Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Podcast – post NAB Cup Week 2

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AFL supercoach 2013 NAB week 2Majak Daw exploded onto the scene. Brent Moloney looked very cosy in his Brisbane Lions jumper. Levi rocked the Casboult.

NAB Cup week 2 has delivered a few Supercoach and AFL Fantasy answers… but has also created a hell of a lot more questions for the elite fantasy footballer. Plenty of mid priced options performed well. Some new rookies put their hand up. Bryce Gibbs stunned the AFL world and won some contested football in the midfield.

Yes the hype is building in the lead up to Supercoach and AFL season 2013 and the community has slipped into another gear. We go though some of the most relevant performances from the weekend including;

  • Brent Moloney
  • Bryce Gibbs
  • Jimmy Toumpas
  • Jack Viney
  • Jack Watts
  • Shaun Atley
  • Sam Wright
  • Jack Riewoldt
  • Chris Newman
  • Brandon Ellis
  • Sam Docherty
  • Sam Rowe
  • Brock McLean
  • Luke Parker
  • The Pizza Man
  • stacks more…

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What caught your eye this week?



Andrew · 24/02/2013 at 22:51

Cracking podcast Jock.
Interesting Rnd 1. Got me worried about Goldie.
Your thoughts mate

    jockreynolds · 24/02/2013 at 23:04

    Yes the Stein was pretty ordinary.. however she is a long pre season and I reckon many players just went through the motions.. will be keeping a close on on Goldstein over the coming weeks

      Andrew · 24/02/2013 at 23:28

      The voice of reason as always mate.

Tom · 24/02/2013 at 22:54

Love the Podcast Jock!
Also worried about Goldy. I'm thinking Jenkins is a better option. Can use the swing AND an extra 100k in the bank…..?

    jockreynolds · 24/02/2013 at 23:05

    Thanks Tom glad to hear you're enjoying our wisdoms.. Jenkins does look good.. but I reckon we give Goldy a few weeks and see what he comes up with

    Kev · 25/02/2013 at 08:27

    I'm starting to warm to Jenkins. I'm a fan of the R/F swing this year, he allows your R3 and R4 to be a little bit more solid rather than McBean/Sinclair/Rowe

PluggersGuts · 24/02/2013 at 23:05

Personally, as an avid listener, when Crouching calls silence and in all his wisdom gathered from the ages, silence isn't adhered to…I don't like it, and I certainly don't appreciate it. My feeling is that big Dan Currie will be number 1 ruck for the Roos come finals. Welcome.

    jimbotraralgon · 24/02/2013 at 23:47

    yep plugger, right on the money. A rare failure of protocol by the panel upon the chime of the 'silence' gong.


      PluggersGuts · 24/02/2013 at 23:57

      Aw look m8 I don't wanna harp on about it, great blokes all round. It's just that it woke up my missus and took me a tad out of my comfort zone. No harm done…just worth a mention.

        jockreynolds · 25/02/2013 at 07:14

        Plugger.. Jimbo.. I have listened back to the podcast and quite frankly I'm bloody ashamed of myself. Just called crouchingone to discuss – explained that this will not happen again.

        Goin out the back to self flaggelate

          PluggersGuts · 25/02/2013 at 07:46

          Bloody bejesus, I feel terrible now. M8 your the father of fantasy and I'm just a newby. Me missus Sharron told me to pull me head in. I don't know what I was thinking.

            jimbotraralgon · 26/02/2013 at 22:29

            i wouldnt worry to much plugger.

            even the best of us needs a friendly tap on the shoulder to keep them performing at a high level.

            I'm sure Jock would appreciated being straighten up every so often 😉


Tim · 24/02/2013 at 23:09

Great podcast lads just wondering

Which 2 of the 3 should I have more in my team

Shuey, Mundy and Moloney

    Andrew · 24/02/2013 at 23:36

    Mundy & Moloney for me

adam · 24/02/2013 at 23:21

Jock, Thoughts on Pav?

    PluggersGuts · 24/02/2013 at 23:26

    Keen to hear dads thoughts on Pav also. What worries me about Franklin is the same thing that worries me about Stevie J. They're both prone to brain explosions coupled with little injury niggles that result in SC doughnuts.

      jimbotraralgon · 24/02/2013 at 23:44

      no pav for me as yet.


