NAB Cup Form Analysis – Essendon, Collingwood, WBD

Published by Higgo on


Has Goddard done enough in the Bomber jumper to have you locking him yet? Bellchambers?


Do yo think Jordan Russell will make it into Collingwood’s best 22?

Will Higgins entice a few coaches – potentially BURNING them for a third year in a row?

And what about rookies? Has Johnny B. Goodes or little mature ager Sam Dwyer shown enough?

The NAB Cup is all about form analysis. This post is where you can seek wisdom and insight from the collective brain of The Community.

Remember folks, for it is in giving that we receive.



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Bellechambers was always on my radar but I fear he did too well as a forward last night. Would be a good smokey as a pure ruck but with both Ryder and Hille around its always hit and miss as to how much time he will get as a number one ruck option. Goddard looks like he has already slipped straight into his classic seagul role of easy pickings swanning around so great for SC and DT. Higgins doesn’t stay in the game long enough for mine.


Bellchambers is gonna play alot of ruck. Essendon have said hille wont be playing alot and ryder will be forward alot more

Dave Rudders

Bellchambers was excellent but surely just a bit too pricey. Goodes looks to be a lock at this stage and Macaffer looks likely to be in Collingwoods best 22. If he stays fit he should be a very tasty cash-cow. I can almost taste the bearnaise sauce and Cab. Sauv. already!!!! Goodes and Macaffer….a tasty BBQ around round 6 or 7 I reckon!!!


swan and goddard looked good at the top end.

goodes was strong up back and will get game time I believe.

disappointed there was no sign of stevens, stringer and Van Unen


Nick Lower looks impressive, as was Heppell and of course, Boyd. I can see Cloke getting to 2011 form as well with Lynch replacing Dawes and the contract saga behind him. Macaffer is doing everything right and looks like a certain for Round 1, while Swan was his usually self, the biggest lock of 2013.

Redpath, 22, could see an early debut, impressing on the track and showed signs last night. With little FWD rookie options and a weak WB forward line, Redpath could become a decent option on your bench.

Clinton Young was great, looking to make a good first impression. In a fantasy dominant team Young may provide some value this year.


I wanted lower so bad but hes suspended for the first few games lol maybe a good rd 4 or 5 target


Heppell v goddard and the case of the missing 100k………. makes me ponder heppell to allow for more silks in mids with those extra gorillas in the bank. But will he deliver? Testing times.
I'm also Surprised no mentionat all of Essendon's mature age rookie Krommer (mid)
Could be another cash cow to look out for.


Krommer might be a possible cash cow but the problem is there is already viney crouch o'meara and K mitchell in most mids as rookies.

he might be Ok I just dont know how most people will fit him in. M Jones for Melbourne is *maybe* a better option.

just a thought.



Heppell was good but no Watson or Zaka to take points off him. Goddard to play like Swan and play everywhere


Hey Guys
After C.Dempseys performance last night I thing he has overtaken Broughton and Atley for that defensive mid-price potential premium spot…? Thoughts.


Interesting thoughts, but I would still have the three players in question in this order;
1. Broughton
2. Atley
3. Dempsey
Of these I am only considering Broughton….. At this stage.


I was looking at perhaps having all three with Broughton up fwd?


Surely GWS must have someone down back worth a cheeky punt on?


I agree.

however it is hard to draw too much from NAB cup. Especially where a more experienced player winds up on a kid cause they want to see what the kid can do. The experienced player often can do what they want.

The other thing about preseason is it is generally they are playing one on one. The full team structures are kept in the bank for the real stuff.

Preseason is good as a guide but dont assume that dempsey will be as good in the real thing.

Higgo you are right, broughton = experience.



the biggest question that comes out of last night games for me is j russell, he played really well and accumulated many possessions..

will he be in their best 22?? massive gamble to say yes, but gees he must be close, a few more games like that and it would be very hard for the pie coaches to leave him out in the reserves..

q lynch too also looks solid considering j witts looked really uncomfortable out there, don't reckon he will see any first grade action, he can't even kick.. embarrassing.. a big frame will only get u so far..

goddard looked like a rolls royce..


from Friday's game I like the look of Elliott. Maybe not supercoach relevant but I like the way he plays


Agree Jimbo – think he might be the next tattooed gun in the c'wood midfield….

Brendan Floggard

I really liked Jordan Russell also.


rivers and steve johnson playing through the midfield..


Personally i'm finding it to hard to judge and analyse players based on the NAB cup..
The pathetic rules are honestly giving the wrong impression.
Any one agree or is this just me??


Nah i agree with you on that one, was pretty average watching last night and also tonight. I think its best just to keep on eye on the nab cup without taking it too seriously then see what sides do re selection before there first game in the real stuff.


Missed last nights game. Anyone take notes? Did fyfe and mundy play?


jimbo – monty has the DT stats over at fanfooty. Not aware of any SC scores. Of course stats never tell the full story, but it's a good starting point


cheers mate…….just had a look.


no fyfe that I saw jimbo


The commentators were suggesting that Russell would play a defensive role freeing up Shaw or O'Brien onto the wings, I can't see Bucks bringing him to the club to use him in the VFL