Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Podcast – pre round 2

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Jock Reynolds Father of Fantasy podcast

So how did your mob go?

Have had some very good mail from plenty of you who have DOMINATED round 1 – and I’m proud of you lot. This is what makes this old bloke get out of bed in the morning with a spring in his step.

However – plenty of us have been BURNT by some of our selections – particularly players in the mid prices bracket who showed promise in the pre season. The list is SIGNIFICANT. Atley, Gaff, Shuey, LeCras, Robinson, Rich, Lower, Watts, Broughton, Jacobs, Yarran, Varcoe – just a few of the players that many are licking their wounds over.

Plenty to get through this week and plenty of talk about trading strategy in the ‘awkward’ round 2 trading period.

Would love to hear your stories from the weekend’s fantasy footy –



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God Jock, Weird week. Ended up inside top 10,00 for round. Didn't deserve it though… Bring on next week I say!


Sorry 10,000


hey, is anyone out there having trouble with the S/Coach trading window??? Can't work out how you substitute a player into a different posi as part of the trading process??


I cleaned up this week betting on supercoach with Sportsbet. They also gave me a $250 free bet for registering here-


I think you left a 'p' out of your username …




Thanks mate, yeah, get stuck in round 2!


who should i replace for lecras? kennedy (wce) or gus monfries? or should i leave him on bench?


does it really matter if kennedy isnt a premium ? I've trading Lecras for Kennedy knowing im going to upgrade Kennedy when his price goes up. i think its the safest and best option for the Lecras situation.


dont be afraid to go with kennedy, hard to do better at that price and he will average minimum 80+ so at the least he could be a stepping stone to a true premium, plus he got me over 100 last round in sc with only 2 goals while only really being good for a half till mcpharlin took him on. if he kicks a bag he could easily give you 130 plus and the eagles draw gets easier after hawthorn. hope that helps your decision. although as jock said if you’re missing any of the guys he named make them your priority. i have them all and they were a huge part of my personal best ever 2292 start.


Jock, should I trade Zorko out for Rockliff?


or Ryder out for Rockliff?

or stick with who I've got?


ryder for rockliffe yes

The Old Dylan

Hold. He will come good! Unless he sustained some injury on the weekend that I missed…


Rich is fine – Good enough to draw at tag, not good enough to beat one


Stick with Zorko The Magnificent. One bad week….he'll produce big time


Pleased with my round one. LeCras, Atley and Dangermouse struggled but more than compensated by heroics from Griffin, Mundy and Wines.

Rolling locking is killing us all. Agreed.

Time to fly kick the rolling lockout and Mark Neeld!


I ended up with 2130 and I had all the player that didn’t perform.. They included shuey, Bennell, Roughead, Varcoe,Ryder, Karnezis, zorko, Mitchell plus the average performers too like cox, Goddard, Duffield, Stevens but I still was lucky enough to get 2130 despite the bad players. Thank God Gary Ablett is absolute gun and saved me like he always does:)
Same with pendles, I also like Goodes, pittard, wines, Gibbs, Rockliff & moloney’s scores


I agree with Crouch, Cotchin is the better SC option IMO. More room for improvement with Cotchin, Deledio kicked 3 goals which contributed greatly to his score. He sure won't be kicking 3 goals every week.


Finished 5000th for the round, happy!


"Flapping tarp" discussion – podcast brilliance.


3 votes Crouching
2 votes Jock
1 vote Higgo – marked down for pandering to Age hack re: article


happy with 2388. but disappointed with Roughead and Zorko otherwise it was a good start!

Hank Jones

Educational, Hysterical and Emotional. Great work lads!


Finished top 3,000 😀 only round 1 but! No trading for me but another good score from Barlow and he will be straight into my side!


119th for round, best start I've ever had. Only sucked into D.Martin. After being there last year, I won't hesitate to trade him out this year if he doesn't pump out the tons semi regularly.

Problem with mid pricers is that they are very up and down, and unfortunately I've got 5 or six who are going to do this for me this year. Hopefully they start like a rocket and make the $ early.

Te Ninja

Finished #2203. By far my best start playing as many rookies as I did.


What was ur scores??

Te Ninja

2391 pts for me.


2493 – 13 tons and viney on bench too. Only had 3 scores under 90. Can't believe my luck. But you watch, I'll be under 2000 next week.


Does anyone have any thoughts on what Toumpas' breakeven would be come Round 3?

I'm thinking he gets one or two more weeks to see if he can find the pill. 25 is a pretty dismal score.


It will be like 35-45…


He has a BE of 52 in Rd 2.


Thanks @MRB37. Are you pleased with how round one went?

What about overall strategy? I've gone light down back and heavy in ruck and fwd line.


2513 overall 42nd, ye ye baby


Shuey, Karnezis, Zorko & Longer disappointed, some more so than others. However, with Ablett (C), JPK, Gibbs, Birchall, Rockliff, Deledio, Goodes, Pittard & Viney, the good and the bad balanced itself out. I wasn't on to replace K. Mitchell, so only myself to blame on that.

Still not trading; first week too early; my main backbone remains strong; Blicavs & Longer can play second fiddle in the rucks to Cox for now.

Compliments for your choice of introductory song – Disco Inferno. Certainly feels like Round 1 was a drawn-out inferno with lots of burns.


