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Welcome community to the Vince Gambino Punt Club!

Each week I’ll be providing you with some of my best fantasy-related tips each round. Now if youse jump over to, you’ll see they are hosting a range of Supercoach and Dream Team markets; including head to head, most points per team and round groups. These are some fantastic markets to delve into that gets Teflon very excited.

Head to Head Markets:

Now as I sit here tapping away out the back of my laptop, sportsbet only have the head-to-head markets available for Carlton vs Richmond (due to a Thursday game I assume). Luckily they have head-to-head markets for both Supercoach and Dream Team. I’ll start with Supercoach.. get an account now and they’ll match a bet up to $150:

Supercoach punting


Scotland v Gibbs

 SCRATCHED – Scotland not playing. I am spewing man!!

  • The first market that caught my attention was Heath Scotland ($1.92) vs Bryce Gibbs ($1.85). As most of you know by now, Bryce Gibbs has been spending a lot of time in the midfield during the pre-season and this is expected to continue in season proper. The mail I’ve been getting from some of the bad asses I used to hang out with down on Lygon St tells me that Gibbsy is set for a HUGE season. Obviously more time in the midfield means more possessions, a greater output and ultimately an improvement in fantasy scores. Look, Heath Scotland has been a terrific fantasy player in the past but he’s well and truly on the wrong side of 30 now and this may well be the year when the game just starts to catch up with him a bit. Gibbsy loves playing Richmond, too (averages 108 SC points in his last 9 games against the Tiges). So youse all better listen up and back Bryce Gibbs to defeat Heath Scotland. 

Judd v Tuck

  • I’ll be staying away from Marc Murphy ($1.90) vs. Trent Cotchin ($1.90) – basically a toss of the coin that one. I was slightly surprised when I saw Chris Judd ($1.92) outsider to Shane Tuck ($1.85) in their head-to-head market. I understand Juddy isn’t the superstar he once was but he’ll remain a prolific fantasy scorer in comparison to Shane Tuck who’s a terrific player but has never really been someone who racks up high fantasy scores. Judd has that X Factor to him and lives for games like these. I’ll be on Chris Judd for this one. 

Grigg v Maric

  • Now I’ll cast my eyes over to the Dream Team markets. The only one I’m keen on here is Shaun Grigg ($1.75) and Ivan Maric ($2.00). Grigg won plenty of cheap ball (nothing wrong with that) across the half-back line for the Tiges last year in what turned out to be a break-out year for him. He’s also going to get plenty of midfield time, too. Maric also had a great break-out season last year. Big Ivan is now right up there with the premier ruckmen in the competition. I do like Ivan, but when it comes to a DT head-to-head battle with Grigg I’m fairly confident he’ll fall short. Jump on Shaun Grigg for this one.

Most points per Team:

With no other head-to-head markets available as yet, I’m going to have a look at some Supercoach Most Points per Team in 2013.

  • In one of my previous articles I spoke about backing Tom Rockliff as the forward who will amass the most Supercoach points out of all the forwards in 2013. Well I’m sticking by my boy Rocky here and I fancy him to score the most Supercoach points out of all the Brisbane players in 2013. He’ll face some stiff competition from Jack Redden and Dayne Zorko but I tell ya that young dude Rockliff can play. He’s Mr. Consistency – hardly misses a game and rarely puts in a bad shift.  Back Tom Rockliff at $3.00 to take this one out. 
  • The next market that caught my eyes was Hawthorn. Now as I’ve explained to youse before, the key for this market is that it is the most points amassed in a season; not average points. If it was based on average I’d be all over Lance Franklin ($2.75) but knowing Buddy he’ll miss his 4-5 games per year through either injury or suspension. This really only leaves Sam Mitchell ($2.20). Mitchell is a player you can rely on every week and is less likely to miss games through injury or suspension. The more I think about it, the more confident I get. I really can’t see Mitchell failing to win this one. Always bet responsibly, but put plenty of your coin behind Sam Mitchell my fellow community members! 
  • Again, like I said in my previous article, no one will come close to knocking off Callan Ward ($2.65) in the GWS market. I’ll be on him. 
  • If you’re after some value, take a look at the Melbourne market. Jack Watts ($6.00) is finally starting to show us all why he was taken by the Dees at Number 1 in the draft all those years ago. I see a few of youse have picked him in your Supercoach teams and I can definitely understand the justification behind this. He’ll be down back again for Melbourne and should win plenty of footy across the half-back line. I rolled my van into Gosch’s paddock last weeks to have a see how the Dees were shaping. It was quite a warm day so Mark Neeld came up for an ice-cream, he didn’t have his wallet on him so I said, “Yo Mark. Teflon gives you free ice cream sure. But you tell me one thing old dude – who’s impressed you the most on the track during pre-season?” He initially glared at me but eventually said… Jack Watts! (then muttered something about a smart a***). The favourite Nathan Jones ($1.80) may prove to be out of Watts’ reach come the end of the season, but I’m expecting Watts to give it a real shake. So if you’re after some value, get on Jack Watts at $6.00