        PluggersGuts · 24/02/2013 at 23:59

        No Pav for me yet either, but he's mildly on the radar.

      jockreynolds · 25/02/2013 at 07:15

      Bit hexy for the the big Pav and theres talk of injury worries this pre season

dools · 24/02/2013 at 23:38

Well gentlemen , having watched a weekend of footy I have changed team again

What I've learnt so far 1. S.Rowe is a lock for R4, 2. Buddy is a pie eater 3. Nick Valstuin is the real deal but price is awkward but N.V. is the real deal 4. Atley is NO 5. D. currie will have a galditorial with Majic (2 Men enter 1 man leaves) 6. Brent maloney is on 1st show a great pick The 3 R's from Brisbane are all valid choices as is the lazy Z.along with P.Hanley thats 6 from the lions that have a right to be in your line up 7. Kent from Dees is an alternate for many pre sprooked players Solid…8. J. Riewolt stay clear kids stay clear and 9. On last nites showing Hawthorne are BAD a few positives but Bad players outa position players locked down to zone role Horrible to watch all that wasted talent playing and 10. Jock 3 Pts crouching 2 and Higgo 1 .. And a bonus 10 pts to Mick for that wounderful peice a few days ago

    jimbotraralgon · 24/02/2013 at 23:43

    you are right as aways, buddy has eaten all the pies, He will not play round 1 in my side this year.

    cant agree with rowe. too many senior rucks ahead of him.


    Tom · 25/02/2013 at 07:33

    What's wrong with Atley….?

    PluggersGuts · 26/02/2013 at 22:16

    Spot on Dools. Certainly some wisdom there to consider. If I could just elaborate on that a little. You surely could not ignore Rowe for R4 given his NAB1 performance. If a Ruck/Fwd is important to you, he's gotta be ahead of McBean & Sinclair. Buddy's eaten some pie's but I wouldn't be putting a line through him for rnd 1 just yet fellas. NAB 1 was a light run for Buddy at best. Not in my side at this stage for reasons other than his performance last w'end, but he's still in the mix for mine. If the buzz at Tigerland and Hardwick's post game comments are anything to go by, Vlastuin will play rnd 1. Atley is one still on the peripheral for me. On the watchlist & I see the value, but no guernsey for me just yet. I'm a big fan of Dan Currie. So is Brad Scott it seems. The rest I'm in total agreement and could've written myself! Thanks.

jimbotraralgon · 24/02/2013 at 23:41

another great segment guys.

thinking seriously of going moloney/atley midset rather than danger/docherty GnR.

As you guys discussed, I can't help thinking Atley will be stuck at around 400k all year.

Can't get too excited by Rowe, three senior rucks ahead of him at the moment.


    Kev · 25/02/2013 at 08:33

    Disagree on Atley a bit. I think at 380k he is severely under priced and will make you a quick 60-65k before levelling off. You could keep him as a solid but unspectacular D6 for the rest of the year (ala dempsey 2012) or with the extra trades make an early upgrade to a more reliable defender

    PluggersGuts · 26/02/2013 at 22:22

    G'day Jimbo. 2 pronged question here m8. Any chance Mick find a spot for Rowe as a fwd? and…who would you suggest might be a good option as R4? Cheers.

      jimbotraralgon · 26/02/2013 at 22:35

      Gee, I would love to see him get a game but it just wont happen as a ruckman.

      Hams, kruez and warnie are ahead.

      His best bet might be key position forward as none of the rucks have been able to take ownership of the role. I think Rowe could be a mid year pick up if one of the senior rucks go down.

      Re:R4. I am doing something completely different. I am intentionally picking a non playing rookie (Osbourn) and take advantage of the captain's loophole.

      Are you familiar with the captain's loophole. if not let me know.


        PluggersGuts · 26/02/2013 at 22:49

        Thanks for that mate. Yes, I was thinking possibly a key position role for Rowe, if he's really pushing for selection. Particularly if Waite breaks down. As a Saints man, I have seen McEvoy, Kosi, Roo, Blake and Stanley all on the ground on more than one occasion. Lol. I have heard about the captains loophole, but I don't understand it's significance. I would love a good breakdown. Cheers for your help 🙂

          jimbotraralgon · 26/02/2013 at 23:12

          the captain's loophole goes as follows……

          say you have pendlebury (playing Friday night) and GAJ (playing sunday) and a rookie that is not playing (but his team plays Saturday).

          what you do is set Pendlebury as VC and the non-playing rookie as C.

