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AFL Supercoach 2012 tips guru Jock ReynoldsIt is a great pleasure of mine to introduce a new member of the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community analysis team… Vince “Teflon” Gambino.

When Vince approached me in 2011 his life was in turmoil. He made a few bad decisions growing up. Then a few more. Mixed with the wrong crowd. Before long he was up to his neck in the seedy gangland underbelly of the south eastern suburbs .

Many still shudder at the memory of Teflon Gambino and his reign of terror which stretched from the hustle and bustle of  Bentleigh all the way through to the sleepy seaside suburb of Mordialloc. The sight of some loose change being slipped into a pocket at the train station was like a red rag to a bull to our Vince in days past.

The best bloody thing Vince ever did was try it on old Jock one blustery Saturday morning. He put out his hand for some change. I put out my hand in friendship. He reached up his jumper for his cricket bat. I reached into my heart for some compassion. He fumbled and got the bat caught in the draw strings of his tracky dacks… that’s more than enough opportunity for this old bloke to deliver some martial art inspired discipline.

And so it was that Jock drew a busted up kid from the wrong side of the tracks under his wing and re introduced him to society. Stands to reason that anyone in my presence will generally learn a trick or two.. so it shouldn’t surprise us too much that Vince stands before us today as one of the finest Supercoach and AFL Fantasy Analysts in the country.

An so it is that I hand over to Vince “Teflon” Gambino for his debut article.

Supercoach rookies 2013

2013 rookies with Vince “Teflon” Gambino

Greetings my community friends.

While it is true that I have turned my back on being one of the baddest arses in Melbourne I want to tell you that I have kept some close.. shall we say… associates.. in the industry whom I.. enlist.. to get the inside word of all things in the beautiful game. Fantasy Footy.

Brad Crouch Adelaide MID ($115,900 SC)

The first name that I keep hearing about is a kid by the name of Brad Crouch. I like the look of this boy. In fact, he was so young that former mob boss himself – Andrew Demetriou – and his boys decided that Crouchy (no relation to The Crouching One) was too young to be eligible for senior selection in 2012. Instead he spent the year playing for West Adelaide in the SANFL where he enjoyed plenty of time in the midfield racking up possessions. My associates tell me he is a clearance king, which is always handy for collecting Supercoach points.

Now I hear what you’re telling me: “What about Jaeger O’Meara, Teflon?” Now don’t get me wrong, young Jägermeister (also $115,900) is going to be a super player. To be honest I’ll probably go for both of them in my team. But if I were to choose one of them, I’d go with Crouch. Unlike Crouch, O’Meara didn’t play a lot of footy last year. Prior to undergoing groin surgery in July; he’d only played in the NEAFL in GC Suns reserve team. In terms of competitiveness, the NEAFL just doesn’t stack up with the SANFL, which makes me think Jägermeister may not quite be ready for senior footy in 2013. Along with Jack Viney ($109,500) from Melbourne, these three players are the best rookie midfielders going around.

Viney reminds me a bit of myself: tough, gutsy and resilient. He will win a lot of contested footy which is very important for those who have him in their Supercoach and AFL Fantasy side.

Sam Colquhoun Port Adelaide DEF/MID ($109,500 SC)

Now this young man may not be attracting the hype of some other rookies in 2013, but I believe he can play an important role in your side. Despite being South Australia’s Most Valuable Player in the 2012 Under 18 Championships, he was overlooked in the 2012 National Draft before being picked up by Port Adelaide in Pre Season draft. Unfortunately for the young fella he grew up supporting Port Adelaide, so he was doomed from the start. My scouts down at Alberton Oval say he is tearing up the track during pre-season. Most importantly he can be selected in your team as either a defender or midfielder.

Sam Docherty Brisbane DEF ($115,900 SC)

Good old BrisVegas is one of my favourite holiday destinations. The Treasury Casino in Brisbane is now bankrupt after me and the boys swooped on the poker and roulette tables. I’ve managed to get in contact with a few of my mates up there about who’s looking good on the track for the Lions. The name on most of their lips was Sam Docherty. After missing most of 2012 through injury.

Docherty is set to explode this year and he’s a player I’d watch very closely. Fit and firing he should slot into the Lions defence very nicely.

