Great Debate: Mid priced forward options

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midpriced forwards great debate

This issue is really beginning to sizzle folks and I believe that it is high time we fleshed this one out together as a community.

We have an absolute stack of mid priced forward line options this season. Higgo, Crouching and I have been at each other like two bob watches on this one as you would have heard in this week’s podcast. Which of them is value? Which has a real probability of breaking out to provide premium score output? These are discussions that must be had before we all get swept up in the pre lockout frenzy.

You see community – I believe that this decision could well be where Supercoach and AFL Fantasy leagues are won and lost this season.

I see one side this big bloody decision being the player vs player one. But just as critical is this question: Will you select any mid priced forward options this season? Being an occasional supporter of a quasi guns and rookies mindset I reckon this is a huge question.

Ask anyone and they will tell you that I am dead set proud as punch with the community input this season. Constructive. Positive. With none of that negative rot you sometimes come across around the inter webs. You’re all rippers.

Over to our much valued community… go on and select the best option out of these then lets get the discussion cranking below.

Who is the best FWD mid priced option?

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  1. RobCorrigan75 says:

    Lecras & Varcoe for me Jock. Still would like to see more from the others.

    • jockreynolds says:

      Gotta say I'm a bit torn mate.. at this stage I have Varcoe in there.. had to omit Arryn Sippos who I believe will be a hell of a player. Structurally I'm not sure anymore that Varcoe is even a good fit…
      Tough one

      • Aaron says:

        You'd have to Varcoe surely Jock? You know he will be selected each week if fit and if hes playing off half back then I think that does it for mine! Lecras is a gun but hes price is too awkward.

        With the lack of fwd rookies this year I think Varcoe is a perfect option and saves you some cash to upgrade your Chapman's or Johnson's to a Buddy or Cox! And with Stringer going down it makes it all the more justifiable.

      • @pluggers_guts says:

        I know how you feel mate. I'm bloody torn right now. I don't know if I'm being biased running with Sippa. I'm just hoping he comes out and smashes it next week so I can justify taking a punt on him. Lol.

      • @pluggers_guts says:

        What are you thinking Jock? Pure GNR?

      • Ross Was Lyon says:

        Jock, little bit of insider info that I thought you might like to know, I was lucky enough to have a chat to our old mate Lenny Hayes at the Aus Open and I asked him how he was travelling and if I should put him in my SC side, he replied "Not at this stage maybe around round 5 or 6" he did tell me however to get onto Jack Steven, told me that he was absolutely flying in pre season and is on the verge of becoming an absolute gun. Nicely priced at 480K he has slotted nicely into my midfield. GET ON!!!!

  2. matt says:

    I like Karnezis, but am wondering if he will continue to play midfield when they have a full squad, thoughts Jock?

  3. Shimma says:

    Is LeCras a must? Considering getting rid of Jenkins for him

    • @pluggers_guts says:

      I would suggest The French man might be a safer bet than Jenkins and more of a known quantity. He's ticked all the right boxes so far to take up where he left off prior to doing his acl in Feb last year. He averaged SC 84.4 (2009), SC 82.2 (2010) & SC 86.3 (2011). He's ceiling is around 95-100.

    • SCaddict says:

      Yes he's a lock for me. Certainly would prefer him over Jenkins unless you need him as a swingman although there are probably better solutions out there if that's the case.

    • BIGBOY says:

      keep Jenkins over LeCras as there is a major injury concern with Lecras

  4. matt says:

    Jenkins is a "burn" man to quote Crouching! Steer clear of him.

  5. Luke says:

    Koby Stevens or moloney.
    In terms of cash to point ratio.
    Who has more bang for their buck?

    • matt says:

      Koby Stevens, scored 51 supercoach points in a half on the weekend, will run wild this year at the doggies

    • Aaron says:

      I'd go Luke Ball instead of Moloney everyday of the week for that mid priced mid. Don't pay to much attention to the performances in the NAB Cup its all media hype. Luke ball is an outright better player, a crucial part of the Pies structure and the ultimate professional athlete.

      • Smittzzy says:

        Luke Ball is going to win no ball in that jam packed collingwood midfield mate.

    • Shimma says:


    • Eagle says:

      Stevens will score well and make you more cash which is the name of the game
      with your non premiums

  6. Didz says:

    Stevens couldnt get a game with eagles
    moloneys proven!!!

