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my supercoach team

Ok community I am 100% sure this is my round one team! Ok sorry that’s a lie. There is no way I can guarantee that statement, as I know myself I have so many selection issues that I need more time on.

There are at least half a dozen players who could make their way into my team. However I don’t envisage my strategy changing all too much, with the one possible exception being in the ruck department.

This team is a little mix and match when it comes to strategy. The backline is a full “Guns and Rookies” as I just haven’t been happy with any of the midprice options (including Heppell). Forward line is a “Guns and Midprice” strategy (pretty sure I just made that term up %#?),  but with such a lack of quality rookies I feel my hands are tied up forward. Rucks again I have gone with a “Guns and Rookies” approach with a rookie starting at “R2”. Midfield I have then gone for a “Midpricer strategy”  or as Jock would put it a 3 – 3 – 2 formation. 3 Super Elites, 3 Midpricers and 2 starting rookies.


This line is a little boring, as I don’t think there are any big surprises. I have called Hartlett a Premium even though he is under 500k but I feel he is premium priced for a defender. His is the only spot I am undecided on at the minute, with Duffield, Newman and even Yarran all a chance for this spot. I have gone with Hamish because I like the look of the overall Port Midfield and see this as an area where Port will improve the most in 2013. This improvement might not be seen in results, as Ports other lines are really weak but I think there midfield will win their fair share of contested ball to allow Hartlett to be damaging on the outside. I am picking him on my prediction of finishing the year as the third top scoring defender. An injury concern but has just had such a quality preseason to sneak ahead of the Duff-man at this stage.

People might be surprised with my selection of three starting rookies, and it wasn’t a decision made lightly. However it was never my intention to spend big in the defense this year as I am confident that I will be able to pick up a few premium defenders through the course of the year for better value than their starting price. The fact that the rookies in the back line look so good is just an added bonus. We all know about Goodes, but Stevenson is my pick of the bunch. I expect him to start the year slow but watch as Port use him more as a re bounder as the year goes on. Has amazing foot skills and has been flawless in the NAB cup. He has been running at 100%, 100%, 70% and 90% efficiency in his matches this preseason.

supercoach defenders


I trust you would have read a few of my articles over the preseason, and if so you won’t be surprised with the first three names on my team sheet. These men have been locked away all preseason and I am confident that they will finish the year as the top three Supercoach players. The only thing that has me slightly worried now is that Mike Sheahan has named them 1, 2 and 3 also. Now I know Mike’s a big fan of Jock Reynolds and will probably be reading this but sorry mate, it’s not too often you get it right. Buddy last year. I’ll say no more.

The rookies pick themselves really, with the only controversial decision the ommision of Kane Mitchell and the inclusion of his teammate Ollie Wines. This is a point of difference call and one I am confident of paying dividends. I am aware that Mitchell is the more popular of the two because of his price and his early NAB cup (AFL Fantasy) form. However for me Wines will outscore Mitchell in Supercoach because he will lay more tackles, get more contested footy and will be more efficient with his use of the Pill. Mitchell could very well end up playing a tagging role also. 

The middle three starting players are where my midfield gets a little different and where I am expecting a few WTF’s from the community. I have called Shuey a midpricer even though he is priced at $553k, but for me this a midpricer in the midfield as he doesn’t hold elite or super elite status. I have picked him on the assumption he can jump to that next level in 2013 a little like Cotchin did in 2012. Fyfe is an absolute gun and will be elite if he can stay on the park. A risk I am willing to take because the reward is just that big. Hannebery is arguably my biggest call throughout my entire team. I have picked him for two reasons. One, because he is a clear POD and two, I have been so impressed with him this preseason. He only played ¾ last weekend but had more disposals than any other player before he came off. Last season he averaged 23.8 disposals a game. In the two full NAB games he played he had 30 form 84% Time on Ground (ToG) against the Staints and 24 from 63% ToG against the Suns. Last season only 33% of his possessions were contested but that has increased to 39% during the NAB.