Josh Simpson Fremantle MID/FWD ($119,500 SC)
The Freo boys from out west have picked up a little beauty in young Josh Simpson here. Unlike the big fat Cuban cigar I’m sucking on at the moment, you can pick Simpson up for peanuts. The kid is absolute lightning and also has exquisite foot skills. He topped the kicking test at Draft Camp – nailing 29 out of 30 targets. Ross Lyon has already stated that Simpson is a big chance to line up for the Dockers in Round 1. The young man is already a father, which makes me think he’s got a steady head on his shoulders. Must consider.

Troy Menzel Carlton MID/FWD ($149,500 SC). Troy had the potential to be drafted in the top 5 but his LARS surgery a few years ago scared most clubs off, and he eventually slid down to number 11. Now as you know, I love to take risks – and Troy Menzel is definitely worth taking a punt on.

Thankfully for Carlton they managed to retain their draft picks last year – unlike in 2002 when I gave my old friend John Elliot few tips on how to weave your way around the salary cap. We haven’t spoken much since. I’m still not sure why John declined my offer to have him apart of the cock fighting ring; something about a pig’s arse he said. Anyway, all fantasy footballers should seriously be considering Troy for their team. Menzel was bagging in goals for fun whilst playing for Central districts in the SANFL last year and can also be selected as a midfielder in your team. Menzel’s story reminds me a bit of Joel Selwood’s – a young, up and coming superstar who fell down a few places in the draft due to prior injuries. And we all know how everything turned out for Joel Selwood.

A similar player who’s been touted as a future gun is Jake Stringer ($179,500) from the Western Bulldogs. However I’d stay away from him for a couple of reasons. Firstly, although I like taking a punt on injury-prone players, Stringer’s body simply won’t be able to handle AFL rigours in 2013; and at $179,500 he’s also too expensive for a rookie. Here’s hoping the lad proves me wrong.

Brent Staker ($128,000) from Brisbane would be a better option in my opinion. Although he is returning from a knee reconstruction, Staker will consistently produce decent scores and his value will rise. He can be played as either a backman or forward.

Joe Daniher ($154,500) from Essendon deserved a look in to your team too. Although a bit pricey, the kid has footy in his bloodlines and is going to be a superstar. At 201cm I’m expecting him to monster opponents and hopefully slot a few goals in 2013.

Brett Goodes Western Bulldogs DEF/MID ($128,200 SC)Now your old friend Teflon Gambino isn’t one for cracking jokes – I’d rather crack heads open – but I’m expecting Brett to produce the Goodes for your side in 2013. The 28-year-old brother of Adam had a long road of frustration before

finally being drafted by the Western Bulldogs after impressing at VFL level in 2012 whilst earning a position in the state team of the year. Goodes’ primary attributes are his rebound from defence, compiled with excellent foot skills. I’d lock him in for a position in the backline.

Dean Terlich ($109,500) from Melbourne is a very similar player who would also fit into your team nicely. Terlich had a very good season in the SANFL and shouldn’t find it too difficult to get a game for the Dees.

Daniel Currie North Melbourne RUCK ($109,500 SC). Generally speaking, my unwritten rule on picking ruckmen is that they can’t be first-year players. In this instance, most ruckmen are way too raw in their first year and still need time to develop. The case is no difference for Daniel Currie. After being unable to crack into the senior team at Sydney for two years, Currie made the move to North Adelaide in the SANFL where he had a very promising 2012. With big Todd Goldstein seeing a dramatic dip in form towards the latter part of 2012, Currie will be applying a lot of pressure to his spot – alternatively they could both play in the same team. In my opinion he’s the pick of the rookie ruckmen.

Majak Daw ($115,900) also from North Melbourne seems to have attitude problems (I can always help him fix that),

Liam McBean ($109,500) from Richmond is too raw to seriously consider yet as is Brodie Grundy ($114,500) from Collingwood.

Another player who would be worth a look however is Jarrod Witts ($115,900) also from Collingwood. He has been looked after well by the club and now seems ready for AFL footy.

Over to youse blokes.. got any other rookie intel?

Vince “Teflon” Gambino

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Disagree about Brodie Grundy, he is very well developed.