Hey mate, I also took the risk of Longer as R2 with the idea of bringing Berger in once he is playing full games. Is that your strategy? It's a slight worry as Longer looked like a nobody on the weekend and will be up against Jacobs this week, so I'm bloody hoping Berger gets back this week and if he puts in a decent game, trade him in. Surely he's worth it as long as he stays fit?


That was my idea too; with the split round I was hoping Leuenberger would play so I put Cox in the forward line. Figured Longer could play R1 for a round then hold R2 for a few weeks until Leuenberger / Nic Nat came back and proved themselves.

Wasn't such a flash idea in retrospect; but still I'm not going to trade. Cox will play R1 and Blicavs/Longer will play R2.

dustbin feltchers

angie fox hey….how do u turn a fox into an elephant?? marry it…narelle will be back when u win the 50K jock…happy first round 2332 with bud, zorko and ryder rubbish..

No Cahoots - eefto

Hey Jock, wondering if I should go sideways and trade out Zorko and bring in Rockliff. Considering this because you and the boys think that Rocky is a must!!


G unit

Don't have Gary, have Danger. Have to make the switch don't I?




funny stuff boys.

good to see even royalty can make the odd mistake.

one swallow doesnt make a wife there jock. long season ahead.

I for one will be holding trades this week but shuey and duffman, you are on notice.

will be watching if suban and mundy hold first round form. didnt rate suban at all but my eyes might be opening up on that one.

shuey could become pendles pretty quick if duffy becomes suban.



Wouldn't be too worried about Shuey, Crowley will do that to guys. I've also got the Duffman and i'd like to see a better score out of him next week, but even then I may have other priorities to take care of first up (namely LeCras).


Duffield to Hartlett could be an incredibly justifiable trade come the end of round 2.


Angie Fox, if you read this, please respond to my offer of courtship.
Peter Higginbotham


Higgo! Are you quitting the fantasy footy fraternity or something! Fantasy haters aren't welcome in these parts. Retract old son!


Higgo, WTF Mate. Your Status is tottering!


just did some analysis of all forwards for round 1.

forward line a disaster zone. rocky the only one to get over bloody 90 for me.

once cash cow milking time comes, the forward line will be high on the list of things to fix. the thing is only 16 of bloody 200 odd forwards got the ton up. And at least 10 of them can’t be relied on doing it every week.

they all bloody suck at the moment except rocky and walker looks a good choice too. other than that its chappy and rioli that seem capable of averaging 100 per game. its a mess up there.



I'd be looking at cloke 92 on the weekend had a pretty average game with not many contested marks or tackles, low efficiency aswell I think he can get himself above the tone regularly


If you have enough DPP and a FWD MPP on your FWD bench, switch them, put now MID DPP on your bench for one of the plentiful MID kids and you save making a trade for another week

It's only Round 1, so no hasty decisions should be made….especially on Port players.
They did play Melbourne after all who in my opinion don't deserve to be in the AFL any longer.


No need to hate on Melbourne. Though I will say that a change in culture is very much needed.


Will most likely be keeping LeCras for another week and evaluate the best option after round 2. Thinking J Kennedy at the moment, which will also give me enough cash to trade Ben Jacobs to Hamish Hartlett. Seems like the best idea, but will have to deal with possible inconsistent scores from Kennedy.

Dangerfield and Franklin looking like the best early upgrade targets as they both have BE's over 200 now.


Have been thinking about that. hopefully hannerbry makes a stack of cash and then trade down to danger field and later on whoever makes more money between jjk and karn will the be traded up to franklin. Cheers


Yep, I have the same idea with trading Maloney up to Dangerfield by Rd 7-8 once Dangers price levels out.


Jay Schulz could be a good sideways trade for LeCras with GWS and Adelaide to come…


Don’t get stars in your eyes they played melbourne who had an underdone forward defending him
How about Charlie dixon


Schultz is still an inconsistent beast. Never played more than 16 games (last 4 years have been 16, 16, 16 and 15) and his highest career average is 80. Will most likely be just as good or slightly better than last year if he stays on the park though, just have to deal with dud scores every now and then. He'll most likely have Truck or Talia on him against Adelaide, his last two scores VS Adelaide are 60 and 43, so that's not exactly a gimmie there.

As Dan said, he was playing Melbourne, freaking Beau Maister kicked a bag against them last year, so I certainly wouldn't be going gaga over him.


Most excellent Piont of view MRB37 Agree totally But what a score from the lad? worth looking at after next week me thinks?


I had a couple of obvious trades to make. Out goes Lecca and Danger and in comes GAJ and Rocky. $127K left in the kitty.

Rich is on notice and will need to perform in Rd 2 or else a likely sideways trade to Mundy, Barlow or Hartlett will be on the cards. But otherwise quite happy with how the team is shaping up.

DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Heppell, Pittard, Goodes, Stevenson, Heath, Terlich
MID: GAJ, Swan, Pendles, JPK, Rich, K.Stevens, Wines, Hill, O'Meara, Viney
RUCK: Cox, Blicavs, Rowe, Daw
FWD: Roughy, Zorko, Rocky, Dusty, JJK, Karny, Macaffer, Neade


Was hoping for more with Buddy, as most people would have been, but will keep him along with Duffield and Goddard. Already have Rockliff so unsure whether to keep Zorko or not. Was good for me last year though.

Jack Watts – You arrrreeee OUTTA HERE!!!! Not gonna put up with that turd, so will have to choose a replacement. May take a punt on Geary. Had him last year and did well for his price. I know it's only R1 but he has the right attitude, unlike Watts.


