The Monday Poll – What will you do with LeCras?

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Mark LeCras Supercoach poll

As we said in Sunday night’s podcast poor old Mark LeCras has busted his arm and will be out for six weeks.

And so it is that in just game 2 of the season we are faced with the first injury that will effect a huge chunk of all Supercoach and AFL Fantasy teams.

Make no mistake. This is the first fork in the road for your team if you have him and this is a prime example of the kind of situation where the boys are sorted from the men.

You might be playing this season for overall rank – and league supremacy may not be important to you.. but I want you to answer this poll from the point of view of a coach who is in it for the league winΒ if you don’t mind folks:



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Think if I can get two rookies playing regularly for first 6 rounds I will keep him. Was flying the other night, I think mid pricers this year are light on so that’s why I’m reluctant to punt him.


Midpricers light on?

Varcoe, Byrnes, Kennedy, Karensis, Cornelius, Gray




Gray's injured till round 8


Gray's ready to roll..where'd you get that innfo?


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Considering the other FWD mid prices, swapping LeCras for a Varcoe, Kennedy, Byrnes, Karnezis would make you another $100+k as well as the added job security and scoring potential > swapping LeCras for a rookie.


Reckon it'll be a trade, but we've still got another week to hear the official timeline for his injury. If it's under 4 weeks I may consider keeping him, depending on rookie players getting games.


Immediate upgrade to Stevie J. May look to bring back Lecca later on in the season depending on the circumstances.


Exactly the same move here


StevbieJ out for possibly first 4 matches through knee surgery…pick again…


confirmed 6+ weeks mate, he had plates inserted


Thought inserting plates reduced time rather than increased it?

Big Will

Personally dont have him, but would suggest waiting until Round 2, then trading him for one of Varcoe, Byrnes, Kennedy etc. depending on which looks the goods,

AFL Guru

obvious choice is to keep him until after round 2. Then you have the most information to trade him for the juciest cash cow. You are going to lose a trade anyway might as well make the most cash possible off of it. You should have a bench rookie to stop you getting a 0 anyway. If you are playing for a League win then matches dont start until round 3 anyway. If you are going for the $50K then the extra cash should make up the missed points over the course of the season anyway

AFL Guru

Also i didnt take him because i didnt trust his knee. ironic that it was his arm in the end


Hold till i see how young Stringer goes! if no good, will depend on whether macaffer can come off my bench and cover for him


Luckily i have enough in the bank to upgrade him to someone like Stevie J who will conveniently be back round 2. Still considering Martin or Robinson depending on how they go this week.


Going to wait till wait till after Round 2 and see what other club's injury lists are like.


Hold him till after rnd 2 then reassess. Depending on who’s playing well could be a downgrade to a rookie or straight swap for another mid pricer like kennedy, Byrnes, karnezis etc…


Can't hold on to him 'til he returns. Pretty sure I will have coverage enough to leave him on the bench for a week, of which I can down grade to whoever will generate me the most cash (Looking at either kennedy, Byrnes, Cornelius as I have Karny and Varcoe) and banking the 70k . Hopefully by the time Lecras is back and ready to jump in price, I can trade out one of my mid price players who have reached their ceiling. In an ideal situation (and it there is no reason why it can't happen) that mid pricced player will be worth more than lecca, which means my team value has increased more than what it would have been, if I left Lecca on the bench.

Only reason why I wouldn't wait til round 2 is if I'm worried the likes of crouch or another player I have selected hasn't played, and I want to trade them out to snatch up some cash cows (such as Kommer).


Yeah that's the main reason why I'm trading him out immediately. I want to make sure I have two trades available after round 2 as that's when nearly every player is on the bubble and the most bargains can be had.

Leaving Lecras in there til round 2 limits half those opportunities to the forward line only when likely the most lucrative opportunities will probably be in the midfield or rucks.


What’s everyone’s opinion of siposs? Seemed a popular choice a few weeks ago, now doesn’t rate a mention…


He's had a pretty unspectacular NAB Cup averaging less than 1.0 SC point per minute which translates to only about 65-70pts per full game.

However he may just be flying under the radar as taking on the Goddard role he certainly has the potential to generate decent output. It will be interesting to see how he goes in Rd 1 against the Suns.


watch his fitness level in particular. he needs to be super fit if he is going to be playing loose in order to pick up enough disposals to be sc worthy


Well looking at his game saturday, he was alive on the ground when had the ball. Also his eye for goal from a set kick is amazing. At one point he seemed to stroll through the dockers on the wing and take a nice kick out to the forward line. He looked alive and i was excited to have chosen him on my team. He has alot of determination and the rumours are confirmed to me that he has put in the effort in recovery from his previous injury to come back well. I am really considering keeping him, unless there is a massive cash cow for round 3, that will be the only reason i get rid of him.