    • Luke says:

      Moloney couldn't get a game at Melbourne..

      • SCaddict says:

        Really? He played 15 games for the Dees last year and was their best and fairest in 2011. Where as Koby only managed 4 games and I believe some of that was as the sub. It was more attitude issues and getting on with the new coach that saw him depart for Brizzy

        That said I reckon Koby will fit in very nicely at the Dogs and Moloney will do likewise at the Lions.

        I've got Koby in my team but with the midfield structure I'm adopting (GnR) I can't squeeze Moloney in there even though I reckon he represents excellent value.

    • Shimma says:

      Eagles midfield is far stronger than the dogs, definitely gonna play

    • Togg says:

      i dont even say how not getting a game at eagles is relevant compared to my bulldogs. wc have gaff, masten, selwood, priddis, shuey, kerr(?) wellingham now. whereas the dogs have the aging cross, cooney is mia sc points wise. wallis will be a star, libba. this a midfield requiring rebuilding, i cant imagine how badly we would perform without boyd and hes 30 now i think..

  7. @pluggers_guts says:

    G'day community. I've tentatively got both Sippa & Varcoe at the moment, but I have to admit, shaping my entire Fwd structure has been driving me bananas. With the lack of genuine rookie options and various other issues, such as yay or nay to start with Buddy, potential break out players, fwd/ruc dpp, etc …more questions than answers from me at this stage I'm afraid.

  8. Tyler says:

    B – Goddard Gibbs Heppell Atley Goodes Colqohoun (terlich docherty)
    M – Swan Pendlebury Dangerfield Schuey Fyfe Stevens Mitchell Crouch (viney omeara)
    R – Jacobs lueunburger (Rowe currie)
    F – Cox bartel rockliff Lewis varcoe macaffer (kerridge neade)

    I'd this a good team? Any no or yes's . Do you like it? What can I improve on. Feedback k would be great

    • Aaron says:

      Gotta have Gaz mate its that simple. Otherwise really nice job! Like Bartel up forward.

    • Paddles says:

      Agree Gaz is a must… Bartel burnt me last couple of years better money to be spent on either Zorko if you can fit him in or D Martin has been outstanding at Tigerland all per season and NAB cup.

      Jacobs??? Better money with Smith or Vardy Listen to Jock!

      • Phil says:

        D Martin was outstanding this time last year then burnt all of us during the season, Zorko good option though.

    • SCaddict says:

      Yeah Jimmy is one hell of a big time player but reckon his mate Stevie J or perhaps Zorko will provide more value. Bartel burnt me last year so he's a definite pass from me.

      • Luke says:

        Bartel first game vs hawks. Big game? Could score well..

        • SCaddict says:

          Yes he's a big time player and normally produces the goods against the Hawks. But his consistency frustrated me last year plus he's no spring chicken any more.

  9. Aaron says:

    Mayes or Daniher for my F5?

    Don't know much about either except Daniher is a key forward which I try to avoid.

    Cheers lads!

    • Kodesz says:

      Mayes, apparently big hype around him at brisbane and a big chance for round 1. Would definitely like to see some of him though.

  10. Benno says:

    Definitely a big issue to discuss regarding team structure jock. personally haven't really been tempted by siposs and byrnes. Considered Lecca after his game on the weekend, think he will do well this year but personally his $369K price tag is awkward and might be just that bit to much for me. So at the moment Varcoe is the only one for me. Forwards are close to a lock for me at the moment, jut need to decide on my two bench rookies.

    Cox, Zorko, Rockliff, Martin, Varcoe, Macaffer


    • @pluggers_guts says:

      I like it Benno! I'm a bit stuck with my bench rookies too. I've got big Joe Daniher & the pizza man Paparone at this stage…both less than confidence inspiring! I reckon I'll be using every last minute of the rnd 1 rolling lock out before I've settled on my fwd rookies mate 🙂

    • Togg says:

      BOTH zorko and rockliff? 1 or the other in my books.

      • Simmo3 says:

        Why wouldn’t you have both? Will both score well, are DPP and will both most likely be top 10 fwds

        • SCaddict says:

          Yeah both are locks for me. I reckon Brizzy are going places this year and these two young rising stars should be a big part of it.

  11. Te Ninja says:

    For those who select ‘None of these blokes’, did you have anyone else in mind? Who is missing? I’d be interested in their opinions.

