Your mob – winning or losing? Week 2

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Your Supercoach Mob

Stared at my bedroom ceiling last night and couldn’t sleep. The Little Master Gary Ablett Jr did it all again. He’s split our teams into two groups again. Those that have him. And those that don’t.

I had a bloody whirlwind of emotions going through my head. Amazement. Respect. Arousal. But underpinning all that was a feeling of concern for those from our beloved fantasy footy community who may have chosen to leave him out of their opening teams. They’ll be hurting. I need those of you out there to spend a few minutes watching this motivational video we compiled last week with the help of community genius The Mad Irishman:

Of course it’s not panic stations if you don’t have him – you know I like to carry on like a bloody pork chop sometimes. Let’s open up a discussion now about how all of our teams are faring – with an eye to the future and your plans moving into round 2.

Who’s hitting the trade button, who’s holding back, which players are you looking to flick and which blokes will you be looking to bring in. What is the best strategy at this time of the year, and what are the mistakes that you won’t be making this season?

Hope you’re all having a corker of an easter,


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At the moment i am 1243 from 15 and ive got.the captain,on Swanny


Also at the moment im hoping karnezis will go up in price enough for me to only need a bit more for Robinson who will drop dramatically in price

team changa

hey jock great post. my capt loop hole didnt work so was unable to get gary's captain score. im sitting on 1518 with 7 left hoping to finish on 2000 or so.. changed my rookies around. shuey and bennel did poorly and will have to trade lecra. but not touching a thing until round 3, although one trade will go for lecra prob for kennedy. but if dwyer gets another game next week ill be moving him from my bench to cover lecra, swinging jacobs from my ruck into my fl and buying another cheap ruck rookie or mid price fl player since i have 370k in the kitty. still tossing up between wines and toumpas though… the other trade i might be making is crouch out for toumpas if he is not named next week for the crows.


Might be off to my best start in years on 1670 from 15 with Swan Bartel Buddy Birchall Mccaffer Wines and Viney left hoping for a big score this week


huge chance of getting to 2300 with those. Hopefully wines doesn't cop the vest!


Its not too late to enter Centrebets FANTASY LEAGUE. There is not many people registeted after the first round so you have a massive chance of winning the $150,000 plus there are weekly prizes. Its in the dreamteam format and is FREE to register and play-


I might have made a huge mistake in not naming Ablett the captain,Hope Swan has a blinder today


1506 off 13


Sitting on 1302 still 10 to play!! Have gone in very light
this year have left 465k in the bank to go upgrading
Later on!!

Old Holbz

Currently on 1674 with 7 left. Pittard, Pendles, Wines, K. Mitchell, Buddy, Varcoe and Macaffer.
Gotta trade out LeCras, but won't be touching him until just before the price changes.
One of the 4000 who started with JPK last year and goodness gracious me I am glad I stuck with him this year. Out and out gun!


1569, with swan, pendles, bartel, wines, viney, Mccaffer , pittard and stevenson to come….


One word Jock GIBBS


also got $323,000 in the bank for upgrades round 3-4


1,597 from 14. Still 4 Port rookies, Pendles, Franklin, Roughy and Varcoe. Doing better than I’d expected.


1727 off 15 with 2 more premiums and 5 rookies to go. Captain played

Supercoach jesus

Sitting on 1731 with 9 to play includung swan among other


1754 from 15 with GAZ as captain.
Tried using the captains loophole on Cotch. Another 10 points and I would have prob used the loophole. Happy I went with Gaz tho.
Positives: Gaz, taking the mumford risk, selecting JPK over watson and danger.
Negatives: Lecras injury (In SC regular, SC draft, DT, and as an eagles supporter πŸ™ ),
Selecting zorko over rockliff (after changing them each week, although I have faith that zorko will pick up) and Newman… not the worst, but selected him hoping he'd push for premium output.