No doubt Grundy is well developed. At most clubs he would see some decent game time this season. However at Collingwood he is competing with Jolly, Hudson, Witts and even the Q-Stick as a Ruc Fwd.


absolutely agree.. there is a bodily development and a mental development factor as well with these rucks.. would be surprised if he had many games in 2013. More interested in him for 2014 as a prospect. They are very good at developing their young rucks at Collingwood… Witts could have played last year but they developed the kid in the VFL


Always great to hear different opinions Anthony. I'll echo what Kev says on this one – he's a bit too far down the pecking order for my liking. He's 100kg, just like myself, built well but I'd probably wait another year on him.


Nice Vince, some good mail here but are you having "Johnny" B. Goode's? Thought he was more of a backup prospect on the doggies rookie list … Unless you known something I don't.


hey hawk.. i think that the mail is the doggies have a spot on list and Goodes will take that. 🙂 so that apparently wont be the block to a game. I think it wouldn't have mattered cos Gambino would have him in cos he is a 'goodfella'.

Jock old pal great to see you've bought in some grunt to add to the team!


Much appreciated Big Shot. Correct, I'm fairly confident Goodes will take a spot on the WB list. Thanks again mate


I can only go by what my associates are telling me HawkEye. They're expecting him to get decent game time this year


Great start Vince, look foward too seeing more from this gangsta!


Thanks King. Great yo have your input mate


Agree, kid was already 100kg at the draft. Behind Jolly, Hudson and possibly Witts for mine. Might get a game or two


I dont think hudson is at collingwood to play much afl, more vfl for him and helping grundy and witts a long more as well!


Hats off to ya Vince! A sensational debut son. You've come a bloody long way. I can tell you that the jungle drums are thumpin very loudly for the Sam Colquhoun kid. Could be the DEF rookie of the year?

Cant wait to see these kids in the NAB. Been watching most of the melbourne lads through the old binoculars around town but the proof will be in the gameday pudding


Best three rookies out of Josh Simpson, Sam Kerridge, Joe Daniher or Tom Lee?


Reckon its a bit early to say.. but I'll tell you that Tommy Lee is impressing the pants off many down in Seaford… really looking forward to him in the NAB


Some good insight there Vinnie…but….My Biggest concern is….If you happenned to get The cricket bat get stuck in your tracky dacks, in your first meaningful encounter with old Jock, how do you dine out on the NickName 'Teflon' ?


Hi there Ahmed. Former mafia boss John Gotti was nicknamed the 'The Teflon Don' so the boys thought it would be appropriate to nicjname me Teflon considering myself and John have a lot in common


CrouchingOne say, never trust man who drive Mr.Whippy van … Unless he give free choc dip! Bloody Mr.Vince give free choc dip!
I trust you Mr.Vince, but you need also trust Mr.Majak, he come my gym and set new record on bench bloody pless! Watch him run like Pyanmanese bloody fast running thing in NAB Cup. No more ice cream please Mr.Vince.


Jayden Pitt? Jasper Pittard? Lewis Stevenson?


Stevenson was highly rated at the Eagles, just couldn't break into that back six. Not sure at this stage if he will be key position or a running back, no idea how port will line up with their defence this year. Another to watch in the NAB


Great stuff Vince. I'd love to read your thoughts on the rookie Kane Mitchell at Port in your next entry. He seems to be getting pumped up so much he may pop before the opening game.


I've heard good things about young Kane, stiffy my boy. I'll have a chat to a few of my connections over in Adelaide to see if he's really as good as people are making him out to be


Interesting that you said Goodes has excellent foot skills. I read another article that said his disposal efficiency was fairly poor and that he preferred to handball. I guess someone has got it wrong.

doggies fan

How many rookies is a good number to have on a team? I have 12 rookies, 2mids, 14 premiums and think my team looks great… Is that a good mix or too many prems?

The Old Dylan

Hi mate, it depends which rooks and prems you are going for. Remember that you need to have rookies that will play (NAB will give a good indication), rise in value so you can sell them for premiums. You should also ensure you have at least a couple of super elite players that you can depend on for big scores week in, week out.

What does your team look like?


welcome to the squad Vince. Nice first up effort.

Will be watching Dochery, terlich, currie, colquhoun, Daniher, particularly


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