Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Podcast – post NAB Cup Week 1

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AFL supercoach 2013 NAB1

The Footy is back!!! You little ripper!

I have been flying to all corners of this parched brown land of ours this weekend to catch every minute of the action. I might have arrived a touch late for this episode as a result but let me tell you – I witnessed some Supercoach and AFL Fantasy GOLD in the making Β this weekend.

We discuss the Supercoach and Dreamteam rookies that have emerged over the weekend as well as the all important mid priced prospects that showed that they might reach the next level.

Players discussed;

  • Scott Lycett
  • Matty Priddis
  • Travis Varcoe
  • Nick Lower
  • Brett Goodes
  • Luke Ball
  • Sam Dwyer
  • Kyle Martin
  • Dyson Heppell
  • Brendon Goddard
  • Brad Crouch
  • Angus Monfries
  • Tom Hickey
  • Kane Mitchell and stack more folks

Sit back, change into some comfortable breathable clothing and enjoy this week’s podcast.


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Great guys! Really liked Mitchell, he is an absolute lock! Neade to emulate rioli from 08? Port looked good, could be the giants/suns of 2013 with blooding young players and maybe winning a few more games too?


You would have needed a few cold ones, Jock. Was a hot one down here today.

Great podcast as always guys, I particular enjoyed the "Pearce off" joke, good stuff Higgo!

Kane Mitchell: That 33% disposal efficiency might be worrisome for SuperCoach, but could make him a definite pick for Dreamteam, where that's not as important to scoring points.

Brad Crouch: Not convinced he'll be a definite start up each week, but should be good for 12-14 games I think.

Scott Lycett: Don't think he's ruck eligible this year for some reason. Seen him as a forward only. With having Leuenbeurger (I swear I spell his name differently every time), as my R2, I decided to invest some extra cash and buy Nathan Vardy as my injury insurance policy.

Stevie J: Was a bit up and down last year, but if you take away the 3 he scored against Adelaide where he was KO'd during the first bounce, it bumps his average up from 96 to 101. Was going to pick Hawkins, but decided with Taylor Walker in my side it'd be better to have Johnson, rather than relying on 2 key forwards to score big points.


Jock I’m thinking maybe Scotty Selwood might be the guy to breakout to elite status with talk of welling ham relieving him of the run with role. Apparently is smashing the time trials at WC. Whether I have the cahunas to pick him is another story. Also think I missed the boat with ya Premier League, email never came. Loving the podcasts fellas, keep em’ coming


Mitchell still isnt off the rookie list mate??


Still rookie listed, but Nick Salter is back on the LTI with stress fractures, so he is most likely to be elevated for round 1.


I think i love u old mate jock… Lol


Great show fellas, loved it! … Happy days now that the footy is back on, life just isn't the same without it.

Kane Mitchell: Locked in… For the moment, There are going to be some damn fine midfield rookies this year, but Mitchell is the no3 rookie for me at this stage… Crouch no4.

Monfries/Jenkins/Varcoe/Lycett … All on the radar… Varcoe has burnt me before so i'm skeptical, I doubt Lycett will get enough playing time, Jenkins needs to prove a bit more for me, Monfries is almost a lock πŸ˜‰

Chris Newman: Will spend a lot more time up the ground this year with the emergence of Richmond's young backline players… Keep an eye on him in the next few weeks because I think his output will be back to what was from 2007-2011 (90-100). No longer the captain either so that could also help.

A player i'm seriously considering in my mid's this year, that I have not heard much about is Rory Sloane. I know he really broke out last year, much like Dangerfield but what do you think the likelihood is of Rory going from an Elite to a Super Elite is?

Thanks guys, looking forward to next weeks matches already πŸ™‚


heppell is getting my attention….got broughton but heppell is closing in.



Backline- Ham Hartlett… What are your thoughts? Cheers


Was thinking the same think, apparently he is primed and ready for a breakout year… Not convinced though


Injurie prone . Heppel looks good for me at the moment dpp mid aswell and 30 k cheaper


why are you guys talking like idiots in the podcast .. it the first one i have listen to are they all like this .. ?