Too Hottie

Stuffed up the captain loophole with the rolling lockout, wont try that again. Got Gaz, Gibbs and JPK so happy with those three. 1739 with Happy Toumpy, Son of Todd, Hartlett, Surname for a first name Russell & the Roughed up Head to play.
Going for league win so not fussy on overall scores, concerns however with K. Stevens hammy & Hanleys report!


1749 after the g ablett show. 15 played. Still buddy,swallow and swanny to come with a port defense. Very pleased I loaded the guts. Danger the only fail but he is an all season keeper


Stevenson, pittard, macaffer and blicavs on the ground with the above trio.


had the choice between Mundy, Barlow, Armitage and steven as my breakout P.O.D, went with Steven. Spewing. Played well just too many frees against and clangers in that last quarter.

Cold Pies

1759 from 14
going ok so far i think
bloody happy traded longer for mummy last minute

Cold Pies

also very happy to have bartel still to play given this weather


1942 after 18 completed on Wines, Pittard, Pendlebury and Blicavs left. Should get 2150?


Put the C on Kennedy from Swans he made 147 (298) in wich I'm damn happy then thought to myself hope Ablett doesn't do better, hahaha well 178 (356) is allot better!

Jake Kuyper

I’m sitting on 1355 with 9 to play… Shaw, grimes, selwood, Mitchell vines Hawkins, watts and cloke!!!! I think I might be onto a goo side this year!!!

Jake Kuyper

And Goldstein I forgot!!


Luke brown injury last week was a bummer jock he was looking good as a pod rookie on the ground. Right to go rd 2 I believe.


Dustin Martin mediocre again, crap second half and just like last year really.


take as a positive mate he has only ever been averaging mid 80's against Carlton. I have him in my team too, this is the season mate watch out!!!


1758, 16 played with wines Stephenson viney Macaffer pendelbry and hartlett


1650 with 8 to play, including 2 premiums & a mid priced. Little maestro was skipper. Have Danger, so things can only improve……


Have to wait & see who gets the vest for P.A today……..


hey jock thanks for all help rapped with mr crimmins advice on d. martin seem up to his old tricks first half outstanding 2nd half no where to be seen ..

currently 1380 with 9 players left have watts and grimes viney toumpas to many Melbourne players ??


im looking at 1650 with Russell, pendals, wines, roughead, Bartell, varco and mccaffer left…. im tossing up dropping russel for pittard and roughead for franklin??? thoughts jock? or anyone?


keep Roughead if you don't have 2 premium rucks.
Pittard may make you more cash early, but he can score those lousy 10's and 20's.


Should I start with Viney or Kane Mitchell on ground today??


And Also Dwyer Or Neade??


Neade!!!!!!! I think he has Greys job atm till he comes back


check who gets the vest first mate between the port bench. Viney is named on field and Mitchell is named on bench. Viney is the safe choice and so is the job security.


1670 from 15 played…ablett, pendles, watson and kennedy are 4 must haves


Well off to a solid start have 2050 after 17 players and jpk as my captain


1579 off 14 with Pendlebury, Hartlett, Bartel, Varcoe, Pittard. Wines/Viney, Mitchell, Macaffer. Plus I had Zorko and danger who failed so I'm going very nicely πŸ™‚


Gotta get Gibbs in somehow. Goddard or atley may have to make way


1775/15 with Gaj as Capt…..quite happy after a couple of early disappointments in Heppell, Zorko lucas…etc but stoked with Gaj, Gibbs both Kenndys and Cotchin and Mayne…….Been reading on another site all the contortions people are going through to get the Captains loophole onto Gaj… IN a non playing rookie and playing him on the field…blah blah blah,,,,,just have the big C in Gaj every week and pick rookies that PLAY and earn coin…..cant be simpler than that can it????


Sorry Jock and Community….yes I have been whoring around on other sites….wont happen again….forgive me.

Ps still have Franklin Pendles Swan Beams Blicavs Mitchell k Viney/jones and Macaffer to go


Im just killing it !.. 1900 with 7 to play including Swan-Franklin-varcoe-macaffer-pittard-viney and blicavs, $1000 coming my way hey ?..


nice man who else is in your team??
im on 1204 from 11 still got capt swan pendles bartel shaw franklin varcoe macaffer J.Russell wines k.mitchell and pittard


*mow* good luck!


