Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Podcast – open week!

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Supercoach and AFL Fantasy Open week podcastWe are dead set pumped to bring you this week’s podcast. It’s always such an exciting time of the year when Supercoach and AFL Fantasy open their doors and we all start bangin our teams together.

We cover a hell of a lot of ground this week. We get through some rookies. We talk ruckman. We argue about team structure. We enter into the Collingwood Conundrum debate and talk your Dane Swans, your Scott Pendleburys and your Dayne Beams. I discuss how I’m likely to structure up my midfield. A ripping yarn as always this week.

So sit back, crack the top off a beer, a softy or whatever takes your fancy and soak in a collective century of Fantasy Footy wisdom from Peter Higginbotham, Crouching and myself.

Players discussed this week;

  • Dane Swan
  • Scott Pendlebury
  • Aaron Sandilands
  • Matthew Leuenbeger
  • Todd Goldstein
  • Sam Rowe
  • Ollie Wines
  • Dean Terlich
  • Jaeger O’Meara
  • Jack Viney
  • Brad Crouch

And more – enjoy the show!

Jock Reynolds

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  1. @PeterHiggo says:

    Will be interesting to see how The Community votes go on this one Jock.

    • TheCrouchingOne says:

      SILENCE! The Sandiland Can….. I start the song, you prick cash in!

      Bloody 3 Vote CrouchingOne.


      • jockreynolds says:

        cmon you blokes… bit of a foregone conclusion that old Jock takes home the 3 votes of a Sunday evening..
        Crouching.. didnt go too hard on ya with the old cat o nine tails did I mate?

  2. Clayton says:

    Jock my old friend, has been a while!
    Love your work as always chief.
    I must ask, i'm sitting on the fence right now in regards of young Chris Yarran.
    Has shown potential in the past, but also shown he may burn you. Thoughts?

    • jockreynolds says:

      little bit too much uncertainty here I reckon mate.. looking forward to seeing in the NAB but will need to tear the joint down before he gets a gig in JR Brumby FC

  3. Jacob Cecil says:

    Loved the podcast boys! Good old Herbert! My team V.1 boys!

    Back: Goddard, Gibbs, Broughton, Atley, Terlich, Colquhoun. Bench: B. Goodes, S. Docherty
    Mids: Ablett (c), Swan (v-c), J Selwood, Murphy, Fyfe, Mundy, O'Meaga, Viney. Bench: B. Crouch, K. Mitchell(port)
    Rucks: Goldstein, Leuenburger. Bench: Grundy, Currie
    Fwds: Franklin, Rockliff, D Martin, LeCras, Macaffer, Kerridge Bench: Daniher, T. Lee

    Any critism welcome

    • Tim says:

      Hey Cecil it’s sauvy here
      Team is looking very nice I would have Cotchin instead of selwood and have varcoe instead of lecras.
      Mcaffer might not get a round 1 game so I woul have staker for him

  4. Jacob Cecil says:

    Hey sauvy! Long time no see! I was really tossing it up between Murphy and Cotchin! I just couldn't pick! I am sticking with Lecras because last year he started off at around about 500k or so with proved his skill the year before. Varcoe would probably get vested to much for my liking. Macaffer or staker is also a difficult one but shakers injury have macaffer over the line for me.

    Thanks for the help…have you joined the paddle league yet?

  5. Jake says:

    jock please give thoughts on old mate lukey parker of the sydney swans

  6. Rob says:

    Interesting midfield strategy discussion guys, currently sitting with a 5-1-4, so somewhere in between Jock & Higgo.

  7. Monkey_Magic says:

    Great podcast lads!

    Looking forward to the League codes coming through!

    Keep up the good work.

  8. @MRB37 says:

    Great work guys, you lot were fired up! Gonna give the 3 to CrouchingOne, he was in a fighting mood it seems, 2 to Higgo for turning down NASA, and the 1 to Jock, who was his usual brilliant self.

    Sandilands, i'm still too weary of him to pick him, but for anyone that does, listen to Higgo! Grab a swingman in your forward line, if he goes down, you can bench him and not worry about it too much. I do disagree with Higgo on having non-playing guys just for the swingsets they provide. Maybe grab 1, or at most 2, rucks seem a definate "yes" area to do that with because there's so few rookies that play. Giving up a potential upgrade money just for swingsets you may not need to use, doesn't look good to me.

    Still deciding on my midfield, I couldn't find a way I was happy with to go with Higgo's 6-4 approach. Currently sitting on a 4-1-5, 4 elites, 1 midpricer (Fyfe) and 5 rookies, but may change that to a 3-3-4 approach. Also have looked at a 5-5 approach with Danger in place of Fyfe.