Took a while to get into it past the drivel lol, but the guts was gold. Thanks guys!


Is Siposs worth it as F5 over LeCras, Varcoe, Byrnes, Nicoski or Kennedy?


Hi guys,

I'm not sure if it's ok for me to post leagues up here, but yeah.

For anyone wanting to join extra leagues, please, feel free to join or distribute my leagues..
I finished in the top 2800 last year, looking for good competition.

Abusement Park : 397427 – 13 free
Multiple Scorgasms : 779191 – 17 free
The Road to Glory: 782380 – 17 free
Pigskin Mayhem : 190912 – 17 free

I just created the last 3 leagues. Join, pass on the codes or ignore. it's up to you.



amazing stuff again guys thanks for showing me the way the dark side is strong and keeps on making me put in players i KNOW i shouldnt ,, might have a crack at this rookies n guns caper see how i like the look of it on paper,, hmmm very interesting, keep up the great work!!!!


few spots available in my league for anyone looking for a good pasting




Hi Jock,

What do I do with Stevie Jay. Just been offered a 1 week suspension. Already have Roughead and Rocklief. I have 41,000 left over.

Would love your thoughts.



So many mid pricers looking good for me – Atley, Jenkins, Varcoe, Monfries, Siposs, Leuenberger, Vardy, Moloney, LeCras all trying to squeeze into my team. Do you guys reckon I go Moloney and Jenkins over Fyfe and Vlastuin?


how bloody good does monfries look..


Not to good at the moment out with a hammy out for a couple . Theres another one off spacemans radar.But that just makes my job a whole lot easier. Consider shannon byrns a whole lot cheaper and playing same roll as monfries.Good job security aswell.


moloney was the clearance king at melbourne i would say he would get a run in there for brisbane at some stage good trait to have for supercoach points fyfe could have a break out year he is gun barring injury thats the risk. but very good price and im taking a punt on him. vlastuin dont no much but heard he showed a bit in the allstars game JOB SECURITY is an issue i would say. and as for jenkins the man is a beast 199cm 106 kg lifts more weight than any other crow finishes top four in 40 meter sprint at the crows job security very good . he hasnt got tippets old number for nothing . very athlettic .can stand his ground and competes very well .bonus is dpp ruck .which means if you go your 2 main ruckmen and jenckins in forward line and two rookies on the bench one with dpp example sam rowe carlton . keep in mind he probably wont play but name me to rookie ruckmen that will its a fair sacrifice to make considering chances are you will end up with 1 roockie out of the 2 that wont get agig anyway.may aswell be someone that will allow you to utalize jenkins because i wouldnt pick him up as a soul forward.also by having that link it means you can pick any 2 main ruckmen you want with a bit more confidence . knowing that you have that dpp roockie link.monfries done his hamstring out for a couple stay away .varcoe only as forward.lecra to pricey JENKINS MOLONEY LUENBERGER .I hope this has helped in some way shimma .good luck for the year


Thought i'd mention that Daniel Currie and Jarrod Witts both look like good rookie ruck prospects. However I do agree with your logic on those mid pricers.


Agree but i cant see witts getting too much of a birth! not with jolly and hudson floating around.Currie i can with H!mac gone and also dominated in the SANFL for north adelaide he is a mature age recruit. Everyone should have him.having said that no one will really know till round one


As always wonderful work guys.!!!


Guns and rookies team looks amazing, but then i can see myself been able to do more when i put 4-8 mid pricers in there…! So difficult need to have a full analasys on these strategies.

I'm having a midfield structure of Ablett, Cotchin, Priddis, A.Swallow, Mundy, Moloney with four rookies. Structure is 5-1-4. This leaves me $156,000 in the salary. im feeling pretty confident with 14-16 players i may be keeping come end of the year!

Great show guys!