Yeah he looked like he was going to be a fantasy point producing machine and may still be whenever he returns.

It could be quite a number of weeks until he is back so unless you have fantastic coverage on your forward bench (which most coaches don't) you are probably better off trading him out in the next week or two for someone like JJK, Karny or Varcoe.

Otherwise you could find you fall off the pace in your leagues as you would be effectively starting around -75pts every week.


With a full foward list playing i'll hold and see how the rookies perfom!


Oh I hope I'm playing against one of the 12% that will be holding LeCras until he returns. $370K sitting on your bench doing nothing for 6-12 weeks. It's a lot to hold. The winner last year didn't even hold GAJ when he got injured.


Trade Lecras for Kennedy straight away, too much money to be sitting on the bench, unless you have good scoring back up rookies. Atleast Lecras scored everyone who had him over 90 points before he broke his arm, would have been shattered if he broke it early on and scored something around 10-15 points.

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Hey Race track, the $250 bet is not open toVictorian residents which would be a Large part of the JR Community….. any chance you could sort it out for us Victorians?? by the way Heath Shaw aint happy about it!!

SC Legend.

I'm going to chuck a new move in the mix.
I've got Bryce Gibbs in my defence who hasn't been locked in yet and rookies in the defence are galore, such as Vlastuin, Goodes, Terlich, Stevenson – all in my team already. I'm tempted now to downgrade Gibbs to Pittard, who only three of these rookies have to play and all have shown they have potential in either scoring or just being a juicy cash cow for me.

With the left over money I am able to upgrade Karnesiz in my forward line to buddy franklin, which saves a trade for me later in the season and I am able to downgrade Lecras to Karnesiz the following week – the only decent mid-pricer in the forward line in my opinion. In the end, only spending one trade but upgrading a player to Franklin which saves a trade for in the next couple of rounds anyway.



You just made my head hurt.

It's the sort of thing I was thinking about up until I decided that I've already become attached to all my other players, and I just can't bare to restructure on two lines!


Ollie Wines or Koby Stevens?




Steve Johnson is going to have knee don’t bother getting him.


Yeah just heard about this on AFL 360. Doh! Will have to go with plan C whatever that will be. πŸ™


Trade of the round is probably LeCras for Kennedy!


cotchin martin newman vlastuin to many richmond players??


Not at all. Those are all great selections Jake.


I have got atm d-Gibbs, m-Zorko, f-Sylvia. My ? on Sylvia.

Was thinking maybe d-newman m-gibbs f-zorko

What are peoples thoughts and other options I have??


Unless someone catches my eye this week I’m going to trade Lecras to Chris Maine from freo


Vely intelesting SC Legend. Not sure I’m as brave as you but intrigued to see if it pays off.

Does Jock it Crouching approve?


Ok how’s this sound, with lecras down and kennedy already in, going to go in light in the rucks with jenkins and 3 rooks, ( one will play this week hopefully) and then next week with a bit of swing swing le cras becomes the returning lunenburger + a healthy cash bonus (69k) with either mcaffer or swinging ruck (Rowe or Jenkins if blicavs is going ok) then becoming f6. Would leave me with 160k in bank and easily upgradeable rucks over first 6 weeks. My brain hurts but I think that makes sense…


We have the novel situation of being at round 1 and in a partial lockout. Another way to go could be to alter your team a bit and grab another mid price fwd, effectively leaving Lecras and Macaffer as your 2 bench positions. In a year with next to no rookie fwd options, it may be beneficial to have most of the decent mid pricers in your team.


Who can I put as my M4 now that Stevie J is out of the picture..?
Have 570k to spend….

SC Legend.

By the time round one is over, Lecras would be going into his second week of rehab after he broke his arm. Leaving only two-three weeks left. Potentially return in round 4, when league games start or round 5, either way that would please me.
I've reworked my team to have Macaffer on my bench now to hopefully cover Lecras over the next few weeks and save a trade. Lecras showed in his first game that he could be a point scoring machine this season and will be a nice POD for my team.
A nice stepping stone to say the least, waiting two more rounds and saving a trade might just pay dividends in the long run.

Eagle Boiii

Hear you load and clear Legend. I'm going down the same road, exactly!


Lecras for Josh Kennedy


Cash from Lecras for Josh Kennedy trade can be used to upgrade to a premium for round three. The second trade this week can be used to downgrade a non-scorer (such as Vlastuin) to Heath from Port Adelaide or other Power defenders.

These trades create over 100 000 dollars to upgrade a mid pricer to a premium.