NAB Cup Form Analysis – West Coast, Fremantle, Geelong

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Gday Community! Just off the plane from WA and about to chopper over to AAMI park.. here are some of my observations after the Geelong, West Coast Eagles and Fremantly threesome last night;

  • West Coast third string ruck Scott Lycett. Topped the AFL Fantasy rankings against Geelong and might need to be taken seriously. With injury clouds over both Nic Nat and Cox he looks interesting – kid can play.
  • Michael Barlow looks to be well and truly back to his prolific best. With a seasons gap between his busted leg and Supercoach and/or AFL Fantasy season 2013 he needs to be considered.
  • George Horlin-Smith looks to be making a statement. Ran through the guts for most of the night and gathered plenty of the pill. Might be more of an AFL Fantasy prospect… seemed to handball a hell of a lot.
  • Was not exactly over the moon about Luke Shuey. Tell you what this is early days.. I still have an eye on him for my midfield big time folks.
  • Travis Varcoe did what he needed to do. Not only did he get through unscathed he looked bloody sharp doing it..

Click here to have a gander at Peter Higginbotham’s Friday night NAB Cup analysis 

What caught your eye over in Perth on Saturday night?


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Barlow did look good but i'm still waiting to see Fyfe/Mundy play to see if that affects his scoring.


Unfortunately didn't catch the game jock, but impressed with the numbers of young callum sinclair against the cats. I've had McBean all preseason, a better option for R4 maybe? Will he get a chance when the season hots up?

(I don't expect him to play a dozen games, but I don't see mcbean playing at all!)

Also impressed with scooter's numbers! Move over shuey/gaff/fyfe/mundy?


Smokie prospect Danyle Pearce looked terrible. He would run down the side of the field (which is why people have picked him) but then everything else was terrible! He's scratched off my 'maybe' list


I believe Luke Shuey will be a great inclusion to my midfield as i believe he will become an elite midfielder soon, but should i buy Barlow?

Liddle jnr

Some big calls on players from the Perth teams this year. Sandilands playing early, very promising, Luke shuey could become the prime mover in the eagles mids, if scooter doesn't beat him to the punch. The best teams usually have two or three premium mids so there is no reason they both cant explode in 2013, which I think they will, along with the whole west coast list. Grand final bound the eagles I believe.
Hurn is an interesting one for me, highly durable, love the ball in his hands, positive kick to handball ratio, and with waters in the team, takes away some attention. I think if hurn can attack the game with higher intensity and hunt the ball and demand it more his scores could sky rocket. And the way he banged in his goal was very impressive, hopefully good things to come if he is pushed up the ground a bit more!!!
Nat fyfe is the one for me, I think he will be the big breakout contender, especially if sandi stays fit with him. He records all the right stats for super elite status, and even takes contested marks, just get his disposal effiency up and I think fyfe will go close to the 120 ave. mundy also.
Could someone share with me what dean cox injury concern is. I have him penciled into my starting line up but if there is a cloud over him ill go with big tex as the crows have a dream opening 9 rounds.
So lots to think about with these two teams there will be a plethora of the best scoring players on each line come from these two teams, so shouldn't be to hard to find a diamond. Shuey fyfe mundy hurn sandi all ripper value for possible scoring potential!


I too love Hurn, what a jet, how good was his 9 poiner that went through at half way up the sticks.

hold the chopper jock I am on my way with a carton of xxxx, two sweedish blondes and two packet of bbq samboys…


Just as a heads up on Sandilands, he suffered "glute tightness" during the match, but Freo is downplaying it.

The man is a beast when he's playing, but misses way too many games.


I noticed last year Fyfe sets himself on the defensive side of the ball drop a lot of the time at stoppages. Means when he gets it he's kicking is hurried & around the corner a fair bit. Just the LieON game plan I suppose.
Cox dislocated his finger last week. No biggie. He was interviewed during the game & said he'd be right to go in their next game.
I'm not familiar with the nick name scooter. Who's that?


