NAB Cup Form Analysis – St Kilda, Port Adelaide, Adelaide

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AFL Supercoach guru Jock Reynolds

Hope you have all sat down and listened to last nights podcast our beloved community. The collective spotlight of our Fantasy Football genius illuminates several diamonds in the rough in this weeks show. Don’t be the poor bloke who misses out. Make sure you join myself, The Crouching One and Peter “Higgo” Higginbotham by clicking here or if you have one of those iPhones or iPads get it here on the iTunes.
 I’m just looking at the notes I scrawled in the chopper between AAMI Stadium and Jock Studios Sunday night. I can tell you that Sunday’s Port Adelaide, Adelaide and St Kilda trio of games bought some players smack bang front and square onto my radar… particularly some of the young kids from Port Adelaide.


  • Mature aged midfield rookie Kane Mitchell lived up to the hype and then some. Looked rushed in game one against the Saints (6 touches @ 33% disposal efficiency) but adjusted to the pace in the Crows game and killed em. He accumulating 11 touches (equal game high disposals). Have a read of Mr Crimmins review of him here.
  • Midfield rookie Ollie Wines looked very solid and ready for senior game time. The only knock I have on his is the fact he has the slightly elevated rookie pricetag ($169K Supercoach) in a season where there is again plenty of dirt cheap midfield rookie cattle.
  • The angry ant Jake Neade had just the one hitout against St Kilda and looked bloody good. There’s only 64kg of him but he looked quick, good in close and pumped the ball inside 50 repeatedly. He’s a FWD/MID rookie at $115,900 Supercoach bucks. Forward rookies are thin on the turf this season so keep watching this kid.
  • We mentioned in the podcast a few weeks back that Ken Hinkley wanted to run Angus Monfries through the middle and he didn’t let us down. Only had about a half in game 1 for 6 touches but then had 11 touches in game 2. 83% disposal efficiency, 2 clearances and a goal. At just $356,700 Supercoach dollars as a dual position MID/FWD many are having a closer look at young Gus.
  • Sam Colquhoun features prominently on the rookie cheat sheet. Played just half a game but smacked out 19 points and looked lively enough.
  • Other Fantasy Footy notables were Chad Wingard who impressed and Matthew Broadbent who I believe may well extend his game to the next level in season 2013


  • Was looking forward to seeing ex Gold Coast ruck Tom Hickey ($308,200 Supercoach). He beat Ben McEvoy soundly in the Saints intra club. Played second fiddle to Big Ben in game 1, but then looked good against Redden from Port in game 2. Haven’t seen enough yet to justify a 2nd or 3rd Supercoach or Dreamteam ruck position.
  • Forward rookie Tom Lee was rubbish in game one (-4 DT) but settled in his second hitout. Watch him in the Saints next hitout – will drift to the outer edges of the rookie cheat sheet I’d suggest and I didn’t see enough to get me excited here.
  • Arryn Siposs played the role vacated by Jason Gram and/or Goddard off half back. Watch his very closely… we could have a FWD line special here.


  • Warm your 7th, 8th or 9th midfield position for Brad Crouch ($115,900). Collected possession at will and looks a lock alongside O’Meara and Viney for mine.
  • Sam Kerridge. Need to see more from you Sam.. cmon mate your career is in the balance!
  • Josh Jenkins. A $363,300 RUCK/FWD who many might consider as their second on field ruckman after his display in the final game of the evening. 2 goals 2 behinds and plucked 5 marks.

Let’s not forget The Bloody Heat. The game was played in uncomfortable conditions which we should note. Intensity was lower than it would have been on a mild afternoon. And of course.. importantly.. let’s not forget that a huge chunk of your top line players were missing. Many of these blokes looked better than they really are against softer opposition.

How did you see the Adelaide chapter of the weekend’s footy?


Listen in to this week’s podcast for more of the weekend’s Supercoach and AFL Fantasy analysis.


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I'm now considering to replace Tom Lee, but i don't know who. Can someone please help me with a replacement for Tom Lee, please?


Lee just doesn't look up to it. Hopefully he plays the rest of the NAB so we can have a better look at him but he doesn't excite me at the moment. Neade did look OK but I can see him going missing for big chunks and he looks like a 50 avg to me if he plays full games. Hoping there is a few others that jump out because like the Old Jock said the FWD rookies and even the Back rookies are looking really thin and I would hate to have to spread some of that midfield money around.


Macaffer is the clear choice, he will be in the Pies starting 22 will get plenty of the ball and has more time in the system as opposed to Lee.


BIGBOY…will get plenty of game time as a 194cm much needed tall target for the Saints in 2013. Was runner up in the best & fairest and booted 60 goals for Claremont in the WAFL for 2012. Big wraps down at Seaford on this mature aged hard body. Recruited to fill a gap in the Saints structure. At SC $115,900 worth consideration.


For mine the Jenkins/Berger meal deal is your R1+R2 sorted. Coming in at 636k for the both of them it's the bargain of the year.


I should also mention I'm playing Big Cox in the FWD line. So you could say I'm not playing that duo at all….. but I am Jock! Jenkins/Cox Swing set is looking the real deal.
If you must know though, I'm in struggle town for r3+4 – my current pairing is my smokey choice of Gorringe and after that it could literally anyone around 115k mark. (Currie,Grundy,Witts,Rowe,Daw…..)

