Mid-Priced Options with Vince “Teflon” Gambino

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The Choc-Dipped, Double Scooped inside word on the street on 2013 MID-PRICED Options.

Supercoach rookies 2013OK youse guys, listen up. Vince is gonna fix you up nice with your study on the mid-priced options. You see, Jock got me out of crime and into a Mr.whippy van. I sell ice-creams to the stars! You may remember my pimped up van on the TV on Brownlow night. Anyways, I give ice-creams to the stars for information.

Like the other day,”Excuse me Mr.Judd, this lemon gelati placed on your hammy will fix you real good.” …… “And tell me this Mr.Judd, how is Zach Toohey looking this year?”

That’s how I roll; ice-creams for information.

Now I would like to share with you some of my inner-van secrets;

Greg Broughton – Gold Coast  DEF/FWD – SC Price: $441,400

I’m more than happy to give Greg another chance, dudes. Like many of youse other coaches apart of the beloved community, we put our faith in Broughton last year. Unfortunately he had a rollercoaster year and only managed to average 82.7 points a game – well below what we were all hoping for. But Broughton’s dip in form wasn’t entirely his fault. That bloody muppet Ross Lyon played him in a forward line negating role, which drastically hurt his scores as he ended up tagging a rebounding defender most of the time. I’ll tell youse all right now – I was so angry at Ross Lyon for playing him as a forward line tagger, I was even tempted to return back to my dark days and put his windows through. Luckily for Broughton he’s escaped Lyon and the Dockers as he was traded to Gold Coast. The word I’m hearing is that he’ll return to his glory days as a rebounding defender which should see his scores considerably improve.

TEFLON’S VERDICT: Yes, unless there’s overwhelming evidence in the NAB Cup to suggest Broughton will play forward again, he is an absolute lock for all youse coaches out there.


Cam Pedersen –Melbourne  DEF/RUCK – SC Price: $278,200

Sadly for those coaches who’d selected Pedersen in their team last year, he never quite reached his full potential at North Melbourne. Just like all the conflicts I’ve been in with other gangsters, perhaps there was some sort of feud going on between Brad Scott and Cam Pedersen because Pedersen never got the first team action he deserved. Following his move to Melbourne, Pedersen will see a lot more game time at the Dees and will hopefully rediscover his form of 2011 where he averaged 84.1 Supercoach points a game. Still only 26 years old, Pedersen still has plenty to offer at AFL and being a dual position player he might just slot into your team nicely.

TEFLON’S VERDICT: I really do like him. I’d wait a few NAB Cup games before declaring him a lock but if he shows any signs of reproducing that 2011 form at North Melbourne, he’s one to seriously consider.


Travis Varcoe – Geelong  FWD/MID – SC Price: $268,900

A few weeks ago I decided to take the Mr. Whippy van down to Kardinia Park and have a look at who was impressing in pre season for the Cats. I pulled up my van in the car park and bumped into one of my old mates down at Geelong – John “Knuckles” Petrovski. Knuckles is a cool dude and was kind enough to give him some info on who’s looking sharp down at the Cattery. A player who he continually heaped praise on was Travis Varcoe. After only managing one game in 2012, Varcoe is set to explode this year. At $268,900 I believe he’s too good to refuse. As youse all know, I’m a risk-taker and despite his injuries Varcoe is well worth the punt.

TEFLON’S VERDICT: Assuming he stays fit, Varcoe is an absolute lock dudes. I’m anticipating he will score well above his break-even at the beginning of the season.


Jordan Russell – Collingwood DEF – SC Price: $240,000

After 114 solid but unspectacular games for Carlton, Jordan Russell made the move to the Lexus Centre. Now although Russell isn’t solely at Collingwood for a cheaper Lexus, at this stage I can’t see him playing much of a role for Nathan Buckley’s boys in 2013. My Blue baggers were bloody ordinary last season and he could hardly get a game for us – playing only 7 games scoring at a measly average of 57 DT and 50 SC points. However at $240,000 I can see the temptation for youse all to pick him. Struggling for a game at Carlton, I expect the same to happen for him at Collingwood. Who knows though, Bucks may work miracles with Russell and help rediscover his 2010 form where he averaged 87 SC points.