    My opinion. If we’re looking purely at Mid priced FWDs options, whether they’re locked in your side or not, surely Varcoe’s got to be up there.

  12. Griffo says:

    Anyone know where to find full list of sc scores from r2 of nab. I've looked everywhere @ can only find the odd score.

  13. Micko says:

    Any thoughts on Scotland this year?
    Not many people mentioning him … It's about gibbs i see..

  14. free lance says:

    may start varcoe as a mid (6th or 7th) and stack my forward line with fwd/mids…if varcoe smashes it after 2 round he will earn a spot in my fwd line( the old switcheroo), if he is a dud then i can trade him out for the best rookie ( whitfield, vines) who will be making cash in week 3, any thoughts?? ruck is a bigger worry at the moment

    • The Old Dylan says:

      Try to avoid expensive rookies. Look at guys like crouch etc. If they are playing. Not only will they generate more cash, but you will get more change from trading varcoe

      • free lance says:

        thanks for the advice, who will be the greene/zorko of 2013? would love to see varcoe and lecras consistently hit the 80-90 mark,not just fanny scratch around the 60-70 mark….welcome..

        • The Old Dylan says:

          No dramas! Check out Jock's rookie cheat sheet, it lists the popular choices. Make sure you don't lock any rookies until they are named in round one, so you don't have non playing players. We are lucky to have the rolling lockout this year, so we can adapt to late changes.

          Unsure who will be this year's Zorko, but keep an eye on any rookies that are scoring well, and jump on them after their second game so you can capitalise on their price rise after their third game. Beware of the dreaded rotation policy! Clubs like GWS have made a point of saying they give all their players a go, which means guys like whitfield won't play the full season ( I think GWS have already said he will probably play 12-13 games…)

  15. Noah says:

    Varcoe is my pick here but why is Byrnes not getting talked up? Will play every game garunteed and has been tearing it up in the preseason (NAB cup games not so good but in intra club etc.) and he is pretty much the closest you can get to a rookie price. Can make some serious bucks and there’s no way his price is going down. Extra trades makes it even better, less risk in taking someone like Byrnes

    • dannyboy says:

      i agree, everyone is treating him like he is an old man but he's only 28 and if he is injury free should and will play every game, he becomes the dees best small fwd and the fact that he got a gig in 2 grannys when the cats were flying means he is no spud! the only reason he is not in my team right now is cos every1 has scared me off him. i also think varcoe is a lock he is a natural play maker and loves a snag or 2 and siposs is to risky for mine, lecras to expensive and i know bugger all about karnezis

    • JJFyzz says:

      I had Byrnes in and them took out. Not sure why. I still like the look of him and may down grade the frenchman to Brynes and use the cash elsewhere.

    • Kev says:

      People are going varcoe over byrnes because varcoe will be running off half back ala yarran. Byrnes is a small forward.

  16. Tim says:

    Loving the posts jock
    But is Varcoe too big if a risk, he’s too awkward of a price at $268,000 if you want to upgrade if he gets injured and downgrading him could cost you!!! But is he the key too supercoach success this season?

  17. brett says:

    i have got varcoe, byrnes. special k and le cras! talk about mid price madness! i downgraded dustin martin thinking le cras will score around the same as him this year but im still not too sure, the rest of them though i think they will generate a nice price rise of 60k-150k which i believe is worth it, not too blessed this year with cheap decent forward options

    • SCaddict says:

      Yes my forward line has 4 premiums and 3 mid-priced players as there are seemingly just no decent rookie forwards out there other than Macaffer and perhaps Staker whenever he returns.

    • Mac says:

      I believe that Dustin Martin has the potential to average over 110. However, i'm not saying that he will. He has a lot of talent but he doesn't seem to have the desire to win games.

  18. @pluggers_guts says:

    G'day community. I need some advice on my fwd structure. At this point I have Franklin, 2 premium fwd/mids, 2 mid price fwds (Siposs & Varcoe), & 3 rookies. I've heard arguments from Higgo and others for a straight GNR fwd structure, but the lack of quality rookies worry me. Do you reckon 3 rookies supplemented with a couple of low cost mids will be enough to kick off my fwd structure in SC 2013? Any ideas and suggestions for improvements would be great…or if you think my current structure looks ok, please let me know too. Cheers!