Farm Dog

Don’t ride off Pittard. I’m thinking Hinkley will move Hartlett to the half back with Heath and Stevenson and let Pittard run the wing. Mitchell looked the goods and will play round one. Wines for the Rising Star.


Was impressed with Jarryd Lyons game, should get more than the 3 games this year, will watch out for him as he's fairly cheap.

Mitch Grigg's kicking is bloody fantastic, he's not SC relevant, but it's a good sign since he supposedly had attitude issues last year which is why Nathan Bassett kept him in the Redlegs reserve side a lot of the time.

Kerridge is out of my side, not convinced at all he'll get regular games. McKernan showed once again why he's gotta pull his finger out if he wants to play AFL. Has plenty of talent and still could still go on to have a good career, I just get the feeling it won't be at the Crows and it'll take him to be traded for him to wake up.

Crouching One might fly kick me for saying it, but I reckon Tambling is a good shot to score a regular gig with Brodie Smith out now. He was already in line to replace Doughty down back, only increases his chances now and Luke Brown looks like he'll still need another year at Norwood. Tambling looked like he had some fire in the belly out there, his disposal is still average, but nice to see him take the game on. Still, should probably stay away, even if he is cheap.

Was reported today that Angus Monfries has a hamstring strain from yesterday, which will keep him out for 2 weeks. Will still be in my forward line come the start of SC.

Port are looking good for rookies, so far have Mitchell in as a lock, Pittard is as cheap as a rookie and is slotted down back for me and I will then probably pick between Wines and Neade from there.

Tom Lee is out of my side, heard nothing but praise pre-season, but didn't see much. Still intrugued by Jack Steven, I'm umming and ahhing over putting him in my side. Was thinking of grabbing McEvoy at ruck (had him last year), but i'm thinking of staying away.


Jock has a little one eyed love for the Lee man, but to be fair,it was his first AFL outing in blistering heat. If he's named rnd 1 and not in the construction gear, he's got to be considered as a cash cow.

Finishing with the ironic statement. Not for me!


Just accidentally spat my pre-bed Earl Grey all over my SpiderMan pyjamas.
Has the red-eyed robot man, whom I have grown to respect, eaten a cookie laced with some form of barbiturate?


I know Higgo, I'm not happy about it either, but I think it'll be more out of necessity than him winning the position on talent.


All over Siposs Jock, he has been my sneaky for a while and his change of position could really bump up his average.

Running a 4 elite/1 premier mids at the moment. Seriously considering a switch to 3/2 set up for some extra coin to spend on my forwards. Josh Simpson from freo was meant to be a goer, anyone know why he didn't play on the weekend?


I've had Siposs in my side for a while and didn't watch the game…anyone know why he only managed a DT 2 in the second game? Will stick with him anyway


It looked like he played as full back in the 2nd game..Prob due to the heat. Who ever was at FF was who he picked up. Ball was at that end a fair bit but he spent almost all of his time spoiling his opponent in marking duels.

He covered a lot of ground in the 1st game. Was getting the pill in the goal square at both ends of the ground.


In terms of scoring potential, do you think Sipposs or Varcoe??

Dave H

Hey guys luving your write-ups, R2 Jenkins or Leunberger???


That's your r1 AND r2 right there Dave H. It's mine and I feel "ok" about it.


Two mid-pricers on any line is risky in my book. There are some decent mid-price forward options however (read: varcoe, byrnes, knights, siposs, lecras, josh kennedy). If one of them lights it up early I'd jump on, trading the least impressive of the two rucks for one of those. Have a forward line of cox and possibly another R/F to swing into your ruck line early on


Jack Steven or Mundy? Thoughts on Vardy?



Any midfielder under $640k, who would you have?


I like the look of shuey he’s ready to go to the next level and he also kicks a lot of goals. I expect some big scores


said it in another post…..Port will be on the rise in the next couple of years……with a young midfield rotation of Boak Ebert Broadbent Gray Hartlett Wines Wingard Neade Monfries and a year or two left in Cornes ….keep your eyes peeled….going to be breakout years for many of the above listed players in coming years as they gel together….one or two may happen this year….thinking that Hartlett, Broadbent and Wingard are this years leading candidates as Ebert was last year.


Murphy or danger field?


Thoughts on Johncock? Is he past it or a good fwd/def option at $334k. Also Brent Reilly, not sure if he played on the weekend but thinking he could be on the rise


First time in a while it looks like Johncock didn't spend the offseason on the winnie blues and West End, but he's still a "no". I reckon he's going to be a big sub candidate again for the Crows, which is not something you want in that sort of price. No real reward and only risks with picking him.

Reilly was one of the guys who didn't play on the weekend, he'll most likely be back next round, so keep an eye on him there. Don't see a rise (that was last season). but if he can maintain that 90-95 average, he should be good, but I think there's still better options out there.


Hey Jock just wondering whats happening with the jock SC league?
Really just hoping you got my info and all is good 🙂


Thanks for all the info guys, Spending this balmy sunday arvo inside with DT & SC in focus (allbeit a bit fuzzy). So, now, I have the equivalent of 10 teams full of sure things, where do I go from here?