MASSIVE NEWS: Jock Reynolds Premier League 2013

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The Jock Reynolds Supercoach Premier LeagueThe most anticipated Supercoach league in the history of AFL Fantasy Football will commence in 2013.


In the true spirit of the Jock Reynolds Fantasy football community every man, woman and child from all walks of life will be offered the opportunity to become the best Supercoach league footballer on the face of our planet.

Higgo, Crouching and I spent considerable time in Europe in the off season analyzing the structure of the English Premier League and are closing in on a format that will make the Jock Reynolds Premier League Trophy the most sought after Fanatsy Footy Prize in the nation.

Legends will be born. Grown men will cry. Relationships will be tested. Some will rise from obscurity and others will be unearthed as pretenders. Prove yourself and you will clash with legends of the industry for the right to be crowned the best bloody fantasy footballer going around.

We would like to consult you now our beloved community. We ask for your suggestions and input around making this the standout national fantasy football competition.

At this stage the competition will look like this;

  • The Jock Reynolds Premier League will consist of 16 of the finest fantasy footballers in country. The winner of the league is crowned the best league fantasy footballer on the planet and will have their name etched on the perpertual Jock Reynolds Premier League Shield at the end of the season. Only the best fantasy footballers in the country will qualify as entrants in the first year. Those who finish in the bottom 6 at the end of the season will be relegated to Division 1.
  • Jock Reynolds Fantasy Football Division 1 will form the next tier of the competition. Finish in the top 6 and you qualify for entry into the Jock Reynolds Premier League in the following season. Finish in the bottom 6 and drift down a division for the following season.
  • Jock Reynolds Fantasy Football Division 2 will work in much the same way, and so on down the line for as many divisions as we see fit.
Stay tuned for further instructions on the application process. We would love your ideas and input community?

Are you ready to lock horns with the very best in the caper?

 Time to study folks! Have a gander at the hundreds of teams the elite are constructing on our Post your Team page

Jock has been looking at the best options for Supercoach and AFL Fantasy 2013.. click here for alanysis from the Father of Fantasy

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im in jock


count me in, when will entry's be taken?


Sounds awesome


Sounds awesome.

Maybe to set up the divisions you can have players post their overall rankings from last year? Top 16 go into Prem, then next 16 go into Div 1 and so on.


Still working on concept with Jock …. Just as in Supercoach, one season of elite scoring does not necessarily correlate to an elite level coach. Based on my poorish year in 2012, I would probably not make the cut in The Premier League and I am demanding a place.
We feel at the moment that top Premier League should be invite only with precedence given to strong contributors within the Commnity such as yourself Marc. This will be fun!


OK. CrouchingOne slipper ready to fly kick evelybody ass in bloody Plemier League. Remember old Pyanmanese saying, "One kick flom CrouchingOne Kung Fu Slipper of Wisdom turn man into stuff inside beanbag."

Kade Birchall

How do we get a ring in Jock?!


Can’t wait Jock!! Itching to get a guernsey… Will be applying.


im in!


Sounds great!
Best news of the summer!




genius pure genius.. been screaming out for this….I'm in… how does one prove his worth?? hazing???


how are you going to do it jock message people on facebook the league codes? and ill be doing it!!

Adam Kneale

Boy oh boy!! I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life Jockarino!!!! BRING IT ON


Great idea Jock, great stuff mate! I'll be in


I'm keen mate. 2700 Odd last season after sitting top 300 for quite some time. A late season lack of net screwed my chances.


Sounds great jock! Can’t wait, have always wanted to tackle you boys! You should charge a nominal fee for the league codes then you guys can make a bit of $$$ for all your hard work and great entertainment I’m sure all would be happy to donate for a crack at the trophy!!


No not for me…..JUST KIDDING
This is it. …The big one Fair dinkumk
Dools says sorry mate what was that oh moving house ….I'm IN Big time LOVE IT


Awesome! One thing to think about. If I were to start in division 20 for example, would it take me 19 seasons to make my way up to first division? Can't wait!


Agree with Coopster here, Jock. If you start in Div 20 and score 50k for the year and Premier League winner scores same, then no way should the Div20 winner only go to Div19. I'm sure you'll come up with a great promotion/relegation system to counteract this. I'd also like to join but 9pm is way past my bedtime. I'll have to register Sat and take my chances…..LOL!


Excellent news Jock. Can’t wait to see Higgo,Crouching and your venerable self in Super Coach action matching it with the JR community! To establish the various Divisions in your JR League maybe you could ask a few questions to establish the passion and commitment levels of those applying: Like:1. How often do you listen to the JR podcasts? 2. What car does Crouching drive now? 3. What car does Higgo drive? 4. Where was Crouching born? 5. How many years have you been playing Super Coach? 6. Have you ever won your League or come in the top 3? 7. Why do you want to join the JR League? By the way Higgos fantastic spreadsheet is helping me greatly to get over my Super Coach withdrawal symptoms. It is very much appreciated.


