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supercoach bargains notGreetings again community,
As most of you all know, I absolutely love youse all that are a part of the Jock Reynolds community. We’ve got something special going on here.


I also love reading through all your team selections. However, as I read through some of the players you’re selecting in your teams, I see some players who I certainly know I will not be choosing in my team for various reasons. So as a result, I’m gonna provide youse all with some free (that’s right, Mr. Crimmins – free) information of some of the most locked in players in people’s teams who I WON’T be selecting in my side.

Greg Broughton – Gold Coast ($441,900 Supercoach)

Firstly I must apologise to the beloved community, in one of my earlier articles I suggested that Broughton could be a good pick in 2013. But after a closer inspection and some more analysis, I’ve done a bit of a backflip!

The price tag is the thing that really scares me off here; at his price I just can’t see enough justification to pick him in my team. Since his debut in 2009, Broughton has only managed more than 15 games in a season once and his average Supercoach scores have been declining over the past three years. As many of you would know, he absolutely BURNT a lot of us in 2012 and with the kind of person I am, I find it very hard to forgive Greg.

Whilst I’m not going to argue that switching clubs wasn’t a good move for Broughton, I really doubt Gold Coast was the right choice for him. The lifestyle of sun, beautiful beaches and girls in bikinis sounds pretty good to me but I don’t think these things will benefit Broughton’s (on-field) career. With injury-prone Nathan Bock likely to miss games through injury, the Suns will have a pretty inexperienced backline. For this reason I feel Broughton will be required to play more of a lock-down role on one of the medium-sized forwards. This will limit his ability to rebound from the backline, ultimately being to the detriment of his fantasy scores.

Once again in 2013 it’s unlikely the Suns are going to win too many games – and as history tells us, defenders don’t maintain decent fantasy scores whilst playing in struggling sides. Bear in mind that this is all based on the assumption that Broughton will return to his natural position in the backline for 2013, if he plays that dreaded forward lockdown role again then it’s most certainly curtains!

Dustin Martin – Richmond ($473,500 Supercoach)

I can hear you community… I really can hear you all yelling and screaming…telling me this will FINALLY be the year Dustin Martin breaks the shackles and becomes an elite AFL player.

The man who has frustrated us fantasy coaches for so long will finally start paying dividends – but I’m afraid Teflon has got the marker out and is about to put a line through him. The issue I have with Dusty is the dude just can’t be trusted. He’s a bit like myself really – still in his younger days and enjoys going out. Obviously I’ve got nothing wrong with that but he’s already fallen into trouble with Dimma Hardwick. Who’s to say that won’t happen again?

Now besides all the off-field stuff, I’m really not sure I can trust Martin on the field either. One word springs to mind when I think of Dustin Martin: inconsistent. On some days he would play like an absolute legend – kicking goals, fending off opponents with his famous ‘’don’t argue’’ and producing match-winning performances – however on other days he looks simply disinterested. After 2011 where he averaged almost 100 Supercoach points, we were all convinced that he’d had that breakout year and he was ready to set the world on fire in 2012. However his average plummeted back down to 88 points. In a year where he was expected to improve dramatically, his career somehow went backwards.

And so it must beg the question: what can we expect next from Dusty? At $473,500 we simply cannot accept another mediocre year from him which is why I will not be picking him. As my old man used to say, he’s too much a Liquorice All Sorts – you just never know what you’re going to get from him. Don’t get me wrong…super player, loads of potential but there’s too much risk. A no from me.

Andrew Embley – West Coast Eagles ($283,600)

Andrew Embley’s an interesting one. The dude was a victim of the dreaded vest last year through a combination of form, injuries and age. For me, there are way too many reasons not to pick him. At 32 he’s certainly not getting any younger and it may need a minor miracle for him to start reproducing that form of his younger days.

The Eagles are a superb football side and have plenty of young guns coming through the ranks – as the season progresses I wouldn’t be surprised if Embley’s spot in the side comes under danger. The subs vest fell to him on several occasions last season and I wouldn’t be surprised if that continued to happen again this year. Plenty of clubs used the subs vest to look after the older players which is great for their conditioning but unfortunately we don’t give a damn about that; us fantasy coaches want our players spending as much time out on the field as possible and the last thing we wanna see is that bloody subs vest on one of our boys!

