta say ill be happy with 2100 after being 154 overall last week….it is to be expected that the rookie roller coaster will be fickle…i really dun care to much atm good scores still = cash even if they are on the bench, the one im annoyed with is the upgrade last week of hanley up to birchell with the xtra cash i had from lecras to kennedy… what is there to say…shit happens


Is it cool for me to swap mcaffer for lecras and have neade as the emergency? if so, thats awesome!!!


Yep you should definitely exploit the emergency loophole as Macaffer is unlikely to score higher than Neade.


How do you do this!?!?!


You need a special set of circumstances for it to work even more so than the captain's loophole. First your emergency has to play before BOTH another player on the field that you MAY wish to replace as well as a non playing guy on your bench.

If you like your emergency's score you sub in the non playing guy on your bench for a playing guy who you think will score lower than your emergency.

But if you don't like your emergency's score you simply leave your non playing guy on the bench.


thats what im doin to. then lecras to monfries or jjk all depending on jjks performance this arvo


1713 with Goldstein, pendlebury, Gibbs, mccaffer/Dwyer (whichever isn't sub) and cox. So looking to crack 2200 in what was a horrid week!



Had my fair share of dissapointments this round, but im looking alright, hoping for atleast 2200+ if I get lucky might push for 2250+

Pendles(C), Dwyer(or Macaffer), Gibbs, Kreuzer, Cox still to play


1695 with Cox, Kennedy, Swan Pendlebury Gibbs Roughnut and Blicavs/Rowe……maybe looking at around 2300 with any luck to go with my score of 2374 last week….pretty happy with that after the Gaj disappointment…….heroes were Heppell, Godd, Cotch, Rocky, Goodes, O’meara, Danger, Jack, Hanley, Monfries, Pittard, and little Jake Neade thrown onto the field at the last minute……****sorry for the smugness this morning*… assured that my cumuppence is very close at hand….lol


Karnezis being sub really cost me at this point in time, 1363 from 14


Doin pretty good this week. Sitting on 1803/16 including captain. Still have Cox, Pendles, Roughy, Gibbs and the rookies!


1568 withs Gibbs, pendles, macaffer, roughead, cox and Kennedy to go. Now I just have to choose which one of these boys to put as the skipper?? Any thoughts?


1794 and had the C on Gaz.
Pendles, Gibbs, Varcoe, Shaw and Kennedy still to play so looking for 2200+


1726 with 18 down, Pends, Selwood, Gibbs & Varcoe to play.

Looking to ditch Watts, any recommendations who to trade in?

Also thinking of trading Rowe for Neade, any thoughts?


Actually, just realised I can swap Rowe into R4, and effectively swap Currie for Neade.


how can you swap a ruck(currie) for a fwd(neade)?


Ive got Currie as R4 and Rowe as F8 atm
Trade out Currie, swap Rowe (DPP fwd/ruc) into ruck, bring in Neade


ahhh fair enough, i have currie to not sure what to do with him just yet. might leave him for a while as i have ok ruck cover. id love to squeeze luenberger in but i have no need for him so it might be a useless trade


hard to imagine someone else was silly enough to have Watts, i traded him for Heppell.. who was 10k cheaper?! go figure


Tried to use the captains loophole on cotchin. thought 119 wasn't enough and went with gaz. honest mistake.

Mumford was not great but at least he was alright last week so won't need to trade.

Zorko, Newman, Karnezis (or Carnagezis as I am calling him now) are doing my head in as to if I will pull the trigger and trade. If Buddy puts in a terrible showing he can be added to that listed as well.

On a positive note, Fyfe and goddard were alright. so to the rookie port def and goodes =] And i'm glad I hung on to Luey


Projected to hit around 2000-2100. Hartlett, Mundy held to low scores will stick with them though. Considering trading out shuey for watson if he does not put out a good score. I know what your thoughts are on sidewasy trading, but Waston has been faultless. Also considering Howlett if he keeps throwing out +100 scores.

Big Will

Sammy Dwyer looking to save me despite Macaffer and Swan doing terribly at half time


Here is my team for this round:

DEF: Bryce Gibbs, Beau Waters, Dyson Heppell, Pearce Hanley, Charlie Dixon, Grant Birchall, Harry O'Brien, Courtenay Dempsey
MID: Andrew Swallow, Bryce Gibbs, Brent Stanton, Jobe Watson, Sam Mitchell. Scott Pendlebury, Brad Ebert, Dane Swan, Ben Howlett, Joel Selwood
RUCK: Matthew Kreuzer, Will Minson, Todd Goldstein, Mike Pyke
FWD: Justin Westhoff, Joshua Kennedy, Paul Puopolo, Jimmy Bartel, Jordan Lewis, Travis Cloke, Tom Rockliff, Paul Chapman.

