Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Podcast – HUGE changes in 2013

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The changes to Dreamteam 2013I can tell you that Jock Reynolds Central has been abuzz since news broke on Friday morning about the huge changes to AFL Dreamteam in 2013. Many are rope-able that Dreamteam has decided to allow 2 trades for each and every round of the AFL season without restriction.

There are also quite a few old AFL Fantasy heads pretty cheesed off at Supercoach for bringing in the permanent rolling lockout for each and every game of the season. If you aren’t one of the hard core fantasy coaches such as myself… do you really want to be glued to your phones all bloody weekend?

We cover all the hot topics this week including;

  • Reactions to the changes in Supercoach and Dreamteam in 2013
  • We alse get stuck into some of the more popular player selections in 2013 as selected by the community in our post your team article
  • Bryce Gibbs
  • Gary Ablett
  • Trent Cotchin
  • Matty Leuenberger
  • Toddy Goldstein
  • Dustin Martin
  • David Mundy
  • Dean Terlich
  • Sam Calquhon
  • Jaeger O’Meara
  • Jack Viney
  • Brad Crouch
  • Big rookie rucks McBean, Currie and Daw
  • Tommy Rockliff
  • Rookie forward Tommy Lee

Enjoy the show folks!


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hey mate. when do you think the community will see the Jock, Higgo and Crouching first cut teams?


Gday there Jimbo mate!
I can tell you that version 1 of JR Brumby FC is in the mixing bowl.. just gotta add a bit of salt.. season with a bit of pepper…. twist of lime.. possibly some lemon zest… its on the way mate 😉


Don't over cook it tho


Mate you got to stop adding salt to The Mexican dish…. It's a stand alone dish..Too spicey for some but get's the job done!!!

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