I have got 2538 plz tell me what your coz I think I might win 1k


1929 with 17 played. Had VC on JPK, so I decided to use the loophole and put the C on Tom Lee to get Kennedys score, and then Ablett went nuts! I knew there was a reason I usually did set and forget with that guy. Only have 1 big gun in Pendlebury left, so I’m guessing a score of 2200 will be around what I get.


1695/15, Gaz capt, H Shaw, Stevenson, Pendles, Wines, Cloke, Varcoe, Macaffer to play, hoping for 2200, very happy with 2100+. Only first round peeps, don’t get too worried or cocky!

The benchmark

1609 14 played 8 remaining…d swan h shaw j watts and 5 solid rookies. Some very high scores.would a 2200 score be par?


got 1109 after 12 still got my cap to play who is swan and got some knowen huge scores as well so lets hope I get 2200 or 2300 reckon swan is going tear the kangaroos a knew one today and bartel will tear the hawks apart as well


Kane Mitchell is the Sub! today


Will wait until round 2. Trade Dangerfield (if he fails again) for Ablett as I have about 100k spare, and downgrade de boer to another mid pricer like Siposs or Kennedy


1812 from 15 captain has played and still got 2 premiums and 5 rookies left. Very very happy


Ended up getting 2538 and coming 16th. If you don’t believe me my team name is IAMALEGEND FFC

team changa

mitchell or toumpas??


Hmmm seems like I’m the only one who’s not doing that good M Robinson burned me only scoring 20 points. 1654 after 16 players used, still have Pendle, Watts and 4 rookies to play. Not looking that good at all, I think I might have to do some trading before round 2 still have $200K in cap.


Who should I play
Stevenson or Pittard
Viney or Neade


1573 with 15 played… still have swanny, pendles, watts, elliot, toumpas, stevenson and blicavs to play. Only rolled by zorko and shuey

team changa

mitchell or toumpas????


mitchell vested, so toumpas

team changa

yeaH going toumpas for long term job security anyhow. good luck today boys!!


currently on 1204 from 11 hoping swanny (captain) can match ablett


I was on 6 from 486, now am on 1609 from 14 thanks to gibbs, kennedy, rockliff, and the amazing gazza (as captain)!


But I am annoyed at not knowing that mitchell was the sub until the lockout started.
Viney would have been the replacement and he is on fire. ANGRY!!!!!


1696 with 6 to play. Not great. Poor starts by Ryder, Danger, Bennell etc. hoping Buddies new goal kicking technique means he’s going to kick 10 tomorrow


Why oh why did I choose Jack Watts? Should I give him another week or should I take advantage of the extra trades and get rid of him… He looks terrible out there!


I’m hanging onto him for another week see what happens, another stinker like that and his price is going to plummet! I’ll only keep him if scores well above 100, if not ill bring in hartlett or Pearce


2187 with 2 to play (pendles and mccaffer). Had some highs and lows, but could not have done it without you and the teams assistance uncle jock. Keep up the good work πŸ™‚


1745 with pendles, bartel, Franklin, blicavs, roughy and maccaffer to play. Had pittard and wines on the bench and jack watts stinking it up in the backline (what was I thinking!)


2201/21/GAJ Just Pendles to go. Viney on the bench, Neade on the bench. Stoked I swapped Wines and Mitchell (Bench)

Mick Klavins

Would like to know what a good score is this week, I’m on 1899 with 5 to come. Unfortunately had Mitchell playing and Pittard on my bench. I was willing to cop the Mitchell score for a week, it wasn’t worth trading him for Matt jones looking long term IMO. I think it’s dangerous to have any Melbourne player other then Viney after watching them today!