G'day Jock, Really liking the prospect of big Tex Walker up forward, but being a key forward, would it be wiser to put a mid/for up front such as Rockliff or Cyril to eliminate those shockers that Tex may produce???


Yeah I hear ya Jock, but with Tippett gone I might just take the risk.

This year I'm thinking about taking a risk with one mid-pricer (between 200 and 380k) in hope they score well in excess of their breakevens, but I can't choose between Sipposs, Varcoe and perhaps a roughie in Tambling, any thoughts?


I’m going for Tex too. He does move up field from time to time (his work in defense may have won them the game against Essendon in rd 19) and I think with Tips missing he’s going to have more room to roam up forward. People are worried he’ll struggle due to being the obvious focal point for defenses with Tippett gone, but the Crows had the 2nd highest spread of goal kickers in the league (4 above 30, only Hawks were higher with 5), so they’ve made it a point not to turn into a “bomb it to Walker” style of team now that Tips is gone. He’s big enough talented enough and has enough footy smarts to be able to work through anything thrown at him I reckon.

Key forwards will always have a few shockers where they just can’t get anything going, but I’m willing to stick with at least one.


walker could do well but IMO he is a key position fwd and is prone to inconsistency.

I prefer those forward that play in the mids such as rocky and zorko (not cyril!).



229963 for anyone who wants to be challenged in a tough league!!!!!!!


kane mitchell first major injury port have he will be elervated off rookie bloody good player watched him 4 last couple yeas in wafl its his time 2 shine


can't remember who but port has an LTI already.

Mitchell will play game 1



Nick Salter has stress fractures again. Honestly surprised they kept him, but its opened a door for Mitchell now.


thanks marc.

I actually think K Mitchell is more of a lock for me than both viney and crouch.

but lets be honest, mitchell omeara, viney and crouch will all play week 1 and will do very well.

I can't remember the last time that there were 4 clear rookie locks on 1 line. Anyone who has a sense of history able to advise?



Great podcast Jock! Love listening about all the rookie prospects!
Can someone please help me with my midfield structure, I really don't know if it's good enough to last the distance…

Ablett, Kennedy, Cotchin, A.Swallow, Fyfe, Moloney, Crouch, O'meara,(Viney, Mitchell)
$145,600 left over

I've gone Kennedy over Swan because of the easy draw that Sydney has early on compared to collingwood's, is this a good choice?


Kennedy is a good choice I think, He will keep rising, same with Danger and Cotch I think. Gotta look for the Collingwood boys when its time to trade up I guess.

Henry I've got a similar structure. here's mine:

Ablett, Kennedy, Dangerfield, Cotchin, Shuey, Steven, Crouch, O'meara, (Viney, Mitchell)


hey henry.

would go swan personally. he will be the top 3 by years end so get him in now.



Think i've got my mid's sorted, but I am not sure about the defence and forward line. Might be a bit thin with all the rookies, not sure how many of them will get good game time… What do you reckon about this setup?

Def: Goddard, Newman, Goodes, Docherty, Terlich, Colquohoun, Pittard, Van Unen

Mids: Ablett, Swan, Pendlebury, Dangerfield, J Selwood, Shuey, Fyfe, K Mitchell (J Omera, Crouch)

Ruc: Goldstein, Luenburger (Rowe, Currie)

Fwd: Cox, Roughead, T Walker, Varcoe, Macaffer, Staker, (Stringer, Mayes)


Yeah, might have to downgrade one mid, and get another premium defender. I'm thinking swap out Van Unen -> Shaw and Shuey -> Viney

Any better ideas??


viney should definitely be in your side so that works Ok.



Hey Jock, love the podcast and love your work!
Need your advice on my R1 & R2, have been reading these comments that having Jenkins & Leuenberger is a real solid option. My question to you is, with cox in the forwardline, is it better to have (Jenkins, Leuenberger) or (Goldstein, Leuenberger)??