… I wish

Eagle Boiii

What's the go with Row and Currie am I wasting my time?


Should I replace lecras with dwyer or josh j kennedy? Help guys ?


serves you right for starting with such a shit team… just forget about the game you obviously suck at it


Nice work Trevor, great community spirit there you loser!

Why was my post deleted while this clown's negative comments get to stay up??


so the last game is finished but i still dont know if i should pick monfries or jjk? maybe jjk cos he is 50k cheaper? so tough of a question


Hey jock amazingly got 2300 with karnezis and gazza as captain had my last 8 players on Sunday boast big tons


2193 – Not too bad considering I had karnezis with a massive 8 points (trading out asap!) Watts failed again, I reckon he will be traded out too! Also had the C on Ablett.

How is this score looking??


I play Dream Team and scored 2030 and 1915 last week. Getting good scores and hopes that it happens through the Year still. I had Karnezis on the field and Dwyer on the bench.


2342…..with Captain on Ablett……Very Happy with my score……much better than last week score…..


2301 this week. Happy with that! Following up 2361 from last week!


well done 2 good scores nice consistency.


Thanks Phil. A lot of help ad advice from Jock's community here!! Thanks everyone!


What's your team?


Crackers 1st XVIII


2277. Not too bad but disappointed, could have gotten a lot better had I played my bench better.


once again 2 little stuff ups seperate me from mediocre to top 50 2209
karnezis screwed me over i shouldve payed more attention instead of working
and jpk ended up as captain after a last minute trade reverse and i didnt notice had it on watson originaly so that cost me 108 points

good wins from this weekend, decided to play dwyer over neade in hindsight shouldve had both of them on the field

and ignoring higgos advice and trading scott selwood for jobe watson was a 100 point winner


and tossing sippos for kennedy at the last minute


Not bad, unlucky missing out on Watson as skipper! (costing you 54 points) and karnezis was a real shock move as sub! Real Unlucky


2245 is what I finished on. Ok considering gazza was captain and omeara and crouch benched. Two trades again this week; colquohon to heath and bennel to s.mitchell.


2333, had Pendles as captain. Not too bad.


2102. Was hoping for more as most of us were.

I know we don’t like sidewaysvtrade but danger is going to drop a heap and Watson will go up.

Could be a $100k difference. Is that much worth a sideways trade.

Can afford pendles so could be worth getting the rollsroyce?


Yea, Danger is looking like he may drop $80K-$100K from his original buy price. Has two potential tags coming up in Rds 4 (Lower for the Bulldogs) and 5 (Carrazzo for Carlton) and then Hawthorn after that. Not looking like prime scoring games for him. Should get a good score against Port next week, but his BE is 201. I don't normally do sideways trades for $ reasons, but I do think his scores will be limited somewhat, which would be my main reason for moving him on.

He did score 174 against Carlton in Rd 5 last year, but that was the start of him showing his stuff, reckon they'll target him for sure like we've seen in the first two rounds.

The Old Dylan

I am loathe to sideways trade, but I’m considering dropping the dangerman for son of Tim to avoid the price drop, and if he starts performing I’ll pick him up cheap. Solid move I reckon. I was looking at getting jobe in anyway at some stage

billy longer

2300 with karnezis on field as well as terlich over stevenson and macaffer over dwyer. cant complain about not having omeara, didnt think once to play him over viney and wines. ill take a top 1000 ranking

billy longer

not having omeara on the field*


1000 Round ranking or overall?


Top 1000…tell him he's dreamin'.

2361 last week for me and I came in at a ranking of 3,939. Tougher week for most this week I think and I scored 2301. Was thinking I may see the top 3,000 this week.

We'll all know where the numbers are falling soon enough!


I got 2320 and is ranked around 3900 for round 2 ranking


2222, burnt by watts and mummy


Last week – 2228. This week – 2228. You're looking at Supercoach's most consistent player 😛


Mine was 2,220 for both weeks lolz!


good week for me scoring 2236 and having one player not play plus having ablett as captain


I only got 2227 after 2320 last week. Oh well. Does anyone know if hartlet will play next week? How bad is his back?


2215 this week with Dwyer (115) and Crouch (85) on bench.. 2305 last week. Happy with the start to 2013. Thanks Jock and the boys for your wisdom and laughs. Hopefully a podcast as hilarious as last week coming tonight… Makes the drive to work on Monday all the more bearable..