    • SCaddict says:

      Personally I just can't see how a GnR structure can produce the goods in the forward line this season unless you guys know something I'm not seeing in rookie forwards at the start of the season.

      But it looks like donut central to me so I'm going with a premium/mid priced strategy in the forward line.

      • The Old Dylan says:

        Prem/mid priced seems the way to go, my fwd is Cox, rockliff, lecras, varcoe, byrnes, daniher, kerridge, lamb, but not set in stone yet. waiting to see which rookies will play, and going to go from there

  19. Jared says:

    Varcoe for mine, along with Macaffer, then Rockliff, Watts, Broughton, Martin.

    PS: Any chance for a premium cheat sheet soon Jock? Struggling to find a good R1

    • Jared says:

      If anyone has ideas for a R1 let me know^
      Originally had Goldstien, now really unsure

      • dannyboy says:

        i got cox but im unsure about what to do. i got no compatible swing players in the fwd line but i dont think that it will matter as long as currie gets a game. in fact i got no compatible swing positions at all for the moment. i figure if i got the right mix of players why should i worry about swing players at all. we got 30 trades the teams gonna change a lot within 2 months why should i structure my game around this minor issue?

        • Eagle says:

          I am of the same opinion, Get the team right! Dual position is nice and with plenty of trades this year no need to have a swing trade just for the sake of it.
          Get the right starting team and the rest will be easy.

      • SCaddict says:

        Without a doubt my most problematic position too. I've had Goldy, Jacobs, McEvoy and Maric all in there at various stages but am currently favouring Zac Smith. This allows me to spend the coin elsewhere such as the forward line and see who emerges as the must have rucks as the season progresses.

        I have Cox in my forward line btw.

  20. Greg says:

    Jock, have you considered J.Kennedy (WC), averaged 86.8 as an emerging key forward in 2011 before an injury plagued '12? Le Cras and Varcoe haven't matched that in any season, Le Cras was just below that in '11 but he is 70K more this year.

  21. SCaddict says:

    I reckon Cornelius is worth a mention. Not currently in my team but a player I'm closely scrutinising along with Knights, Petterd, Josh Kennedy and Byrnes.

    • JJFyzz says:

      I just added Cornelius in.

      F: Cox, Zorko, Rockliff, Le Cras, Varcoe, Cornelius (T Menzel, Mayes)

      Makes me a little Brisbane heavy as I have 2 in the backline and 1 mid and 1 ruck too!

      BTW I'm a WCE supporter.

      • Michael says:

        I am also incredibly Brisbane heavy. Leuenberger, Rockliffe,Zorko, paparone and I would have Rich if I wasn’t worried about too many lions. The old sauce man looks a good swing option down back too. Karnezis Cornelius and beans represent some good options too!

        I’m a port adelaide supporter too so don’t know why I like these guys as SC prospects so much

        • SCaddict says:

          Lions are shaping up as one of the real improving teams this season so no surprise fantasy coaches are liking many of their young and rising mid priced and premium players.

          Port on the other hand is a rookie bonanza. I have 3 in my team and may even have 4 if they all get named in Rd1.

      • SCaddict says:

        Main thing is to pick what you reckon are the best value players in each position. What team they play for is a lesser consideration though admittedly 6 from one team may give you some bye issues, although perhaps not as big a deal with the new bye scoring rules.

        So perhaps consider some non Lions alternatives only if you are truly splitting hairs on some players. But that said Rocky, Zorko and Leuey are locks for me! Karnezis, Cornelius and Moloney are also on my radar too!

  22. Cam says:

    Also interested in Josh Kennedy (WCE). Varcoe is a lock, but Kennedy presents great value.

    • JJFyzz says:

      I don't rate him. Lumbering and just looks slow. Doesn't get enough of the ball (although no Lynch now).

      I had him for a while last year and feel a little burnt

    • SCaddict says:

      An unknown quantity in a revamped Eagles forward line. I prefer Lecras as I reckon he may get some midfield time as well as kick 2-3 goals a game.

      However there is every chance that Kennedy could produce impressive scores but I'll probably wait and see on him and may trade him in when he has a low BE.

  23. JJFyzz says:

    How's this forward line look.

    F: Cox, Zorko, Rockliff, Le Cras, Varcoe, Cornelius (T Menzel, Mayes)

    Trying to limit the number of trades and have a back up for a few zeros.


