Jock’s Do’s and Don’ts for Supercoach and AFL Fantasy

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AFL Supercoach guru Jock Reynolds

Some fatherly advice from old Jock

After 37 years in the Fantasy Footy industry I still get a tingle down the old spine at this time of the year. The NAB Cup looms large and Fantasy Footballers nation wide are preparing for the most intensive pre season in recent memory.

Relationships will be tested. Families will be neglected and animals will go un walked as we all strive to win that league. To beat our mates. To beat our brothers, our sisters and our bosses.

Some suggest that I may be the finest AFL Fantasy Footballer to have graced the Australian Supercoach and/or Dreamteam landscape. I’ll let history be the judge of that. All I want to do here today is pass on a few simple pieces of advice before you get too settled on a starting team in 2013.


  • Research. And when you think you’ve finished researching research some more. More often than not it’s the coach who puts in the hours that gets the bikkies. You can be born with as much Supercoach talent as you like – if you’re not prepared to sit down and do some hard yards you won’t enjoy the spoils of Supercoach supremacy
  • Prioritise. You need to ask yourself some serious questions. Friends, family, wives, husbands, animals, personal hygeine, mental health… they’ll still be there in September. Your Supercoach team won’t.
  • Get rid of your team bias. I love the St Kilda football club. But to be the best you need to construct your team with ruthless discipline. No. That bloke from your team who started to show a bit last year will not be a Supercoach steal this year. (unless he’s Luke Shuey, Daniel Hannerberry, Jack Steven or Shaun Atley).


  • Outsmart yourself. The game changes every year. Dual position players. Multi bye rounds. Extra trades. Captain loopholes. Every season I tell my beloved Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community to KEEP IT SIMPLE. You don’t need to go out of your way to ensure you have coverage for every bye round. You shouldn’t take more risks with your team selection because we have more trades this year. Do not pick a spud just because he is a dual position ruckman. Many fell off the fantasy footy cliff getting sucked into the bye round scenario last season… those who listened to old Jock dominated. Pick the best quality Supercoach players you possibly can. Then… and only then should you look at other factors.
  • Trade like a millionaire. Yes we have extra trades this season in Supercoach. They won’t be much good to you in the pointy end if you’ve spent them all by round 15.

The pre season is about to kick into second gear folks. I want every follower of my beloved Fantasy Footy Community to think about the wisdoms that I have passed on today. From myself, Higgo, Crouching and all at the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community we hope you get stuck into your NAB Cup research like snarling bloody hungry dogs.

Now here for you is a selection of research material to assist you during NAB Cup weekend #1:

Your mate,

Jock Reynolds

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One small piece of advice from me Jock;

Adjust your computing portal/mobile device's hibernate or sleep mode settings. Given rolling lockouts in SC, every second counts.

Peter Higginbotham


Hey Pete Jock and I are ol school speak Engerish man….


Team bias is the biggest one some of my friends (and brother) struggle with. I may post on here such and such from the Crows is gonna be a gun, but at the end of the day I must leave my Crow love outside my Supercoach bedroom. I still have four in my team at this stage, but two are rookie priced (Kerridge and Crouch, who will simply be there for cash generation) and the other two are Tex Walker and Brodie Smith.

Last year a mate of mine, a Crowmad bloke, showed me his team before the year started. He had Bernie Vince, Richard Douglas, Ian Callinan, Graham Johncock, Sam Jacobs (as a backup!), Dangerman, Kerridge and Luke Brown in his side. I said "Mate, I love the Crows more than I love a cold beer on a hot day, but what's all this Crows nonsense? Callinan? Douglas? This is outta control". He didn't listen to me and he paid the price.

As a general rule I go no more than 3 players from a team, sometimes 4 if there's too much talent to pass up. I'm feeling queasy cause I got 3 Port Adelaide guys in my team, but the anti Port bias must be ignored for the potential good of my SuperCoach team.


Good work Jock! Cant knock 100 years of fansty footy nowse…MRB37 yep sometimes its the 'hate teams' I worry about not the 'love teams' that's my bias coming out. So is that reverse bias? Probs..


Hey Jock and Higgo.
I see a conflict of the great minds.
Jocks advice- Don’t pick a spud DPP ruck,
Higgo says- pick him R4, he doesn’t have to play.

Sorry Jock I’m with Higgo here
R4 ruck/fwd non player and with Cox on fwd line it gives me
the extra added security for injury as well as byes.
Plus this non player can be my captain loophole link.

Not outsmarting myself, just planning

Any thoughts


I reckon you can do 1 non playing cheapie, but you're potentially leaving behind an awful lot of upgrade $ if you go with that kind of strategy all over the park, gunning to have a full swing set you may not ever end up using.

Ruck/FWD combo is the obvious choice as it can be difficult to find two playing rookies here (I have done it myself with McBean), but everywhere else I think is a waste.


Well said Marc well said.
Hope you got the tweet earlier.
would you mind sending me e-mail address on Tweet/ or other means so we can chat?


Followed you on the Twitter, if you follow me back I can send you a message on there.


Making my way to connection as I type


additionally, back your judgement


rock on jimbo I stoopidly listened to some real push on a few last year and it cost me. Martin had more hype than a body builder in King Street. Lukey Parker was also a gay deceiver. Others too embarrassed to mention. Going with my own decisions based on what i see in 2013. Oh and the info on Jock's FF community!


Hahahaha BIGShot were we in the same lifeboat last year LOL


Hey @MRB37

Totally agree with you in not overdoing strategy.

Like your mcbean plan but I used Sinclair

$3000 more but..

Half of mcbeans early rounds are fri while Sinclair plays sat night or


Therefore you can use Sinclair for C loophole but not McBean

.just my 2 cents

Jocks points at valid but r4 for me has never really been a cash cow and 2 using DPP with

Cox etc puts in the safety factor for these SC injury gods .

Love the banter all, keep it up .


Well conceived plan Stuart,,
Well done Sir Well Done….But I still ain't touching the Big Fella or the Mummy Eva Eva Eva …reach for Carlton Draught and recite mantra …..


well i'm a MENTAL case when it comes to team biased, i don't want to jinx my team players so i DON'T pick them & i'm a PIES tragic, very sad ;-(
not sure about these loopholes cause U may get caught with UR pants down


Fantasic as always Jock – you're like a second father to me now – only difference is I actually listen to your advise


Kane Lucas, Tom Curran (DPP), Jackson Sheringham, Tendai Mzungu, Brad Dick. Has anyone thought of these guys? A few very unique risky options. I personally dont have any of them. Just wondering if anyone else does?


Funny you should mention Brad Dick, heard a wee bit a of gossip on the young man but before I pass on I need to dig a little more get back to you on Saturday Johno


so any thoughts on last night


Heppel over goddard and must have maccaffer seems to be the common theme.
Some suggestions of essendon ruckman Bellchambers being a consideration. Not for me.