Ruck Poll.. which 2 will you start with?

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ruck supercoach poll

It’s time to throw open the internet waves for another poll.. a bloody critical one.

I’d like to ask you a very important question so sit down, drag your chair right up here and focus. At this early stage which 2 Supercoach or AFL Fantasy rucks will you start with in season 2013?

Rucks are always such an important consideration.. nailing the right rucks from the outset really sets you up for a serious crack at the action come September.

  • Once you’ve had a go – make sure you have a look at the configuration of the previous 2 winners of AFL Supercoach ruck divisions… you’ll notice in this article that IMPROMPTU had a hell of a time with his rucks and still took the bikkies!
  • And also have a squizz at POWERTOTHEPEOPLE’S winning 2012 team with respect to ruck formation.

Stay safe folks and FIRE UP… the big dance is just around the bloody corner!!



Which 2 rucks will you start on field in 2012?

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wow…nearly a quarter are not going with berger. Thats a surprise.

was thinking nearly 100%


ATM I am starting with Leuenberger and Pederson in the ruck with Cox in the forward line for cover. NAB Cup will determine how my starting lineup looks come round 1 though!


The only issue I see here is that Pederson is NOT going to play as a ruckman at Melbourne (he has barely ever played as a ruckman at all), he will be behind Jamar and Spencer and therefore won’t rack up cheap points. Even as a DEF his job security is also questionable and based on the low points and lack of game time, he simply is not viable as an R2.

Maybe as an R3, but I think rookies are better value here.


As i said NAB Cup will determine everything regarding my starting squad. But i am pretty sure he has been training with the forward line all preseason, I think Neeld plans to use him there until Clarke regains full fitness by then he will be traded out anyway. IMO he has very good JS wherever he will be playing on the field lets face it he plays for Melbourne, and that's coming from a Dees fan.


Loving Maric or Mcevoy or even Kreuzer as PODs……mmm

Dean field

Jock why have you overlooked Bellchambers, named as N1 ruck for bombers this season.

team changa

mummy and luen, with cox in the fl to trade into luens spot when he makes 200k and hopefully slot in k tippet by this time.


considering the four rookie ruck, figure one of daw or currie – and witts or Grundy will be getting a game most weeks, so hopefully will be able to field two boys each week. only reason I may not do this s Leuenberger and in that situation, daw would be the first to go


Cant see Daw or currie getting many games, if any at all. Theres a reason Big H got traded, Goldy will ruck 90% with Petrie pinch hitting.


I just reckon north had surplus ruckmen, with daw being promoted and obviously going into the draft with the intention of getting a big fella- time will tell though


think a 4 rookie ruck will be a disaster mate.

there is no clear standout like Giles from last year where you can pick a rookie ruck with confidence.

At least pick one certainty and maybe 3 rookes


Yep, I went 4 rookies last year and it bit me in the ass apart from Giles. Even then, rookie rucks don't seem to score much, Billy Longer had some terrible games where he barely scored in double digits for me.


It's pretty much a POD NOT to start with luey. I agree with Dan though, NAB will shape my team.


I’m going with Goldy and Luey as of now. Mummy and a few others definitely on the radar!


Bellchambers is going to be the maric of 2013. Got cox in the fwd line for cover as well.


big call mate. why do you think that?


Bellchambers would have to increase value by over 300k to do that. At his price that is impossible!


Kind of surprised to see so many people going with Sandilands after the injuries he's had the past two years. Voted for Josh Jenkins and Luey myself, but I may change JJ to Goldstein or McEvoy at this stage.


Looks like I'm going with the crowd – Goldy & Berger, with Cox as a Fwd.


yes,! then have Pedersen in the backline….


No one for Griffin? There’s a surprise, Maric of 2013 with all sandi’s problems!! Posibly Zac Clarke aswell?


bellchambers & Luey, with Daw & joe bloggs (DP) on bench and Roughy as FWD.


I'm taking Roughy in the fwd line as back up as well. Once the cows get fat he can go into the ruck. With 3 starters in the ruck at that point i'm hoping to only make only the 1 ruck trade this year.


“Which 2 rucks will you start on field in 2012?”

Bloody hell, I’m from 2013.


leuy & Z.Smith ????


Like your zac smith option. I wanted him in but with nic nat injured cox has taken his spot


At this stage i’m going with Maric and possibly Bellchambers at R2 (I MAY consider 3 rookies after NAB cup). Maric simply offers big points, which after all is the name of the game, and I think Bellchambers will improve on last years output, & I am not yet convinced on Berger.