Injuries only allowed him to play 6 games last season and with an ageing body I can only see similar injuries reoccurring in 2013. In those 6 games he did play in last season he could only manage a paltry 318 Supercoach points at an average of 53. Andrew old dude…you were a champ back in your glory days but your time is just about up. No room for you in Teflon’s Pimps I’m afraid!

Angus Monfries – Port Adelaide ($356,700)

Scrolling down the comments section the other day I couldn’t help but notice the amount of people that are even considering Monfries. What are youse all thinking?! Let’s cut to the chase here; Monfries got the flick from Essendon for a reason – he’s no good! In Monfries’ defence, I did notice that he performed well in the NAB Cup Opening Round. Understandably a few of you got a bit excited over that but it’s worth remembering that Adelaide rested several of their stars in that game and in stifling heat many of the players were just going through the motions.

I’ll tell youse what, it was that hot in Adelaide that day I can only imagine the amount of ice creams I would’ve sold. Similar to Broughton, Gus Monfries is going to play in a team that is going to lose a lot more games than it wins. Ultimately this is going to make it hard for him to rack up big scores consistently. Another thing that staggered me about Monfries was his price tag of $356,700. You’ve gotta be kidding me!! I understand he’s a DPP (MID/FWD) which is important, but at that price there is most certainly better options available than Monfries. If we look through his stats, it doesn’t surprise me at all that Monfries has only averaged above 80 once in his Supercoach career (2011) and has never averaged above 80 in Dream Team.

Monfries is very much an outside player which makes me wonder how he’ll cope with the physicality of the midfield. A lack of contested possessions certainly isn’t going to help his Supercoach scores either. I’m sorry Gussy Boy, but there will not be a spot in my $50,000 winning team for you.

Luke Ball – Collingwood ($301,800 Supercoach)

I do love Lukey Ball, he’s a tough and uncompromising footballer who goes quietly about his business despite all the criticism he has copped over the years. But in terms of selecting him for my fantasy team in 2013, it’s a big no from me. It was a big fat juicy NO even before the news today that he’ll miss round 1. For starters, even when Ball’s career was peaking he was never one too many people selected in their fantasy teams. Often despite having a reasonably good game Ball wouldn’t necessarily score well in fantasy.

He’s the type of player who does a lot of good work that is unrewarded – for example “one-percenters”, shepherds and smothers. AFL coaches love those but it means next to nothing for us fantasy coaches. Ball has never averaged over 100 in Dream Team or Supercoach. His kicking efficiency has never been great either, which is especially bad for Supercoach along with the fact he hardly kicks long or kicks goals. In a packed Pies midfield with the likes of Pendles, Swan and Beams; Ball may even begin to find it hard to lock down his position in the team. At $301,800 after coming back from a ruptured ACL I can understand why many of you are tempted. But unfortunately for Luke I doubt he will ever be the player he was prior to the injury.

Not only that, but as I sit here tapping away in the back of my ice cream van, the news that I’ve known for WEEKS has finally surfaced. He won’t play round 1. And forget the bloke for the whole season mate.

 A word of wisdom

When Jock took me into his home and into his heart he learnt me a lot of things about life. One of the things that stuck with me the longest was this:

“It’s not the players that you select that win you Supercoach and Dreamteam Grand Finals son. It’s the players you don’t select”

All the hype goes crazy over the next week my friends. I want all of youse to stop and have a really hard think before locking in these so called “bargains”


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Great article teflon! completely agree mate. What do you think of a forward line consisting of 2 premiums and lecras, varcoe, karnezis and macaffer. Risky i know but could be the way to go with limited rookie options.


Not sure on Karnezis mate. Yeah he has had a great preseason but he is unproven. I like Varcoe and Macaffer but as you say not much rookie options up forward.


lecras will be job sharing with Hill so wont score enough to cover his cost!!
Varcoe is not showing enough early to think he will score very well.
Karney I have and hope does well. Big risk though. Minimise the risks!
3 Premiums min in the Forwards IMOOC!


