2013 Supercoach Mid Priced Cheat Sheet v3

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Supercoach mid priced cheat sheet

Gday everyone!

Here it is – my latest revision of the famous Jock Reynolds AFL Fantasy Footy Community mid priced cheat sheet:

Click here for your 2013 AFL Fantasy mid priced player cheat sheet v3

Now if you’ve been around this joint for long enough you’ll know that we bloody LOVE our community of fantasy footy fanatics.. so don’t be a stranger! The best way to learn this caper is to join in the discussion with your mates and learn a trick or two off each other.

We are a Supercoach and AFL Fantasy Community that prides itself on a positive and friendly team environment where we all give each other a hand in a friendly and constructive way… so cmon then! Drop the community a line below and join in we’d love to have ya! Supercoach and/or AFL Fantasy glory is just sitting there waiting to be found so grab the bloody thing!

So what do we reckon about this version of the mid price cheat sheet folks? GAGGIN for some more footy this weekend!! And how are your teams coming along?

Your old mate,


(PS… our weekly podcast reached number 30 on iTunes during the week.. not bad for an old bastard eh??)

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Howdy ladies and fellas!
I have a couple of pretty good leagues forming .
6 spots here: 190912
1 left here: 782380

Feel free to get on board!

Love the site Jock, Higgo & Crouching!
Keep up the great work!!


You can still enter. Its not too late to win $150,000 in Centrebets AFL fantasy league. Australias richest fantasy competition… http://bit.ly/centrebetafl


struggling with my mid pricers in fwd line. Already locked in siposs but im still not sure about jack watts, Josh Jenkins or Lecras. I currently have Watts but that could change any minute. Thoughts anyone??


Most will be running with varcoe/byrnes. Varcoe for mine. Not sold on Jenkins, need to see more. Fan of LeCras, but not at the moment. Want to see him get some scores on the board.


Not able to slip Lower in the mids Jock? He tore it up in the first nab round


Yeah defiantly should be on the cheet sheet will be a bargin


He's been flying under the radar but for mine hes th best take …. Real high quality player, in the 3 games he played for Freo last year i think he top scored on dreamteam (Fremantle average) Different game but surely worth a look at


Looks to be an astute choice mate. Moloney another 1 to keep an eye on for similar money.


Hey Jock, your thoughts on Cam Pederson vs Vardy? Which should I get? Also, Jack Steven as another mid price Mid?


Thoughts on Andy Otten Jock??


no for me Paul…..just dont see evidence of a natural progress this year.

happy to be proven wrong but I expect much of the same.



you have done it again jock me old sock.



no ellis? Thoughts on him Jock?

After crouching cut him loose I think I will pick him up on the rebound………he is my new supercoach crush along side newman.



You're not convinced on Knights? Is there a better option for cheaper who will get as much run through the centre?


Don't see Knights running through the mids all that often season proper. Tigers midfield runs very deep. Also not convinced he'll play a lot


Who would you prefer for the same price?


Varcoe (268k) is popular. Some POD, but riskier choices are The General Patton (242k), Harper (275k), if he gets off the rookie list, Ricky Petterd (240k) could be a sneaky one, and, don't laugh, but Sheeds loves big o'hAilpin (252k)

Don't rate Byrnes (230k) but he's another to consider.

Hope that helps a bit


gday jock,
what is the community's opinion of wright (adelaide fc) and harbrow (g.c. fc)?

I think harbrow will be freed up on the wing with the recruitment of broughton to take his spot on the half back and he's also a cheaper option to broughton.

And with wright it appeared he was allowed to run through the middle in nab rd1 and looked comfortable there.



Wright could be a decent POD, as a FWD only though. Could be a decent choice instead of Dustin Martin.


Great work here jock, the other day I randomly got this really bad feeling about Broughton so I traded I’m out for Jack Grimes and now thinking Dyson Heppel also, who should I have in my team? Also if there is anyone please say:)


Not at all concerned about Angus Graham pushing Jenkins out, he's only insurance for if Sauce goes down with an injury and so they can have a #1 ruck for when they rest Jacobs a couple times this year.


What does POD stand for


Point of Difference – off the top of my head. Shane Tuck. Not a lot of people pick him but he can still pump out big scores


Kieran Jack would be another POD


Ricky pettard instead of chrissy knights? too bad about monfries i had him in and now he is out for siposs


Petterd is still on the rookie list I think mate


Spewin about Gus Monfries… Now onto Siposs like a fat kid on a smartie


They reckon he'll be good to go for Round 1, just a bit of an interrupted pre-season is all. Still think he'll be fine come round 1.

Te Ninja

Same here. Reports are a couple of weeks though arent they? Maybe not round 1. But surely we keep an eye on him?

This fat kid wishes there were more smarties though. Not 100% confident in any mid price fwds justifying their price bar Varcoe. But he HAS to be in most teams so no POD there.


