POLL: Which forward would you put your money on?

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AFL supercoach betting


Gday folks! Sportsbet has released some AFL Supercoach markets which is exciting for a fantasy football genius such as myself.

I can tell you that they will go pale as a bloody ghost when they realise that old Jock is lurking around the markets ready to slap some hard earned on the line. Should be like shootin fish in a barrel.

Click here for the current AFL Supercoach markets.

First a quick word. Make no mistake… having a little wager can be a little bit of fun if you spend some of your spare change on a hit and giggle but for god’s sake… don’t make it a regular habit. And of course this kind of business is strictly for over 18’s only.

I wanted to run the forward line market by you lot. It’s pretty simple – you bet on the player who you reckon will score the most Supercoach points during the regular season. Out of the following lads – who would you slap $10 on? Would you go conservative and slap it on the favourite Buddy Franklin… or go a bit smokey on someone like Zorko the Magnificent at longer odds?

Cast your vote then let us know in the comments what your thought process is:

*markets as at 1pm 26/02/13

Which forward would you take a punt on?

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Dylan Matthews

Surely Nic Nat Has To Be In This Group?
I'd say he'd be the top Scorer In 2013??!?!?


You would think so m8. I know he's had an interrupted pre-season and he's no certainty to play rnd 1, but he's had a enough years in the system now and his footy brain is catching up with his raw talent. You'd think he's in for a massive year if he can stay fit, so my money would be on Nic Nat.


Buddy might have one up on Nic Nat for most accumulated points this year…I'd expect Buddy to play every game bar one or two, but you think Nic Nat would do the same? Might see a few rests here and there after he returns, what you think?


the fact is there are too many DPP forwards and the fact that pure midfielders who get DPP

because they were rested forward is a joke


Suck it up mate


Jock, or anyone else, is K.Stevens a decent option to start in the middle? As my M6 or 7


j. gillard may be a better option but she'll only be avail for finals.

G unit

She will be worn out by then mate, maybe if its really muddy her low centre of gravity maybe useful…


FaLLING TOWARDS Tony Abbott actually!


Absolutely he is, and I'm considering him as well. He's hard as nails and tackles like a mad man…the kind of player that McCartney loves. He's versatile and knows how to find the footy. It's my feeling that he will get plenty of game time in 2013.


What about Pav? He is a lock for me.

bill blogs

LOL he's not a lock at all. Way better options than Pav….


Stay away from Franklin, I'm good at reading players. His fall from the top will be nothing short of spectacular. He will have the worst season of his career this year, mark my words


Is A.Swalllow a good smokie prospect!?


Yes , gun gun gun


Is dean cox a LOCK? Jock


Hey guys got a theory here I think if you are goin with 2 of the midfield break out players such as mundy or shuey I’m thinking that you should downgrade one if them for the start of the season to moloney then when it’s round 4-6 trade him out too a break out player then after they have peak upgrade to a elite premium


Congrats Jock if Sportsbet have come on as a sponsor. 🙂 Great for the page.

There is only one question about this market. Where is Pav? The highest sc scorer in fwds last year and he is not in the listed market? C'mon Sportsbet really?

My next thought is based on that market if buddy plays all games or at least 20 he wins hands down. IF he doesn't then Rocky seems set as he is durable, capable and been a great scorer in 2011.
Punting wise betting on short priced long term bets like this is a poor option. You are betting about whether a player avoids injury and based on that it's a mess of unpredictability and that is not what good punting is all about.
Higgo could run the percentage odds for us. Oh OK I will. Based on the odds provided :

Franklin holds 36.36% of the market.
Rocky 18.18%
Zork 14.29%
Rioli 14.29%
Chappie 12.50%
Walker 12.50%
Stevie J 12.50%
Hawkins 11.11%
total percentage take: 131.73.

So its a soft market. Hawkins should be 15-1 and Stevie J should be 12 to one and that would be a bit better. would drop it about 10% but a betting market needs to be set around 112% for a punter to be enjoying suitable odds. As well as have the previous years highest scorer in there. :-X


Great input TheBIGShot,

I reckon the market is soft because Sportsbet are just having a feel for it. Its he first time they have done fantasy betting and their odds suggest they are a little nervous going into new territory.


Jock this is a bit of fun all right.

Question: Is this the top total points scorer or the top averaging points scorer ?? Big difference.

If it is total, then I wouldn't for go by $10 on Franklin thats for sure .. Will miss two games at least.
Pav will miss two so he's a no,
Nic Nat will miss a couple, no again
Rioli will miss a couple, no
Chappie is going backwards, no
Walker and Hawkins, key forwards and will score inconsistently, no

That leaves Zorko and Rockcliff as the two on that list that would be worth a punt but wouldn't be sold !!

Dean Cox would have to be a better option than those two though – no price for him ??
My smokie would be Dustin Martin – what offer the best odds if he isn't on that list he must be paying $12-$15


Says on the site "Winner determined by the player who amasses the greatest number of Super Coach points during the regular season"

So that'd mean your idea of the missing games would definitely come into account, Good thinking there.

Greg Longney

I believe this is a 'group' type market, where you are trying to predict the highest total score out of the listed players only, not the entire field of forwards.

In some markets they have an 'Any Other' option which would include all other forwards (they typically do this for AFL Most Goals and racing Jockey Challenge markets), but not so in this case. If they did, it would be pretty short given players live Pav, Nic Nat, Cox, Martlin, etc. aren't listed.

Greg Longney

And BTW, definitely total points, not average score,


yes i've locked cox in the forward line. wait that sounded kinda gay


I've got Martin, Bennell and Watts. im a TIges supporter so always pick deledio and cotchin is looking good. martin is ready to just about win a brownlow. Here me when i saw im the first person to predict a Richmond 2013 Premiership. any thouights on my team after my raving on??? love your work jock. and podcasts are hilarious. Thoughts on my team? bare in mind a lot of my players played 22 games last season
Goddard, B – Shaw, H – Broughton, G – Vlastuin, N – Goodes, B – Pittard, J – EMERG: Van Unen, D – Terlich, D
Ablett, G – Dandgerfield, P – Deledio, B – Cotchin, T – Bennell, H – Moloney, B – Mitchell, K – Crouch, B – EMERG: O'Meara, J – Viney, J
Maric, I – Leuenberger, M – EMERG: Rowe, S – Currie, D
Cox, D – Rockliff, T – Martin, D – Watts, J – Knights, C – Macaffer, B – EMERG: Simpson, J – Dwyer, S