Crouch OUT Kommer IN??

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supercoach crouch vs KommerCrouch v Kommer

Even a seasoned veteran of fantasy footy such as myself was staggered to hear the young Brad Crouch has not been named for round 1.

To soil the underpant of our round 1 midfield rookie plans even further – Nick Kommer has been named to debut for Essendon when they take on the Crows at AAMI park Friday night and looks a very tempting swap for Crouch.

Mark my words. Not a season goes by when the fantasy footy gods don’t chuck a few of these curve balls at as at the last minute. I love it. It’s these very situations that sort the wheat from the chaff. The men from the boys. The fantasy pretenders from the true fantasy elite.

First thing we need to do is remove the emotion from this equation. Crouch is out. Kommer is in. Kommer will score points round 1. Crouch will not. For many this may appear to be a very easy decision to make – and I suspect that the most popular trade in the lead up to lockout will be CROUCH OUT. KOMMER IN.

But hold your horses community. Let’s pull this thing apart and compare what we’re dealing with here;

Nick Kommer

Essendon, Mid, $109,500

  • He averaged around 50 in his 4 NAB hit outs – I’d expect him to output 60’s in the real deal.
  • Selected at pick 73 in the 2012 Draft.
  • He’s a mature age 22 year old which is a positive. 
  • Played the whole NAB Cup and was very pretty impressive. 
  • Comes across from the WAFL where he played 27 games averaging 16 possessions a game. Suggestions are that he was red hot late in the season for East Perth which is where he really got the attention of recruiters. 
  • Pressure may come from Winderlich who may return from injury soon and Jetta who didn’t make round 1, however Hirdy did come out and say that Essendon has 43 of 44 fit players available so this must be a good thing for Nick’s job security.

Brad Crouch

Adelaide, Mid, $115,900

  • Averaged 55 through the NAB, with less game time than Kommer.
  • Selected at pick 2 in the 2011 mini draft
  • He has been described as a clearance beast. 
  • Had to cool his young heels in the SANFL for season 2012 becasue he was too young. 
  • He averaged 20 touches and 5 clearances a game in the SANFL. 
  • Sanderson has suggested a few times that he would have played senior footy for the Crows in 2012 if the rules allowed it. 
  • There are a lot of grumpy Crows around the interwebs tonight struggling to understand how blokes like Brodie Martin, Matthew Jeanch and Andy Otten have snagged a round 1 berth before him. 
  • He’s named first emergency.
This is an interesting discussion folks. For mine Crouch is the better player and I’m sure he’ll score more and gain more value than Kommer during the course of the season. Kommer certainly seems a valid selection based on his NAB form.. but is part of a solid WAFL season and a good NAB cup warrant him a place in our teams ahead of young gun Crouch??
A closer call than many are suggestion.
My call? Crouch stays in.

What’s yours?

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John C

Jock me old mate was just pondering the Crouch to Kommer question and happened to hit the website and see this but even more tricky to explain is the Sam Newman like snap of the Father of Fantasy that has appeared on the site. Had a little bit of work done lately eh Jock???


Crouch is out

My concern previously was time in the Adelaide mid field, vest man this year IMO


You need to take emotion out of it

– Couch is not playing and this gives an insight that he is on fringe of team. This means he'll be in & out all year. You need all your players playing and earning you bucks. Ditch him for now, maybe he becomes a trade down target later on.

– Kommer is not good enough scoring wise. They are playing him in the forward pocket, expect 40's and 50's. at least he's playing, but scores aren't good enough for mine.

My suggestion would be to look elsewhere – maybe Matthew Jones from Melbourne. Or Kane Mitchell should he be elevated next week.


I had Lycett in my team all of Febuary up until last week. With Crouch not playing I've moved Varcoe to his spot & brought back Scott. My feeling is that even if Brad breaks into the Adelaide team he's a good chance for the vest. He may become a regular before the years out but this is SC man! Your either quick or your dead.


this supercoach stuff is doing my head in i dont need this stress in my life haha


Crouch out for the moment for me, Kommer will get a decent run by the sounds of it, hopefully enough to grab some extra cash and then bring young Crouch in. Remember the extra trades will allow you to take advantage of some of these "cash grab" situations and perhaps not hold onto a non playing rookie for half a season like previous seasons!


lets hope adelaide have a late withdrawel


1. he might be a late in 2. If it asnt for the extra trades I may keep him but I have never in previous seasons always had 30 players starting (other than maybe ruck 4)

and have finished top 300 and 450 respetively last 2 years


Are you saying you have had all your players playing in your side or not?


yeh had all players playing rd 1 other than ruck 4. my thinking is to have neither plenty other options ill jump on crouch on the bubble and make money from rd 1 with another rook


Jock I'm assuming you and Sando would have discussed Adelaids's team structure over a few cold ones in the bungalow earlier in the week. Very disappointed he hasn't taken your advice, but surely Crouch has to be out of our teams now. Question is who replaces him?