Its hard not to have any mid-pricers in your side. A must for 2 and possibly 3 so great tips Jock you cheat sheeting sensation. Patrick Karnezis (bris) did well the other night, a boom on the boy, & Lycett (fwd) worth a look early as a fwd whilst Nic Nat tackles his bone.

Maybe the other missed mid priced ruck is Robbie Warnock. We know the big guys take a bit longer to mature. This is his 6th season but only 55 games. At $350k had interrupted 2012 after showing a bit the year before. Can get plenty of taps 30-40 a game when fit and his tackle count went up as season progressed in 2011. 7 scores over 100 in 2011 and ave of 86sc but his injured games pulled his average down. This kid's a real smokey for those not going with Luey. Apparently training well. Close to taking him myself.


WOW, what a write up… Warnonck is NO but if this pans out I want to be the 1st to say i TOLD YA SO..LOL


i've only got one in each line. the green ones. heppell, moloney, berger & varcoe.


Why do u guys think if Nick Lower?


I like Lower and Koby Stevens. Both are in my team at this stage.


How about Setanta O'hAilpin as a R3 mid priced RUCK/FWD swingman? Didn't stand out in NAB Rd1 but seems Sheeds is fairly keen on giving him plenty of game time.

Also thought that Zach Smith is worthy of consideration as a mid priced R2 selection especially if Leuey struggles in the NAB Cup. Looked up and about in NAB Rd 1.

Te Ninja

I for one am seeing the same player that Carlton delisted. Depends if he does anything notable with his game time if he gets it. But I’d still be leaning towards what the rookie cheat sheet is saying. Rowe or Currie to start (or both, but I dare say no POD’s there).

Zach Smith…. One to watch for sure if his NAB 1 form continues or gets better. I’m new to this sport fantasy wise (kiwi). But, has there been any breakout analysis similar to the one posted a day or so ago on Ruck age/exp? Surely Rucks deviate from the Breakout Zone findings…. don’t they?


Yeah I like the looks of Currie a lot with only has Goldy ahead of him and Scott may play both in some games so presently have him as my R4. Rowe was impressive in NAB Rd1 for sure but I'm just concerned there are too many Carlton bigs ahead of him. Nonetheless will certainly be monitoring him closely over the next month.

Yes conventional wisdom says that talls and ruckmen in particular take longer on average to develop. Haven't seen any analysis on that specifically though.


Any thoughts or opinion on my set up

DEF 3-1-2

MID 5-1-2

RUCK 0-1-1

FWD 3-2-1

Cap left $101,200

Break out players I can’t decide to have

In starting Line-up. Any suggestions?

Def – D Heppel, J Watts or S Atley

Mid – B Moloney, L Parker or C Beams

Ruck – M Leueberger, Z Smith or N Vardy

Fwd – D Martin, T Varcoe or S Byrnes


One more thing…. who would you choose
M Murphy or A Swallow


Definitely A.Swallow


Swallow will be the better pick


Thanks guys… I have swallow at the moment. But I’m keep a close eyes on Murphy for he can get 150sc points if fit.


Murphy can't handle a tag yet mate. Until I see otherwise I'd be taking Swallow everyday of the week.

No such thing as a hard tag in NAB cup games, don't get to excited if Murph pulls out big numbers


i like your choice of Smith in the ruck. SUNS have a nice first 7 weeks where he won't come up against too many of the gun ruckmen. I see him getting back to 2011 form and you are guaranteed he will play most games.


Hey jock,
Tossing up between Broughton and Heppel at this point in my back line
Who would you choose at this current point?



D Rich in the mid, good value potential elite. Love your work Jock looking forward to seeing how the lists look just before the start of season proper.


hey there Lords and Jock especially, could i please get some feedback on my current team layout?







Very interrupted preseason for pav, maybe swap him for Ryder/roughead and open up ruck swing w rowe

The Old Dylan

Heard someone on here say that colquhoun might not get much game time… Watch port’s NAB games to see if he will, or if he is too small.

Try to get Goddard down the back, there is plenty of gold in the mids this year and stuff all it seems in the back and forward, so any big guns that can swing and play mid have no place in your mid!


Daniher is too expensive to be sitting on the pine. Hird is teasing us, he won't play much at all this year imo.

Your mids are fine, that's where the points are. Agree with Old Dylan though, get goddard down back for heater (he'll do something stupid no doubt) and help yourself to a different premo midfielder.

Rucks look a bit weak on paper, not sold on luey yet. Leave them for now but watch NAB cup closely

The FranklinShow

agree with the other lads re: Goddard needs to be in back half.

Pav to Cox gives you a bit of cover in your rucks which like mine appear to be weak.

Siposs worries me and would definately monitor his NAB cup form.

Really solid team though great base to work from.

