Fantasy Footy Radar 2013 – David Mundy

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David Mundy AFlL Fantasy & Supercoach 2013

This game has changed folks. I’ll admit that our great game is a more involved science now that it was when I dominated the Mornington Peninsula League for 927 games during the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

Many remind me of the broken femur I endured against Sorrento in 1964 only to return after a 3 week layoff. Maybe we were a different breed back then…. or maybe the game demands more of its participants these days.

Breaking a leg at this level is not good news whichever way you look at it. Bones heal. Sure. But at the elite level everything has to click into place to have any chance of becoming the player you were before the break. It’s very common for a leg break victim to come back and subconsciously modify their running technique. There’s usually a muscle or two that cop more load. The soft tissue trouble begins.

So it was with some interest that I watched young David work his way back into confidence and back into his body in season 2012. Only missed the first few games then got through the whole bloody season. An impressive achievement in itself.

What will impress Supercoach and Dreamteamers looking at value in 2013 even more is David Mundy’s gradual return to AFL Fantasy Football relevance later in season 2012.

The facts:

2013 Price: Supercoach: $477,300, Dreamteam: $451,800
2013 Position: MID
2012 averages: 90 SC, 88 DT (20 games)
2011 averages: 107 SC, 96 DT (12 games)
2010 averages: 116 SC, 89 DT (20 games)

For those who came in late David Mundy reached the very top tier of premium Supercoach midfielders in season 2011. He was averaging 127 Supercoach points till round 7 before busting his leg a few weeks later in  June. There is a bit more to like about Mundy as a selection in 2013:

  • Set the leg mishap aside and David Mundy is one of the most durable players the game has seen. He played 124 consecutive games before he missed his first. Only the 8th player in VFL/AFL history to play his first 100 games without missing one. Might explain his trouble free return from the break…
  • He was one of the form players in the last quarter of the season last year averaging 115 Supercoach points in the last 8 rounds of the season. Suggests that his fitness, confidence and AFL Fantasy relevance is returning.
  • Provided he continues to regain absolute full fitness and confidence indications are that the upward trend in his output should increase. Approximately 70 Supercoach and AFL Fantasy midfielders will be more expensive than him in 2013. Mark my words community. He’ll finish top 10 if he stays on the park.
  • And there’s nothing like having a bloke in your team you just know is a good egg. He’s an honest country lad from Seymour… knocked back very serious dollars from the Gold Coast to stay with him mates. Great stuff. As I explained to him at the time… down the track that decision will be worth more to him as a man in later years than anything his extra cash would ever have been able to buy. Importantly…and take it from a man on the inside.. it means a great deal to Ross Lyon as well.

Jock’s Verdict:

Looks a reasonable prospect in 2013. Provided he has a drama free preseason all signs lead to Rome. I do not believe that he will return to again become the 120+ Supercoach and 100+ Dreamteam averaging player that he was developing into before the break. However I certainly believe that in terms of bang for buck there is real potential to slot a significantly underpriced keeper into your midfield here.

Will be strongly considered in JR Brumby FC… over to you folks… in a quick sentance… David Mundy.. yes or no?

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Comments (26)

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  1. @Gtrain123 says:

    Mundy or Fyfe?

  2. choppers says:

    He's a lock for mine, as long as he gets thru his pre-season ok.

    • jockreynolds says:

      Great stuff choppers. Cant see why he wont fly through the preseason.. can't see that he's ever had a soft tissue injury.. someone correct me if I'm wrong? When he played his 124 games straight he withdrew from his 125th with stomach cramps

  3. paddles says:

    Good call was building some good score towards the end of the year

  4. BeerMonkey says:

    Watching, waiting & then will consider. Not in my team at the moment but if I did include him it probably changes my whole structure. Although I have shuey at m4-m5 at the moment, it maybe a straight swap plus some cash in my pocket. It will depend on form.

  5. Hobbsy says:

    And the umpy's love him, look at his Brownlow scores at the end of the season when re returned

  6. Brett says:

    Maybe, I do like gaff or fyfe at similar price point

  7. Teen Wolf's shoulders have suffered from too much of the Teen Wolf dance. I'm going for Mundy as cheap mid stayer, at this stage

  8. Matt says:

    Can't fit both so I am leaning towards Fyfe. Higgo you're spot on with him mate, thanks for your legendary work so far this year!!!

  9. jimbotraralgon says:

    mundy or fyfe. might be the big question of the year…..

    could it be worth dropping a uber premium to get them both.

    Do we dare not follow the magnificence that was the advise from the mad irishman? and not maximize the uber premiums.

    could do with that extra coin…….hmmmmmm

    • jockreynolds says:

      GDay Jimbo! Enjoying your input mate.

      Food for thought isn't it … do we leave Pendles out in lieu of your Mundy's, your Fyfes, your Shuey's and your Gaffs?

      • BeerMonkey says:

        It’s the kinda decision that can make or break a season. Could Save 100k-150k for the same scores. Then again, may end up at that awkward price/output where he doesn’t end up being a top 20 mid but there are more pressing concerns for your trades so he stays on the field (ala Lenny Hayes last year).
        It’s why we love Sc I guess.

  10. @MRB37 says:

    Mundy's average in the last 8 made me sit up and say wowee, didn't realize he was hitting the scores like that. It's a tough choice between the two of Fyfe and Mundy. I think Fyfe has more "upside", but his shoulders make him look like Mr.Glass and it worries me a bit.

    As you say though, if Mundy can hit the big scores like he did previously, he is a more attractive option than someone like Shuey since he's about $80,000 cheaper, which is a fair pile of buscuits. At the moment I keep changing my mind on my non-elite guys and am jumping back and forth between the likes of Jack Steven, Mundy, Fyfe, Gaff, Boak and Shuey. I have Steven and Mundy pencilled in ATM, but that can change between now and the start of the season.

  11. BMO says:

    I think there are too many super premium mids to fit mundy in my squad. ill probably look to save $$$ in other areas. If you think he can finish in the top 8-12 scoring mids then i say go for it.

  12. TheBIGShot says:

    Mundy has never rated in the top 50 SC players in his career (highest 61).. but hard to imagine him not doing that this year? in 2011 before the injury he had five 120+ point games so looked good early. Some good scores in the last few weeks of 2012, with 5 over 100 and 3 games 128-132 and a 'last 5 game' avg at 117. He would make a good 6/7/8 mid once you upgrade the cashies.

    I like the wolf this is his fourth year, his highest finish was 19 in 2011 and showed he could be a superstar. In 2011 he made 120 eight times…and he had his shoulder dislocated too , twice and still made good scores those days!

    On return from injury in 2012 for those 5 games his 'last 5 game' avg at 102, with a final score of 151. The tag has seen his scores drop before but with Mundy and Barlow among others in the mids it's hard to see a tag happening every week.
    The risk is the injuries he sustains. But Ill take that risk.

  13. jimbotraralgon says:

    right thats it..

    I refuse to change the shuey, fyfe, mundy, gaff revolving combination in M4 and M5.

    I am landing on Shuey and Mundy. Fyfe out till he proves the shoulder is OK.

  14. Simon says:

    J. Redden and Mundy for me as M4 and M5.

  15. Jack says:

    What about Barlow anyone ? The attention seems to be more on his team mates Mundy and Fyfe but i have not heard much about Barlow ? Any thoughts ?

  16. Anchors says:

    Mundy looked the goods on Sat night, shite
    Game for Freo but he looks primed for big season.
    Saying that, how can you go past Fyfe at SC $500k
    with his ability to pull massive scores consistently, his
    Role at Freo sees him score big for pressure acts

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