I have a whopping 280 grand left to upgrade somewhere in my team:

DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Broughton, Atley, Goodes, Docherty (Van Unen, Terlich)

MID: Ablett, Kennedy, Cotchin, Swallow, Fyfe, Moloney, Crouch, O'meara (Viney, K.Mitchell)

FWD: Cox, Pavlich, Rockliff, Varcoe, Byrnes, Macaffer (Lee, Kerridge)

thoughts on what i could do?


I've gone the Cox option myself. Looking to trade in Nic Nat at some point too…..


swallow to swan or pendles. atley to duffman..



So need help with this: who should i choose?
Shuey, Barlow or Fyfe?

Koby Stevens or Wines

Jenkins or Siposs? possibly both?

Rockliff, Walker or Stevie J?

Danger or Murphy?

Please help me out i just cant decide on any!!


2: Neither, go for someone like K.Mitchell instead
3: Both
5: Murphy


Alright cheers mate but i think I've been convinced by someone else on danger. Apreciate your advice


shuey, wines, neither, rocky, danger



Jack Steven or Mundy? Thoughts on Vardy?



Yeah ive got my eye on steven too. he is looking good


hey shimma.

watch more NAB cup before making a call fella



Sandilands being injured will ruin a few teams.


Team V99999999 LOL

DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Birchall, Broughton, Goodes, Terlich (Docherty, Van Unen)

MID: Ablett, Swan, Dangerfield, Cotchin, Fyfe, K. Mitchell, O'Meara, Viney (Crouch, Colquhoun)

RUC: Cox, Leuenberger (Currie, Sinclair(WCE))

FWD: Franklin, Roughead, Rockliff, LeCras, Byrnes, Macaffer (Neade, Kerridge)

What do you guys think? 11k in the bank, maybe Varcoe instead of either Byrnes or LeCras? Too heavy in the mids? One rookie too many in the backs? Broughton for Atley maybe?


If i were you, i would hold back on Franklin for the first couple of rounds. He's slightly injured so he'll be eased back into the side, and he is usually a slow starter. Back this up with the first 3 rounds being really tough rounds, i'm not seeing him scoring very big there. I'm trading him in around R7… when he's come down in price. Definitely not worth the 618k


Yeah true, but I'm thinking maybe it will be too much of a hassle to get him in, but whatever, I''ll try that for now, Tex Walker maybe?


Never mind this pot, changed the team alot.




agreed tom.

buddy upgrade around round 6 is looking good to me.



Hope it is OK jock. I have created a Jock Reynolds supercoach group.
Who is the best of the best?
Everyone welcome from the community
1. If you have ALREADY REGISTERED for the Herald Sun SuperCoach Competition, simply click the following link (you may need to login):
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2. If you have NOT YET REGISTERED, simply click on the link below and fill in the registration form as usual:
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Hi community h


Hi community how is my team looking at this stage?
B/ Goddard, Gibbs, Duffman, Broughton, Terlich, Colquhoun,( Thurlow, Docherty)

M/ Ablett, Pendlebury, Cotchin, shuey, Mundy, Stevens, Mitchell, Viney,(O’meara, Crouch)

R/ Goldstein, Leuenberger, (Currie, Osbourn)

F/ Cox, Roughie, Rockliff, Martin, Varcoe, Mayes,(lee, Macaffer)

14k in the bank


I would want to have a bit more $$ in the bank than 14k…


Why's that Cheerios?

I think spending as much money as possible to get the strongest team possible is best?

We know with some confidence that all 5 mid rookies will make serious coin so what is the concern?

Just curious.



just wondering everyone thoughts on Peter Yagmoor. looked pretty impressive on friday night in both games and uses the ball well


I got burned by him earlier in the year last year. got stuck with him as a non-playing bench for 6 weeks or so.

If he is still a rookie I would say no for now but watchlist material.

I suggest terlich, goodes, pittard, stevenson, colquhoun and docherty are all ahead of him.