The FranklinShow

Would really appreciate some thoughts re: draft 15 team.

Backs – Goddard, Gibbs, Birch, Heppell,Vlastuin, Pittard, B Goodes & Terlich
Mids – Gazza, Swan, Pendles, Kennedy, Fyfe, Crouch, O'Meara, Viney, K Mitchell, Kommer
Rucks – Z Smith, Leuy, Rowe & Currie
Fwds – Lance, Rockliff, Dusty, Watts, Varcoe, Macaffer, Mayes, Lee

My rucks is where i have gone low but from what I saw with Smith last week looked like he may just be able to pump me out some big scores.

Jocky boy what your thoughts on Z Smith, seems to have been flying under the radar some what. Cracking site, great work mate.


good side fella.

have to say that I am not a fan of the Zac at all.

like the look of the forward line for sure


The FranklinShow

Thanks Jimbo.

Yeah I had not really give Smith much thought at all until last week after his NAB 1. I had goldy originally but with the extra cash I saved was able to get G Ablett into the middle.

Will track for the rest of NAB cup.

Cheers mate


well safe to say getting gazza is more important than goldmember.

I just think you will be looking at zac in your side all year quietly cursing yourself.

you could turn pendles or swan into a cotchin or murphy and downgrade eith mayes or vlads and that should get you to mummy or goldy.


The FranklinShow

Thanks for the thoughts jimbo, appreciate it. Those moves are defintaely going to be the best way to free up some cashola.

Zac is my big concern in my squad and I'm sure by the start of the season I will have chickened out and gone with a more reliable option in R1.

Cheers mate.


Yeah currently in the same boat. Have both Leuey and Zac as my R1/R2 so that I could really bolster both my forward and backlines with quality de facto mids that will hopefully remain keepers all season.

If Zac could make $100K for me then may be able to upgrade directly to a premium ruck who has a few off weeks early in the season. But he will need to continue to impress in the remaining NAB Cup rounds or I'll probably bail on him too.


Hey SCaddict…

want to post your side and we can help out with the Zac problem.



Thanks Jimbo. Like everyone else here it's a constantly evolving beast as I gleam ideas from others so I've now brought in Maric. It's a rookie midfield madness/mid-priced hybrid strategy as follows:

DEF: Goddard, Shaw, Gibbs, Newey, Vlastuin, Goodes, Colquhoun, Terlich

MID: Ablett, Danger, Parker, Moloney, Whitfield, K.Stevens, Wines, K.Mitchell, O'Meara, Viney

RUCK: Maric, Leuey, Currie, Rowe

FWD: Cox, Zorko, Rocky, Dusty, Lecras, Varcoe, Karnezis, Macaffer

$180K in the bank.


get on board fellas…..

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Hey Jimbo how is your team looking mate love to see it


hey tim.

of course it will change again but currently looking like…….

TEAM NAME: jimbotraralgon
DEF: B. Goddard, B. Gibbs, P. Duffield, C. Newman, N. Vlastuin, B. Goodes (J. Pittard, D. Terlich)

MID: G. Ablett jnr, D. Swan, P. Dangerfield, T. Cotchin, B. Moloney, J. Lonergan, K. Mitchell, B. Crouch (J. O'Meara, J. Viney)

RUC: D. Cox, M. Leuenberger (D. Currie, J. Osborn)

FWD: L. Franklin, T. Rockliff, D. Martin, J. Watts, T. Varcoe, S. Mayes (B. Macaffer, S. Kerridge)

CASH LEFT: $14,600



Very nice team mate, loving it looking very solid.


My mates suck at SC so refuse to play against them want to play against people who know what they are doing. Opended 5 different leagues codes below, if you take SC serisouly and want to be in a good league welcome to join.

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on it


Pavlich, Ryder, Hale or Roughead. Out of these who would you pick for a forward line option


would go Roughy.



I currently don't have either in my team but that said I'd probably lean towards Roughie.


NO! Always choose Hale. He's going to have a ripper of a year!!!


Which duo: Crouch and Heath Shaw OR Jasper Pittard and Jack Steven


Crouch and H.Shaw for me.


definitely crouch and shaw Shimma.



Hey Jock, any love for Clay Smith? Looked a bleeding ripper Friday last. I'm hoping the dogs will "mould the Clay" this year.


G’day community. I have some questions regarding the rucks this year. My current rucks are goldy, leuenberger, currie, rowe

1. Are we all set on goldy as R1 this year, or is it worth spending the extra cash and getting Maric/mcevoy/jacobs, or perhaps a second mid pricer like jenkins/pederson/vardy?

2. Who is the best ruc/fwd premium to go in the forward line?


1. I'm not quite sold on Goldy just yet although he appears to be a R1 selection for many. Currie is a legitimate contender for his position unless Scott plays both of them in most games which is certainly possible as per today's game.