Holy cow batman I am ranked 16th in the world


you legend


Good on ya champ


Hi Guys,

Need to do 1 trade this week which is LeCras for one of the below options,

1. Angus Monfries (FWD/MID) – i am not sure on him….
2. JJ Kennedy(WCE) – Need to deal with his inconsistent score
3. R Gray (Port Adelaide – FWD/MID) – if he gets named in the team for Round 2 – not sure whether he will be good after a long injury break….
4. J Neade or S Dawyer (Rookie, not sure of there Job security (JS))
5. Andrew Walker (Carlton – FWD/MID) – i think he is the safe option

What do you guys think…….please help, any help would be highly appreciated…

Thanks Guys….


They are all viable options. I would lean towards option 2 and bank the $70K change. You're right JJK scores will fluctuate but believe he will average a score well above his pricing with excellent JS.


Hi Jock,

1st time you have replied to my request mate….i am really over the moon now….feeling really really happy that you did…..thank you very much…….i will take your word and will trade LeCras to Dwyer……what do you think of his JS and same will apply to Neade…..once R Gray comes back to the team i see Neade position in best 22 will be a problem…….anyways i wouldn't think anything and will replace LeCras to S Dwyer……purely because of your wording……. thank you very much once again…….


Thanks a lot for your reply Jock….would be downgrading him so that ill have some cash left…..


Bloody good podcast lads. First time comment, long time listener.
3) Jock (Keep up the good fight Jock and next time give Crouching a clip for giving so much lip)
2)Higgo (though trying to hit on an Age journalist is poor form no matter how much you need crumpet)
1)Crouching (Show some bloody respect).

Love ya work.


Just outside the top 5000 with a 2344, pretty happy! Only player I am

Regretting trading in is zorko, Had cloke all summer and decided aggainst him at the last second, but that’s the game. After watching the footy on the weekend, I think the key forwards could come back into vogue this year. With the sliding rule promoting players to keep their feet, there is less stoppages and quicker entry to the forward 50, this can only help the big guys. Will hold for one more week, but if zorko puts in another stinker, the big monster from the pies will make his way into my forward line, also to bank 100k and pick up franklin when he has finished playing the top 8. Bring on round 2. Go the chef!


Excellent observation mate Cloke did win me the GF last year with 157 a Most capable and deserving player to grace any squad but until after rnd 2 as you say not looking at him ……just yet…..Maybe….Ya he is on me radar okay nuf said LOL


Wayno – Brad Hill came off with cramping

Josh Kennedy – brilliant, DT doesn't reflect, super coach did nicely

Great podcast guys


After round 1, I’m ranked 967 overall with a score or 2426. I had guys who didn’t fire such as Rich, Goddard, Duffield, Murphy, Karnesis. Currently thinking of swinging Cox into the ruck with Jenkins, then upgrading him to Lukey Dahlhouse, or Tory Dixon… Thoughts?

SC Legend.

Hold for a week and see how they perform next week before jumping on the Dalhouse train. He is very tempting and would make a nice point of difference though. However,
Rule #1 of Supercoach is don't give in to the round one flyer.

PINQ! Makeup & Beauty

i finished 8700 with dangermouse shuey fyfe cox bartel heppell all under performing


Should I trade out Patrick Ryder???


Leave him. Ryder will average over 100 by season's end and all that will happen is you'll look back and think 'What a wasted trade!'.


Putting this out there to the Community,

Having some post round 1 concerns and not regarding any of my on field players. I went into round 1 with 6 rookies not selected generating dounuts for round 1 – D Terlich, N Vlastuin, B Crouch, S Rowe, D Currie and L McBean (Ruck/Fwd Swingman).

Have I made a fundamental error or am I worrying about nothing? Jock Reynold, Crouching One & Higgo… Bloody love your work!!!




I too had 5 of the names above…….Im worried……Im hoping Terlich,Vlastuin,Crouch and maybe Currie get a run in the next two weeks…….Only scored 2130 something…….Not very pleased…..


Surely they have to play next two weeks…. Would be great to hear anybody elses view on this…

SC Legend.

Vlastuin will be vest affected for the majority of the opening games he plays in so won't increase in price my a huge amount I would say.
If you don't have Goodes, Pittard, even Stevenson and Heath for cash generation in your backline I would get them in.
As well as Viney, Wines, O'meara and even Mitchell in your midfield they will all generate some good cash.
I personally have Currie and Rowe on the bench in my ruck, backing them to get some game time soon. Blicavs played for me this week and was pleased with 56 – even if he gets cut from here on in.
Don't know why you need Mcbean as a swingman if you already have Rowe.
Crouch will get game time, if he doesn't get named this week. I'll be starting to get a bit anxious and a Kommer trade may be in play the following week so I can downgrade to Crouch once he starts to get game.

Overall, as long as you are happy with your premium performances, or even if you're not. You selected them so you must have faith and back them.
Have a good one.


You just need to make sure you have Wines, Viney, O'Meara, Goodes, Stevenson and Pittard. If you are missing any of these guys then I advise you trade them in IMMEDIATELY otherwise you will likely be missing out on the best cash cows available.

Terlich, Vlastuin and Crouch should all get opportunities sooner rather than later but there are no guarantees. So if these guys aren't named in Rd 2 you should almost certainly move them on for the names I listed above otherwise you could be left well behind in the cash generation stakes.