I will lash out and spend money here and on premium mids, and have gone a few mid pricers in DEF/FWD.

(**) ^&

jock how do i join your leagues?


would also be interested in this?


Sandilands, Luey, Grundy & Currie for me. Cox in the forward line and once one of my rookies go up in price, will pick up a cheap F/R option to make money and have Cox as my back up.


Due to logic failing last year I am using the old name swap technique to chose my two rucks … I liked the sound of Hamish Leuenberger, it has a nice Scottish-Germanic ring to it, can't beat bagpipes and a brass band! Then did the reverse to make sure my pairing was just right … Matty McIntosh, I like M & M's, so I am going with the McIntosh / Leuenberger combination. Hope this helps 🙂



dont know about the logic but the combo is good 😉


Daw or Currie? Who's getting more game time?


In my mind currie. If daw has a sudden attitude change then I could see him taking the spot, but I don't think he will


ATM I'm going with Berger and maric. If Maric doesn't perform I will trade him for vardy, and upgrade a mid


Roughy and Bergs in the ruck and Cox in the FWD line for me with Witts (could be Daw or Currie by Rd1) and Mcbean(fwd/rck) for insurance swaps


Bellchambers. The Bell could ring this year. Unique, No.1 Ruck. Worth serious thought.


how are you going to trade coz from fwd line with berger?

am i missing something here?


When you go to make a trade, a ‘S’ pops up. So when you trade leuey, an ‘S’ will pop up for cox, and he swaps from fwd to ruck. And instead
you can bring in a fwd..


cox* ^


After about 40 goes at this, I **think** I'm settled – I'm going with Paddy and The Lot, with Witts and Lycett on the pine and Cox in the forwards

The one rookie (just 3 games) that everyone is overlooking is the awkwardly priced Scott Lycett ($206k) from the Eagles. He's 22, big (203cm and 100kgs) with great hands and the time is right to bring him into the ground. I know he's expensive, but hear me out (then shoot me down later!!!)

With the Cuestick gone to Collingwood, I think it is worth speculating on how the Eagles will hash things around to fill the big body forward spot. The choices I'm thinking are Darling and Kennedy – I'm favouring Clementine to get the gig, with Cox moving forward in 2013, taking some '2nd man up' forward rucks and do the foil work for Nic. He is an agile, proven goal kicker and Lycett is just mobile enough to play second ruck to Nic. The Eagles lose nothing with this – they remain as strong as ever.

Of course I've been wrong a thousand times but with Nic likely to miss the NAB Cup it will be interesting to see how Lycett goes – I think he could be the Jonathon Giles of 2013 and a real POD.


Dogs they will go smaller
French, Hills etc


Lycett will be a gun when the cox is retired me thinks


Sauce & BellChambers for me, with Grundy and Currie on bench.


Berger and goldy for me atm. Only change i would make would be bellchambers for goldy..


Going with the Mullet man and Berger. Maric is great with his disposal and is everywhere all the time so I consider him to be a fairly dependable R1. And let's face it, at 300k Berger is just too great a bargain to pass up (unless he breaks a nail) – but even then with so many other punters having him it won't be too bad. I'm thinking about going with Roughy AND Coxy up front because the forward options aren't gettin me going. Especially with the inevitable contract BS that's coming Buddy's way, what with him being a big blouse and all.


I have Cox, McIntosh, Derickx and Currie as my rucks


i got cox, pederson, witts and daw as m rucks. what do u think guys


With Bellchambers no 1 at bombers, Ryder will still have plenty of game time and go forward to kick goals….Cameri, Hurley, Gumby (?), And Joe the Goose, mean Ryder could even be no 4 big forward. He avgs 100 plus anyway. Mummy still 200k behing his peak…cash cow.


New at this caper, but early thought is ryder and mummy with witts and currie on bench. back up with jenkins in forward. thoughts????


Redman, I like that mix, but I see The Magician has got the nod this weekend over Currie. It will be interesting to see how he goes. I especially like Jenkins as the FWD/RUCK link, he showed more on the weekend than I expected.


After Goldy's less than impressive effort last night, what do you guys think of Mummy instead? Or possibly Bellchambers? I get the feeling a lot of folks will be jumping back of the Goldy bandwagon


zac smith looks very promising

supercoach guest

I have Cox and Roughead as my main ruckmen, O Hailpin is my floating ruckman between ruck and forward with Daw and witts my reserve ruckmen

Riley Taylor

I have Zac Smith and Goldstein starting on and have Rowe and Daw on bench.