Hey Jock have a few names id like your opinion on Andrew Gaff, Matthew Wright and Shaun Atley. I think Gaff especially is going to explode this year, are they worth the gamble of 450+ and 380 in Atleys case?


for me…..none of the 3 are worth the risk.

no midpricers for me except varcoe and berger.

Saying that, Gaff would be the one of the 3 I would consider (but still behind fyfe and mundy)



Hello there beloved community here is my 2nd crack at a team any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. large shoulders take criticism well hahaah

Backs: Goddard, B , Shaw, H , Gibbs, B , Pedersen, C , Goodes, B , Colquhoun, S
Docherty, S , Terlich, D

Ablett, G , Swan, D , Kennedy, J , Dangerfield, P , Cotchin, T , Mitchell, K , Hrovat, N , Viney, J
Crouch, B , O'Meara, J

Goldstein, T , Vardy, N
Grundy, B , Currie, D

Forwards :
Cox, D , Roughead, J , Rockliff, T , Broughton, G , Varcoe, T , Macaffer, B

Daniher, J , Neade, J


Looks pretty solid for a second crack! Don't know who Hrovat is, haven't heard of him, but i have all the same rookies and most of the same premiums.

Just keep watch for the rest of NAB cup, but otherwise i think you're pretty much set πŸ™‚


hey guys.

I like the look of M Jones as a cheap mid rookie (maybe rather than Hrovat).

Plus Jones is easier to spell πŸ˜‰



hahaha thanks jimbo.
Thanks for the group invite too.


Would swap either Grundy or Currie for Rowe, so you have a ruck, forward swing πŸ˜‰


which would you get rid of?


thoughts on my team…
DEF: goddard, gibbs, d pierce, atley, bock, pittard
subs- terlich, Docherty

MID: ablett, cotchin, danger, fyfe, moloney, ball, Mitchell, omeara
subs- viney, crouch

RUCKS: Goldstein, luen
subs- currie, witts

FOR: franklin, cox, broughton, martin, varcoe, mcaffer
subs- lee, daniher


Get rid of Franklin, he's a waste of money early on and won't score well as Hawks have 3 hard matches to start off.


I'm No Hawk Fan but Franklin Is Not a Waste of Coin no matter when you Purchase…. This dude can turn out 219 pts by just being on the park admittatly he has to kick 11-12 6Pters but he is the only 1 in the league At the Moment who I think can….Ignore Buddy at your own risk…..


hey mate.

I wouldn't ignore buddy but could be an option for an early upgrade.

Last year buddy averaged 101 for first 5 rounds, 120 odd in the last 10.

Hawthorn have a horrible first 5 rounds.

For me, Buddy at round 6 or 7(ish)



Bock is injured I think champ


What's a better option:
A.Swallow or Shuey in my mid?

Someone please help :/


Hey Jason thinking outside the square here Swallow, sound thinking but.. will he score like last year for a few games remembering that B.Harvey ain't there to help or may be hinder his scoring potential….Shuey ? everyone on this web site is Shaawing over this dude they are correct but where is the POD….Ziebell is now ON KrakenKats radar along with Gibson at this early stage


Yeah i don't really want Shuey because quite a lot of people seem to be taking him…. What's the Pros and cons for Ziebell & Gibson….? They could have potential


Lol that's what i was thinking too, don't want Shuey


Shuey for me.



Hey guys any thoughts on Nick lower?? not sure if worth the risk…..


no from me.



also marc murphy or j. selwood??


i'd have Selwood he's the more consisten of the 2 and he wont score many less than 100. Murphy though starts really well but id wait till later in the season to get him to see what his consistency is like.

Selwood mate!


Hi guys mundy, lower or moloney ? I’m not sure if I shoul have some more cash in my team or have less cash but more point??


Hey guys.

Lower….not for me.

Moloney would be my choice if I was thinking about a midprice midfield option.

Mundy is the best of the 3 but will he become a keeper? (criteria for mid is 110+ average)


Mundy and moloney could both score as much as eachother 95+ probably. Not lower for me though. I would like the extra coin…


J.Selwood or M.Priddis?


