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AFL supercoach mid priced defenders 2013 podcast


This is a huge week beloved followers of the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community!

Supercoach and AFL Fantasy open up to the punters this Friday. Time to get fair dinkum and have a good hard think about the best selections for your 2013 team.

Higgo has analysed the teams posted in the post my team article and has come up with a list of the most popular defense selections so far.. the results might surprise you. We also rifle through those all important mid priced options down back.

Here are just some of the players discussed in this cracking episode:

  • Nathan Bock
  • Brendon Goddard
  • Jordan Russell
  • Shaun Atley
  • Cam Pederson
  • Dean Terlich
  • Corey Enright
  • Chris Newman

As discussed in the podcast.. entries to the Jock Reynolds Premier League CLOSE THIS THURSDAY NIGHT!!! I would be bloody shattered if you miss out so make sure you get your entries in before then..

Enjoy the show!


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  1. Nick says:

    Great show guys!!!

    • jockreynolds says:

      Thanks very much Nick! You're a good egg. Bloody exciting times leading into Supercoach and DT open day on Friday.. could have some very unique teams this year with the changes to team structure

  2. TheBIGShot says:

    too right on the cricket Jock.. bloody has-been singers with bad cartoons! .. if they were getting their Aussie citizenship well broadcast them then, other wise I don't care how much KFC pay, even if it's the pajama hit and giggle, for the ubiquitous Maddens Australia day aint the right spot. Neither is Atley in your back line I thought but now you suggest him it's a maybe. I am open to the wisdom of the greatest Fantasy football mind of our time, and the preseason comp will tell but with Wells down on form and injury riddled Atley might get that mid gig you suggest Jock!! So he is a close watch. Just on Cam the fiddler..? well it's a no from me at that price not enough upside to him I cant see him at more than an average of mid 60s in a team that will be mauled. Think Stefan Martin. Bock last year was $400K i think as i started with him. He really didn't do enough in the games before the broken leg and injury seemed to be all over him in the lead in to 2012 so shakey on him. But I like the way you lot think. Most enlightening.

  3. Tim says:

    Thoughts on Brodie Smith, Jock? Any chance of averaging 90ish in 2013? Some reports he’s having a decent pre season.

  4. Nick says:

    Hey Jock, just wondering what you thought about Daniel Talia from Adelaide at only $273k, after a great year last year as a mid-priced defender?

    • @MRB37 says:

      Probably not, he's good, but his game doesn't translate into SC points. He'll shut his man down, but doesn't generate enough offence out of the back half to score a decent amount of points. He might be able to get his average up to 60-65, but I doubt it'll get higher than that.

  5. Nick says:

    And also Jock, would you take Goddard or Heath Shaw as your premium defender?

  6. jimbotraralgon says:

    top podcast fellas.

    I have been putting Goddard in my side and taking him out again almost daily.

    I understand Crouching's thoughts on POD but if he cranks it up to 120-130 average and I dont have him in the side I will be one unhappy little biscuit.

    Does Goddard have 120+ scores in him?

    • aleye72 says:

      but how many times can we be bitten by a promising star and all they do is turn into a shooting star. Gibbs is the same :[email protected]

    • @jimbotraralgon I am an Essendon supporter, and I try my best to steer away from being too bias when selecting my team, so currently I don't have Goddard, for a few reasons. But like yourself, I am toying with the idea a lot. My main reason is that if he plays the minutes through the midfield, I think as he is about the same size as Jobe, they will be spending time in their without one and other, leaving the tag on Goddard. But then I also consider the fact that they may be in the middle at the same time, and think that Goddard is probably more likely to receive the tag around the ground as he is more damaging than Watson in outside play.,..

      All I can say is that the Nab cup may prove useful, or it may just confuse us even more.

    • swedish pete says:

      i think stanton and watson even heppel will attract more tags then the old man in new colours will

  7. Dools says:

    Great Pod Cast Lads,
    S. Byrnes intresting lads very intresting

    Higgo my friend great stat anaylises
    Jock this is real hard for me…

    Crouching 3 (Lets just put up with the KKK True Blues)

    Higgo 2 (Nice enunsiation on the P.Cast mate)

    Teflon 1( I had Teflon at 2 points put I just cound not fault Peter on delivery style and Tecnique)

    Loved the show Facts with Fun!!

  8. TheCrouchingOne says:

    Who picking Mr.Corey Enright?? Maybe Mr.Higgo can write up some stat here for us.

  9. Paddles says:

    Ease up there Jock I have had Newwy in my team from the start tried to point it out watch him push forward up on to the wing.

  10. Rob says:

    Jock, I've put Enright & Newman in the over the hill basket – maybe at my own peril. Agree with you about Atley, I'm a north man and Shaun will tear it up this year.

  11. Nick says:

    What are everyones thoughts on Joe Daniher this year? Much game-time

  12. Shimma says:

    never really considered Goddard OR Gibbs in my team this year but im regretting it a bit now. Are Duffield, Hartlett and Broughton too weak for my defence?

  13. Mick says:

    g'day fellas, what are your thoughts on jackson trengove?

  14. 2013 winner says:

    best pick up ….brett goodes…….western bulldogs,,,,mature recruit centre half back with a lot of run in his legs also a great kick…He will be put right into the thick of things at half back,,,,,They need aplayer like this with body,,,speed…..he has played in the vfl sanfl,,,,top player ……and at $128 200 ??? a bargain.. he will be at 350 000 minimum by end of season….only a fool after reading what i said and checking him out would not pick him….BRETT GOODES…..get on board

  15. 2013 winner says:

    brett thorton at 339 000 will play more of a major roll in his new club, You would think the defensive line will be based around him for he is the most expierenced defender in thier team….He also has the ability to go forward ….i think he is undervalued….i can see him averaging 90+ ….ill take a risk on him early

  16. 2013 winner says:

    2 bretts couincidence…

  17. adam parr says:

    i am thinking gibbsy greg and grimes and 1 more prem defender …. thoughts dont wnat goddard

    also any mids worth getting that have a fwd mid dual postion

  18. Tim says:

    Thoughts on Chris Yarran?

  19. Daniel says:

    Got burnt by Yarran last year, way too inconsistent. Gets tagged out of games too easily and look like he's not even trying. Having said all this, maybe Mick will bring out his best.

  20. Eddie says:

    J.Russell, C.Newman or S.Atley which one? or any other good mid priced, that will score good and hold there spot in the team?

  21. Jocelyn says:

    you I a is funny that we by miss girl or as some be goods