          Pendlebury plays his Friday night game…….
          – if he plays a blinder and you want to get double points, you leave the rookie as captain. As he doesnt play, the double points goes to the VC (Pendles).
          – if he doesn't play as well as you like, then on saturday (before the rookies game starts) you change the captain to Gazza and he gets the double points.

          With a non playing rookie it gives you two bites at the captain's cherry.

            PluggersGuts · 26/02/2013 at 23:19

            Gotcha. Thank you kind sir. Much appreciated and valuable wisdom.

Buddys buddy · 24/02/2013 at 23:44

hi Jock ol mate. i have been trying to listen to the podcast on itunes and the site though wont allow me to do so…just thought i d let you know in case al clarkson punched a hole in it or you guys could remedy…

    BeerMonkey · 25/02/2013 at 08:01

    Won’t work for me either. 🙁

      BeerMonkey · 25/02/2013 at 08:07

      Sorry should have provided details. Using an iPhone 4S. I can’t get it to work through podcasts or website.

        PluggersGuts · 26/02/2013 at 22:25

        I've been streaming directly from this website mate. Dunno if that might help, but it's worked for me.

TheBIGShot · 25/02/2013 at 01:39

GONGGGGGGG!!!!!! Welcome. Buddha says "He who loves 50 people has 50 woes; he who loves no one has no woes." Round one over, when round 4 over of Meh cup we know.. Time to stop loving and be patient. Buddha also says " A jug fills drop by drop." Listen to him. WELCOME.

Oh BTW great podcast.

Stuart · 25/02/2013 at 08:31

Nothin better than a walk to work listening
to Jock but all we get this morning is -silenc..
Gotta flick the switch Jock and get this pod
working again

Kev · 25/02/2013 at 08:34

I have a feeling I totally missed something during the team announcements, but no JPK last night? Why did he miss?

    Sean · 25/02/2013 at 09:33

    Because it was Sydney playing a NAB Cup game.

    Jetta, Pyke, LRT were also named and didn't play, and half the side wasn't named even though fit.

    jimbotraralgon · 25/02/2013 at 21:14

    just a reminder to not put too much into the NAB cup


Max · 25/02/2013 at 09:33

Rory Thompson from Gold Coast was impressive. Rowe is a lock and Cunningham from the swans looks like a lively type!

Adam · 25/02/2013 at 10:55

Maric or Rowe
Also i cant decide on a premium Defender to go with Shaw and Gibbs

    Adam · 25/02/2013 at 10:57

    Haha i ment Maric or Sam Jacobs

      @MRB37 · 25/02/2013 at 19:26

      Go Maric, better scores and Jacobs is likely to be rested for 1 or 2 games for the year.

        jimbotraralgon · 25/02/2013 at 21:04

        I do like the sauce though I think he is still 1 year from the big time.


    jimbotraralgon · 25/02/2013 at 21:05

    hey adam.

    have a look at duffield and a bit cheaper watts, heppell and newman look juicy.


Brick · 25/02/2013 at 11:30

Hey Jock, dare I say the 4 ruck rookie strategy is on the cards??

Currie,Daw,Rowe……Gorringe. (maybe even Witts or Grundy)

Yes I have an infatuation with the GC big man.

But the $$$$ freed up would be sensationally used in ones midfield and you can always take precautions by having BIG COX and Jenkins in your FWD line. (orange rough,nic nat……etc too)

Drooling at the thought if it were to work.

    jimbotraralgon · 25/02/2013 at 21:03

    big no for me.

    there is nothing to say that 2 of the 4 will play round 1.


      dools · 26/02/2013 at 22:55

      G'day matey, 4 Ruc rookies Spectacular Testicular fortitude I say to you Sir ,
      Well Played if you want to tank IMHO but also I wish to add with your stratagy of in filling Fwd positions with Playing ZRucs Well If you think you can win with -2 players on the field go for IT. I want to be in your League. You will be ridden like the beaten Favourite in the Melb. Cup mate Whipped & beaten
      Totally wrong Brick! but u may B on to something …..No No No

        Brick · 27/02/2013 at 11:05

        Extra trades means easily reversible. Giles last year proved this method has merit. But by having the fwd/ruck swing it's really 1 prem 3 rook ruck strategy in disguise. Last year my peak ranking was 283rd.