Mick Klavins

…. My 5 to come are swan pendles Goldstein buddy varcoe


jimmy thompus from mel what a joke scores under 50 he should not even be consider a pick for me next week be on the bench and kane mitcheal or the jager man will get a start


got dane swan left as cap bartel also Varco and mcafe also mark blichavs looking at 2000 maybe 2100


Sangkuriang A.F.C. are 1,942 with three players to go, two of them premiums.

I'm pleased with that for round one. GAJ, Jack, Wines, Mundy, Griffin all starred.

Some underperformed but not to worry. Interesting to see what par is this week.

Is Higgo revealing his team on the podcast? Crouching must be hungover from the Tigers celebrations.


Shaw and Beams are late withdrawals!


On 2360 with pendles to go hope i can get to 2500


nice work im on 2185 with pendles to go, made 2 glaring mistakes that cost me 130 points though this week. viney on the bench and jpk as captain instead of gaz.
look out though pendles has 100 at half time


1871 with 4 to go – Atley, Varcoe, Roughead, Hill. Couldn't swap Viney off the bench in time to swap K Mitchell, so there's 100 points down the gurgler.

Happy, happy, happy with Grandson of God, the unDead Kennedys (JP & JJ), Jack (in the box), Gibbs, Goodes (the cheaper), Mummy the sausage muncher, and Jasper Pittance.

Mick Klavins

2301 with franklin and Varcoe to come! Having Mitchell being on the ground hurts. Hopefully buddy kicks 5-6 tomorrow


2293 with buddy left, not happy about having jΓ€ger instead of viney :-/


feeling pretty good, got 2292 with varcoe still left


all done 2346 hope its good enough for top 5000


2234 with franklin and blicavs to go….nice start with some points wasted on the bench (vineyard and pittard).


I’m on 2011 with Roughead and Varcoe so ill get around 2150-2200 this week
So annoyed about Ryder, shuey, Bennell, Mitchell, zorko, Stevens and Karnezis had all of them and they all score lower than 65


disappointing 2022 with blicav and varcoe to come. captain jpk played.

danger zorko shuey really hurt and goddard, heppell, duffield cox and koby stevens didn't help either.

notably notables were gaz, swan, gibbs, rocky, wines and viney (on bench).

took berger in knowing that blicavs would be the only coverage. thinking long term on that one ( i hope)

just glad it wasnt a league round.


really unlucky mate maybe some early trades to sort out your team?


2325 with buddy left. got fancy and took the VC loophole on JPK's 147 missing Gaz and pendles 178 and 160. Im about 80-90 points off my best possible score had id played the correct people and ofcourse the Captain score. Am pulling the trigger on outing Dusty, replacing him with Mundy next week. Same issues as last year, big first half, and u might as well sub him the 2nd half. for an extra 3k Mundy is at least a 20 point better player than Dusty


only managed 1989. and that was with jpk as captain. there were so many villains this round for me πŸ™ dangerfield, ryder, shuey, newman, zorko, karnezis, toumpas and watts. but my biggest issue isnt who i have, its who i don't have. no ablett, no pendles, no swan and to top it all off i had viney on the bench.


2237 with roughead to come. viney's score not included as had mitchell on the ground. Also had coth as captain when i should have put it on pendles or Ablett. Pretty happy overall though. very happy with my backline of gibbs hartlett and grimes.


On 2034 with 4 to come: Franklin, Varcoe, Roughead and Bartel. Viney on the bench, would've swapped him with Whitfield in hindsight.
Really hoping Varcoe pulls through and I can manage 2400.
All the best to you fellow SC addicts


Still haven’t improved and will not improve as I have 1 player left Blicavs. Watts, Robinson and Stellar cost me. While I had my Rookies on the Bench with could have given more score than those 3. Currently 2103 after 21 players used.


Hi all, fairly new to supercoach this being my second season. Can anyone tell me what an average score for the first rpound would be and maybe what a good score that you would be happy with?_Cheers


My starting 22 are all done and dusted!
Happy with that, what did others get?