TEFLON’S VERDICT: Definitely not convinced on Jordan Russell. Happy to have a look at him the NAB Cup but he’s certainly well down my pecking order.


Brent Moloney – Brisbane  MID – SC Price: $362,400

Perhaps I’m not the man to giving lifestyle advice, but it’s a shame that Moloney’s career at Melbourne was slightly tainted by his off-field mishaps. I can’t stand those beer cans that some of you bogan Aussies drink, but clearly Moloney loved having a few ‘frothies.’ Ultimately it ended in tears and Moloney was traded to Brisbane at the end of last season. Mark my words homies, at his best Moloney is a very capable player. Hopefully Vossy can allow him to live that relaxed lifestyle he craves. He’ll be much less in the spotlight in Brisbane as an AFL player than he would be in Melbourne, which should translate to him playing some much better footy in 2013. For those in the community who may not remember, Moloney was superb in 2011 averaging just under 100 SC points per game. With a guaranteed first team spot at the Lions, and my associates up there in Brisbane telling me he’s training the house down, Moloney is one to definitely keep an eye out for.

TEFLON”S VERDICT: Very confident about Moloney. Don’t wanna jump the gun too early but I reckon there’s a spot in “Teflon’s Terminators” for Moloney.


Mark LeCras – West Coast FWD – SC Price: $369,200

Cast your minds back folks to the days of 2009-11 when Mark Lecras was one of the premium forwards going around in the AFL. Fast forward to pre-season of 2012 when vision shown of LeCras going down with a ruptured ACL was shown on TV, and whilst I was sipping on a latte down at Lygon St I could hear a collective groan from fantasy football coaches all across Australia. It was a sad time for all. However, I’m confident that the Frenchman (he is French, wi?) is set for a big 2013. Understandably, recovering from a ruptured ACL is never easy and I’m not gonna sit here and tell you he is going to immediately return to his best form. But what I will say is that at $369,200 I very much like the look of Mark Lecras. A shift to midfield is also predicted for LeCras, meaning he should hopefully get more of the footy. Youse should all seriously consider LeCras for 2013.

TEFLON’S VERDICT: Another risk I’m willing to take. Some players never return to their best from after rupturing their ACL, others play like it never happened. Happy to roll the dice on Lecras.


Koby Stevens – Western Bulldogs  MID – SC Price: $176,600

I’ve got a little smokey for youse all here in young Koby Stevens. Starved of opportunities after 3 seasons at the West Coast Eagles, Koby made the right call for the sake of his career by joining a rebuilding club in the Western Bulldogs. A player who became victim of the dreaded sub vest, Koby never reached his full potential at the Eagles. Thankfully for Koby, his job security is much better at the Doggies and I can’t see him being subbed out as many times as he was last year (5 out of 6 games!). With an increased amount of midfielders allowed in your side for 2013, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s room in the Terminators for Koby Stevens.

TEFLON’S VERDICT: Seriously like him. All depends on how consistently he can hold down a first team spot for the Western Bulldogs. Watch closely in NAB Cup.


Shannon Byrnes – Melbourne FWD – SC Price: $230,100

Once upon a time, Shannon Byrnes was one of the first names picked for Geelong. He’d run amok for the Cats, kicking goals consistently and more importantly churning out reliable SC and DT scores. Not a lot has changed since then dudes; however the Cats have a much more bolstered forward line nowadays and through a combination of both form and injuries, Byrnes struggled to hold down a spot in the Cats senior side. Mark Neeld still sees something in the 28 year old and I have to agree with him. Byrnes still has plenty to offer at AFL level and there’s no reason why he can’t rejuvenate his career at the Dees. The benefits attached to Byrnes are that at $230,100 he’s as cheap as chips; and he’s also got much better job security at Melbourne.