You guys are machines. Completely agree on all counts.

I have O'Meara, Goodes, Pittard, Mitchell, Viney & Stevenson and very happy with their output. Crouch out, Wines in might be the move if Crouch isn't selected round 2.

Enlisted McBean as part of TheCrouchingOne's genious captains loophole tactic. Turns out having a player not selected, has not been a problem for my team – #rookiepom

Rally cat

What do I do with roughhead , he was shocking , who could I get to replace le cras ? Any idea how long he's out for ?


Rough will be fine mate. Geelong has one of the best lock down Backline's and usually destroy forwards scores, Max Bailey will go out of Hawthorns side next week for Lake. Roughy will get more ruck time and get some good scores. Hold on to him mate hes proven.

Lecras is up to you.

Rally cat

Thanks mate 🙂 hopefully next week he rips it up , still deciding on le cras 🙂


Yeah I agree with Smittzzy. Hold firm on Roughy. He just had a shocker like Buddy but will likely bounce back.

Lecca will probably be out too long to feasibly hang on to. Either JJK, Siposs or Monfries would be good replacements.

Big Will

Any thoughts on Sipposs? Has a bloody great kick and scored 96 SC.


Looked pretty good, reasonable trade target if you have LeCras.


Kraking Casting of the Pod once again boys!
Bloody hillarious!


Some help please peoples……Who do l get rid of to bring in Viney?……..Vlastuin, Crouch or Kommer?…..Cheers.

Rally cat

What do I do with roughhead


Keep him for now.

Rally cat

Sorry guys :/


Hey guys, swallow or s mitchell? Or any other suggestions?


Mitchell looked pretty impressive against the Cats. Don't think you can go wrong with him.


I hate to say it but I made a terrible punt on trading in de boer before the round started and I really have to corrective trade him this week (as I require my 2 trades next week to acquire GAJ).

Who should I replace him with? D. Martin? W. Walker? J. Kennedy? P. Chapman??


Since you probably need cash for Gaz acquisition JJK would be a nice addition and save you some money. Siposs is another to consider for similar coinage. Will give you more freedom on who you trade out for Gaz next week.


I currently have Shuey/D'field/Bennell and neither performed to my expectations. At the end of round 2 i'll be downgrading one of them to a rookie (probably K Stevens or Crouch) and the other to Ablett. Obviously if all 3 of these blokes perform, i'll be keeping them another week at least. This downgrade will make me more than enough cash for Ablett so I can really afford to sideways trade deboer to Martin/Walker etc.. Do you think it would be a bad idea? I already have 2 mid pricers in my FWD line


Well I have Dusty so I'm not going to say it would be a bad idea to trade Lecca for him although he certainly has his critics here. Reckon he's fairly priced and should deliver acceptable output for the money with plenty of unrealised potential/upside. Not everyone has that view though.


I had him in and out of my side for about a month pre-season. I want to believe in him haha, might take a punt!


Got 2390 Zorko, Dangerfield failed me and Karnezis and Varcoe were 15-20 points short of what I expected, Overall pretty happy. Hoping crouch gets a game, Rowe looks likely and another good score from Barlow could find him in my team!
Great cast guys!


From what I've heard, Crouch is very likely to make his debut up in Brisbane.

SC Legend.

Lecras only out for four weeks. Worth keeping him on the bench with Macaffer and/or Dwyer as cover? Or even Rowe if he plays.
Showed he had potential and not much other options in the forward line. Should make a nice Point of Difference,


It would be a risky play I reckon. Often forecasts can prove too optimistic and the player may end up returning a few weeks later than expected especially if the Eagles are flying at the time.

So with the extra trades you should probably burn one and bring in another forward you like. You could always trade Lecca back in if he performs in his second game (whenever that is) and another one of your forwards is slumping or injured.

If you can wait another week you can get a good idea of which mid pricer represents the best value. As I didn't have Rocky and had the spare cash it was a no brainer so have made the move this week.


do i trade out chris newman?

G Unit

Thinking the same, but for who? Saw Geary mentioned previously, who had caught my eye. Hartlett is another option, other then that maybe the Higginbotham downgrade option may be the go


downgrade to who? another rookie
my backline is newman, gibbs, goddard, heppell, goodes, pittard subs stevenson and terlich bench

Tommy Gun

Heath from port and Frost from collingwood did alright scored in the 70s and might be worth considering otherwise an upgrade is one of the few remaining options.


Campbell Heath is worth looking at especially if he is named again for Rd 2 and 3 which appears more likely than not. You'd then have the identical backline to me. 😉

Another one to consider is Suban especially if he has another 100 plus game. Harry O also looks to offer some value with his new role on the wing.

It's probably worth hanging on to Newey at least one more week but if he has another quiet game then yes maybe it's worth making a move to one of the guys I mentioned above.


Should I trade out Petrie or Dusty for Josh Kennedy so that I can upgrade Petterd to Ablett (swapping Bartel into the forward line)?

Mr X

I don't think that is a bad move. Ablett is a must have and will haunt you when we start playing league matches, although Kennedy will not turn out consistent tons, he should still make you some cash along the way


I don't mind the rollercoaster of JJK considering his price. Just not sure I can live with Petrie/Dusty considering the opportunity cost. Will probably make the decision after 1 more week depending who looks like the better option. I was only hanging onto Petrie purely for the potential of big scores as a unique but not sure if that was wise. May have to the other one on the chopping block too if they continue to underperform.