After a long pre-season of reading and spreadsheeting I end up with 1950; very disappointing! Villians = Watts, Robinson,Rich. Almost (almost) makes me wonder why I bother!


2151 with still varcoe and breust to play


2370 with Bartel to come. Not complaining


2311 with Bartel to come. Best rnd 1 i’ve ever had by about 300+ points! Bloody stoked!!


Nice score and similar to mine. 2345 with Bartel to come also, but remember there are extra players on the field this year πŸ˜‰


isnt it the same amount of players but instead of 7 defenders and forwards there is 6 and they went from 6 midfielders to 8.


Yeah, sorry I meant in the midfield! Still a sweet score!


2200 with roughy, and my buddy Franklin to come. If buddy goes mental my score could be a biggie. Jpk, captain Ablett, Pendles, viney and wines with fyfe, let down by danger. A gun midfield already. Happy days.

Brendan Floggard

Have a feeling that 2,200 will be about top 100,000.

2,300 top 50,000 …. 2,500+ top 5,000.


Top 10,000 is 2350… We are seeing the best I think getting 2500+ I think that's the top 2/3 thousand…


Really it is only my 3rd year and I have 2538

adam v

2197 with roughead to come also got a donut from heath shaw pulling out just before the game


wtf happened to jack watts!


2053 with 19 players played…..still to come Roughead, Bartel, & Varcoe…….What do guys think???


Absolute nightmare. 2380 all dome


That is great round 1 score everyone is way to harsh with there scores.


Thats a pretty solid score for round 1 so youve done alright.

Golden Caviar

2027, with 18 players played, still to play Bartel, Hill, Roughead, Varcoe. Gazza Capt , Pendels Swanny !!!


i am on 2166 with 19 played, have blicavs, bartel and franklin to go πŸ™‚ cptn kennedy and yes i have garry


How am i seeing some people with 2500 and still have buddy to play?
Some geniuses at work i tell ya

vinny mac

the extra midfielders this year allows for higher team scores

free lance

2286 with bud to play…do i need to trade rampe for wines?? if so, should i trade bud for roughead?? another sleepless night…great advice jocular, had parker and meant boloney as m5,m6….


2043 bartell Hale Blicalvs and Varcoe left. Seems like you fellas got it right with everyone acheVing huge scores

Big Will

Last minute decision to trade out Bennell for JPK has saved me this week. Team's been terrible apart from GAJ (capt) Swanny, Gibbs and JPK. 2137 with Roughead still to play. Considering Sipposs now.


2532 with buddy to go watts stuffed me would be over 2400 by now


Nice score


sorry 2352 not 2532


2044 with buddy roughhead jimmy b and brad hill to come!! unsure what to do bout lecrawwww (funny bloody funny stuff would it be fair to say"i bloody love u blokes!!!")josh kennedy keeps gettin thrown at me the head and heart say no but at the price he can`t burn me like he did last year surely!!so in saying that when should i do that trade ?wait till b4 rd 3 then trade him to see how he goes ?and do you think kennedy for lecrawww is a good move?spewin as lecraw was goin well woud like to keep him but he out for 4 to 6 correct me if i`m wrong any suggestions help would be killa !!cheers lads and keep up the great work


Pulling my hair out that I didnt go with my gut feel and keep Siposs and Monfries and instead went Karny and Varcoe. Only round 1 tho so gotta keep it all in perspective.


just remember its not league games this week so nothing lost (unless you think that you are a shot at being the best supercoacher out of 400,000 people πŸ˜‰ )


2087 with buddy bartel varcoe blicavs to play – not having GAJ capt cost me 56pts (gibbs got me 300) + kommer instead of wines on ground cost me 55pts, and stevenson instead of pittard 27pts for total 138pts better off max potential score
– The Saltshakers


@scotty – hopefully robbie gray named next week – lecras > gray. He got 25disp 3goals in SANFL last week…


yep salty, will be watching gray very closely. would very much like to swap varcoe to gray if I can.



i fail to understand dreamteam how does josh kennedy get 145 in sc and only 87 in dreamteam silly game
anyone know what a par score in dreamteam would be i have 1773 for all of my team


close to par….1800 *seems* to be average looking at some peoples score. certainly over 2000 is a good score.


roughhead or bartel???




which way did you go in the end mate?