TEFLON’S VERDICT: Can see why plenty of youse are keen on him, but I’m still sceptical. During his glory days at Geelong, he was an OK player in a very good side. Very different to what he’ll face at Melbourne. Still, monitor closely.


Once again I’ll hand it over to youse blokes… you give Vince information and I’ll fix you up with a free ice-cream.


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Crikey Mikey

What about young lisle from lions for a very different option for a mid – pricer?



dont think so mate.

what make you think so fella?



Crikey! I like your thinking Mikey dude, nice to hear a few left field options. Not too convinced on Lisle though. Remember his Hawthorn days as promising, but very erratic in front of goal. Who knows could be a changed man under Vossy!


Koby Stevens ay… Hmm very Interesting.

What do you make of Ellis or Bock down back? Or Embley in the mids… worth the risk?

I'm def gonna be locking in Varcoe, Broughton and possibly even the Frenchman =D


Yo Ram-Rod. Bock's an interesting one. He's a bit of an old dude these days but a lot of fantasy coaches are keen on him. As for me, I'll probably avoid. I'm a dude who often changes his mind though! Xavier Ellis from Hawthorn are you referring to bro? Embley is a good call man. Didn't put him in my write-up but I will be seriously considering him.


Experienced utility Nathan Bock will be forced to watch from the sidelines as his Gold Coast SUNS team mates contest the NAB Cup campaign and early rounds of 2013 Premiership season…………….from the Suns today 12/2/2013……will probably miss the first few rounds as well.


Yo Vinnie…

Vinnie here, and I reckon you;re onto something. My contribution is Nick O Brien (ESS) Only $204K and plenty of ability. future leadership material can play at either end of the ground


Could be sitting out the next 2 years… Hmm but actually if you think about it, if some of Essendon's senior list is banned, their younger players could get regular games. Guess we will have to wait and see what happens.


Good stuff Teflon, I reckon you've covered most of the popular mid-pricers there. Any leftfield suggestions? Apparently Kane Lucas ($217,400) had a good hitout for the blues in the intraclub the other day


Same thing was said about him last year also, but never got the playing time… Maybe this year he will =D


Kevy I appreciate that my man. Free ice creams for you. Was having coffee down on Lygon St with a few of the boys who were at the intra-club match and they were VERY impressed with Lucas I tell ya dude. Could be a masterstroke from yourself


Why isn't anyone talking j kennedy from west coast , under 300k in sc


j kennedy.. there is a good reason no one is talking about him mate..



Oh that’s right because in 2011 he averaged more than lecras and he played more games 20 Games 86 av .varcoe, pederson , Byrnes would not even get close to

86 averages over 20 games and lecras is over 70 k more than jk and Jordan russel isn’t guaranteed a spot ,Jk def in best 22 if fit for wc


yeah ok there are some fair points made there cobba, I will take my stupid words back.


hey guys.

Kennedy. Its a no for me.

mainly cause he is a key position forward. very inconsistent as a rule.



yeah agreed.


The jimbo man is spot on here. Key position forwards tend to be unable to consistently produce solid fantasy scores


Well said. Won't b a keeper but a very nice stepping stone. Don't have him in my team but definedly see the appeal. Beautiful JS and guaranteed price increase which is more than most forwards. Far more appealing than the Frenchman for mine


ahhh good stuff as always glad to see someone else is thinkn good things about koby not just me,, but so many options going crazy lol bring on nab cup already!!


Appreciate that zane. Cheers dude! Let's see how our boy Koby goes this year mate…


Josh Kennedy is in my team right now, can bang out a massive score on his day

SC League 950596 for anyone interested – half full, all people from here


Andrew Krakrouer- Will he be ready for round 1? Only 291,100. Also Would Shaun Atley be named as a mid priced player 380, 400, if so why is he not up there?


Also can someone please help me? Is matthew pavlich fit for round 1?


no one really knows old boy..

nab cup will tell as a bit.. just hold tight till then


I'll see if I can get the inside word on Krakouer Jimmy and get back to you man. Jock briefly touched on Atley in his cheat sheet. He loves him


Thanks Vince


C’mon everybody join this league only the biggest and bested coaches can come into this league!!
Code: 959199


Teflon in!