    • SCaddict says:

      Yeah not bad mate. Of course everyone is struggling with forward rookies so hopefully some of them get named in Rd1.

      Macaffer is one to consider for your bench as he has a good chance of playing early in the season.

  24. Philip says:

    I'm a kangas supporter so i might be biased but surely Kieran Harper has to be considered. Averaged 50 last year playing as a sub so massively undervalued at 275k, has had a massive preseason and is right in the break out zone.

    He is also much less injury prone and will most likely play 22 games this year as someone else will get to don the vest.

    Having said that i also have Varcoe 😀


    • StefGalb says:

      Harper played less games in 2012 (12) than he did in 2011 (14).

      He had a much better average in 2011 (53.6) than 2012.

      Could indicate he is on the slide rather than on the rise!!

      • Philip says:

        This is from the North website…

        "Heading into his third year, the 20-year old is beginning to turn heads and looks ready to make his mark. While he managed to play every game in 2012, Harper is being driven by some of his not so great performances."

        He only played 12 full games last year and 10 as a sub which obviously drags down his average.

        I think this year he will play less or not at all as a sub which automatically will bring his average up, on top of the increase he will get from another pre-season, being stronger and fitter.

        He is definitely on the rise!! 😀

        • SCaddict says:

          Yes bit harsh to think he may be on the slide so young. Doubt many will pick him so could be an interesting POD and you would probably better know his potential than many as you are closely watching Kanga games.

          Just don't know enough about him and only have 8 forward spots so pass for me.

        • Kev says:

          Of course the North website are gonna talk him up mate, they aren't gonna bag the bloke. Not on my radar at the moment

          • theazzyg says:

            12 Disposals against the gold coast at 33% efficiency and 5 clangers. not for me personally. But only 52% game time, so if he can lose the clangers I might re-consider 🙂

  25. Luke says:

    What does everyone think about Kieran harper from north Melbourne?

  26. dale says:

    thought on mathew wright? i'm thinking tending to breakout this season.

    levi casbult??? seams to have had good pre season? any interest.

    • SCaddict says:

      Yes Levi has had a very good pre-season indeed. The fact that he's a key forward and his $300K+ pricing is probably putting most off with the plethora of value mid priced forward options out there.

  27. Brick says:

    I'm waiting to see if Andrew Krakour gets a run in the midfield. Might be slightly undervalued if he can average around 90.

    • SCaddict says:

      Yeah he would be undervalued even if he averaged 65. 90 would seem him shoot up to around $500K but that would be a truly unbelievable season for him given his role for the Pies. Certainly worth considering though.

    • Kev says:

      Don't see him running in the mids for the pies. They've got a lot of options

  28. Eagle says:

    Franklin, Cox, Zorko, Rockliff, Varcoe, Karnezis
    Macaffer, Rowe

    Best I could come up with

  29. Eagle says:

    COX will be a forward for the majority of smart coaches this year.
    Franklin Cox Zorko Rockliff Varcoe Karnezis
    Macaffer Rowe

    • Phil says:

      I agree with you Eagle you can rely on Cox for good scores consistently through the year unlike some premium forwards, I would like to have Franklin but he's to pricey and i'm putting that money into my mids.

    • StefGalb says:

      Depending on your team structure and strategy – IMO Cox should remain a Ruckman.

      Aren't many key ruckman which are consistent week in week out. Plenty of mid-forwards that are much more consistent that ruckman. You want to get your ruck stop right from the beginning.

      Hope the structure works well for you. Keep me posted throughout the season – would be interesting.

      • Kev says:

        Having Cox as a forward doesn't mean you can't swing him into your rucks. Many are going with a midpriced ruck this year, if Vardy/Smith/Luey fail then you've not only got a backup ruck man in cox sitting up forward, you've got the cash of the failed midpriced ruck to spend on these potential break out mid pricers

        • StefGalb says:

          Agree with you there Kev with regard to the trade possibility of an average ruckman.

          Considering that onfield players are the only scorers (subject to injuries and emergencies), wouldn't Cox's score be best realised as a ruckman along side another gun ruckman. You would then have a mid priced forward in Cox's place of whom would be highly likely to outscore the second string ruckman that you have playing as a ruckman.