  9. The gambler says:

    I'm going to throw a grenade or 2 in the mix for your ruck selections.
    Mad croweating mate of mine says put the house on Josh Jenkins (fwd/ruck) 363K – I'm using him with the bergerman as R2. My big smokey is Gorringe from the suns. Plagued by injury and deteremined to shine this year, he's also spending a bit of time up forward in pre season and at 161k I think it's the R3/4 that most ppl won't have and may pay dividends later on. R4 for me is still undecided between witts,daw,currie,rowe. But it's no real concern until a day or before rd1 for the possi, they are all about the same price anyway.

    • @MRB37 says:

      I've gone with Jenkins-Burger combo at ruck also. Not expecting huge keeper scores from him, reckon he'll average 70-75 for the year. Probably have a few games where he's absolutely terrible, and a few where he'll be really good, but it's enough to get through some rounds until he can be upgraded. I've grabbed a ruck for my forward line so in the event of Jenkins sucking, I can swap him out without a huge amount of issues.

      • The gambler says:

        It's punt worthy I feel. Thinking another one (fwd only though) that might be flying under the radar is a real cracker….. think about it!

      • Dools says:

        G’day mate I find it intresting that people have jumped off a good thing ’cause others feel the same in regards to Goldy and ‘Berger? Me I backed how I always felt till injury do’es me in LOL Nice Pick Jenkins mate but for me Goldy and ‘Berger more reliable

  10. zane says:

    Great show guys, insightful and funny as f*** as always.
    Crouching is lucky he didnt get his burger from maccas coz the he to would have mcIngtosh and leuenberger, please dont fly kick me for that one crouching one.
    I also read Judd is having a tight hammy trouble and missn some interclub games. Visy deal falling through and trying to get on the essendon bandwagon with kleenex soft tissue deal. Pure gold guys lookn forward to reading up and coming articles .

  11. TheBIGShot says:

    the strategy of the mids and the rucks DPP will be most important this year. I for one want all my bench players earning so with the Jockmeister on that for sure. But in complete deference to the Crouching one Sandi if he can stay fit is a massive value prospect cos he is super-elite at his top. Big risk/reward with him.
    Just on that mids strategy I have gone a 4-2-4 approach (atm) and with Luey in the ruck you can spend a bit more in the mids and I am. Seems to me like the mids and forwards are where the majority of my dough will sit this year for varied reasons but if the NAB shows up less backline talent than we anticipate thats all out the window.

    # of votes for higgo Jock and crouching? Easy, to all= 3

  12. team changa says:

    what about mathew kruzer? had post season surgury to repair a tendon or ligament in the knee, by all acounts has been training extremly well and looks set to reach his potential… thoughts??

  13. Dan says:

    Why all the fake accents in the podcast? Just speak normally and stop trying to be funny, first and last time i listen to this rubbish.

    • Eastern Shanks FC says:

      maybe because everyone except you has a sense of humour. Lighten up you fool. Great podcast boys

    • peter power says:

      Yes, l find it hard to understand.

    • Dave says:

      Fake accents?? Couldn't detect anything like that when I was listening. Just 3 legends giving their all to the community!!!

  14. Eastern Shanks FC says:

    I could never go for Sandilands again, too much interruption in his past seasons because of turf toe.

  15. jimbotraralgon says:

    oh no…just had a nightmare where I selected Broughton instead of heppell……

    now its the friday night before round 3 starts……broughton has just put out an 85 and 83 and heppell has just cracked his second 110+ game……

    couldn't happen, could it?

    • Tim says:

      Hahahaha it could happen but Broughton would not have such a bad start to the season with Gold Coast

    • max says:

      id bet my life on it! heppell over broughton any day!
      also the bulldogs double Jock Nathan Hrovat and Lachie Hunter they will both get a game at the dogs, what are your thoughts about them Jock?

    • Jimmy says:

      Are you saying that you would pick heppell over broughton??

      • jimbotraralgon says:

        just had a bit of a gander at the crystal ball, saw this…..

        got me wondering if the community had thoughts…

        better than a boring heppell vs broughton post 😉


  16. Jimmy says:

    Great podcast boys. Wondering if I should pick Mundy or Fyfe. Both guns. And is Jakey Stringer the bendigo boy too pricey??

  17. Eastern Shanks FC says:

    Any suggestions on who to buy next in my mids? Already got Gaz, Pendles and Cotch, with 700k left. Thinking about Swan, Danger, JPK or even Deledio? Or maybe get Shuey and bank some?

    Also, thoughts on Luke Brown from Adelaide? Thanks

    • Jimmy says:

      Murphy could fire this year if he might get captaincy and reach his prime. Or there is Selwood who can have a very damaging year

    • footywinter7 says:

      I've got Gaz, Pendles, Cotchin and Watson.

  18. Kambo42 says:

    thinking of having Swan Pendles and Beams

  19. jimbotraralgon says:

    Go swan. I shudder to think how much but I'm going Gaza pendle and swan. Will be 1 – 2 – 3 at year end between these 3. May as well lock it in now.

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