On just how it would run, if I might make a few insights for what they are worth… (sorry for being so outspoken old mate new to posting here)

It depends how many applicants you get Jock, you might need Higgo on this one.
It could be likely too many people and leagues to to organise & too many to have a chance at the illustrious engraving if you are in the bottom to kick off! )

You could have 3/4 leagues and a group…Perhaps make the group the feeder to the leagues with the top 20 each year going into the 3rd division and 4th division. The bottom 10 drop out of both of them and head back to the group to 'ahem' regroup. . I.E. those who didn't make the finals. The top two leagues work like you said. My tuppence worth Jock.. not sure if it appeals. Depends how many you get who are in.


I'm looking forward to the next …. Oh I don't know Epoc maybe!!!!


Great idea Jock, count me in!


look forward to participating………


Happy to join in – and make way way up the leagues… :o)

Supercoach jesus

Will be applying for sure been working on my team every night to get the best out of my starting team


Sign me up please Jock ol' pal. Long time listener from your very first Pod onwards. Can't imagine the fantasy landscape without you guys now!

Dean field

Mate I’m so keen if you have room. Be awesome to be part of this new revelation 🙂


i would love a spot.


I'm more than happy to work for glory, stick me in Div 2 and I'll earn my way to the top. Also, I'd like to say that Higgo's team builder is phenomenal.


I'm definitely hot for this idea.

And remember, it's not who you knowm it's how you blow-wave your hair.


Stuff the 50K I want the to win the title of best fantasy footballer in the JR Premier league! Hope I get the chance to show my stuff with you great bunch of fantasy die hards! On ya Jock buddy 🙂


What a great concept! Happy to be thrown in wherever….love playing SC/DT and reading the articles on the site. Cheers!


im in after all that number 1 spot has my name on it

Panel FC

Sounds like lots a great setup! Let me know where/when I can sign up Jock!


Agree with the big shot on this one. This year you have an invite only league and say you get enough for 16 random feeder leagues with the winner of each getting invited into the league next year. the top 8 points scorers go into the premier league with the top 8 from the year before and the bottom 8 points scorers go into divsion 1 with the bottom 8 from the invite premier league from the year before. In year three you would relegate the bottom 8 from premier division, the top four from division 1 would go up to premier league along with the top 4 points scorers who won a feeder league. The bottom 8 from division 1 would go back to the feeder leagues and would have the 8 relegated from the premier league, the four that finished from 5th to 8th the previous year and the next four highest averaging players from a winner of a feeder league

Hope this makes sense :p


Put me in for Division 101!


Sounds like a good bit of fun! Count me in?


Got a feeling a lot of leagues will be needed… Haha, hopefully I'll get a spot in one of them, count me in!


how about an international league with different nations each represented by a team to be crowned the best international supercoach


Sounds Like An Awesome Concept!!


Count me in Jock!

Would love to go head-to-head against your fantasy footy sense, Higgo's brain power and Crouching's ginormous grapefruits.


Sounds great fella’s. top 20000 for 3 years in a row gets me a place in division 5?


Count the Spifflicators as in!

The Eradicator

This is a challenge for The Eradicator – I am in


Fantastic concept Jock. I”ll be in for sure. Can’t wait.


Sounds great, I would love to be in, bottom div of course there Joc


Will you have to be a Gold Member to play? Is it possible to get info from SC on previous seasons as to rank players to league divisions?


Count me in……Ill be gunning for the 'Crouching One'


Ahhh. I salute your inner God of courage, then CrouchingOne double roundhouse kick his ass before you bloody have chance check underware for skiddy!


Aahh welcome indeed !!


Absolute gold, Mr Reynolds, count me in! I can't wait to finally witness first hand the Fantasy rivalry between yourself, Mr Higginbotham and Mr One…






I'm in jock. If I am worthy


might be worth outlining exactly how we apply mate.

not that long till 9.


Just found this lovely site, The most active on the net at the moment sorry I have not found it before now, Good information and YES PLEASE PUT ME IN FOR A LEAGUE. I always play to the end of the season win or lose.


G'day Jimbo, Jock & whoever is listening as i'm sadly a Magpies supporting i'm reluctant to Jinx me Pies so i'm reluctant to pick any of them except the BIG DAGGER CLOKE as he is cheap i need help any thoughts thx 🙁


I want in mate! I need to get revenge for my prelim loss to you last year. The Kelly Gang will reign supreme in 2013!!

Mark Dempsey

Would be keen to join the league, any hope of still joining?


Very keen if there is still the option to join.


Keen if there are spots came in the top 22'000 last year hope there are spots


Is it too late to register? Was in the top 10,000 last year, but any division i would be really happy with 🙂 Where do we go to register?


So can someone tell me what's going on with this? Have the league codes been sent out? If not, when? If so, where's mine – got my entry in early. Have tweeted both Jock and Higgo and neither have bothered to answer. Can someone give me any idea?

Much appreciated.


Guess not.


how do i join this league?


Want to join a league… Are entries still open for those of us who couldn't be around to get in quick?

BTW ended up top 2,000 last year, but cracked the hundred the year before…


Seriously, this is a joke. I sent my entry in on time. I emailed Jock. I tweeted Jock. No answer. I tweeted Higgo. No answer. I tweeted Crouching. No answer. I tweet Jock again for any information. Nothing. So much for the community.