          Best to work out a strategy with Cox that is going to maximise your scoring position by utilising the most available cash cow options early so you can trade up in later rounds.

          Much more cash cows available as forwards than ruck options.

          • SCaddict says:

            I prefer him in my forward line too but your argument does have merit. I have 4 forward keepers (barring injury or major form slide) and two spots left for Nic Nat assuming he returns to the player he was last year and Buddy when he's a little bit cheaper.

            Then the plan is to probably upgrade to either Maric or Jacobs in the ruck plus another premium ruck who has a breakout year whoever that may be assuming it's not already Leuey or Smith that I've currently selected to start. Well that's the plan anyway assuming everything goes right which it very rarely does in Supercoach. 🙂

      • Eagle says:

        I have Zac Smith who's average I believe will be above similar priced forwards. Also I have the Burger who is a cash cow/keeper.
        With the cash from WItts/Currie/Rowe I plan to bring in Nic Nat for Smith
        when appropriate. This way I see myself scoring well from the get go with out gambling on a hit and miss Forward.
        If Smith or Berger fail or there is a must get forward trade Cox can easily be moved to the rucks.

  30. Tom says:

    4 round 11 mids in your fwd line. i guess it's ok if you don't haver too many on other lines

    • Eagle says:

      Karnezis would probably be traded out by that stage and with three trades available will have plenty of options. )

  31. jimbotraralgon says:

    what do we think of Karny and Corny? The double act from Brisbane. Who is the best of the two……

    or should I change duffman to heppell to get enough for siposs?


    • SCaddict says:

      Tough call Jimbo. I'd favour Karny but both are solid choices for the money I reckon. I'd prefer either over Siposs at this point so wouldn't change your preferred backline just to bring him in.

    • Jared says:

      Keep Duffield! Will average 100+ I think this season has had a ripper pre-season and nab cup so far as well

    • dools says:

      G'day Jimbo, No Duffman No Party LOCK mate I see your delima with Heppell IMO Lose Goddard if he is in and swap with H
      My Bacline so far is Duffman(Oh Ya!) Hurn Hanley whom we spoke of before
      HeppeLLisious, Valstman (Rich) Goodes and Currently Terlich and Docherty

  32. st kilda 2013 says:

    Goldy or Jacobs in the ruck?

    • st kilda 2013 says:

      sorry wrong thread

    • StefGalb says:

      Glody has a 2 year average of 103.1 which has reduced by 14.2 from 2011 to 2012. You would think his place is safe with McIntosh traded out. Majak Daw might be a factor to consider.

      Jacobs has a 2 year average of 97.4 which has increased by 6.6 from 2011 to 2012. You would think his place is just as safe as Goldy.

      Jacobs looks a better pick based on stats and the fact he will be the key ruckman for the crows. Could even get a resting spot in the forward line now that Tippett is out. Jenkins to go ruck Jacobs to go forward for the rest option.

    • SCaddict says:

      Jacobs is probably the safer option. Currie is looking really good and may threaten Goldy's job security during the season if Goldy puts in a few poor games. Seems strange to say now that McIntosh has left.

      Goldy probably has the higher ceiling as a better around the ground player but reckon it's a riskier selection.

      • Leica tiger says:

        Not much talk around McEvoy. He's had a gun preseason and ready to fire. Wouldn't discount him.

  33. James says:

    What premium forwards are there? Already have Roughead and Rocklief.
    Would love some suggestions.

    I reckon Travis Varcoe is the best value as a mid price forward. If he can stay injury free then he could average around 85+.


  34. @bridgman35 says:

    B: Gibbs, Heppel, Broughton, Atley, Goodes Stevenson (Vlastuin, Terlich)

    M: GAJ, Danger, Cotch, Shuey, Bennel, Scully, Mitchell, Viney (Crouch, O'mera)

    R: Z Smith, Bergers (Gorringe, Currie)

    F: Zorko, Rockliff, Dusty, Lecras, Varcoe, Karnezis (Lamb, Mcaffer)

    130k in the bank

    I realize Scully isn't a popular grab but I think he is due to break out after the backlash and could become a premium and a massive POD

    All feedback is appreciated 🙂

    • Jon says:

      Back line needs a little bit more of work, too many mid prices at least have two or three premiums and one or two mid prices. Having too many mid prices you're taking risk/or a punt on those three players (Heppel, Broughton & Atley)

      Lose one of your Premium Midfield having too many premiums in that area you will not have room to grow. As we all know there are so many quality rookies in Midfield this year.

