Player Poll – Gaff v Mundy v Shuey v Fyfe

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Which Supercoach bargain will you pick?There was some fierce debate in this week’s podcast about which of the mid priced midfielders represent the best value in Supercoach and Dreamteam 2013.

Pretty fair to say that Higgo, Crouching and I are not seeing eye to eye on this one.

I have written at length about the attractiveness of David Mundy (click here) and Luke Shuey (click here) in 2013. However there is a groundswell of support for Nathan Fyfe and Andrew Gaff as possible better selections..

Time to throw this out to our beloved Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community.. which would you pick first out of these lads in 2013?

Who would you pick first?

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  1. jockreynolds says:

    Young Teenwolf Fyfe is the early bolter! Very interesting

  2. Kudos says:

    How many of these guys is feasible? Is 3 über premos + 2 or 3 of the above too much of a risk?

    • jimbotraralgon says:

      Hey Kudos.

      I am going with the 3 uber premos and 2 of the 4 mentioned here. then 5 rookies in the mid.

      I am aiming to start with 3 'keepers' on each of the lines, 2 speculative mid picks and topped up with rookies (ruck is 1 premo, berger and 2 rookies)

  3. Simon says:

    What about J Redden who fits into the same category?

  4. Max says:

    I think others to look at are J.Ziebell at $434,000 D.Zaharakis $474,000 and D.Swallow at $418,000?

    Mundy is a lock for nr right now but with 2 spots left i have these three above and C.Beams to choose out of!

  5. Max says:

    I think others to look at are J.Ziebell at $434,000 D.Zaharakis $474,000 and D.Swallow at $418,000?

    Mundy is a lock for me right now but with 2 spots left i have these three above and C.Beams to choose out of!

  6. jimbotraralgon says:

    Shuey, mundy, fyfe, gaff in that order

  7. MORO says:

    I don't think either WC boys are worth looking at. Probably Mundy ahead of Teenwolf if I had to pick. I don't think ill have any of them. I'd rather go with the 5 ultra Prem in the mid ($640k+) with someone like a Varcoe and 4 rookies.

  8. jimbotraralgon says:

    how many mid pick potential break out players can you afford to carry in the mids.

    if (as we all seem to agree) that all 4 of players mentioned in this post will cut it up this year, why aren't we starting with all 4? (Might cost a uber premium to make it happen)

    Is anyone taking this punt?

    • Brett says:

      I am probably going three of them, or Luke Parker from the swannies

      • jimbotraralgon says:

        Hey Brett.

        I decided to take three of these boys as well (Shuey, Fyfe and Mundy). To do this I upgraded K Mitchell.

        Do do this I have to downgrade either:
        Goddard, Duffield, Gibbs, Franklin, Roughy or Rockliff.

        2 questions…..should I upgrade to Fyfe at the expense of one of the 5?
        If so, who to boot?

        Downgrade will be either Colquhoun (def) or MacCaffer (fwd)

        • Brendan Floggard says:

          I am putting it out there, big call, will cop stick call, I don’t care coz I hate him call …… GET RID OF GODDARD.
          Can’t handle a tag, is a sook, will be in everyone’s team so on the week he flops you have a nice POD.
          Ahhh. Feel so much better for finally getting that off my chest.

          • Tom says:

            I agree
            Glad Carlton was banned from taking part in goddard draft because he is weak and a sook.
            But at a new club you never know he could produce some of his best.
            Will have in my team only because if he has a big break out will be clearly the best scorer along with gibbs.

    • Tom says:

      Yep im going all of them

  9. Hobbsy says:

    Is it a risky move to have 2 players from the same team in your squad sitting in the midfield.

    If you were to have Fyfe and Mundy in your team and Freo gets spanked you may end up with 2 low scores instead of 1 in the midfield

  10. @MRB37 says:

    Voted for Shuey, but I like all 4 of the blokes. Just because I voted for him, doesn't mean he'll be in my team though, I may most likely go with one of the Fremantle guys since they're a tad cheaper.

  11. Rob says:

    Love Gaff, reminds me of a young Judd, but would have Fyfe ahead of him (hopefully the shoulder holds). Mundy reliability is the problem, and Shuey probably got 10 points every week for ducking – hopefully teams and umpires are awake to it this year.

  12. dools says:

    Great debate Jock , thanks for posting this I went with SAhuey as my 1st pick but I'm finding it hard not to include Fyfe and I LOVE Mundy he is on a ticket to ride… gaff is the dark horse depending on where sherringham and the Shoe play with a strong Mid WCE Just might be the player picks for gaining cion except for Rnd 1…The Derby

  13. TheBIGShot says:

    WC have a great ride into the season's start so the WCE boys might get a good bump early. This type of poll gives us looking for a POD a good pointer.. though I am a Fyfffe man fit he can be a super-elite. Wow wished the bombers have him cos Hird is the last guy who can do what Teenwolf does.

  14. Shaun says:

    I'm a little surprised at how much excitement there is around Fyfe. The guy is a midfielder only this year and has never really delivered what I'd consider gun mid scores consistently. Yeah he's only young, but surely Mundy at his cheaper price with proven record (and no dodgy shoulder) is a better option?

  15. Tom says:

    Why not all of them?

  16. Andrew says:

    I think the forgotten man here is Bennell. Could explode this year, having said that I dont have the kohunas to pick him and have Fyfe as my M5