Hey Jock,

Reading this article will you still lock in Angus Monfries? Have you given up on Leuenburger now he is under an injury cloud?
I originally had Broughton in my starting team but replaced him with Heppel. Vince just backed up my decision.

Great article Vince


I did the same, dropped Broughton for Heppell and Luenberger for Zac Smith.

Unfortunately the reliability isn't there for Smith as there is for Berger, but I see a big year for him.

Cold pies

this article is all well and good but i think most of uz have moved past these guys and are more interested a similar review of lecras, kennedy, karnezis, cornelius, varcoe, gray, macaffer

oliver fisher

Any thoughts on my following team?

Backs: Goddard, Heppell, Hartlett, Gibbs, Watts, Goodes, (Terlich,colquhoun)

Mids: Ablett, Shuey, Gaff, Hannebury, Rich, Fyfe, K Stevens, O'meara, (Viney, Mitchell)

Rucks: Bellchambers, Currie ,(Rowe, Witts)

Forwards: Cox, J Kennedy, Rockliff, Martin, Varcoe, Karnezis, (Kerridge, Macaffer)

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


too strong defence. you need a second premium midfielder (swan, pendles etc) because shuey as your second mid won't just cut it


Love your team champ! Would make the following changes tho:

Harlett or Watts – Vlastuain or Stevenson (These guys should get game time and earn u some cash)

Either Gaff/Hannerbury/Rich/Fyfe to a Elte premium like Cotchin/Pendls/Anger/Watson

Apart from that its looking good… Love how u have Rich and Hannebury… I recon both these guys will improve dramatically this year… Well done =D


Original strong team !!!! Stick with it. U might win big.
I dont like Varcoe or Watts but hey they might fire?
Good to see a different but possibly strong team.
Good luck to U!

Farm Dog

Given the midfield opportunity Monfries will ave. 90. Plus to mention being in a side that will lose more than win he still got a few kicks a Essendon.


Nice one Teflon, agree with you there on most of those players you have selected not to pick especially Broughton and Monfries. Never rated the both of them and probably never will I also agree with you by not selecting Embley and Ball even though I highly rated this two over their careers, great midfielders but as you said injuries and father time has caught up and I’m afraid their time is nearly up. Now that leaves us with Dustin Martin…. Sorry Jock, but I’ve got the bloke in my team and I really do hope he proves you wrong. I disagree with you on this one mate, I really think the kid is in for a big season this year and so is Richmond. I’m a Geelong supporter by the way…. You gotta listen to the coach, Damien Hardwick says “You gotta put him in you SuperCoach”. He would know best about he’s players, I hope you won’t be scratching your head after Round 1 when he scores 110 SC points against Carlton! But then again in saying all that, you could be right and I could be wrong…. That’s the beauty of it I guess, we’ll just have to wait and see.


Knowledge is power amd im 50/50 on martin. Not in my team but I can also see him having a good year!! Sooo many teams have almost exact same players. Elites mainly the same and rookies which is predictable but also smart. I can see so many ppl just copying advice from others. Think for yourselves. Its boring seeing 80% teams looking the same. Ie lecras varcoe fwd line cos of price. N gibbs heppell goddard. Most locks are indentical… good to see you taking a punt on martin.


Great Article!!
Quesion: If not Dustin Martin, then who's the best FWD 4 option? I really don't know who to put. My 1,2,3 is Cox, Roughead, Rockliff


Hu Tom
Cox is a very valid choice as is Rockcliff but with R/Cliff no POD ya u make some coin but at the rate every one is thinking LOCK for the season Orange Ruff, me thinks with the injur y to Suckling He will be shoring up the backline Nah until proved otherwise I will wait 3 games


Don't see Rough going back. They got lake in the off season and have plenty of runners out of the back half like shiels, ellis, savage that can take sucklings spot. Even brad hill showed a bit last weekend.


chapman who else????