      Gotta have Cox (FWD/RUCK) in the forward and have a DPP player in the RUCK like Rowe (RUCK/FWD)

      These are my ideal Premiums set up..,
      B: 4
      M: 4
      R: 1
      F: 4

      But at the moment i have gone
      B: 4 (Shaw)
      M: 5 (Ablett)
      R: 1 (Giles)
      F: 3 (Cox)

    • pretty average defence.

  35. Jimbo says:

    [polldaddy 6941557 polldaddy]

    Already have Roughead and Rocklief, so who would you select as your number 3 forward?
    Leave a comment if you have anyone else in mind.


  36. Luke says:

    Any ruckman other than cox or leuy who would if be?
    Any forwards other than rockliff who would they be?
    Just can’t find the right combination.

    • kodesz says:

      I'll be going with sam jacobs in my R1, if you want someone else around leuy's price go for Zac Smith.
      If you dont care about stevie j missing the first round then he could be a good option along with zorko.

    • Jon says:

      Giles will have similar or even better output as he had last year. but remember to trade him towards the end of the season if GWS has no chance in making the Finals as he tends to slack off.

      Cox is a safe forward to have, my next choice would be Roughhead can score well above 100 SC points and next would be ZORKO capable of scoring well above 110 or even 120 sc points.

  37. James says:

    Maybe someone like Shane Mumford. Really under priced if he stays healthy.

  38. Dee says:

    Who do you guys will score more points this year in the back line….. H. Taylor or Duffield, would appreciate your opinion as I can't decide who to pick. At the moment my back line is….

    Gibbs, Taylor/Duffield, Heppel, Yarran, Vlastuin, Goodes ( Pittard, Terlich)

    • Dee says:

      And what do you guys think of Curtly Hampton from GWS? At $300k…. a bit awkward but could have a breakout season and plays forward and defence! Any opinions on him?

      • SCaddict says:

        The dude has plenty of talent. However like many of the Giants young players coaches are generally staying away due to Sheed's rotation policy as well as fears of the second year blues.

        With all their draft picks the past few years it's hard see how their team will settle down and there will probably be a fair amount of experimentation to come. No doubt there will be GWS players who have breakout seasons it's just tough picking which ones and not getting burnt in the process.

  39. SCaddict says:


  40. Elijah K says:

    Hey Jock
    What do you think about Lachie Whitfield? Avg'd 144 in VFL last year?

  41. phantom says:

    t.hawkins good option this year, what about t.cloke burnt me last yr but u know he will improve on ave.

  42. Fongool says:

    after the weekends game you would have to say that Billie Smedts could come into the equation. Who has more upside Smedts or Varcoe?

    • kodesz says:

      im a cats fan and just beacuse smedts had a good game on the weekend doesn't mean he will step up this year. Varcoe over smedts by a huge margin! Varcoe can produce much bigger scores for his price, you'd be nuts too take smedts over him!

  43. Dunc says:

    Does Shane Edwards come into this price bracket? If so, he is the man. Sorry if I just dumped a lot of peoples POD in the forward line but there is no talk of him and I think at $431500 he is mid-priced. Does not need much of the ball to score well.

  44. Ryan says:

    I’ve got lecras, Varcoe and Karnezis in my Forward at F4,F5,F6 thinking about downgrading Karnezis and upgrading lecras to maybe a M. Wright from the crows, I already have Cox, Roughead and Rockliff in the forward line. Thoughts and feedback please!

  45. Alex says:

    Robbie Gray, thoughts?

    • SCaddict says:

      Still on the indefinite return list unfortunately so it would be wise to look elsewhere at least for your Rd 1 team selections.

  46. shaun says:

    hey jock, what do you think of kane lucas, lecras and zac smith for some midpricers? 🙂

    • Adam Williams says:

      Kane Lucas is locked in my midfield position, saw him play a ripper game, couldn't resist! but thinking of trading him for viney? and then spending the extra 100k to get a better R2. thoughts?