Orange means Teflon’s very confident

Green means Teflon’s confident

Blue means Teflon’s confident enough

Purple means Teflon has found you some value

So there you have it! As always I love to hear your feedback. Give me @Vince_Gambino and the rest of the JR team a follow on Twitter and I’ll be sure to get back to you on absolutely anything fantasy footy!


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Gibbsy should shit all over Scotland, who is not even playing!!!


Shane Tuck doesn't rack up high fantasy scores?! Haha, oh come on, you're having a laugh Gambino, surely? 5 scores of over 150 last year, two 140+ and three 130+


I agree with you Kev. Juddy is beginning to show his age has also had another injury interrupted pre-season with some hammy issues.

Tucky had a 10pt higher SC average than Juddy last year and racked up a monster 153pts the last time he played the Blues. Juddy could only manage a paltry 0.78 SC pts per minute played in the NAB Cup compared to 1.32 for Tucky.

So I'd have to say all the stats were pointing me towards backing in Tucky in that head to head. But we'll have to see how things unfold tonight.


Scotland isn't even playing… Nice work otherwise mate.


Is josh caddy worth considering?


I must apologise everyone. Was up in the late hours last night doing this one and I saw the Scotland vs Gibbs market and just assumed Scotland was playing…I should've double checked it myself. Sorry dudes!


I've got a feeling in the waters about the Tuck kid tonight son… reckon with all the attention payed to Deledio and the Cotchin boy he might just keep racking em up.

Fantastic write up by the way – if I keep my record up following you it'll be a new caravan for Hastings by summer mate!


help. Currie wasnt named?


Tuck into Grigg in those markets.
Feel Judd will play more and more as required … In bursts. And if Carlton is in a winning position(I hope not for Crouching's sake!), there is every chance he will be rested.
Maric will run with Kreuzer. While I expect him to beat him in the ruck, I also expect him to almost try and play a negating role around the ground. This will affect his scoring output somewhat. Really surprised Carlton didn't play Warnock … He dominated in the first half last year.
Really like GWS at the line (46.5) and dropping. Was 48.5 same time yesterday. Try and fix it!
Thanks Vince … As the cool young folk say, "I will be all over this" each week.
Peter Higginbotham


Are we eventually going to see your team??


Yes Callan Ward is a total lock. Have put some hard earned on that one myself.


What time do the teams come out?


How about the fact Judd has played about 39 mins of football this pre season??? Im a huge Judd fan (and a non supporter of Carlton or Richmond) but you just have to back the fact Judd 'should' start the season slower than normal just through lack of game time!


Good stuff Vincey!! I actually agree with your call on Judd. He's a big game player you watch. Blues by 22


Why did we not have Bryce Gibbs as the big C!!! Because we are stupid!!! Well most of us who have him should have considered to whack that Vice on him, ready for that captain loop hole. 150 well done Gibbo!!!


Tell you what, hell probably get some more amazing scores, then ill give him captain, then he will do badly. I'm sticking with a set and forget captain this year for that reason!

Racetrack Ralphy

Just scored a $250 free bet from Sportsbet for entering their million dollar tipping competition. I think I will use it on the Pies against North. I Entered here…


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Quick best ruck under 500k thats playing this weekend