The Gambino Punt Club – round 2

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gambino supercoach punting clubThe Deledio v Cotchin Supercoach dilemma just got even hotter man!

If you jump over to you will see that one of the most delicious head to heads in Supercoach contests I can remember has been offered

This week I’m all over the head to head Supercoach markets…  for those who are just getting into it you bet on the player you reckon will score the most Supercoach points this week.

Jock and Higgo have been arguing about which of Deledio and Cotchin will score more Supercoach points this year – and I reckon they should put some kanga on the line this week…

Supercoach punting

 Deledio v Cotchin

Each are paying $1.90 and I will be putting a bit of hard earned on Deledio this week.

The big key here is that Watters chose not to play tagger Clint Jones on Ablett last week and did you see what he did man? Carnage! I am on Deledio here – have had some very good intel in the van this week that Jones will go straight to Cotchin and wear him like my singlet. Tight mate. Tight. Watter has learned from what happened with Ablett last week and word is he wants to stop Cotchin.

Nick Dal Santo v Lenny Hayes

Nicky Dal Santo is shorter at $1.80 while Lenny is at $1.97.

This is an interesting one. Daniel Jackson did the job on Marc Murphy last week real good and I reckon he might match up on Nicky Dal. Not sure Nick will get much room to get away too much effective football if you know what I mean.

Lenny is getting on but will be free as a bird and loves it when the Saints have their back against the wall. A nice smokey at his price. Consider Lenny.

Nat Fyfe v Michael Barlow

Fyfe is paying $1.97 at the time I write this so there is more bang for your buck there. Mundy is paying $1.85.

I’ll be up front with you community – too many unknowns here. I am not sure enough which one will get the tag of THE VIRUS Nick Lower… Fyfe is more damaging so he could cop the tag… but then again it could also go to Mundy or Barlow… hard one man. I’ll leave it alone.

Dangerfield v Scotty Thompson

All over Danger at $1.80 this week. Danger will be so keen to destroy it after last week. Word is he had the flu.. was also smashed early and was groggy…  was coming to grips with the slide tackle rule… I am willing to bet that he will come out and go whooshka this week against the Lions.

Scotty Thompson is paying $1.97 but I’m not convinced he can outscore The Danger. Another year older.. not prolific last week..  will need to earn a massive amounts of pill.

So there you have it!

There are more markets on Sportsbet – have a go – but only for fun alright youse blokes?? Not blood sheep stations man.

As always I love to hear your feedback. Give me @Vince_Gambino and the rest of the JR team a follow on Twitter and I’ll be sure to get back to you on absolutely anything fantasy footy!

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My picks are Cotchin, Hayes + J. Riewoldt in a multi paying about $7.50.


The only con with that is Dempster/Fisher IN for St Kilda. I still think Jumping Jack will find enough of the pill to outscore big cuz Nicky


Right Scott Thompson of at ya pervil..he gets his own ball where Danger gets a bit more of the ball given to him making him easier to tag..


Andrew Raines is back in the side for Brisbane this week, Vince. That means whoever he tags is bound to have a quiet match. Last year when tagged by Andrew Raines, only 3 players had more than 20 disposals, which was Ablett x2, Marc Murphy and Ryan Griffen. If Raines goes to Danger (which I think he will), than Thompson is your man there.

To quote Ace Venture, Andrew Raines will be wearing Dangerfield "like a glove!"

Macs Chilis

Hey Vince, what are your thoughts on Broughton out for Hartlett & LeCras out for Sylvia cheers


Frying pan into the oven, I'd say – I hope you re-thought.


oh no, they let Cotchin off the leash after half time 🙁 you were tracking nicely on that tip Vince


Hayes really stuffed my multi up! Got 2/3 ughh