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The Crouching One Supercoach and Dreamteam lessonsG’day there everyone! We have got a special treat for you today. JR Community heavyweight The Crouching One dominates our weekly podcast with his cutting edge insight into Supercoach and Dreamteam strategy. Here he offers us a rare glimpse into his beautiful mind with these short videos.

My Thursday evening Youtube videos became somewhat of a hit with the punters here at our beloved Fantasy Footy Community. If you want to subscribe and make sure you get every one as I whack em up click here to have a look at my youtube channel

The Crouching One – Dual position ruck strategy:

Here at the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community we are all about EDUCATION. We want to make you into the leanest… meanest… best equipped Supercoach and Dreamteamers in the industry. Here we see The Crouching One (follow him on Twitter here) taking my young nephew Wayno through an important consideration in season 2013. Dual position ruck players:

The Crouching One – Trade Up. Trade Down.

Master the art of Supercoach and Dreamteam trading and you are well on your way to AFL Fantasy footy supremacy. Here is The Crouching One with more:

The Crouching One – Drowning Greg Broughton misery with Saki

Kids, there are times in this great game where things don’t pan out as we had planned. Even the great Crouching One has his down days in this caper. Greg Broughton drove many of us to drink in season 2012…. how will he go in 2013 at the Gold Coast Suns I reckon?

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Remember me of 1st year wrestining….When u have green ball in hand…Hulk is now you Flinde Great stuuff C'Tiger lol


Learnt a lot here. Thank you David Suzuki