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Your mob – winning or losing?

Published by Jock on

Your Supercoach MobIf you’ve got a few selection concerns folks take comfort in the fact that you are definitely not a lone ranger.

It has been a bugger of a weekend for most of us. Many of us looked on in horror while Dangerfield struggled on Friday night. We groaned last night as Luke Shuey incurred the wrath of Crowley. Our heads were in our hands by the time poor old Mark LeCras was helped from the field with a busted arm.

Dyson Heppell was looking bloody magnificent before his output went south in the second half. Goddard, as expected, was not quite the same free roaming Wildebeast he looked in the NAB. Ryder looked as if he didn’t like getting wet. Cox looked his age.

But we take the ups with the downs in the beautiful game don’t we? Nick Kommer looked good in the wet. Mundy and Barlow were sensational. Kennedy looked as good as he ever has in the first half and fit as a trout. Watson The Jobe made many of wonder why he wasn’t more seriously considered this season. Jon Griffin turned out one of the best ruck performances you will see this season.Smokies Nick Suban and Danyle Pearce delighted the crazy folk that selected them in their starting teams.

You don’t reach dizzying heights in fantasy footy without a bit of pluck and a fair old dose of rat cunning folks. If you’ve got wounds stop licking the bastards. Get to work and figure out how you’ll turn your misfortunes around…. I’m already jotting down a few premiums who might be verrrry juicy around round 5..

How did your mob go? And where to from here? Look forward to the discussion folks





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Blues Clues

695 after 8 players, captain hasn't played… Is that alright?


depends who played
i looking the same after being burnt by numerous players at 607 from 7

Blues Clues

I've had two rookies play on field


It's better than 694 and under, but not as good as 696 and over.


740/ from 9. Now I got to shift Le'Cras out and at an awkward price. Might have to go for a rookie but hard to find good forward rookies since Ive got most of the good ones..




how good is karnesis' job security tho?


He's been rotating through the mids all Nab cup and playing well, so I'd say pretty good.


Robbie Gray

adam parr



haha, exactly the same for me :/


LOSING BIG TIME. Horrible weekend… Can't talk about it…

Stick it out with Danger and Shuey? Or jump off? At the moment will keep Danger and lose the shoe for Mundy.


Danger will come good. Those who have him will jump on when he's cheep. If you get rid of him they will all take the ride back up without you.


you shouldnt jump off shuey, he wont be tagged by crowley each week


437 after 7. Worst start possible -.-


Last years winner was 60kish after round 2 last year. Chin up till at least roubd 3 hahahaaha

Carol Reaby

568 with 6 players and captain hasn't played. Not too bad but not good either.


6 played on 516. I was burnt by danger, goddard and heppell


669/7 griffin and mundy have made up some difference from the ordinary scores of heppell and goddard..

Scotty Hilts

680 & 6 used, Shuey poor but worth keeping, Mundy & Cox excellent in my opinion .


610- 7 played. accidentaly put danger captain not vice :((


Live & learn Daniel.

The Old Dylan

I did the same, but managed to hangs him at dinner…

The Old Dylan



536 from 6. Danger was disappointing but Josh J Kennedy was very good. pretty bad start.


444 from 5, all premiums. I have Dangerfield, Heppell, Goddard and Cox. Mundy has been my saviour so far this week.


479 for 5.

Jacobs, Goddard, Shuey, Mundy, Kennedy


Regretting taking a chance on Baguley.

Dyno Mite

Not saying it was a terrible call. but when you take risks and they don't come off you can be left lookng a bit sorry. Trade him out this round…


Jock, who do you suggest for Lecras? I was thinking Josh Kennedy or Michael Walters. Walters looked very good last night.

I decided to go with Fyfe over Mundy and Barlow and of course they both score more. Keep Fyfe or trade for Mundy or Barlow?



Keep him mate. Swings & roundabouts.


775 after 8


637 from 7 no captain


6 played; 462 points
goddard, heppell, bellchambers, duffiend, fyfe, shuey

all 6 have scored less than their BE


ATM I have a plan…
At the end of round 2 I will get the best scorer of Fyfe/Mundy/ Barlow for the worst scorer of Pendles/Dangerfield/Murphy. Then I will have 200k plus with which I will use to get franklin!
I'm 391 after 5 🙁


301 from possibly for of my best, Goddard, Danger, Shuey and Cox, expected better!