With some of the swans older brigade spending less time in the centre Hannebery is set to benefit from more time in the guts and around the packs, instead of out on the wing as he was in 2012. Had a great finals series, a solid preseason and appears to be brimming with confidence. I would love to have the chance to watch him one more time but because the stupid AFL decided to have a split first round I won’t be able to get the chance. It might be for that reason he may slip out of my team. My other option here might be to drop him down to Maloney and upgrade Shuey to Kennedy or Murphy.

supercoach midfielders


Cox will average 120 while Naitanui is out of the team. Locked away as one of the easiest selections I have made this year. The rest of the ruck depends on Brad Scott and Todd Goldstein and that round one North Melbourne team sheet. If Currie gets named ahead of Goldstein then he starts, if they are both named or just Goldstein then he doesn’t. Will be very interested to see Leuenberger and Vardy this weekend. They were my one, two at one stage during the preseason.

mick's supercoach rucks


The “Guns and Midpricer” strategy. It even sounds funny.

I know a lot of people are putting Macaffer on their field but I just haven’t seen enough from him this preseason. In fact I’m not sure he has shown Buckley enough either and is no guarantee of being in Collingwoods first round team. Will be interested to see the panic in all those coaches who have him starting if that does happen. He has got one more game against the cats to impress but right now it’s a bench spot only. Varcoe and Kennedy will be inconsistent but both will average over 80 and will look to upgrade both if/when they get a couple of big games into their rolling average midyear.

The premiums all look in good nick this preseason with Ryder and Rockliff traditionally big starters expecting some big scores from the pair early. Zorko has had his first preseason and we all seen what he did last year without one. Martin is a known unknown if that makes any sense. We all know he is class but we don’t know if he he going to take his game to that next level. I taking the punt he will.

mick supercoach forwards

In closing

Well community that’s the team as it stood before this weekend’s games. What it looks like come round one is as much an unknown as number of wildlife living in Patrick Karnezis hair.

Stay Tuned …

Mick the Mad Irishman

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Id rather lose hannebury and have another prem down back. Just because there is rookies that will probably play they aren’t going to be massive scorers.


Moro, all those starting rookies scored over 80pts today with Terlich top scoring with 106. Can see them all averaging close to 80 for the frist 6/7 rounds and then its upgrade time.

Hannebury is another story though, may very well fall out of the "Mayhem"


Yeah and Jack watts had 17 disp to half time. Big difference when they step up in a real season. I have the same rookies (well the ones you have on the ground) and they can certainly get 50-60 but I will go HEE if they all average 80 over the first month.


Thoughts, improvements?
Def-Duffield Goddard Gibbs Yarran Vlastuin Goodes Stevenson Terlich
Mid-Ablett Pendlebury Heppell Cotchin JKennedy Crouch OMeara Lucas Wines Viney
Ruck-Jacobs Currie Rowe Grimley
For-Franklin Zorko Karnezis Macaffer Neade Jenkins Cloke LeCras
10k left

Mark from Launceston

Franklin????? You serious. Injury prone and will licky to play 16 game this season. That is ALOT of money sitting on its arse on the side. When he plays their is no doubt he is the best foward in the AFL. But take "being rested"or Ïnjured" into account and he is a waste of money.

Ableet also is way over priced. No doubt he will be one of the best. But West Coast last year showed how to limit his influence on the game. Take also into account of the improvement of the rest of the team and he will average 6-10 disposals less this season per game (yep still amazing but not worth the price)

Also would not have Penddlebury. Collingwood are on the down and so is their midfield. Better players for your money to spend it on


what the [email protected]#$% are you on?

Mark From launceston

FACT… Franklin will play about 16 games this season

FACT…. Ablett price will go down tom aroun 600K . Also will get less pocessions maily due to rest of team "stepping up"

What have I said that you think is not correct?