2166 – Ablett as C and Jaeger on the bench. Karnizis as a sub didn't help things when Neade scored in the 80's. Riding the rookie rollercoaster with Wines and Viney as well. Content with team two rounds in will need to shuffle the fwd line a bit I think

Big Will

Its times like these I wish I could have about 5 trades to fix my team. Absolute shambles. Karnezis, Watts, Zorko, Roughead, O'Meara on bench, GAJ captain.


2288 moved from 9,000 to 3,700 really happy with my start. Will trade out Zorko for Berger and Karnie for Dwyer which will means I will have $500,000 on the bench :).


I'm thinking of the sideways trade of Dangerfield to Watson. Thoughts?


Watson playing Freo I imagine Crowley will tag him. Danger will play Gold Coast no tag.


Adelaide play Port……


Crows have Power, Bulldogs and Carlton for their next 3. Probably won't get tagged against Port, but good chance to cop tags from Lower VS Bulldogs and Carrazzo vs Carlton. Danger's probably looking to bottom out at around $550-$560K by round 7 or 8.

Max's Boys

2,384 this week, 2386 last week…
Improvement of 0.9991%… Lol…
Off to a flyer, then again, can turn to s#%t in one round…
But still, a happy little Vegemite…

Max's Boys

2382 last week…


2,247 with Ablett captain. happy with that…


Karnezis –> Dwyer. Good Trade??


I was considering this Tom. Would probably happen.


Thinking about that trade myself, Tom. Still not sure on Dwyers long term security, any Collingwood fans have any more of an idea?


Dwyer has no job security. Dale Thomas killed them in the reserves on Sat, may come in and Fasolo got 25 touches as well. Good short term plan though to free up some money.


im regretting starting with ryder over rockliff especially as i already have the fwd/ruck swing set with cox in fwd line. Is it worth a trade? Also, did Hartlett just have an off game or was there injury involved?


Hartlett suffered a bruised back apparently and sat out the entire last quarter as a precautionary measure since the Power had the game in the bag.


2320 with ablett captain, viney on the field and terlich on the field. Is this good?


Should I trade SHUEY or DANGERFIELD for someone like Pendles or Swan or even Jobe and j.selwood?


I was considering trading Shuey as well but remember folks, WCE are playing Melbourne. I am definitely keeping Shuey for Melb game.


2254withabkwtt as captain, jäger bomb & Lucas on the bench with viney & wines on the park and burned by Karnezis with Mccaffee on the bench


2137 this week Jock , 2418 last week was burned both times with Mitchell as the sub on the ground with Crouch and O'meara on the bench , still have faith Mitchell won't be the sub as his too good of a player ,
I had Sam Rowe on the ground who scored 65 , i figure i'm going to take a risk and keep him on thinking he will come good a long with big Ivan and Currie and Blicavs as the EMGS ,


Only managed a poor 1999 thanks to having karnezis, k.stevens and kommer on field with gaz as captain and jager and neade on the bench.

Oh why must the subs be so cruel.


In top 3%. Managed to get 2,285 with ablett as captain. Viney and wines on field were crap but forward line did well.

The Old Dylan

Nice new nickname! 8 sub affected points!!!


Had 2,220 this week, around average I would say.
Had Abblett as captain and Viney + Wines didn't really rack up the big scores.
The worst was Watts, man Imma trade him out this week!


2406, much happier with that after a first round score of 2007 becuase of 3 donuts and not paying attention over Easter. Time to build on this weeks score.

Mathew Pitt

my dreamteam scored 2,084 top 4,000 out of 210,000+ pretty wrapped and also got boyd on bench to come on


Was lucky enough to have Pearce Hanley in the team. Had Dwyer sitting on the bench though…

Still managed a solid 2303 despite Gaz having the C on him.


T.Lee out Neade/dwyer in? who do i take because dwyer with the pies will get a rough run an neade with port will have more security? THOUGHTS ?


Neade for mine. Dwyer doesn't have the best job security and might drop out of the side a few times this year. Definitely Neade


Scored 2369.

Ranked 214 overall. If i chose Ablett rnd 1, and jobe this week as C, id be in top 20.

Never been this high up before, so now i need to maintain this scoring level.


Great job mate!


ranked 380ish from memory…..thrilled with my start….have avoided many of the disasters so far….but remember last year when i got to 121 in round 5 and then was hit with every injury, late withdrawal and form slump imaginable….

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