Great article Teflon, with one exception – Dusty. Just don't agree at all mate, you say he's frustrated for so long? One season of disappointment is hardly Greg Broughton-esque. Mark Williams has given him a kick up the bum and told him what's what. I'll be jumping on


D – Goddard Gibbs Duffield Heppel Goodes Colqohoun ( Terlich Docherty)

M – Swan Pendles Dangerfield Schuey Fyfe Stevens Mitchell Crouch ( O'Meara Viney)

R – Jacobs Leuenburger (Rowe Currie)

F – Cox Zorko Rockliff Lewis Karnezis Maccaffer ( Kerridge Neade)

Any tips or thoughts…


Looking very solid… Only complaint is that there is barely any POD


POD is irrelevant if the side is the best choice. Trading will sort out the men from the boyz!! Building a side to have a POD is illogical.


Leunberger is now suspect !
Need a picked side without him IMO!!!!


cookie cuter side and bad spots. Luey gone. Sauce in the ruck well he might be premium?fwd line ace. Lewis only risk. Mids: no ablett??????dump gibbs or godard upgrade a mid and move in a good mid-pricer there.

Mr X

Great article tonight!
I will be jumping on Dusty, has the potential to create some serious $$. I am having trouble with my forward line. I have:
– Cox, Rockliffe, Lecras, Kennedy, Varcoe, Karnezis (Kerridge, Macaffer)
Is 4 mid priced forwards too much?
Im worried about forward rookies getting the vest and lack of job security.
Thoughts Community?


I'm of the same mind as you regarding forwards mate. I was weary of having too many mid priced forwards, but after looking at a lot of teams it seems as if a lot of people are struggling with their forward lines. I've only got a couple rookie forwards now, two premiums and a handful of mid pricers. Figured I'd rather at least get a score instead of a doughnut or a token single digit score, and splurge the cash in other areas.


Not the right attitude. Every player needs to score well for his price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unless you are happy being 255th out of 355,000 coaches?


I think a way around it is to put in an extra rookie in the mids giving a 4-0-4 structure and putting an extra premo in the fwds.

You get to use an extra cash potential in the mids whilst suring up some points in the fwds.

Just a thought


Lecras and Varcoe will bring you undone IMO
But thats Supercoach
Ya cant teach it! and ya dont give away the best team you have!


I like your forward line as it stands plenty Mr X. Don't listen to the haters!

I'm going a premium/mid priced forward line strategy myself. It's about the only philosophy that hasn't changed in my team over the past month. Lets not get into ruck strategy shall we ha ha!

Everyone's in the same boat regarding forward rookies so don't sweat it too much. Hopefully 1 or 2 of them get named in Rd 1 or we'll pretty much all be screwed to some degree. The fact that you have Macaffer on your bench rather than your F6 means you already have more protection against donuts than many.


Anyone who puts tats on his neck shows profound stupidity in my opinion.
I dont know if you can teach a player that is that stupid no matter how hard he tries.


I remember this time last year everyone was hyping up Dusty as well. You're spot on Vince, he'll burn you


All these people all over varcoe?? Flashy for 5 minutes and then does nothing for half an hour!!! Given a chance in the midfield monfries is now on a team that is not exactly full of high scores stealing his points, he will score 90-100 per game. A lot less injury risk than Lacras,varcoe, Kennedy etc.


Backs: Goddard, Gibbs, Duffield, Harbrow, Vlaustin, Goodes ….Subs: Stevenson, Terlich

Mids: Swan, Ablett, Pendlebury, Dangerfeild, Greene, k.Mtichell, Wines ….. Subs: Crouch, O'mera

Rucks: Jacobs, Leunberger….. Subs: Rowe, Currie

Forwards: Robinson, Wright, Rockliff, Cornelius, Varcoe, Mcaffer ……. Subs: Lee, Kerridge (dunno if will paly yet may change)



No good!


Decent effort Dabman. Toby Greene is a brave POD in the middle but no question the kid's got game. Also looks like you are missing a mid there.

However I'd probably recommend a mild makeover of your forward line. I'd prefer Karny over Varcoe or Cornelius. It's hard not to be impressed by Karny's preseason form even if he doesn't get as much midfield time in the real stuff.

Also it may be a good idea to get a swing ruckman into your forward line such as Cox, Hale, Roughy or Ryder to give your self some more ruck coverage especially with a big question mark over Leuey's fitness early in the season and the job security of Currie still an unknown.