I like it Mick. Our rucks are the same and our midfield and forward line are similar. I have J Kennedy instead of Dangermouse and Moloney instead of Hannerbery. The way the Lions are playing atm, Moloney will skyrocket in $$ early in the season and then I think he will stagnate, so I'll upgrade him after he strings 4 or 5 big games


However I just traded Fyfe for T. Greene


Dean, stop on mate. I like the Moloney option. May drop Hannebury down to him and upgrade Shuey to Kennedy.

Thanks for the input 🙂

Closet SC

Hannebery is a good choice


Love ur midfield selections. Hannebery pick is a beauty.
Sick of seeing cookie cutter teams constantly. Refreshing.


Ah Jez Mick, I think you are have'n' a laugh
Fwd line Ryder (stepping stone …Maybe) Kennedy( whay too much coin..Maybe) Martin ( I 'm repeating myself again. Damn Ya I will, He has all the talent in the Game but no Stay off Twitter/Facebook/Internet/Beer ..Weapon but who holds the trigger…)
Ruc's R U really goin' in with that?
Mids like the 1st 3 after that I lost all intrest except for Hanneberry same old same old Shuey/Fyfe ..Gaff will be a far better scorer this year Mundy is the horse to be on now…
Def you know Colquhaoun& Doughtery wont play Why?
I Know mate I'm just winding up for St Pats but are you?LOL


Dools old mate, thanks for input mate .. knew you'd have a few WTF at this one all right

Def:Colquhaoun will play, Dougherty will go to Pittard after Today.

Mids: Not a fan of Gaff, will he inprove on last year, yes. Will he improve enough to be a keeper, probably not. I have picked all them midprice midfielders as keepers including Hannebury. Not saying he will be but have more confidence in him over Gaff.

Forwards: Kennedy's breakeven is approx 56 SC points – as I said he will be inconsistent but will average a minimum of 80 and will be a stepping stone. Martin is risk v reward – took the risk. Ryder is the best ruck forward option after Cox and works into that swing.

Rucks: Headache !!!




Nice strategy down back and one i've been thinking about using. I've had guys like Atley, Brodie Smith (pre-injury) and Yarran as my DEF4, but none of them have really blown me away during pre-season. I can't see an obvious choice for a mid priced defender, so I think going a rookie would be the best choice, especially when Goodes and Terlich have looked decent so far.


Wouldn't bother with Atley or Yarran, both way too inconsistent. Jordan Murdoch (300k, looking to have a breakthrough second season) and Bachar Houli are my PODs in defence.


Yes MRB37 and add pittard into the equation and I think its the best option in the defence.

Still have plenty of headaches with the rest of this team :/


Really unsatisfied with my team, could I have some feedback?

DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Duffield, Hartlett, Goodes, Terlich (Stevenson, Docherty)

MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Dangerfield, Gaff, Mundy, Hanneberry, K. Stevens, Wines (O'Meara, Crouch)

RUCK: Cox, Currie (WItts, Daw)

FWD: Walker, Rockliff, Walters, Kennedy, Varcoe, Karnezis (Macaffer, Dwyer)

Would prefer 3 premiums + 1 mid priced in defence. Not sure who to take out and put in.

Is it worth having Gaff, Mundy and Hanneberry?

And I'm not happy with 3 -300k players in FWD.



Ryan, wouldn't be all too dissatisfied with that team mate. Very simialar to the make up of my team.
I think its worth having those three in the middle – look the chances are one of those three will go elite and if your lucky all three could. If not with 30 trades the risk is worth it.
Forward line is so tough this year but I don't think having three midpricers in this line is all that bad. None of them will be keepers but should average you over 80 and act as good stepping stones and your last upgrades.
If you did want to take one more premuum out of the back line it really is a toss up between duff and hartlett – id stick with hartlett but I don't say that with any great confidence so its best you go with your gut on that call

Best of luck this season mate


I think you'd be better off replacing gaff or mundy with moloney and using that money to upgrade to another premium. Moloney is looking to become Simon Black's replacement at the lions and will make you a ton of cash.
I'd keep Hannebery cause the swans have a pretty soft opening draw.
Don't worry too much about your three 300k forwards as long as you have condience in the first three.


haha LOL, is there a single player in your team that hasn't been a suggestion from this site? What a waste of a post


Shuey, Bennell or Fyfe for M5?