425 from 5 meh


596 from six, will take scooters bad score, and happy fyfe still got 96 on him. Stoked w suban, but now too many will look at him. Had griffen too, happy w that, had this penciled in as a bad week for him


6 played – 569 pts. Not too bad.


Everyone settle down as most have Heppell, Goddard and possibly Danger, so we're all in the same boat. All under par, as was Big Cox for me. Changed my fwd structure that many times with Kennedy in and out, but alas he is out. If Brisbane smash it next week, I'll be celebrating.


Decide against stacking the Brissy players for exactly that reason, not sure how many times they will actually "smash it" this year


5/579 – solid but not spectacular. Jobe had VC, keep his 121 community or whack the C on gaz?

Was sucked into dempsey last year, started like a house on fire then was nothing. Griff will drop once sandi returns, barlow won't be 500k for long! Had dan pearce as a smokie for ages! Dropped him last week. Spewin!


479* too early for maths haha


There's whispers Sandy may not be back before the bye rounds.

Cold Pies

Feeling pretty good…424 from 4 and a 70 from kommer on bench
goddard,watson,mundy and lecras
altho lecras is def trade this week ill his 90 odd up till then happily




713 from 7. Looking good and really happy. Have Goddard, mundy, fyfe, Jacobs, griffin, cox and lecras captain hasn’t played and not sure what to do with lecras. I need help.


Kennedy for Lecras?


Thanks mate was thinking that


Think you are the only one that is >100 avg per player so far


Yep I think I am and I have still got 10 premiums left


You do nothing til rnd 2 teams are in next thursday at least!


Do we feel Shuey just couldn't handle the tag, or is he not going to be as great as we all thought? Mundy for Shuey maybe?


Shuey was held to something like 11d's last time Crowley shut him down. He's just not used to that tag.


He might have a tough time, not good enough yet to beat a tag but good enough to attract one


Watson as Vice Captain (with nice big score), with Ablett as Captain, do I put Ablett on the bench as sub??? Please advise


put a sub player on the ground as captain that isn't playing. and name an emergency on the bench that is playing ( to cover your fake captains score )


As you are really only going for the highest season/weekly points (i.e. the cash) at Rd 1 you may as well have Jobe as your default Capt as a POD. As pdid says you would place a sub on the ground who's not playing such as perhaps a Rowe or Neade rather than Gaz.

If it was Rd 3 and you were gunning for a league win it would be a tough call but you would probably need to make Gaz your capt as 121 that Jobe scored is below Gaz's average from last season of 137.


Start of the real stuff gives true indication of where some blokes are at.
With Thompson not being as effective as usual Danger is going to get tagged more often than not. Just hurts that I swapped him in for Jobe a few days ago.
Goddard is going to take some time to warm into his new role and Heppell is still a young fella havin a crack in the guts.
Cox looked lost and with no NicNat or Lynch for that chop out reckon he was feeling it.
Mundy and Barlow were both great and Fyfe went missing. Pearce had one out of the bag and will bring misery for the remainder of the season.
Feel for the frenchman was on fire until that broken arm but happy I stuck with Kennedy.
Must resist the urge to side trade but a danger to watson looks more than likely.

marcus kika

561 with six played {dangerfeild, fyfe, duffeild, waters, cox, kennedy}

is this good????


924/10 vc stanton had pav will he bounce back or have we seen the best of him_

marcus kika

i think pavs best is past him
better options are tom rockliff, dayne zorko, or jaryed roughhead


Pav will be an awesome buy around the bye rounds and will finish strong. Glad I dont have him now though


At nearly $600K he's far too pricey for my liking. Now has split webbing and potential MRP trouble to deal with. If he drops below $500K and can prove he can stay healthy I might show some interest but not until then.


481 from 6.. Jacobs, Danger, Cox, Shuey, Lecras, Heppel.. was expecting about 600 with them.. worst start.


529 from 6 Danger, Goddard, Heppell, Cox, JJ Kennedy and Jacobs. So not to bad avoided Ryder so happy about that. Swapped Shuey for Danger and Ryder for Jacbos before lockout so can't complain really.


if danger has another shocker next week thinking of a trade to barlow. cheap as chips if he gets back to his 2011 form and looked great last night


Danger will maybe cop a tag from Raines next week? He's still learning to deal with that sort of attention, so he might have another average game. Also having to deal with the ridiculous new sliding rule has seemed to trouble him a bit.


488 from 6, Heppell & Shuey unders, had Kommers starting so OK with score so far. Far too early to panic folks, 2 games into 200 game season!!