Although not as popular I'm seriously considering Zac Smith who had another solid game statistically today against Goldy/Currie.

2. I reckon Cox if you can afford him.


hey billy.

I started with Goldy then to Mummy and now I think it is worth spending the extra cash and pick up Cox.



thoughts on gibbs or birchell?


Both are great players. Gibbs is a lock for many teams including mine now that he's playing in the midfield but I'll probably look to bring Birchall in mid season when hopefully he's a little bit cheaper.


Brougten back into calculations??


I know it's only pre-season but both Karnezis and Cornelius have me very interested as FWD mid pricers. At this stage I have Karnezis in my squad and will be watching them both very keenly next week against the Pies.


Any thoughts on Krakouer? Cheap price tag and showed mad skills during the finals. Considering dropping Shannon Burns to make way.


He's been in and out of my team but is currently out. Reckon there are better FWD mid pricers out there such as Karnezis, Cornelius, Varcoe, Lecras, Petterd, Siposs, Knights etc


Maybe Chris Masten could have a breakout season. His pre-season form suggests that he could be in for one. Any thoughts.


Trying a different tactic this year
let me know your thoughts
who’s should be in or out?
Back: Goddard stanly Gibbs
Hartlett. Atley. Plowman
(Vlastuin goodes)
Mids: ablett beams Boyd Whitfield
toumpas orouke lonergan omeara
(Wines mitchell)
Rucks: cox. Smith
(Grundy currie)
Forwards: franklin Zorko robinson
Lecras krakour varkoe
(Daniher neald)



What about kane lucas? im tossing up between him and koby stevens at the minute. who will get more game time?


Yes this one is driving me crazy too. I really want to fit in both but there are so many quality rookie mids that I probably can't do it. I reckon both are going to get plenty of games early.


Zac Smith an option for R2?


Whats the story with robbie gray atm? Thinking of getting him in for his price?


Still listed as an indefinite return on the Port injury list on the comeback road after that horrific knee injury sustained last year and other leg problems.


Plenty of value mid priced forward options out there so pick one of those guys instead and perhaps bring Gray into your team mid-season after he's played a few games and is on the bubble.

Adam Williams

anyone know anything on Kane Lucas?
tempted to swap him out for Koby Stevens?


really appreciate if you rate it

DEF; B.Goddard, B.Gibbs, G.Birchall, D.heppel, J.Rusell, B.Goodes
(S.Docherty, D.Terlich)

MID; D.Swan, J.Watson, T.Cotchin, N.Fyfe, D.Hannerberry, O.Winnes, J.Omeara, B.Crouch
(J.Viney, K.Mitchell)

RUCK; T.Goldstein, M.Leunberger (J.Witts, M.Daw)

FOR; L.Franklin, D.Cox, T.Rockliff, J.Watts T.Varcoe, B.Macaffer
(B.Kerridge, S.Dwyer)


Would like a few tips of how could change my team or if its good as it is

Backs: goddard, waters, malceski, rance, plowman, goodes (stevenson, clurey)

Mid: ablett, swan, dangerfield, Swallow, lucas, crouch, B.hill, o’merea (wines, elis)

Rucks: jacobs, currie ( daw, grimley)

Fwds: Franklin, zorko, walker, J.reiwoldt, lecras, varcoe (menzel, richards)

Also got 149, 400 left over but want to have spare for when trading comes in


What are everyones thoughts of Bachar Houli? Just hitting prime age and having a great preseason…..Looks fit to play all over the ground as a sweeping defender, midfielder, small forward and capable of amassing 90+ points a game @ only $444k in defence. Surely with the rise of Richmond this year (I'm expecting top 6) he is a good POD?


JocklegendReynolds! Love your work mate top shelf site love it.
I’m a Sydney Swans fan through and through and my mid price bargain has just fired for the season! With Alex Johnson going down (massive blow I think – kid was going from strength to strength) the door has been opened for Tony Armstrong. The Swans making such an impact on players from other teams turning them from fringe to senior locks and this is no different with Tony. Lots of love from coaches for his high work ethic.

He will play 90% of games at least. Unlucky to miss out on GF last year and at $244k (from memory) absolute bargain!!!

Should have kept this to myself but in the spirit of the community thought I’d share.

Plus like my team name suggests he’s a great bloke and not likely to be rubbed out for Dusty behaviour.



I have some leagues…. Join Guys πŸ™‚


Hey Jock!
What do you think about Tony Armstrong?
At a price of $244,100 it is convincing. He was solid in the nab cup and I just want your thoughts.


What about Kane Lucas 217,400 had a pretty good nab cup series 343 touches in the nab final


34 touches*


Karnezis or Byrnes !!!!!!! URGENT HELPPPPPP!!!!!!!!


Go Karny mate. Reckon he's on the brink of a breakout season so the earlier you get aboard the better.