        There's merit in this.

Adam · 25/02/2013 at 11:37

Any GWS rookies anyone looking at?

    The Old Dylan · 25/02/2013 at 14:36

    lachie whitfield would be on the radar if it wasn't for his price…

    jimbotraralgon · 25/02/2013 at 21:02

    only growden on the fwd bench for me otherwise no with that rotation policy up there.


brian · 25/02/2013 at 13:37

jock. how do i become involved in your fantasy league?

Liddle jnr · 25/02/2013 at 14:38

Well what an interesting first round of nab cup football. Lets start by saying it was good to just see some footy! Not too much to rave about just yet, as the standard across the board was pretty poor. It is nab cup after all!
But a few players to look at over the coming weeks. Chris Newman could reignite his super productive scores from 2 years ago playing further up the ground. We all know how we'll he reads the play so he will be racking up intercept points all game long cha Ching! Great kick to handball ratio over his career, elite efficiency and will have a new lease on life without the captaincy hanging over him, can't wait to see Newman get on the end of a few goals and help the tigers climb the ladder in 2013! He deserves a crack at September action Newman and he will be one of the leading players in helping the tigers get there.
Jack watts was impressive, but his price is the concern with jack $460k. I think jack will have a break out year, with an easy draw and a lot more support around the young demon he should flourish, and churn out some big scores playing the loose man in defence. But what happens when teams make him accountable, it still showed on the weekend he doesn't have the natural hunger for the contest and lay enough tackles, this will limit his scores, and his ability to impose himself and rack up possessions in some games. I think jack will push over the 90ppg mark in 2013 but could be a wait and see for me!
Josh Jenkins has shot into consideration with the lack of rucks to select early in the year. Could make some cash early with the crows having a handy draw early on. Strong body, super athletic and aerobic, has a genuine role to play this year and seems determined to make it his own. Not much not to like, scores may fluctuate a bit but should make some nice cash to upgrade to a premium.
Is Angus monfries going to play in the midfield for port this year? Can someone give me some feedback on this please, I'm not convinced. But what I will say that if he does he could be an absolute bargain for your forward set up. I thoroughly enjoyed gus running through the guts for the power, being a bombers supporter I hope he gets a run through guts and kills them. He has all the potential to pump out big scores, good kick efficiency, takes contested marks, kicks goals and drops his head in tackles to get all those wonderful points shuey and selwood rack up. I can see he averaging around the high 90s but only if his going to play in the guts, big ?
Just like to say cheers to jock and this awesome web site for making the selection of my 2013 team a lot more enjoyable. Love the analysis well done guys, can't wait to claw my way through your premier leagues.
Would love the feedback and some alternative players your all thinking about in the mid priced category.

    Spifflicator · 26/02/2013 at 11:45

    I’ll help on Gus Monfries. In the pre season games he has played, he has played in mids. The problem is he did his hammy two weeks ago and is highly doubtful for week 1.

    Sadly we will have to leave him out.

      Liddle jnr · 27/02/2013 at 10:43

      Cheers. Gus did look good, a pity, oh well might have to get Maloney in as my mid priced option.

BeerMonkey · 25/02/2013 at 15:44

Great podcast guys. was hoping you’d mention a couple of the richmond boys. Is anyone considering Ricky pettard or chris knights? How we’re they on Friday?

Tom · 25/02/2013 at 16:32

G'day Jock, loved the podcast!
Now you fellas talked about the J.Riewoldt switch with Buddy. It sounds like a really good idea and I want to take it on. Question is, who do i take out of my team to bring in Riewoldt?

At the moment my FWD line is: Cox, Walker, Rockliff, Varcoe, Byrnes, Macaffer. With a whopping $285K in the bank. Who do i swap out for Riewoldt, so that I can swap buddy in at R3???

    Mark Dempsey · 25/02/2013 at 18:12

    Byrnes for me, probably not gonna score too highly. Cox, Walker and Rockliff are locks

    jimbotraralgon · 25/02/2013 at 20:57

    think its a big waste of cash sitting on the bench.