Mick The Mad Irishma

Not considering either now Jock. Crouch was always going to be a bench player so not too concerned. If anything I hope he doesn't get a gig until round 4 now – perfect first downgrade.


SPOT ON!!! I like your thinking


Thoughts on Kane Lucas and paddy Ryder?


swapping crouch for a non playing rookie ( the first two games) may give u more flexibilty next week ( when we find out who else is playing..kommer must be respected by the bombers staff to get a gig (on ground by the way) though….when do we see higginbothams team?????

meanie of me

Crouch stays in for mine.

One of the cardinal rules is not to go chopping and changing a well thought out side at the last minute.

If it's the week leading up to the first bubble (rd 4) and still no Crouch then I'll revisit the question.


Smartest thing anyone has commented so far!




SOund advice my worry has always been how this kid will fit into an already strong mid field, him not being selected for me just stamps that for me, coz when he does play he will be a sub candidate and pocket player.

Hope for your sake it works out.


I was of the opinion the well thought out side was exclusive of the ROOKIES. Rookies always get shuffled around when teams are announced. Taking Crouch out now means you dont have to waste a trade doing it next week or 3 weeks from now if hes still not getting a gig. If Kommer was named on the I/C id stay with Crouch but the guys named on the field, thats a pure swap for mine.


Ahh yes but what if Kommer only plays the first game? you still have to burn that trade.

All rookies are a gamble.

It has happened before where a rookie was named in round 1 and everyone has jumped on, only for the kid to never play again that season.

I'm not saying 1 approach is better than the other, just that we should all bare in mind the Rookie risk.

I think it comes down to which one you think will be a bigger cash cow on the season


30 trades rather take the risk…also….not picking crouch rd 1 dosnt mean you have to jump on kommer plenty of other options next week


MARK. MY. WORDS. Crouch WILL play Rd.2 and WILL be a top 5 mid rookie in 2013.


Crouch out but not Comma in. One of the melb cheapies will be a better option. Evans perhaps subject to selection


Use Crouch for the captain loophole.


No good – you can't put the C on a player from a team that's already played.


Daz is right, you need to use the VC on someone who plays early so you can put the C on a non-playing player if the VC racks up a huge score


Anyone keen for another league? SC: 634816


Just jumped on, Cheers


Thanks Andrew. Just joined!


Lower out kommer in??


Will Spangher play for the hawks?


….Hawthorn rookies seem to be off the radar.


Yes I've got a close eye on both Spangher and Hill. With a few injury concerns I think there's a reasonable chance that one or both may play Rd 1.

So it will probably depend on how many of players like Lake, Hodgey, Cyril and Gibbo play.


If you ask me its silly to keep him and heres why.

Keep brad crouch now even if he plays rd 2 onwards his first price increase will be at rd 4.

Take someone else who is going to play rd 1,2,3 their first price increase will be rd3. Therefore you can trade them in when they increase about 60k and cash them in for brad crouch just before his price rise.


Need more cash than that from a cash cow.

No guarantee the rookie you replace him with is gonna play rnd 1,2 & 3


and lose a pointless trade before leagues even begin round 1, for 60k? any rookie that jumps 60k first week is worth holding on to, why trade them so early?


However, playing round 1 doesn't mean 2 or 3 as well. Been stung before waiting half the year for Paine to play game three!!


Ditto 🙁


Pittard or Stevenson down back??


Any thoughts on this team lads?

Forward line has been my biggest headache.. cyril ravioli is a likely omittee but then again, so are 90% of them

B: Goddard Gibbs Duffield Heppell

Goodes Pittard

(Stevenson Terlich)

C: Ablett Pendles Watson Swallow

Sloan Mayes O'Meara Viney

(Crouch Mitchell)

R: Jacobs Leunberger

(Rowe Currie)

F: Zorko Riolo Martin LewJetta

Karnezis Macaffer

(TomLee Redpath)


Looks good to me mate, however those forward rookies showed little to nothing and probably won't get much game time. i'd take Neade or Dwyer OR Swap in Blicavs to your ruck for opening rounds and put rowe down forward.


Also Rioli is injured. Watch out


cheers mate, ive got blicavs now in ruck and neade+rowe up forward . thinking of petrie for ravioli


Agreed. Apart from those FWD rookies a strong side. Even when Cyril is in he spends too much time on the sideline getting massaged. For that sort of coin I'd be leaning towards a Tom Rockliff or maybe Chappy?