Should I get rid of Beams and Mayes or hold off for the moment?




it depends:
How long is he out for?
Who else is selected/suitable next week?
How much money do u have?
Who else is on that line…is he one of only 2 or 3 premos?
Are you going for overall or league?

……..and maybe just wait a little until this round is over and lockout is lifted


hey fella.

hold tight till:
you see the injury reports
you see the sides next week

worst thing would be to trade out someone that plays and have to reverse…or worse you miss it.

wait for jock's sage advise… up on all the articles, take the community feedback…

then on Friday pull the trigger IF you need to. its always good to get two weeks of data before trading if you can.


PINQ! Makeup & Beauty

hey guys i am on 2103 with bartel and birchall to play how am i going??

Hank Jones

Isnt hindsight just a dog of the female variety?!…..
Chose Kennedy (87 and captain) over Jack (107)
Chose Beams (0!) over Pendlebury (124)
Chose Toump (37) over Viney (86)
Chose Zork (52) over Rockcliff (114)
Chose Lids (78) over Cotchin (101)
There's always next week!


agree with the message there Hank.

not quite sure of your figures mate. you talking DT there?


shame your dream team and not sc two of thos results would have been the other way around


I am on 2245 with Buddy to come. I think a score above 2300 is a great round 1 score.
I had viney on bench which is my only bench mistake but can't be to disappointed as it is round 1.

Zorko and Danger really my only two disappointments. Adam Goodes looks really tasty at $60,000 cheaper than Zorko. He is a freak Goodes does not look like slowing down.

Te Ninja

2242 with Bartel and Varcoe to come. Not bad considering Watts, Danger and Zorko had terrible rd 1 scores. Definitely helped by rookies Goodes, Wines and Viney smashing out some massive scores.

Biggest rd 1 in Supercoach history so far?

GAJ as captain…. enough said

free lance

gotta feel sorry for mark KNEELED..he kneeled over alright and copped a large portion. heard craig david ( never trust a guy with lars name firse) doing that "7 days" song, would be good for your podcast introduction, as would "i'm walking away" when the coach finally cracks the shits and leaves….welcome


2194 for the round not bad considering I was 6/367 after the 1st week of round 1.
expecting better outputs from Watts, Danger, Ryder, Zorko & Cox next round.
Took a gamble with Lycett but got burnt big time, kids not up to it at this stage so he's my 1st trade with Kennedy as his replacement in my forward line


im doing average. had zorko, shuey, danger all stuff ups. also was out and left kane mitchell on for viney


All in all cant complain this round with the great performers out shining the duds… Thinking about switching Zorko the magnificent to Rockliff… Thanks for the tips!


should i trade jimmy toumpas for oliver wines????


happy with blicav for a first up game. he mistimed his jump a little in the ruck but he will learn. hope the cats give him a little more of a run cause he could be a handy chop out ruckman and maybe a third defender or forward.

dont know if I am happy with Varcoe and his 61. good he clear break even but we were all hoping for around 80.

finished with a slightly disappointing 2140.


2314. not a bad start, redden and watts the only ones to really let me down.
think im gonna hold off trades till next week


2287, with danger and jpk as cap instead of gaz.. would had extra 62 with gaz.. but still pretty happy with most players. forward line was hopeless but was covered a bit from backs n mids.

The Old Dylan

Ended up with 2124 which I’m pretty happy with. Had Mitchell on the park and wines on the pine, but at least it’s only round one.

Going to see who is named this week before going for trades, I have my sights on Kommer and Dwyer, as I think they will be playing a bit and will make a bit of cash. Kerridge will make way for dwyer, but don’t know how I will fit Kommer! If crouch doesn’t play he will go, and I’ll trade down to him later. Otherwise, if Mitchell keeps copping the vest and low scores, he might have to go.