Out of the three I would pick Shuey. Fyfe is great If he can stay injury free but has proven to be unreliable. Bennell is unproven as a consistent 100+ scorer. Shuey has been the more consistent out of the three and like his chances of moving into the premium bracket this year.



I don't get why everyone here is going with Cox in the RUC?

Shouldn't it be better to have someone like Jacobs as R1 and then Cox as your F1 so if currie doesn't play, you can have an epic FWD/RUC swing and have Jacobs & Cox!?


Tom, Whats wrong with Ryder and Cox ?? Works the same way only I have Ryder as my swingman and not Cox.


Everyone talks about this FWD/RUCK swing option, but say Currie doesn't play and you swing Cox into the Ruck for Rowe….You're missing a FWD if the rookies don't play which is highly possible. Even if they do play, they won't score highly.


You have to have rookies somewhere on your starting line or else you are taking a gamble on to many mid prices, I have gone initially with no starting rookies in my forward line so if I need to swing my for/ruc gun into the ruck I have the option of bringing in my best forward rookie off the bench instead of my 2nd or 3rd best forward rookie because I think the forward rookies this year are the hardest to pick and I'm relying more on the rookies on the other lines to make the cash for me.


B – Goddard, Gibbs, Duffield, Heppell, Goodes, Terlich ( Stevenson, Docherty)

M – Swan, Pendles, Danger, Shuey, Fyfe, Stevens, Wines,Crouch (O'Meara Viney)

R – Jacobs Currie (Rowe Witts)

F- Cox Zorko Bartel Rockliff Karnezis Maccafer (Kerridge Dwyer)

$141,000 left

Do you like my side?
Any helpful tips?
Would it be worth getting hartlett instead of heppell?
Please give some feedback


Why is everyone jumping off Brent Moloney he's going to be one of the number one mids up at Brisbane and is guaranteed to go up in price. Had a solid pre-season and looks fit. Why no love.


better options


Personally I like Hartlett over Heppell – i don't see heppell averaging 100+ but Harlett could easily get up to 105 .. thats my two cents anyway

rest of that team looks really solid mate


So you perceive Ryder as having a better season than Roughead??


Tom, I'll go out on a limb here and say the Hawks will struggle to make the 8 this year – just a feeling I have and as a result I see a lot of Hawks players suffering as a result. Roughead has been used all over the park and may even play as tall defender at times during the year. Hale is the clear no.1 ruck and Buddy is the clear no.1 forward.

For me Ryder is the better SC option


Are u not taking Patrick Karnezis due to already having zorko and rocky? If so, lets say you didn’t would you still go varcoe over Patrick Karnezis and why? Thanks mate


AJC, this was my team before last nights game and I just hadn't seen that much of Karnezis. I don't think it's a problem having all three in your team as they will all rotate through the Lions Midfield. Karnezis has scored well in SC this preseason but on his performance last night I am still not that convinced if he will be a better scorer than Varcoe in the long term. His disposal and decision making is average at best and he doesn't have the same class as Varcoe. However it's not about class, its about points and I will be giving Karnezis vs Varcoe a lot more thought in the next 10days


Had varcoe all preseason but I was at the game last night and it was the first time I took any notice of Patrick Karnezis. Don’t normally look for hype players but this one might be to good to let pass in the short term. If all else fails he can be a “swap” for burger when he is on the bubble?!


so atm this is my current team about version 226759356383

gibbs, duffield, hanley
grima, goodes, Pittard (stevenson, Terlich)

Gaz, JPK, Deledio, k jack
Mundy, k Stevens, Wines, O'Meara (K mitchell, crouch)

Maric, currie (rowe, witts)

Cox, Zorko, Rockliff
Martin, Karnezis, Macaffer (Neade, Dwyer)

Really like the look of hannebery but i just cant find enough room in the midfield for him.
Any thoughts or opinions on my team woul be great. I have trie to have as many POD players as i can because if you want to win you cant have the same team as every other person in the competition. Also its all about Risk vs Reward take the risk and it pays off then your a champion.