L.Parker! oops!


yes a very podcast centric team luke – been listening attentively clearly.

I'm strongly considering a three premium, four mid price forward line.

Risky, but concerned about lack of game time for the youngsters. Wise or reckless community?

Only viable alternative at present seems to be to save some cash on another line and convert my friend froggy Le Cras into a premium.


It's hard to counter your fine arguments Mr Gambino. I had some interest in Monfries early as I favour a midpriced forwards strategy and he fits into that formula but a hammy red flag certainly put the kibosh on any ideas there.

Still a little torn on Dusty though. Granted I didn't have him last year so don't have those burn memories foremost in my mind like others here do but geez the kid could grab the competition by the scruff of the neck if he wanted to.

I'll probably play it safer and go Stevie J instead but I haven't dusted off Dusty just yet.

Bomber Stef

SCaddict – considering Stevie J's suspension. Will he need some time to get into the swing of things?

Potential trade up mid season?


Hi Bomber. Don't think it's too much to worry about there as he's had plenty of NAB Cup action already and was arguably BOG last weekend against a near full strength Kangas outfit with 20 disposals and a massive 9 tackles from 80% game time.

So I reckon he's ready to go. If he was missing 5 or 6 games from suspension like Boomer then I would think match fitness could be an issue but shouldn't be a factor for just a week off.

Actually the more I think about it the closer I'm to locking him in rather than Dusty. Mitch Robinson is another I'm considering for that F4 spot as well.


What’s the deal with leuenburger ??


Will miss NAB grand final and in doubt for round one. He has played one quarter all pre season.

Massive risk to take him I reckon, might be a good downgrade target after he gets some run into his achilles


Hey fellas, any thoughts or opinions to my team?
this thing changes atleast 10 times a day, so this isnt my final team, any help will be appreciated

Backline – Waters – Gibbs – Duffiled – Atley – Vlastuin – Goodes (Stevenson/Colquhoun)
Mids – Ablett – Pendles – Murphy – Shuey – Goddard – Stevens – Omeara – Viney (Crouch/ Mitchell)
Rucks – Kreuzer – Currie (Rowe/Witts)
Forwards – Roughead – Rockliff – Wright – Martin – Cloke – Varcoe (Macaffer/Neade)


Bomber Stef

Find a better option for Kreuzer!!

Nice work with the mids and backs – good to see there is some swing players too.

There are better options than Macaffer – his JS is a risk.


Ive had Kreuzer for awhile (meaning previous seasons) and he is getting better, he is in for a big one.

WIth Malthouse trying to turn Hampson into a full forward, i can see Kreuzer spending more time in the ruck, that with mobility, i think he can become a force.

Who is better then Macaffer?

Bomber Stef

Lyons or Kerridge?

Kreuzer averaged 77.2 in 2011 (12 games) and 92.35 in 2012 (20 games). Two year average of 84.3.

I would have thought that the blues are top heavy on ruck options (Kreuzer, Warnock, Rowe, Hampson, Hudson) and that Kreuzer would be resting on the bnech and not in the forward line.


I had Kreuuu last year and was frustrated when Rats played him predominantly forward midseason resulting in average scores. He did come good towards the end of the season thankfully but my big worry is him playing forward and say Warnock getting the nod for main ruck duties during the year.

So I'm passing on him this time round and going with a safer bet in Jacobs as my R1 for a little extra coin.


sacrificed that extra coin and moved Jacobs into the R1 spot.

Kept Macaffer as jock reckons he is a certin started and is fit, happy with that and with the lack of experienced cheap players in the forward line, im keen on taking the risk on him.

Hope Kru doesnt prove me wrong :/


Yeah there will be lots of players you don't pick that will go on to have great years.

Doubt the Big Sauce will let you down though. Already elite in ruck duels and still improving his 'all around the ground' game.


Lovely work Vince but I have to disagree on Dusty.

I remember in the 2012 pre-season there were many comments regarding Paddy Dangerfield along the lines of "he's a massive risk – yet to deliver on his potential so he never will – all sizzle no sausage etc etc".