Priddis – possession and Tackling machine. Undervalued this season.


different price range….

selwood is more likely to be a keeper.

I am thinking that my starting side will have a many keepers as possible (GnR).

so on that I would go Selwood


hey guys. Just having my weekly rant.

Supercoach always gives me a good laugh.

Spend 4 weeks refining the eyeballs out of our side, then after 30 seconds of a lightning premiership I hear people talking about getting George Horlin-Smith and Dempsey into their side.

At the expense of their team structure and even players that were 'lock's' last week and have even had their first game of preseason…..(I am looking at those considering the Broughton to Dempsey or Heppel here!).

Now I admit Heppell looked appealing for 60 minutes we saw him but dont panick people. dont jump at the first shadow you see.

Before redesigning your side, just wait for the 5 weeks of NAB to finish before making any changes. (I wish I could actually disable the trade button for 4 weeks!)

Cheers. End rant.


Heppell is worth consideration as he's guaranteed to start rd1. Horlon-Smith? please…..


Given Dempsey's role within Essendon, why doesn't he get a bloody look-in?


Awkward price, 3 out of his 6 seasons he hasn’t played more than 4 games, never averaged more than 78 a year, Goddard added to the team, Heppell rising

He was a goer last year because he was coming off injury and was cheap, but I’d stay away this year.


hi mate.

Dempsey…..big no for me.



Hey Guys, any changes that I should make to my midfield? I have a 4-2-4.
Ablett, Swan, Dangerfield, Cotchin, Lower, Moloney, O'Meara, Viney, Crouch and K Mitchell.


I'm into my third season in SC and looking to progress from a bloody novice… Could someone give me some advice on my current team:
DEF: Goddard, Dempsey, Atley, Bock, Goodes, Docherty (Van Unen, Terlich)
MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Cotchin, Shuey, Mundy, Varcoe, Crouch, O'Meara (Viney, Colquhoun)
RUC: Mumford, Jenkins (Gorringe, Currie)
FWD: Franklin, Cox, Broughton, Monfries, Winderlich, Daniher (Staker, Macaffer)


hi andrew.

Bock may not get back till round 3, danger there.

Your side isn't bad but just too many midpricers in there for me. Only 8 keepers meaning it will take a while to upgrade the others to premiums.

Midpricers is a fair tactic just not my preferred approach.



I appreciate the feedback, cheers lads

Jimbo: can you explain the midpricer situation in a little more detail for this particular mug?

Jock and co. Can you lot consider a write-up for blokes like myself? (In-between a bloody novice and seasoned veterans…) Perhaps explaining how to better avoid bloody stupid intermediary mistakes? If you’re picking up what I’m putting down…?


I'd take bock out… reports are that he'll miss first 1-2 rounds. He will miss whole pre-season. I'd go Benny Jacobs over Bock.

Wouldn't have Varcoe in Mid, Moloney is a better bet. Varcoe over Winderlich in Fwd.

I think Goldmember will do better than Mummy this year, and similar pricing.

I think Buddy is too pricey, Rockliff seems a good bet, try have Buddy as an upgrade target..

Overall though, not a bad team.

Phat kat

I am favoring putting both peddles and Swan both in my team, most are favoring one or the other, any thoughts, downsides.


Hey Kat.

All upside and little downside beside the coin.

I am seriously looking at Gaz, Swan and pendlebury all getting a go as they will all be in the top 5 by years end. (with the other 2 being Danger and Cotchin).

Will be getting 4 of those fellas, maybe all 5 if I can cut back elsewhere


Phat kat

That's identical to my mid except selwood instead of Cochin ( being a kat and all!) and hope I get lucky with the "rookie raffle"!


There is only room for 1!

Pendlebury or Swan?!

Let the debate begin..


swan for me. Can think of 10 reasons to pick either.

honestly you can lose.

swan is better up forward.