    Would go Byrnes to Martin and worry about buddy round 6 or 7. very big first 5 games for the hawks.


Luke · 25/02/2013 at 18:01

Is atley, moloney, Jenkins, luenburger, varcoe too many midpricers for the same team? Or is it too much of a Risk?

    Mac · 25/02/2013 at 20:16

    Five mid pricers seems to be about the standard at the moment. As long as you've done your research you should be happy with however many mid pricers you pick though.

    dools · 26/02/2013 at 23:06

    g'day Luke Atley is Not a solid choice where the others are I have put Atley in the same bin as Bock, However if his price is allowing Yuo to get better Rucs /Fwds or even Midfields then Justified. If not re cast around and look at Bugg or even Mohr GWS and re-place A solid Mid price Fwd with Gen. Patto.n This boy has bulked up and not in a Dons way…

Shimma · 25/02/2013 at 18:19

Who should i go out of these duos: Gibbs/Goddard, Bennell/Gibbs, Cotchin/Broughton, Cotchin/Watts or Murphy/Watts?

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Cheers

    Mac · 25/02/2013 at 20:20

    At the moment, I'd have to say Bennell/Gibbs, but if in next weeks game Broughton starts looking up, definitely Cotchin/Broughton.

      Shimma · 25/02/2013 at 20:25

      yeah i originally had broughton cotchin, but just changed to bennell gibbs today. Cheers

    jimbotraralgon · 25/02/2013 at 20:52

    cotchin watts combo for me.


Danny · 25/02/2013 at 18:30

Hey Jock. Great as always!
Would you stick with Leuenberger or go Jenkins?

    jimbotraralgon · 25/02/2013 at 20:51

    at his price, berger always


    jockreynolds · 25/02/2013 at 21:44

    Cheers Danny! Leuenberger for me.. a bit bervouse about his injury risk factor but gigantic upside

Tim · 25/02/2013 at 19:44

hey jock and community how is my team looking

B/ Goddard, Gibbs, Duffield, Broughton, Terlich, Pittard,(Docherty, Colquhoun)

M/ GAJ, Pendlebury, Cotchin, Mundy, Moloney, Stevens, Mitchell, O'meara,(Crouch, Viney)

R/ Goldstein, Leuenberger,(Currie, Osbourn) osbourn for captains loophole

F/ Cox, Roughead, Rockliff, Martin, Varcoe, Mayes,(Macaffer, Lee)

With $202,000 in the bank

not sure if i should have shuey in mid instead of moloney and if i do that i will have $14,000 in the bank

and im not sure how much money i should have in the bank at the start of the season?

    Tom · 25/02/2013 at 19:53

    you would want about $100,000 in the bank for R1, so you can make an upgrade come R3. So always look to have that much left over. If i were you, upgrade mundy to either shuey or fyfe and leave moloney, he should rise in price a great deal this season

      Tim · 25/02/2013 at 20:04

      thanks mate

James · 25/02/2013 at 20:05

Hi Jock,

What backline rookies do you suggest as emergencies? I wasn't entirely impressed by Docherty so what are some options?
I already have Colquhoun so I would appreciate some other backline rookie suggestions. I have $51,000 spare cash.


    Mac · 25/02/2013 at 20:27

    Sorry mate, but Colquhoun won't be playing this year. He's young and incredibly light (72kgs), so won't get any game time. There's plenty of others though, namely Brett Goodes, Dean Terlich, Dylan Van Unen, Nick Vlastuin and Jasper Pittard. Wait and see who's named Round 1.

    jimbotraralgon · 25/02/2013 at 20:44

    as mac said, still to early to call but pittard looks likely to me.


jimbotraralgon · 25/02/2013 at 20:26

really torn fellas.

keep danger and pittard or take a risk on Moloney (mature age rookie of the year?) and either atley or Ellis up back.

Been sitting with danger the last month but gee moloney looked good.


    Tom · 25/02/2013 at 20:29

    Mate you've gotta stick with Danger no matter what. What does the rest of your mid look like? Maybe you could swap someone else around?

      jimbotraralgon · 25/02/2013 at 20:38

      gaz, swan, pendles, danger, cotchin, wines, crouch, k mitchell, viney, o'meara.