Ablett seems like a must have even with risk of him playing a forward role in the future

Thanks Mr X


just do it wht are you waiting for pettard for ablett ?? say it to yourself a few times and you will realise how much sense it makes


No AbblettTTTT NO tEAMMMMmmmm ddo It


Ablett is picked in almost 50% of the teams, so if he doesn't do well, most people pick him as captain anyway, so you won't be too far off, it's a no loose situation


You just have to get GAJ in either this round or next before the price movements. He could go up to something ridiculous like $800K not to mention the massive captain scores you could be missing out on whilst you wait to bring him in.

If there were any doubts about his role this season or how that may affect his scoring potential they were all blown to smithereens last Saturday.

Mr X

Do you think its worth trading Kane Mitchell for Ollie Wines or just keep the trade.
I scored 2396 this week so not really panic stations. I'm worried that Mitchell will see the vest a few times this season while Wines turns into some serious $$$. I still have Brad Crouch on he pine but I am hoping he will debut this week and follow in Wines and Vineys footsteps.
Thoughts Community?


Wines played an awful Melbourne playing group my friend, He's a freak but only 18 your not going to keep the whole season as he won't have premium out put. Kane Mitchell and Wines should just be used as cash cows and traded when they have peaked, No use trading cash cows they will both make you some good money Mitchell won't always have the green vest.

To be honest mate i feel Crouchy will struggle to break into a jam packed Adelaide midfield and also lack serious scores if he does.


Whilst I wouldn't expect young Ollie to continue to generate 100 plus scores he's about as close as you can get to a sure thing in terms of cash cow potential given the inside contested brand of footy he plays combined with his high JS.

So you really need to find a way to squeeze him in somehow.


Wait 1 week mate K.Mitchell is a players player ya I know he got 13 as a sub late in 2 nd half with your score you got enough cover to Hold Fast for 1 week maybe Oly will have faced sterner Opp next week DEAMONs were Shocking except for Viney , Grimma and Jones N & M

Mr X

Thanks fellas, may give it another week and see how they both do against GWS. Hopefully no vest for either to give a good indication

The benchmark

Crouching 3 votes mate

So i have wines viney goodes pittard all on field very lucky however on my bench i have L stevenson D Terlich B Crouch K Mitchell S Kerridge T Lee and witts and curries in the ruck. Should i be worried that so many arent playing = no cash generation


See above… The community came through for me and should answer your question…

The benchmark

All the above are answering specific questions


The rucks you can't do much about as no rookies are currently playing other than Blicavs who I assume you already have.

But yes that's probably too many guys not playing on your bench. So if these guys aren't named for Rd 2 then you need to start considering alternatives like O'Meara, Heath, O'Shea, Neade, Kommer, Dwyer, Frost if they play again this weekend.

Besides my ruck rookies I have Terlich not playing but reckon he's a huge chance for Rd 2 given what the Dees 22 delivered on Sunday!


Well surely the Dees can't get any worse my under 12 side puts up more fight for the fruit at half time, my mate Jimmy RIP would be upset, aggitated and angry with there effort or lack there of expect changes and Dean Terlich is most definatly one however do not expect a win so lossing side gets a possible 2k pnt will Terlich get a share I certainly hope so? Not a Deamon fan but listened to the call on the wireless Insiped, weak and maybe should think about getting outa the league and giong VFL for year or 3
Sorry thats how much this much vaunted egalitarian league has S#at me


Hey fellas, top podcast as always! I'm sitting in the top 1000 and not keen on making knee-jerk reactions after round 1, but I had my eye on Suban all pre-season and now that I've seen him put in a solid effort playing in the midfield, is it worth bringing him in for Hibberd to upgrade J. Steven or Bellchambers? It's tempting but I'm feeling like I should hold off with a nice looking team so far

Cold Ass Honky

Managed 2358 despite the scores of Danger, Watts, Longer, Heppell, Macaffer, Varcoe, Karnezis.

Happy, but that being said, i feel like ill regret not jumping on Ollie Wines. The problem is though, that my midfield is strong as is: Ablett, Pendles, Kennedy, Danger, Deledio, Mundy, Viney, O'Meara (Kommer, Jones).

They only way i could bring in wines is to drop Danger or Lids. Or downgrade someone like Longer (to a rookie…not too keen), or watts to a lesser value defender.

Any thoughts? Don't usually like pulling the trigger early, but i feel ill regret passing up Wines later in the year.


Watts to a lesser defender I would have thought is the best option given how lost he is looking presently.


Hold mate 1 more rnd before increase $ wise Nice Mid s why are you tweeking a winning side after 1 game?

Cold Ass Honky

Yeah, just my nature to tinker… Ok I can deal with not having Wines for now, but if Watts throws up another stinker he's gone, or if Leuenberger comes back Longer is likely gone. Cheers fellas


Hi community who thinks that jack Viney might become the next James magner!!!
Because of need saying he might play a lockdown role!!!
I’m not sure if any of u guys think the same but I am very wary of him.


He's too good winning the footy to be wasted playing a pure tagging role I reckon. But any way you look at it he's still going to generate you a pile of cash which is the main reason you should want him.

I wasn't convinced on Viney from what little we saw of him in the preseason but I have no such doubts after witnessing his efforts on Sunday.