  47. Marko32 says:

    Think the mid price forward takes on a new importance this year with a severe lack of decent forward rookies… In years past I’ve always gone a decent mid-priced player in each position but have changed my tactic this year. I have gone guns & rookies with my midfield and back line (4 premos in each position topped up with rookies) but in the forward line have gone 3 premo forwards (Franklin, Cox, Rockliff) thrown in matt wright from the crows as F4 and filled the last two positions with Varcoe and Karnezis… I think this is the only way I can guarantee 6 scoring players in my forward line as I don’t think many rookie price forwards are going to get a game let alone be a good cash cow. I have mccaffer and paparone on my bench.

    • SCaddict says:

      Good advice Marko. I'm not even sure on Macaffer getting regular games with all the Pies depth this season. Will get even worse when Daisy and Ball come back so all those with him as an F6 may be in for some frustrating weeks.

  48. Jimmy says:

    [polldaddy 6951243 polldaddy]

  49. Phil says:

    Karnezis, Cornelius, Varcoe

    If you had to pick 2 of the three?

    Thoughts anyone.

    • SCaddict says:

      I reckon Karny for sure. Hasn't put a foot wrong in the preseason. The only worry is that he probably won't get as much midfield time in the real stuff but he should still appreciate in value nicely.

      The other two are a raffle in my view. Both are X factors for their respective teams. Perhaps Varcoe will score more consistently and will probably be picked every week but Cornelius may have the higher ceiling and will be more a POD so it comes down to personal preference really. All are good choices for a F5 or F6 though.

  50. Liam says:

    Hi guys, just wondering what about J.Kennedy from the eagles after kicking 5 last game?

  51. SCaddict says:

    DELETED – meant to be a reply to Liam

  52. Liam says:

    Which combo is better?
    H.Bennell (GC) – J.Kennedy (WC) – D.Heppell (ESS)
    D.Mundy (FRE) – M.LeCras (WC) – G.Broughton (GC)
    Would like to know what you think as I am really not sure

  53. Ben says:

    Hey would appreciate anyone to rate it

    DEF; Goddard, Gibbs, Birchall, Heppell, Rusell, Goodes (Coloquohoun, Terlich)

    MID: Pendulbury, Cotchin, Watson, Shuey, Moloney, Wines, Crouch, Omeara
    (Viney, Mitchell)

    RUCK: Jacobs, Leunberger (Currie, Witts

    FORW: Franklin, Rockliff, Cox, Broughton, Varcoe, Macaffer (Dwyer, Kerridge

  54. Daniel says:

    For the bloke above…stay the hell away from Yarran. Soft as butter!

  55. ben says:

    def- goddard gibbs birchal duffiled hepple goodes ( staker docherty)
    fwd rioli rockclif matian lecras daniher mcaffer ( rowe lee)
    ruck goldstien berger ( grundy daw)
    mid cotchin murphy pendulbury shuey bennel whitfield wines viney ( omeara couch)
    is my team any good

  56. Hello says:

    Shaw, waters, Gibbs, duffield, hartlett, goodes ( terlich, colquhoun)
    Swan, watson, shuey, martin, wellingham, mitchell, o'mera, moloney ( crouch, viney )
    Jenkins, currie ( witts, mcbean )
    Cox, walker, rockliff, lecras, varcoe, spanger ( macaffer, rowe)
    Thoughts I have 98,900 in the bank

  57. midnightquills says:

    Anyone got thoughts on sticking both LeCras and Kennedy into my forward line?

    Currently sitting with Pavlich, LeCras, Kennedy, Siposs, Varcoe and Macaffer with rookies Kerridge and Rowe on the bench.

  58. Riley Taylor says:

    need a hand with forward line. Ayce Cordy? is he a goer? then other players im not sure on are Menzel and Neade? I will be trading LeCras for Varcoe after this round

    • Riley Taylor says:

      Also I have a few ??????? in my mids. Devon Smith. any good? koby Stevens? Clay Beams? want sorted ASAP please

  59. Will says:

    new to supercoach any tips alright last 2 weeks
    B Hanley Heppel Goddard B.Gooodes. Burgoyne Pittard Vlastin osbourne
    M GAJ Watson S.Mitchell J.Kennedy Wines Viney Whitfield D.Pearce J.Bennel J.Lonergon
    R Berger Vardy Daw Currie
    F Buddy Cyril Puopolo Darling mcaffer byrnes Tex danaher

    • Mr_Consistent says:

      Tex for west coast's Josk Kennedy and then Vardy for Will Minson