I had a look at him and saw that he had just completed his 3rd full season, had showed an upward trend in those 3 seasons (SC ave 63, 70, 80) and was due to turn 22 mid-season 2012. Writing him off at such a tender age and/or expecting him to dominate footy in his first 3 seasons seemed ridiculous to me – he wasn't ready. Coupled with talk of a bigger tank, I included him in my starting line up and enjoyed his stellar 119 ave in 2012.

I am seeing now similar comments regarding Dusty, such as the comment in this article "I really can hear you all yelling and screaming…telling me this will FINALLY be the year Dustin Martin breaks the shackles and becomes an elite AFL player". "FINALLY"? As with Danger last year, Dusty has just completed his 3rd full season, has showed an upward trend in those 3 seasons, albeit with a spike in 2011 (SC ave 78, 99, 88) and is due to turn 22 mid-season 2013. Writing him off at such a tender age and/or expecting him to dominate footy in his first 3 seasons seems ridiculous to me – he hasn't yet been ready. Coupled with talk of a bigger tank, I am including him in my starting line up and looking forward to enjoying a stellar run through 2013.

Bomber Stef

At Dusty's price it is worth the risk!!

Anyone considered Shane Edwards for a spot? (I have).


Hi guys,

what is everyone's opinion on cameron pederson, shannon byrnes and brent moloney

Bomber Stef

Shannon Byrnes is in for me.

Cam Pederson is an interesting one … Any insight as to what his role at the dees are going to be?


Cam played forward and back, pinch hitting in the ruck when needed. He doesn't seem to have locked down a position yet so i'm staying away.


my friend's theory with the demons now that moloney is gone is to find some legs in better midfielders, james magner is pretty much their most consistent, so shannon byrnes is needed for that role to kick to 2 tall forwards in howe and dawes, a role which he should be familiar with playing with hawkins and podsiadly. Mark jamar is not a consistent ruck and will need cam pederson to help, he didnt do too badly at north


Defence: Gibbs, Reilly (Adelaide), Heppel, Burgoyne, O'Brien, Docherty (Staker/Terlich)

Midfield: Beams, Dangerfield, Cotchin, Thompson, Barlow, Moloney, Koby Stevens, O'Meara. (Brad Crouch/ Viney)

Ruck: Goldstein, Leuenberger (Daw/ Currie)

Forwards: Walker, Rockliff, LeCras, Josh Kennedy, Varcoe, Daniher (Macaffer/ T Lee)

Anyone you guys would recommend me changing? 😀


Good on ya Shannan for picking Beamsy as a nice POD in the middle.

Yes both Goldy and Leuey are looking very speculative prospects right now so that's the main area I would change things up. There's a possibility that neither will be named for Rd 1 so I'm sparing myself the potential heartache and looking elsewhere.

The rucks are definitely one area that can really bring your fantasy season undone if you get it wrong.


Hey guys hows it all going?

Here is my current team

Goddard Gibbs Heppell Atley Vlastuin Goodes Pittard Terlich
Ablett Pendlebury Dangerfield Cotchin Bennell Omeara Crouch Mitchell Stevens Wines
Jacobs Currie Rowe Daw
Cox Rockliff Zorko Johnson Karnezis McAffer Neade Lee

Im pretty happy with the team but unsure about Atley and Lee any suggestions would be great. Thanks


any money left?? what about daniher for lee and c pederson for atley, awesome midfield though but you have currie and daw number 2 and 3 ruckman for north, if goldie plays then you're one player down


Sorry, I have about 20k left over.
The ruck has been a pain to come up with. I just thought I might cover myself if currie doesnt play then daw should…
i am keeping an eye out who to change lee for when the teams are named, i might put in kerridge or spangher.
and atley i am still thinking about…


Jock, Vince is really struggling mate.


Bad call Troppa. I reckon Vince is a great addition to the team!!


yeah gotta agree with the fella above, not his best


all 3


thoughts on an alternative for luenberger, and haven't heard anyone mention scott selwood yet, thoughts on him?