So on the lecras dilemma.. I really would like to upgrade him to rockliff but dont have quite enough cash. If i downgrade bennell to mundy, moloney or hannebry i can afford him. Just not sure about this move and letting go of 2 trades early. Does anyone have other suggestions or is this a good idea?


If you're really unsure I would wait another week and see how Bennell goes as well as Mundy and Moloney.

I had no hesitation pulling the trigger this week to bring in Rocky for Lecca but I did have the spare cash already available so it was an obvious immediate move to me.


…or Deledio to Gablett?


Hi josh, what is every supercoacher's aim… To have 22 players all capable of a score of 100 or more per week, then their inconsistencies will cancel each other out and you'll have a minimum of 2200pts and a maximum of a possible top score… With that in mind, any trades to bringing a mid priced player like Stevens, bellchambers, Suban etc. is a waste of a trade, IMHO trades should b used to generate money and upgrade to premiums. Throughout the years, it is proven that a premium plus a playing rookie will almost always out score 2 mid pricers


I stand corrected, a minimum of 2300 ie captain score is doubled


Totally agree Justin, but I meant downgrade Hibberd to Suban which gives me the cash to trade Jack Steven to Sam Mitchell…. or trade Bellchambers to Jacobs or another consistent ruck. I still think I'll sit but it is tempting now with extra faith in Suban. Maybe after round 2 if it suits.


Josh great score…Without these players…Why now? what is worrying youi HOLD FAST save the trade till after rnd 2 mate


Hmmm…I'm torn… Seriously considering Hibberd to Suban and Deledio to Ablett. Could make me an extra 50+ points per round


Hey lads & lassies,

Had a great time over the long w/end. Cats bet Hawks Again!!! Had most of the rookies mentioned in the PodCast (funny story that eh Jock & Marc!)

I must say I have witnessed a lot of panic talk on the site hence my silence

Chilax folks settle down it was only Rnd 1 The Super coach Gods Giveth and also taketh away. Week in and Week out What was your 60 odd this week will be your 110 next week

Great Pod boys Entertaing And informative Loved it

Well done Higgo on yuor lazy 23k Odd So

Higgo 3 pts

Crouching 2 pts (Loved the Tarp ref and the Ruc Jibe @ Jocks expence)

Wayno 1 pt Just for phoning up

Jock it was like the Eurovision Song Contest mate everyone was digging the song but no C U Next Tuesday voted it for it ie Finland sure the Finns loved it but Raindeer love calls are not for every one youknow

On reflection though …

jock by default 3 pts higgo relegated to Zero for being a smart arse and asking female SC Hater writer out on web page…Loyalty 1st higgo Bros b4 hoes

Go Cats and why was Varcoe rewarded with such a poor score for such a valuable 13 possies?


Ya buddy he is off the Chrissy list until he picks the Manly stuff up.
No more Port or sherry B4 the show and what he does with mother in his house is his business but not in the Temple Of SC Fantasy…


What was with all the talk of unlimited trades about? 30 is far from unlimited… confused :/


Dreamteam you get 2 trades every week. SC is just the 30.


Top Podcast but still in a pickle. No Rocky and have Buddy. Now do I downgrade Buddy to Rocky and use the extra cash to upgrade Atley to Birch/Duff/Shaw or play wait and see this week? I know I won't get consistent high scores from the big budweiser but a 60 and with WCE, COLL, FREO the next three round I could be able to pick him back up a bit cheaper while strengthening my back half.
Keen for some thoughts


You guys trade buddy and I guarantee you he'll go minimum 140 against west coast in spite!!!!!


Yeah I reckon you have to ride Buddy out for at least one more week. If he puts in another shocker and poised for a massive price drop then by all means make a trade to a more appealing option.

But he could easily unload a massive score next week and you'll be tearing your hair out if your replacement has a quiet one.


Anyone else get smashed on Toby Greene? Averaged 111 last 8 games in 2012 and killed it again in the NAB Cup. Comes out and hits 37 in game 1 after I locked him. Dismal…guess I have stick for another week and see what happens?


The Swans can be a b1tch to play and can really suffocate opposition players. Yes you have to see how he goes this week against the Power but if he is quiet again you may have to be concerned about the second year blues as opposition teams focus on shutting him down.

However I doubt that will be the case as the kid has oodles of talent and is one of the hardest working youngsters out there.


Thanks SCaddict, I hear ya….120 this week 🙂


Hi everyone!
Should I trade out Ben Jacobs. Hearing a lot that his match fitness is not elite enough to be playing a full game of footy. This means he will probably start or end with the vest. If i trade him should it be for Heath Campbell. Already got Goodes, Pittard and stevenson. If i do this should I trade Karnezis or Varcoe for someone like Walker?

Or should I go the other way?

I trade out Karnezis or Varcoe for Sam Dwyer. Then upgrade Jacobs for Danyle Pearce or Jarryn Gaery.
(Personally I want do not want to trade Varcoe)



Best option is to trade varcoe for dwyer, then Jacobs to Pearce but cant u wait another round??? No to Geary!!!


I don't think varcoe or karjesus should be in the gun. They both scored above their price. If you want to get off Jacobs fair enough go down to Heath but bank your cash to at least next week even longer of you can . Cash is handy later when some super premiums get cheaper.


Dang you 2019 pts.. mid priced players let me down…
I bet even Shakespeare didn't have words for such villainy!
1. Lewis Jetta 39
2. Jack Watts 48
3. Dayne Zorko 64

Keep or trade?


