Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Podcast – Drugs in Fantasy Footy

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Jock Reynolds pre NAB Cup podcast

In many respects it has been a dark week for both AFL Football and AFL Fantasy Football.

Many of us have been left in a state of confusion. How will this drug caper effect our Supercoach and AFL Fantasy teams in 2013? Which Essendon players might not line up? There are many questions that need to be answered and we tackle many of these in this week’s podcast.

Let’s not forget that the NAB Cup kicks off this week – there’s something to get excited about kids! We’ll get to have a gander at many of the blokes that we have our eye on.

In this week’s podcast:

  • How will the drug scandal effect our team selection this season?
  • What about the changes to Supercoach and AFL Fantasy rules.. how will this change how we pick our teams?
  • Gary Ablett… should he really be locked in this season?
  • Essendon rookies Elliot Kavanagh, Joe Daniher, Jason Ashby and Dylan Van Unen
  • Mid price prospects Koby Stevens, Ben Jacobs, Angus Monfries and Brent Moloney. Jock has added these blokes to the mid priced cheat sheet.. find out why.
  • And stack more folks!

Enjoy the show folks… and fire up for NAB Cup this weekend!

Jock Reynolds


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Hey jock who is the better pick out of mundy and moloney?

Mundy gives more points but wouldn’t give as much early cash in the start of season

And moloney generate more cash for early upgrade with that extra cash u left in the bank instead if having mundy?


Also do you think having 6 rookies in midfield is too risky or just stick with 5 instead


hey tim.

6 is maybe one rookie too much. Its all about balance.



hey tim.

Mundy better option. I link Mundy will still make a bit of cash.

(you still need to score points mate, not just cash cowing)



Yeh true that but I got Ablett, pendles, Cotchin and Shuey in my mid so moloney is still a good selection


Casual league



great show guys.

Interesting Higgo's comments that previous winners have had only 2 uber premo's in the side.

surely with 8 mids this year instead of 6 we can expand this to 3 or perhaps even 4?



That's a good point Jimbo. 1 less defender and forward should mean you have enough $ left to go for at least 3 plus ultra premiums.


Hi any news on the Jock Reynolds Premier League. I thought there may be an update or 2 on this website but its been very quiet. Has any body received any information??


Gday Jock have the codes been sent out already?? i registered early on also but havent received anything either


Unfortunately not mate, r they been sent to email address or through Facebook? I’m still keen as mustard to have a crack!


Hi Jock Yeah I applied on Facebook the day after applications opened but haven't received an invite yet. Did I make the cut?? Your advise re selecting your team as a whole rather each individual position is the way to go.


Jock. I finally received your invite to the Jock Reynolds Qualifers Group and I have registered – Thanks mate.


Hey Jock, you sent me a Facebook message saying you were gonna send out the league codes soon, but like these guys havent recevied anything more?


Should I go with: Leuenberger, Gorringe (Daw, McBean) with Hanley in defence, OR
Godlstein, Leuenberger (Gorringe, Daw/McBean) with Docherty in defence?


I'd be awfully hesitant to go in with Gorringe as a starting ruck with Daw and McBean as my backups.


Guys what are your thoughts on rischitelli?? Injured last year and was a gun a couple of seasons ago. Only 398000?


Great show, interesting about the 2 uber picks from previous winners, something going to have to think about but think it safe to make that 2 to 3 this year.

i was wondering what you reckon of Andrew Gaff and luke parker this year for SC?


Hey guys I looked at powertothepeoples team and he started with 2 uber premiums last year but that was with 8 midfield players and with 9 in fwd and def so I figured out that if you take one rookie from his back line to midfield and 1 uber premium from forward and you get 3 uber premiums 2 break out players/ low premiums 1 low mid priced and 4 rookies.
So that’s probably how the midfield should look this year


First game of Round one looks very interesting….who should I tip???….The Drug Cheats or the Draft Cheats?….Tough choice….and I shall also probably tip the Tankers later on in the round too….lol


Jock and Co. outstanding Information & entertainment once again…
Thanks for making my Monday nite
Crouching 3 Pts "Scapegoat Joke "
Jock 2 Pts For a well deserved rant on the Government and tactics
Peter 1 pt but could have been 3 but I think Kung fu slipper Poo was right up there

Now about to log on to SC and change Krakenkats AGAIN….LOL


Very interesting reading. Great site love all of your work.
Question for you wise ones out there:

Koby Stevens vs Moloney for my M6?

Other mids are GAJ, Swan, JPK, Dangerfield, Fyfe, K Mitchell, O’meara, Viney, Crouch

Both will probably make 150k + so is it a question of job security or is there more than that to it?

Interesting to hear all of your thoughts.



Btw 438k left in the bank with M6 to pick.

Team as follows, please let me know what you think

D: Goddard, Gibbs, Duffield, Osbourne, Staker, Terlich (Docherty, Van Unen)

M: See above

R: Cox, Berger (Sinclair, Moller) (swing man, elcapitano)

F: Roughhead, Rockliff, Martin, Krakouer, Varcoe, Winderlich (Mayes, Maccaffer)


Get cox in the foward line and bring in Goldmember, would be silly not having him


If one of winderlich, krakouer or varcoe look no good in the nab I’ll prob look at that.


Staker out with a knee – 6 weeks πŸ™


Entertaining stuff! Loving the usual callers and great work ending the show with a bit of TISM!