        Tom · 25/02/2013 at 20:47

        Personally, i would swap Pendles for Moloney and use the left over money to upgrade elsewhere. I don't feel the need for Pendles for R1 but that's my opinion.

        dools · 26/02/2013 at 23:57

        Jimbo if you sacrifice Dangermouse for Moloney I will never forgive you!!!

          jimbotraralgon · 27/02/2013 at 00:05

          haha… Dools.

          Dangermouse is still there although Pendles gave way.

          still not sold on the idea so your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

          Out: Pendles and pittard
          In: Moloney and Newman plus it gave me cash to upgrade Broughton to Watts.


    Spifflicator · 26/02/2013 at 11:57

    at $360k (odd) Moloney is really an M4 option (scoring ave of 100+) for mine. In the past winners have usually gone for 2 super elites to start round 1, but with 10 mids this year I think 3 is probably the right strategy. That would make Moloney an ideal M4 who you just keep all year.

    If you one of those punting on heaps of mid rookies you could make him M3 and hope that your rookies score enough to keep you in tough early.

    @timbzy91 · 27/02/2013 at 14:05

    mate i can guarantee that Danger will be in the team of the overall SC winner and will be a lock from R1, people forget that 2012 was his FIRST year given a free reign in the midfield. he is only 22 (peak age) and has an extra years experience under his belt. This kid is the kind that can't be easily tagged and is a top 3 contender for Brownlow in my book. Im giving Molony a few weeks to prove himself before putting him in my team. Danger/Pittard combo will make you the most SC points easily

Tom · 25/02/2013 at 20:35

Who's a better option in the mid: Kennedy or Shuey???
Kennedy has a higher average but Shuey is 100k cheaper……

    jimbotraralgon · 25/02/2013 at 20:43

    I generally ask myself a couple of questions first when looking at these types of choices

    1/ will shuey be a keeper for the year? (ie top 10 mids for the year) .
    2/ if you do take him and the 100k, do you have a clear plan for the 100k.

    if you dont think so, go kennedy. If you think he is a break out, grab him and use the money elsewhere as planned. If you dont have a plan for the money, go with kennedy.

    for the record……shuey will go real good this year.


      jockreynolds · 26/02/2013 at 22:11

      Im still gung ho on Shuey as well mate.. feel that Kennedy has reached his peak or near enough, but Shuey will reach that level this year

Lar · 25/02/2013 at 21:17

Guys Moloney/Parker/Lower? Who will become a solid sc'er?

    Shimma · 25/02/2013 at 21:53


    Mac · 25/02/2013 at 22:43

    I doubt Parker will play, but anyway I think you'll just have to wait out until the end of the NAB to see who can score consistently. At this point no one really knows who is the better option.

Te Ninja · 26/02/2013 at 07:37

Cool Podcast. Great listening on the way to work. My only question is does a score that a player gets against a team a team the season prior, have that much weighting on their score the next time they play them? Is it statistically significant?

    dgusto81 · 26/02/2013 at 21:05

    It depends a lot on the situation.

    You do find that some players consistently score better or worse against certain teams. But this can depend a lot on matchups, coaching, where players play, tagging etc…

    So for example playing against the Bulldogs some teams will always tag Boyd while others will always tag Griffen. So naturally they would score more against the teams that don't tag them. But if this year a new coach is around and he likes to tag Boyd instead of Griffen then maybe Boyd's history of high score may change.

      Te Ninja · 27/02/2013 at 07:15

      Thanks mate. Was trying to justify whether some of the huge score outcomes were influenced more by what we discussed above, or really just the quality of the player or their form.

      Matchups do make a lot of sense. I had a look at instances last year that didn’t follow this theory. In particular with FWDs, the key difference had been changes in opp Def. Some to me looked to be minor changes as far as addition/injury/suspension of players, but the deviation (possibly as a result) was fairly consistent. Still not completely sold on the impact to huge scores, however, I guess as soon as a coach changes the opposition dynamics on the field in anyway, you’ll get some kind of variation (Obviously haha).

      Thanks again.