Good onya mate!!!
Could you get jock, higgo, crouching, madirishman and mr crimmins to join it aswell???


What are thoughts on Ayce Cordy?


Could be onto a bit of a smokey there dude. He's defintitely on the rise. I'll watch him in NAB Cup


u can't be serious on cordy…

stay away.


With Ben Hudson out of the team, I reckon he'll take up second ruck spot.


i was gona keep him to my self but jason winderlick at around 250


Thoughts on Daniel hannebery, I know he isn’t the cheapest mid price around at just over 400k, but to average 109 during finals and a whopping 141 on gf day, I’d say he is worth the punt? Would it be wise to choose him ahead of a possible premium mid such as k jack or r sloane?( Just examples of course)


Join my leagu 867176


Outstanding work Vince. While I still fear you as a person, I am now starting to fear you as a serious player this year. The $50k is mine!
On another note, I feel it is time you released all of your information re: drugs & match fixing ….. We all know that the ice cream van sells more than just ice cream!


Cheers Higgo. Like I've said before, I'm sticking by a "no comment" at this stage. Stephen Dank has advised me to not make any further comment on the issue.


Essendon supporters,

forget the distractions in the press at the moment, get your SC hats on and join one of the following Essendon supporter SC leagues:

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Vardy could be a better pick than leuenberger. Reports say berger might not play til rd 4 and vardy is tearing it up


interesting…..where did you heard that?


Yeh where did you hear that


The Lions will have an almost full strength squad to choose from during the NAB Cup. Injured trio Matthew Leuenberger (Achilles), Brent Staker (knee) and Mitch Golby (foot) have been training strongly since the New Year and will all be available for selection………as of Sat 9/2/13


please luke parker anyone?


hey jake.

no from me. bit too much of an unknown.


Peter Ryan

Hey everyone, my wife’s started an all girl league this year as she did really well last year. So if any girls are interested please join as its not the easiest league to fill! Name is ‘girl on girl’ and number is ‘873908’, get on it (not the girls, the league haha)!


Is the all girls comp full already? I typed it in but didn't let me in :'( I smashed it at work last year so want to join more than one league 😀


Leuenberger looks to be fine for round one, don’t know where u heard round four? Please correct me if I’m wrong pal! Trying to start an all Melbourne supporters league (so some of us will experience finals haha!), if any demon fans out there want to join its, ‘no tanking fc’ ‘207473’.


you will struggle to find 18 people that admit to supporting melbourne mate


Shouldn’t be that hard now that the news is out that Melbourne wasn’t tanking, it just was that the dee’s were the only club not having drugs! Hahaha!


Hi everyone just want to get your thoughts on Danyle Pearce from Fremantle? Is at a mid price midfielder price of $458,800 but I just think this year could be his year to take the next step at Fremantle. Was getting tagged every week for Port Adelaide last year and was averaging a decent score of 85 last year. Will enjoy not getting tagged every week with the likes of Mundy, Hill etc getting the tag, will also enjoy the bigger ground a Patterson's Stadium. What do you guys think?


Tempting. He could play on wing and get a lot of run. Picked as a defender too


I've gone with Danyle Pearce. Nearly no one will have him because they're all snatching up Fyfe and Mundy, so he is a great Smokie option. Watch him in the NAB cup but he's in my team!


"Experienced utility Nathan Bock will be forced to watch from the sidelines as his Gold Coast SUNS team mates contest the NAB Cup campaign and early rounds of 2013 Premiership season.

The 138 game player has left no stone unturned in a bid to be ready for the start of 2013 AFL season, however club medicos are taking a cautious approach to the former All Australians recovery.

Speaking exclusively with goldcoastfc.com.au, GC SUNS rehabilitation coach Matthew Kennedy said despite being unavailable for selection early in the year, Bock was progressing well."

I've just scratched him from my team for RD1………


How anyone can call greg broughton a lock is beyond me. You people have short memories


what's wrong with broughton…?