The pain of having the expensive Watts and Jetta deciding they are better than to perform for my team


I'd be keeping Jetta and Watts for at least a week… The look towards trading if they fail.


So week 1 synopsis…

The Good…..Ablett (Captain), Gibbs, B Goodes, Kennedy, Viney, K Jack, Priddis, Walters, O''Meara

The Bad……Goddard, Cox, Heppell, McVeigh, Whitfield, Karnesiz, Duffield, Bellchambers

And darn right UGLY…. Embley, Zorko, T Armstrong, T Greene, L Jetta

YUK….not a good start


Cox and Goddard were only down 17 or so from their 2012 ave, Heppel was about spot on and Duffield was up on his. It's swings and roundabouts in round 1, so stay cool & don't panic!!

I would consider trading out Embley and Armstrong if you missing one or two of the gun rookies.


Thanks Tex, good advice


Jock you have got to help me I stupidly got Lewis Jetta and he decided that Sydney didnt need 18 players on field to beat gws. Should I give him another round or get another mid price forward or are there any other decent rookie choices, I already have Neade Macaffer and Dwyer


How bout young Ollie wines jock


No you have all the forward rookies covered. If you are really not happy with Jets there are a number of decent mid pricers to consider, JJK, Siposs, Monfries etc. But you should probably give him another go and see what he delivers against the GCS this weekend.




Should i replace dangerfield for s mitchell or leave him? or any other suggestions


whats wrong with danger? are you really gonna crucify him for one bad game selwood will destroy mitchell this weekend


Worst scenario for you: replace danger with Mitchell this week, danger scores 150, Mitchell sub 100 and you've wasted 1 trade and still need danger further down the track. Trades are a limited commodity, do not sideway trade unless it's for injury!!! You should use trades in the first 2 rounds solely for the induction of rookies who will become cash cows by round 3, and if you already have them, save your trades!!!!


Who should I replace lecras with? Any suggestions?


Jack Watts is Satan


Dbl trade this week – jumping on the wines bandwagon and ejecting watts. Thinking about walker but let's not ignore young liberatore – hard ball gets. Tough run for the dogs though.


Young Ollie is a must have I reckon. Just don't expect 120 plus games each week. If he can average 80pts in the first 7 rounds as I'm anticipating he will earn you a pile of cash.


Can anyone fill me in on Koby Stevens after being subbed off on weekend with a hammy? Thinking of trading him for wines and trade crouch out for K.Mitchell.

Fraser D

Hi Jock and the gang,
This week was the best I’ve ever scored in my Supercoaching career and big wraps have to go to you guys! I scored 2378 with special help from wines, viney, goodes and Pittard. How good were they!
They only two guys that let me down were Zorko the magnificent(usually anyway) and Karnezis. I’m gonna give them another week but if they fail to fire again i think I’ll make this double trade.
Out: Zorko, Karnezis
In: Rockliff, Vickery. Like the way Rockliff plays and Vicker seems to be travelling well. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see this week!
Fraser, 13


Scored 2301
With Goddard, Zorko, Karnesis & Mcaffer all underachieving..

Current thought is:
Out: Jack Steven
In: Ollie Wines

Which should let me bank some cash, to use when I trade out LeCras next week.



Hello Community….NEED HELP….

I am not sure on couple of things below,

1. Thinking of using 2 trades this week
Out J Russell for J Frost, generate some cash or sideways trade him to N Suiban?
Out LeCras in J Kennedy or J Neade or S Dwyer – again to generate some cash

2. Just do one trade which will be LeCras to one of the above mentioned players

What do you guys think, i am really not sure here…….



NO! Both Frost and Dwyer are likely to be dropped this week or next as senior players return, meaning they might not moo until after the bye.

The Old Dylan

Hi all!

I've got a couple of trades in mind, to get some rookies in who will play, as opposed to the ones I have that aren't…

I want to get Dwyer in, but Kerridge will make way for him (trade down later if he plays) but I also want pittard and kommer. I have Terlich and Vlastuin in the back who could go for pittard, although I have a feeling they will play. I don't want to do a Yagmoor!

The mid is the same, I want Kommer (should have swapped him for Crouch when it was free!) it would be either mitchell or crouch that would make way, (probably crouch since mitchell at least played on the weeknd – I had him on my field, and wines on the bench!!! curses!!!) but I don't want to waste a trade on someone who is named this week, and then doesn't play next week!

I think I'm safe to get Dwyer in this week. I'm not too sure about kerridge, but I can look at trading down later in the season (same for crouch)

What do you reckon?


I might be wrong here but daisy Thomas will be back soon and beams should play this week so will Dwyer hold his spot? Maybe Neade or Sam Rowe are better options up forward as rookies.


I would hold off on Dwyer until he is named for his 3rd game. His job security is poor as the pies have a few to come back.

The Old Dylan

My only thought was if I want to get two cash cows in next week, I’ll need to bring one in this week. What’s pittard’s JS like? Vlastuin could always make way, it seems he isn’t going to get a run any time soon. Also, seems like crouch is on the cards for debut, according to an article on if that’s the case I won’t bother trading him for Kommer, I’d just swap them back in a couple of weeks.