Terry · 26/02/2013 at 10:59

few spots left if you want a challenge!

    will · 26/02/2013 at 21:30

    g'day terry i'm always up for a challenge

Tex · 26/02/2013 at 17:38

Few players I wouldn’t mind ur thoughts on. 1. Can Greene become a 100+ superstar

2. Is miles worth a good look

3. Likelihood of sierakowski getting a game


    dools · 26/02/2013 at 23:15

    Green is the real deal for GWS but price is awkard IMO but boy can he play footy and I think wil crack the 100 pt avg but that s an increase of 100K that could be nade in 7 games Nice but that depends on Him playing every game with grit and determination ( which I beleive he has) but aAwkard price….unless u have faith???

dgusto81 · 26/02/2013 at 20:56

Seriously considering the mid rookie loaded option:

Def: Goddard, Shaw, Gibbs, Birchall, Grimes, Atley, Goodes, Pittard

Mid: Ablett, Dangerfield, Moloney, Wines, Vlastuin, Mitchell K, Crouch, O'Meara, Hrovat, Viney

Ruc: Leuenberger, Rowe, Grundy, Currie

Fwd: Franklin, Cox, Walker, LeCras, Martin, Watts, Varcoe, Macaffer

There doesn't appear to be any suitable rookie forward options at this point. If one turns up I could get rid of Varcoe and use the cash to get say Pavlich instead of Dustin Martin.

jimbotraralgon · 26/02/2013 at 22:12

hey guys. For those who dont know.

I have created a Jock Reynolds supercoach group. This has no impact on how many leagues you can join, separate competition.

Who is the best of the best?
Everyone welcome from the community
1. If you have ALREADY REGISTERED for the Herald Sun SuperCoach Competition, simply click the following link (you may need to login):….
(Once logged in, simply confirm your invitation and you'll be automatically added. Private Groups are a separate feature to the five head-to head leagues of 18, in which you may continue to participate as usual).

2. If you have NOT YET REGISTERED, simply click on the link below and fill in the registration form as usual:….
(On successful registration, you'll automatically be added to this Group. Simply look for the "GROUP" tab in the nav of your Leagues page).

@timbzy91 · 27/02/2013 at 13:55

Hey Jock, need to pick two forwards with only $570,000 to spend. atm i have Shannon Byrnes and Scott Lycet. Not too keen on this combo though, Lycett will need to be traded out once Cox and Nic Nat come back into the squad and Byrnes is a bit old for my liking.

My problem is i can't find any decent mid priced forwards or any rookies who will play R1

    jimbotraralgon · 27/02/2013 at 14:25

    hey tim.

    might be best to give us the full list of your forwards.

    Varcoe is a deadset for me if you dont have him. ($268k). With what is left the best option could be krakour or maybe Knights.

    however if you can make it so, consider siposs @$316k. (you need 15k more!)

    if you have varcoe then siposs and knights is an option….

    or even monfries and daniher make a good combo.

    give us your forwards and we can see which combo suits best.


      @timbzy91 · 27/02/2013 at 14:30

      Walker, Hawkins, Rockliff and Watts are my forwards. Kerrige and Neads on the bench, not sure either of those will get a game early on though.

      Thinking just do a straight swap Burns for Jenkins….. my main issue is Lycett is only a short term prospect and trades are worth too much to waste like this

        jimbotraralgon · 27/02/2013 at 14:53

        would get Varcoe in there for sure. I would also knights.

        kerridge should play some games. neads wont (probably, swap him for macaffer perhaps.


          @timbzy91 · 27/02/2013 at 15:05

          thanks for the advice champ. First year tackling SC, few $$$ up for grabs to the league winners so trying to learn fast 😉

    @timbzy91 · 27/02/2013 at 14:36

    If wines doesn't deliver in first two rounds i could consider trading Lycett for Varco and Wines for a cheaper rookie. I think Jenkins is a slight risk but we'll see how he goes

jimbotraralgon · 27/02/2013 at 14:14

Hi guys.

I have newman in my D5 with 7k in bank.

should I downgrade newman to ellis to free up money to get Pittard in backline bench (instead of Docherty) and Daniher in F6 (instead of Rowe or Kerridge)

Please tell me guys that it is a rookie mistake to downgrade a solid D5 to chase 2 rookie upgrades.


    Mac · 27/02/2013 at 16:35

    I wouldn't personally, but you should just do it anyway as you'll probably make 30 more changes based on NAB cup form.

JP1 · 27/02/2013 at 15:54

Hi guys,

The SuperCoach iPhone App is available to download now, just thought i'd give you all a heads up, still a few places going in my ultra competetive league : 354670 if anyone is interested.

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