I really like this team mate. No Goddard is a bold move but one that can really pay off if both Duff and Hanley step it up. How good was Hanley last night ?? Grima is a risk but he can go off too – consistency is key there. The rest of those backline rookies are quality and I think a lot of people are under estimating how well they will score.
JPK will probably find his way into a good few teams after this weekend too, including mine – Lids is a great choice too, one I like and a def POD. Jack is underrated and again a very nice POD. A good few people jumping on Koby but i'm a little iffy on this one. Not sure if he will score that well with a full strength Dogs midfield, Boyd, Cross, Griffin and Conney in there and Dalhouse and Higgins rotating through there also. He is one for the future all right but not sure if he will walk straight in and dominate as people think.
Maric is an expensive option in the Ruck but again a POD and has every chance of improving his average in a winning tigers outfit – has my approval
Macaffer in the forward line is probably your only weakness. Not a hugh fan at this stage. He kicked two goals yesterday and he only scored 60SC points. There will be games when he doesn't score any. Could be wrong though

But look over all that team has two thumbs up from me – if it pays off CHAMPION

best of luck this season


Yeah im not completely sold on stevens but he has the afl experience. so he knows what to expect compared to the rookies. But i may change him to viney yet and get some cash then upgrade macaffer to varcoe. I also was tempted to have 3 rookie defenders on the field but not sure if i can do it as it alters the structure of the team.


Mad Mick, I believe after Essendon play you'll be unable to make the Ryder ruck swing as the North game (& team selection) is the following week, also to Tom re Cox- the same would apply. Roughead would be the only practical option for this Fwd/Ruck swing to work.


So what are you suggesting i should do?


Thanks for the input Braider,

Unfortunately with the split round there isn't much I can do about this if I want both these players. Alternatively I drop Ryder for Jacobs and flick Cox into the forward line so I can see if Currie gets named or not.


First round is a bitch if you are relying on Currie to play. You need to know on the Thursday when Rowe plays or you won't be able to use him for the switcharoo. I'm thinking if Rowe is not playing start him on forward bench Cox or Roughy in ruck with my R1 and just take the loss if Currie does play. If Rowe is named to play keep him as a emerg in the ruck leave Cox/Roughy in forward line so Currie plays great if he doesn't you will at least get Rowes' points.


Hey guys, any thoughts on my team. Have 91k in the bank.

DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Duffield, Heppell, Goodes, Stevenson (Vlastluin, Turlich)

MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Watson, Cotchin, Moloney, Stevens, Wines, O'Meara (Crouch, Viney)

RUC: Cox, Longer (Rowe, Currie)

FWD: T.Walker, Rockliff, Johnson, LeCras, Karnezis, Macaffer (Kerridge, Neade)

If Luenberger doesn't play round 1, I'll play Longer until Luenberger returns, where I'll trade Longer for him. I was tossing up between Cox and Jacobs for a while but eventually chose Cox who will score 120+ until Nic Nat returns. Also, stuck between Karnezis, Varcoe and LeCras, i can get two of them but which ones? With the premium mids Ablett, Pendlebury, Watson and Cotchin, I wouldn't mind Dangerfield, but who would I trade him for?

All thoughts appreciated, cheers 🙂


After some feedback on my team, cheers fellas

DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Hartlett, Grimes, Vlastuin, Goodes B. SUBS: Stevensen, Colqohun.

MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Shuey, Moloney, Whitfield, Wines, Mitchell, O-Meara SUBS: Viney, Crouch

RUC: Jacobs, Leuenbigburger (for now) SUBS: Rowe, Currie

FWD (set and forget): Franklin, Zorko, Bartel, Rockliff, Johnson, Karnezis SUBS: Macaffer, Neade

Thinking about putting pittard in def after his stellar performance today


O wines or K Stevens?


I had Stevens until he was subbed out today. If he is cleared to play next week I'll trade him back in though


Wines for me.


This is my team:

DEFENDERS: B.Goddard, B.Gibbs, P.Duffield, D.Heppell, B.Goodes, N.Vlastuin (L.Stevenson/D.Terlich(E))

MIDFIELD: G.Ablett (C), S.Pendlebury(VC), P.Dangerfield, S.Sidebottom, N.Fyfe, K.Stevens, O.Wines, J.O'Meara (K.Mitchell(E)/B.Crouch)

RUCK: S.Jacobs , D.Currie (J.Witts(E)/M.Daw)

FORWARD: L.Franklin, T.Walker, D.Zorko, L.Jetta (Syd), P.Karnezi, B.Macaffer (S.Rowe(E)/S.Kerridge)


Velly solid team Mad man. Like the picks of Shuey, Hannebery and Kennedy.

I pose a question to ya mate, Quadzilla (Wines) or Koby Stevens? Only have room for one… Really like their form equally during this pre-season, but currently have the K-Dog due to his security in that Doggies midfield. Mind you, Wines has good security too… Thoughts?


Final Countdown now community.

Keen to get your thoughts on ruck options. Useful exercise to think of Plan B should injury strike. Have a crack at my poll question:



Taking the Martin gamble myself Mick ol mate ATM still got 2weeks to back out.


I can't bloody pick between the 2

Scott Selwood or Luke Shuey????

Ideas anyone????

Yappa's Allstars

Shuey for me.


I've played with my team so much I can't remember who I've left out! I've traded up to include Ablett, but I fear he is really a cash burden given my pool so far. Here goes!

DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Birchall, Atley, Vlastuin, Goodes, Stevenson, Terlich

MID: G.A, Kennedy, Dangermouse, Murphy, Shuey, Rockliff, Mitchell, O'Meara, Stevens, Crouch,

RUC: Roughy, Currie, Rowe, Witts

FWD: Buddy, Zorko, LeCras, Karnezis, Byrnes, Macaffer, Dwyer, Neade.

Thoughts on that Mick?


After some feedback on my team, cheers fellas

DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Hartlett, Grimes, Vlastuin, Goodes B. SUBS: Stevensen, Colqohun.

MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Shuey, Moloney, Whitfield, Wines, Mitchell, O-Meara SUBS: Viney, Crouch

RUC: Jacobs, Leuenbigburger (for now) SUBS: Rowe, Currie

FWD (set and forget): Franklin, Zorko, Bartel, Rockliff, Johnson, Karnezis SUBS: Macaffer, Neade

Mark From launceston

Franklin…. For a player that will more than likely get injured and rested too much , I believe he is a player NOT to be in any persons squad. Too much to pay for a player sitting on his arse eiother "rested"or "Ïnjured". Reminds me of a friend who still insists on having Luke Hodge in his team. Bizare

Abblett…. Simply over priced. Wil get 6-10 LESS pocessions this season. West Coast shut him out last year. Also given the rise of other players in his team, he is a player to wait. I also see an injury. (see above) Any player sitting on his arse is not worth the price

team changa

lake and rocky or zorko and moloney ??


is it too much to have zorko, rockcliff and karnezis in the forward line


Hello, first of all fantastic team mate, is there anyways of getting into contact with you?


Not in my view. I anticipate them all having great years so just pick em if you like em I say.

Lions play a fast high possession game which is great for fantasy footy so there should be plenty of SC points to go around even when they lose.

There's a good chance you will probably upgrade Karny to a premium before the byes occur anyway.


The FACT part, GUESS would be more appropriate. You may end up being correct, but this aint fact sunshine