Can't decide between Jack Riewoldt or Taylor Walker


Best choice would be to remain undecided on both and take Lewis,Bartell, Chapman or even the Kamikaze Kid. All will score more Jack or Taylor IMO


Afternoon guys,

I have been vigourously following most of the post here over the last few week, and all thw while trying to tweek and fine tune my team. So many ins and outs over the last few weeks!! Anyways….heres my team,

DEF: Goddard Shaw Duffield Heppel Vlastuin Goodes (Trelich Frost)

MID: Ablett Swan Pendlebury Dangerfield Murphy Mitchell Crouch Viney (O'Meara Kommer)

RUCK: Roughead Currie (Rowe Moller)

FOR: Cox Zorko Rockliff Lecras Varcoe Macaffer (Neade Lee)

$47600 in the bank

I feel weak in the ruck!!!

Thoughts would be appreciated…..Im only interested in winning my league (but lests be honest, there is a small part of everyones brain thats always looking at the overall win!!)


Damn i really should proof read before submitting!!


your ruck is very weak, I would replace either heppel or duffield with a rookie like brown (adelaide) or stevenson (pt adelaide) and upgrade one of your rookie rucks, probably Moller to a Goldstein or Bellchambers.

Thats just my 2c


Murphy, are you sure? I reckon a bit of his heart fell off when Danger crunched him last year, and he didn't have an appetite for the contest in the NAB. Gibbs will score more this year IMO.


Gday jock community

would appreciate some last minute tips before tonights lockout on my team

D: Goddard, Gibbs, Heppell, Goodes, Pittard, Terlich (Stevenson, Docherty)

M: Ablett, Dangerfield, Selwood. J, Shuey, Mundy, Hannebery, Wines, Omeara (Viney, Crouch)

R: Jacobs, Bellchambers (Blicavs, Currie)

F: Cox, Zorko, Wright, Lecras, Karnezis, Macaffer (Kerridge, Neade)

Tossing up between Bellchambers and Zach Smith, if i get Smith it allows me to upgrade a fwd rookie to mid pricer in varcoe or harper.

Any opinions appreciated


Last chance….jock reynolds supercoach league 687035

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no higgo team posted? hmmmm…..a little disappointing mate.

good luck all



Yes I agree, I've been looking forward to it all week!


best forward under 500k?


No Kommer, period!


Crouch is first emergency. Porpoise was in Hospital only 2 weeks ago and the rumours are he will be a late withdrawal. Smoke and Mirrors in Rd 1 as per usual. Hold your nerve and don't trade out Crouch!!


Hey Jock,

Fyfe or Shuey?


Please help community!

Should I go Griffin and Jake Stringer OR Leuey and Lecras? Cheers


griffin and stringer


what do you think of my tem


Goddard, Gibbs, Heppel,

vlaustuin, goodes, pittard,

(Stevenson, terlich)


abblett, pendlbury, Dangerfield, Cotchin

murphy(carlton), stevens, O'Meara, viney,

(wines, crouch)


Cox, Jacobs

(currie, Blicavs)


Roughead (hawtorn), bartel, rockliff,

kennedy (wce), karnezis, macaffer,

(neade, rowe)

pretty happy with my team not sure about my forwards trying to decide between karnezis and varcoe


Thoughts on vardey?


Hey community

Would appreciate comments or

THUMBS UP please

DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Heppell, Vlaustin, Goodes, Terlich

(Stevenson, Colquhoun)

MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Kennedy, Dangerfield, Fyfe, Moloney, Mitchell, Crouch

(O’meara, Viney)

RUCK: Roughead, Jacobs (Currie, Rowe)

FORW: Cox, T.Walker, Rockliff, Varcoe, Karnezis Macaffer

(Neade, Dwyer)

I agree with Jock about money making backline and stable ruck duo. I have a heavy loaded midfield for early high scores but i feel i can still make money as well. Went with Tex and Walker because they should have big starts with no Nic Nat and Tippet. Josh Kennedy should have a blinding start to the year with a really easy draw making me choose him over cotchin. Moloney for me was a no brainer now with job sercurity and its looks like he is back to his best.

Cheers Guys


I have Kommer and Crouch on the bench, aside my premius I have viney, Mitchel (PTA) and Omerea from GC… Any rookies I must have for round 1? cheers guys.


In the midfield*


stay with crouch i agree but after watching kommer, he could win you some cheap points


I have Crouch on the bench and he's not going anywhere except onto the field. And that might come sooner rather than later after the Crows woeful midfield performance last night.




could be my first trade come round 3 if kommer keeps doing what he did last night.


An interesting trade management decision. I went for Kommer in given round three trade can be Kommer out with hopefully a 20k or more increase for Crouch who is at original price and in game two about to increase. You end up with Crouch and some cash.


Very much what I am thinking


thats ive u dont have 2 do anything else that week i guess


Anyone else tempted by Griffin? Real nice averages, even though he doesnt play a full season.


Should I go with Gorringe (on the field) and Bartel/Stevie J
OR Griffin and Stringer (on the field)


griffen and stringer

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