2313, pretty happy with that, although I suspect it will be a very high scoring round!


3451 my score! only failure was zorko but i reckon he will bounce back. and i had deledio as captain! nailed it with plenty of rookies on field. brett goodes, pittard, viney, kommer, wines. the list goes on. can i just say what superstars gary ablett and deledio are. as a tiger fan watching deledio's 3 important goals including two from the same spot 55-60 metres out. is deledio the most elite kick in the comp? C'mon tiges top eight is on the agenda. next year look out for the tigers i say


Gotta say man I'm a BIG tigers supporter and we prob should have lost but glad we got that round one off our back and can play freely
Really excited to see us play when grimes and foley come back into the side

Lids has gotta have about the most reliable boot on the team and cotch by hand

Go tigers!!! Top 8 on the cards for sure


2451 i mean! whoops


Haha man 2451 would have to be in the top 1000 scores in round 1


Gidday community… had 2425 with J.viney on the bench and some crappy scores from danger,k.stevens, mccaffer and varcoe… although I should be pretty happy, I swapped cotchin and danger twenty times.. ANYWAY probably the strongest start I have had ever…


Finished with 2150 – had a few let downs eg. Danger, zorko, buddy, longer and also had k mitchell who started with the vest. Wont be making the mistake of not having Gaz as captain. Chose JPK instead..whoops.


same here it was just the safer option though. don't know if he can get that score though at the SCG against Sydney though small oval and highly contested!


hey Jock, just wondering what are your thoughts on Dylan Shiel after his round 1 performance?


anyone know if there will b a podcast tonight?

surprisingly i got 2296 despite poor performances by franklin ryder and dangerfield


finished with 2350 had JPK as captain instead of Ablett and had 0'meara on istead of Viney, could have made an extra 107 pts. Not to be …… still is 2350 a good round 1 score?


Bugger ended up ranked 5128 if a had Gaz as captain instead of Kennedy and I had viney on the field instead of the bench I would have been 62nd


Luck didn't go my way this week with Robbo going down early and scoring only 20. Then having both Goodes and Wines on the bench. All of Buddy, Varcoe, Karnezis and Atley not having great round 1's.
Total score of 2081 which I don't think is that bad considering it could have been 2250 ish.


Out: LeCras

In: Kennedy (WCE)
Swallow (NTH)



Your mad leave danger field in

Victoria City

Thinking about downgrading Shuey to Wines and upgrading whichever of my rookie rucks doesn't play next week (Rowe, Blicavs, Currie) for Mummy or Pyke.


Brad Sanders

Hey Jock, Crouching & Higgo. I loved the video! I’ve been on Gary Ablett since day dot, the man is a superstar. After round 1 I’m comfortablely sitting at 967 overall rank with a score of 2426 in the first round of my third year of Supercoach. The Breakout year seems realistic for me at this point in time.

Just want to thank you and your team, you guys really helped me make some good desicions :).

Louis David Hanna

just wondering whether i should trade out currie for blicavs


Blokes and lady blokes,

Just want to say if you're reading these scores and feeling down cos you got <2000 – do not despair. The line between success and failure is thin. Next week us bottom 50%ers may just bounce back.

Probably need to get Ablett though.



3361. Got raped by Jack Watts (Satan), Kane Lucas (should be killing it in the Ovens & Murray league, dunno why I picked him), Zorko (all good tho Dwayne), Macaffer (love you mate but you need to get a kick),

Loving all my rookies, Gaz, Pendles, Swanny, Kreuzer, Hartlett, Mundy and Moloney.

Have Hannebery but are still on the fence with him. Likewise Dusty and Karnezis.


3361. Got raped by Jack Watts (Satan), Kane Lucas (should be killing it in the Ovens & Murray league, dunno why I picked him), Zorko (all good tho Dwayne), Macaffer (love you mate but you need to get a kick),


can anyone remind me the name of jock, crouching, higgo and the other boys team names i cant seem to find there team reveals anywhere