He was up and down alittle last year for me.. Started off slow, too many other options to consider compared to him…. Thats my thoughts


He's definitely an up and comer who's improved markedly every year and one of the Eagles best players for sure.

The only knock on him from a fantasy point of view is that he's such a capable lock down player that sometimes Woosh gives him the assignment of stopping an opposition superstar and although he does the job very well some weeks his scores can suffer as a a consequence.

Last year he had 6 SC scores under 75. It may not seem a lot but his team mate Shuey (for about the same price) only had 2 games under 75.

Could prove a nice smokey for you but just be prepared for the odd frustrating week if you end up selecting him.


Midfield ATM is Ablett, Pendles, Danger, J.Steven, Moloney or Fyfe, Stevens, Wines, O'Meara.

Moloney + $150k or Fyfe + $10k


Why has no one Picked WATSON? just a question, I have him in my Midfield along side of Ablett, Pendlebury, Bennell, K Stevens, Vlastuin, lonergran, O'Meara……K Mitchell & Kerridge…

Any Thoughts and suggestions welcome


Any interest for Witts from Coll in the Ruck? or should I choose Daw over him as Rookie?


That's a very tough one to answer. Reckon both will struggle for opportunities early.

The thing that Witts has in his favour is that Jolly has missed plenty of footy the past few years as his body begins to show the signs of wear and tear and Ben Hudson just turned 34 himself.

The thing in Daw's favour is that if one of the Kangas tall forwards performs poorly or gets injured then there will be immense pressure from the North supporter base on Scotty to give Majak a go especially after we all saw those electrifying Nic Nat-like highlights from him in the preseason.

Actually thought he was pretty good on the weekend. Virtually all his possessions were contested, took strong marks, chased and tackled well and kicked a goal in only 50% game time. Not sure what more a youngster needs to do. But you can tell in interviews Scotty is not sold and is a hard marker of him so must know something we don't.


Dustin Martin or Travis Boak?


hey guys, would like some feedback on my team.
Backs: Goddard, Gibbs, Birchall, Heppell, Yarran, Terlich, Stevenson & Van Unen
Mids: Ablett, Danger, Fyfe, J Steven, Moloney, O'Meara, Viney, K Stevens, Crouch & K Mitchell
Rucks: Roughhead, Currie, Gorringe & Rowe
Fwds: Cox, Rockliff, Johnson, Martin, Le Cras, Varcoe, Lee & Macaffer

Due to the lack of fwd and back rookies I have spent more money there to sure up those positions and most of those players will play 15+ games. Ive gone lighter in the midfield with jack steven and moloney but the idea is that when some of the rookies in the midfield hit their ceiling, i will be able to upgrade midpricers to a premium as steven will hold value and moloney should increase in value. thoughts?


Think you have assembled an excellent team there. Really fancy your forward and ruck set-up.

Perhaps the only suggestion I could give is to consider downgrading Yarran to another rookie defender and spend the extra cash upgrading to an extra elite mid or two like a Watson, Pendles, Cotchin, Deledio, Kennedy etc.

Don't think Yarran has shown enough in the NAB Cup to think he'll earn you much cash or premium scores.


Cheers for the feedback. Yarran out Vlastuin in – as long as he’s picked rd 1. Same with van unen otherwise I might swap those rookies around and get in ones that are picked. This leaves me with $200k in the bank. Unsure whether to upgrade Steven to swan/Watson as 2 of st kildas first 3 games against GC & GWS. Watson for POD but swan is hard to pass up on!


Yes Vlastuin will be a popular choice if named for Rd 1 which seems likely given the impression he's left on everyone during the NAB Cup.

If you are a believer in Steven then stick with him but if you have any doubts then yes I'd recommend you upgrade him to a super elite instead.


rue that later on


can't deny anything that vince says he named 4 guys who seem on recent and last coupla years form to be suss, but I could hang with the ''stoners'' and get less baked by these cookie-cutter ideas. Take a risk Big guy.


What’s going on??? Why isn’t Super Pav a lock in all your forward lines???? Not feeling the love for a bloke who dominated last year and produced consistent high scores over entire. Season! Sure he’s priced highly fellas but for good reason, he’s supercoach gold.


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