Cox dislocated his finger in training. Apparently in popped thru the skin. Bit of a worry but cox is warrior


But can you have fife and Barlow in the same mid..? Leaning toward no


cox will be fine.. back by round one fully fit

steve johnson surely must get at least one week for this hit.. which is a shame as I had him in my midfield..


Saw some good things from both Duffield and hurn.. Gives me a difficult decision for my 3rd premium defender!

Crozier and Varcoe were solid as well!


Do u think the duff man will play McPhee's role on the 2nd tall forward or lockdown role? We know that he played a sc friendly role when broughton wasn't in the side however McPhee was still there. I personally think Pearce will play the sc friendly set up role and duffield will go back to a deeper backmans role. He will still get those cheap kickins tho… Thoughts?


I'm thinking along the same line. Pearce & Hill will be the ball carriers. It'll be the job of all the defenders to get the ball to one of them whenever possible.


Thoughts jock?


Need help with my midfield. Going with Gazza and Pendles but not sure which 3 to go with after that from the following: Cotchin, Priddis, Murphy, McLean, Shuey, S Selwood, Fyfe and Mundy. Any advice?


Swan,Kennedy,Dangerfield,Murphy,Selwood,Priddis,,Fyfe r1 r2 r3.
That's my mid combo that I've found myself with.

read into that what ye will….


no ablett??? u ever played before old boy?


Yes I have my old china. It’s harking back to the “no brendan goddard” strategy of 2011 or 10….whatever. It’s a big risk but I’m aiming for to cover him with another ultra prem and save the 100k. I will upgrade to ablett but I think his price will go down before it goes up.

RISK – but only if I have the ticker not to tinker with my team and panic buy him in…..

Ahhhh supercoach, you make my hair gray.


GAJ has saints, lions, power, giants, Dees & dogs in the 1st 8 weeks. I think your gonna need him to get injured for his price to come down much before the bye rounds. & if he doesn't you'll be behind a long way by then. I'd wish you luck but that would hurt my team. 🙂


Hey Matt,
I think Cotchin, Shuey, Mundy. Have a look at H.Bennell he is second to ablett and may fly under the radar at the start of the year possibly putting in scores of 110+. Once he starts getting tagged though that's when we will see if he is in the elite. We maybe looking at the pick of the year but I'm only 75% convinced…

No risk no reward!!
Thoughts Jock??


I think Cotchin has the biggest ceiling & Murphy & Fyfe are the best value for money from the list you've put up.


try gaz and swan.. not so convinced on pendlebury..

personally for the money I would go shuey and barlow..

fyfe under injury cloud.. plus he is elite but small and will get injured throughout the year no doubt. as for the rest it really is a gamble. watch the rest through the nab cup and let ur gut decide..

mclean really is exciting me this year, but I THINK Judd will bounce back and become elite again this year, just to much of a freak not too, especially under malthouse..


I’m starting to think Swan ahead of Pendles myself, I think the GAJ, Swan, Shuey trio is going to be very common.


I'm not taking Shuey just to have a POD hehehe


Heppell or Roughead??? Keeping in in mind I'd pocket a bit if i go Heppell




G'day Jock, what do you reckon is a good amount of cash to have leftover going into round 1??




Hey community, would also like some advice on my midfield. I have 2 possible midfield line-ups that i've thought could work:

Midfield A: Ablett, Swan, Cotchin, Murphy, Cunnington, Moloney, Crouch, O'meara
($198,200 left over)

Midfield B: Ablett, Swan, Cotchin, A.Swallow, Fyfe, Moloney, Crouch, O'meara
($130,000 left over)

Which midfield is the bettter option? Or a mix of the two? Or are they both crap and need a different set up?


Number 2 wins for me, Cunnington is unproven and I love the Selection of Swallow!
Swan is better in the middle part of the season for me so perhaps go with a Kennedy or Selwood who will start really strong but still bring solid scores by the end of the season.


Jock looking at Pearce from Fremantle in my Backline. If I don't go for him who should I go for?


Watts & Suckling are around the same price. Many expecting them both to improve.


Gibbs Atley V duffield Newman..or maybeanother combo of theese..any1 got an opinion?