But if Dwyer’s JS isn’t great I’ll hold, but it has to be better than kerridge’s

The Old Dylan

Based on this week’s teams, I will be trading vlastuin to pittard. Dwyer not named, not going to touch him. Welcome

The Old Dylan

And next week, Mitchell to Kommer (if he will make more money)

The Old Dylan

That's a good call. Just read that Thomas played ok in the VFL but might need more time. Already have neade and rowe. I know McAffer was only named because beams didn't play, but dwyer has been elevated, so I'm thinking he is still in with a chance

There's an opinion piece on at the moment about round 2 selections, it says that terlich, vlastuin, crouch, rowe, currie are all knocking on the selection door, so it might be time to hold! On the other hand, it's just speculation, so we will have to wait and see.

Terlich may get the gall given the Dees' performance on the weekend, but I think Viney is safe!


which is the better trade option?

1) OUT: Lecras, Lucas IN: Rockliff, Kommer

2) OUT: Lecras, Bennell IN: Rockliff, Mundy


i think you should give bennell another week mate, if your convinced on going for two trades i like the first option


option 2


bennell was tagged out of the game by jones and a 73 isn't as bad as the 56 displayed by shuey as he was tagged by crowley. Bennell should find the pill some more and be free in the next few games


Enough DT hammering! Hearing alot from the SC communities about "how much more advanced" they are…disagree. Playing one comp over another doesn't make you better than your peers. How can the Father of Fantasy cut off half the true fantasy community? From my views its kind of clear that i'm mainly a DT'er. The main reason I find DT scoring better is the scaling. Yes, some players like Gary Ablett may get what they deserve, and in many situations it may work. Yet there are so many imperfections! Ben McEvoy was out of the game until 3 quarter time, playing a shocker. Yet a Hickey-less 4th quarter boosts his score up to 99. He didn't deserve that. Subs often get a tougher run, Kane Mitchell got about half what he did in DT, just because he came on late. That's my view, and im sure many disagree. Either way, claiming one view is better than another just creates pointless rifts in the fantasy communities. DT is raw numbers alone, and in my view thats fantasy footy in its purest form. If you want to reward contested ball and kicking efficiency, go look at Sportal! Under 5K play it, with a grand prize of $25,000.


I’d be entering Centrebets AFL fantasy league. There is not nearly as many entrants s Supercoach or Dreamteam and it has Austalias largest prizepool of $150,000. It is definitely worth entering even after round 1 for the weekly prizes on offer. Check it out here – http://centrebetafl


You have to have a centrebet account, so many cant get on it. Stadium is another great one, with match day and round based competitions running each week for cash prizes $150-$1000.


i have a little theory running around in my head. what do you guys think.

I know one of the commandments is to not trade sideways but with 30 trades I am thinking of an exception.

Dangerfield. I do think he is capable of 130 scores however his break even is 226. he will not make that up in the next 2 weeks. Unaviodable his price will drop.

I have a little cash so I can get pendles who has a much healthy BR of 49. I dont have any other injury concerns so I have no other trades to worry about.

Normally I carry the premiums if they play bad but surely over 180 BE the player is just too toxic to carry?



Jimbo your in the JR Premuim League as am I so do it you wont, your scared….Nah mate your chasing points not players So what if he drops in $$$ he wil still get back to even par..Round one no injury concerns You Trade You Mad IMHO ,Now get it together man chin out and tell the Footy Gods to hit ya again as you are 'Stralian and them is far weaker then you thought….No Trade from your pal Dools PS I have the Frog NO Trade


thanks dools. love the tough love.

Was only chasing feedback at this stage. Always like to throw out ideas for a couple of days before pulling the trigger. I think I'm on Pendles cause I wanted to fit him in but the structure wouldn't allow.

Dont think I will but still love to see which way people are going with Danger….he wouldn't want another sub 100 game 😉

cheers for the advise Dools


Is it worth keeping Bennel? And would these trades be any good?

OUT: LeCras, Bennel, Mitchell, Fyfe IN: J.Kennedy, JP.Kennedy, Wines, Mundy



I would keep Fyfe and Bennell. Wines is the only must have at this stage, JPK has started this way before and gone on to be very average for the rest of the season. JK is an an upgrade target if you can free the cash to do it, but at this stage Mitchell to Wines is the obvious one.


Anyone know what the go is with beams? Shocking score!!!!
Trade out??


Yeah he started with the kermit costume unfortunately and didn't play til the second half. Vestitis has given fantasy coaches many a sleepless night. 🙁

Check to see whether he is named on the field or the bench this round and perhaps consider moving him on if he is bench bound again. That's too much money invested for iffy game time / JS.


nah sorry mate, i meant dayne beams.. team only scored 2027
so just wonderin how long hes out because i need the points.
if hes not playing for a few weeks thinkin i need him out??


He suffered a quad strain during training that will see him sidelined for at least a few weeks so you may have to consider trading him out unfortunately.


As I mentioned previously, jump on dylan shiels. He will have a ripper of a season

Matt w-p

Who would be the best rookie forward to trade out for lecras??


In my view Macaffer then Neade then Dwyer.

Lee, Rowe or Daniher should also be considered if named for Rd 2 or 3.

Matt w-p

I have franklin, roughead and rockliff as my premiums up forward who could I get for lecras? I have enough money for anyone?


If you are thinking of upgrading Lecca to a premium I would probably hold off a week to see who performs and who doesn't. You already have Rocky who in my view is the only must have premium forward at this stage of the game.

JJK, Monfries and Siposs are probably the leading candidates for a sideways trade.

Matt w-p

So just put in neade who’s on my bench for this round?


Yes that would be the way to go I say.