I'm thinking neither? I'm having Ablett & Kennedy as my M1 & M2, then will upgrade to Swan after a fair few rounds, what are your thoughts on that?


hey tom.

i think gazza, swan, pendles, cotchin and danger will be the top 5 at the end of the year. I figure you should get as many now as possible.



well my mid right now is Ablett, Kennedy, Cotchin, Danger, Shuey, Varcoe, Crouch & O'meara with $86k left over….. should I use up 30k and swap kennedy for swan?


IMO yes. swan is the second best supercoach player.

and if still in doubt, get pendles instead. (he's 3rd).



Cheers mate πŸ™‚


So whats peoples thoughts on Chappy this year.. yes he's getting on, but I can see him getting the pill quite often from the likes of Kelly, Caddy, Selwood out of the centre clearances. He'll be runinning midfield, centre half forward. He will kick 30 odd goals this year and his pre-season has been his best yet!! For me, he's a lock!


Hi Jock Liam Jones?


What's everyone's thoughts on Pavlich? Is he worth the 593k? Or is franklin a better option…?


def buddy..

get on jack frost as a defender he will play


Hi Henry.

He had some minor off season surgery if my mind serve me.

Would hold that decision till you see a NAB cup game in Round 2 or 3 to see how he looks.

Even so Buddy is the better overall option



Hey Rex,

I'm disagreeing on frost, Collingwood have Reid, Brown and Keefe to grab those key back roles. Brown will take #1 forward, Reid will take #2 fwd and will be vital to collingwoods rebound with his brilliant left boot and Keefe will take to ruckman down forward like Hale, Cox, Ryder, Tippet and so on… Collingwood may even go with 2 tall backs in reid and brown…

So frost will not play for me and i warn everyone of him unless 2 of the 3 above get injured.


What's a better option:
Having Moloney in the MID or
Having Sipposs in the FWD??

It's complicated, but i can only afford one of them, help anyone?


Moloney has a higher ceiling but it's gonna be hard to find a replacement rookie for Sipposs. Whereas there are plenty of midfield rookies to choose from. Unless you have a solid forward line already i'd pick Sipposs.


Hi Shaun,

its funny how the options sometime fall.

you will need to tell us which rookie would drop into place if one of the above isnt selected.

Moloney is the better option but it might be better to have the extra rookie in the mids rather than forward.

Sipposs is my selection due to the mid rookie options are better.



Hey guys, what are your thoughts on my team so far??

DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Waters, Atley, B Goodes, D Terlich ( Van Unen, Colquhoun)

MID: Ablett, Watson, Kennedy, Dangerfield, Murphy, K Mitchell, Crouch, o’meara (viney, Hrovat)

RUCK: McIntosh, Leuenberger (currie, McBean)

FOR: Cox, Pav, Rockliff, Varcoe, stringer, Mayes (Lee, Daniher)

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.


I would choose a different ruck to mcintosh, he's injured and seems unlikely for R1, so maybe Goldstein?


Ok thanks


Anybody looking for another league 123746 only 3spots left


If i'm looking for a player other than Franklin in my FWD, who should i get? Already have Cox…


maybe roughy? rocky:? zorko?

roughy cause of the dpp



i like big tex thinking he may grab coleman this year with 80 goals or so. Expecting some incosistency but i think if you pick some consistent players with him you will receive some great rewards. Expect him to score at the least 80…


Hey guys bit of a conudrum…

J.Selwood, Swallow, Rookie, $110,000 – $130,000
Swallow, Mundy, Moloney, $53,000

Leaning towards the first one Mundy may not give premium output and if i have moloney i want 85+ from him not sure if he will score like that. Also another rookie apart from the big four…



Just looking for a touch of guidance!

Backs : Goddard Shaw Gibbs Broughton Terlich Docherty (colquhon Thurlow)

Mids : Ablett Swan Pendles Cotchin Mundy Moloney Big Four..

Fwds : Cox Franklin Lecras Varcoe Macaffer and at this point Neade Kerridge Rowe



Clearly just showed its my first post…

Rucks : Goldy Berger Vardy Currie

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