646 from 7. Traded WATERS OUT FOR DUFFIELD last minute. So bad, kicking myself. Mundy great, fyfe and heppell need to use the ball better but rather that than them not being able to find the footy. Cox played bad but still managed 96. Needs to increase that output for him to stay in my team at that price after Naitanui gets back


Is this silly, what about trading Danger out for Mundy make $150,000. This will give me about $300,000 on bench. Then look at brining danger back in when his price has gone down. I want to use 2 trades round 3 for rookie corrective trades. We do have 30 trades this year so I was always happy to burn some first few rounds.


I will be doing similar but wont be trading Danger. He's a keeper.


When Embley was named sub I moved my team around and brought in S Hill and Mayne…..120 points each…..Oh YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….


pretty good PODS too I reckon…not seen any sides with Hill and Mayne…..will use them as stepping stones to Premos early on ….Hopefully can keep putting out at 90-110 for a little while longer…:-)


Sure bro

marcus kika

561 with six played {dangerfeild, fyfe, duffeild, waters, cox, kennedy}

is this good????




You'd expect around 110/120 per player from that lot, par would be 100 each (600)


Juggled team around and Swapped Embley for S Hill and Mayne at the last minute….120SC points each and I'm a happy chappy


Guys playing centrebet league as well – join my league 846448


I'm on 593 had Goddard, Heppell, Griffin, Mundy, Fyfe, Cox play so far. An average score but seem to be travelling slightly better then some at the moment.

Swapped Luke Shuey and Zac Smith out early yesterday morning for Mundy and Griffin, very pleased with that trade. Only early days but Mundy and Griffin both looked the goods. Heppell and Fyfe showed some good signs, I have no doubt that there scores will go up in the coming weeks. Goddard and Cox went alright, both played pretty average and ended up with half decent scores. And lastly still haven't used my VC loophole yet, looking to try it out in JPK against the young giants.

Dave Rudders

388/5 not great but way to early to be even slightly worried..Plenty of heavy hitters to come…should still get 2700 or so 😉


2700?? Either you meant 1700 or you're flippin mad!

Dave Rudders

Just taking the proverbial Josh!!!


289 from 3, fyfe, suban and heppell.

Most blokes with 7 played and a score of 700 would have burnt most their premiums…


So many people going crazy after TWO games! Dont even consider who you're gonna trade out (except injured players) at least until the round's over. I would hope theres a reason you picked a certain player, so stay faithful that he can live up to your expectations.


whilst i mainly agree Ryder has burnt me for the last time. As crouching would say he not good man he burn man!


I was stunned but happy nobody was talking about Watson, and I think he will be a good pod. I predict Ablett, Pendlebury and Watson to be the highest mid scorers. Keep an eye on Ben Howlett, I know it is only one game but he could be the beneficiary from Goddards inclusion .


I never considered NOT having Watson, reigning Brownlow medalist for a reason suckers!


Watson was always an upgrade target for me. Just really wanted to have Ablett, Pendlebury and Kennedy to begin with.


Fair point, because most teams only tend to tag one or two players, so they'll almost always tag Watson and Goddard, or possibly Stanton because he's such an outside player and so easy to shutdown. This leaves Howlett free, unless he starts to hurt opposing teams so much he starts getting tagged himself.


The first 6 players you mentioned, I have all of them -_- (Dangerfield, Shuey, LeCras, Goddard, Heppell, Ryder)


Thats unlucky as all hell, only round one mate, they'll come good. I had all of them in and out could have very easily been in the same predicament, but only danger and goddard to worry about


644 from 7.
Had Tex, Danger, Heppell, Goddard for a disappointing first game; had Mundy, Cox and Kennedy for a much better second game


I am getting rid of Danerfield………….that was his 2nd shocker in a row. He has returned to the form of 2011. Watson in.


I wouldn't jump off just yet see how he goes next game. Apparently he was a little sick with flu and had tag and Adelaide as a whole played bad. They will get there arses kicked this week and hopefully come out fireing against Brisbane.


You are kidding me!!! Danger had the flu all week and was lucky to play!! they played at full forward for half the game so hocking didnt even have to do much. Fine jump off him if you want, more for me.


LOL, I hope everyone jumps off him, Danger POD hahaha, its two games in and the sky is falling hahaha


Armfield tagged him in preseason and he struggle bit of a concern. Brisbane next so I guess Raines will tag him as well.