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Our Supercoach and Dreamteam 2013 teamsThe Higginator has revolutionised how many of us construct our starting Supercoach teams. The much anticipated release of the 2013 version on Tuesday means that many of us are now into the nuts and bolts of putting our 2013 AFL Fantasy teams together.

How are you all getting on? Whack down your team and lets get around each other in true Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy community style and lift each other to glory in 2013.

Many of you have found us for the first time – and that is absolutely bloody fantastic! This is a place where you can come regardless of how long you’ve been in this caper with no fear of being shot down in flames.

We’re all here to help each other out in a positive and constructive way.

Over to you folks… lets have a squiz at how your teams are shaping up so far. If you haven’t got your greasy mits on it yet click here and download your copy of the 2013 Higginator Team Analysis Tool

Your mate,

Jock Reynolds

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Obviously just a first pass, not based on too much at all!

BACK: Goddard, Gibbs, Birchall, Duffield, Broughton, Docherty, (J Saunders, D Terlich)

MID: Ablett, Dangerfield, Cotchin, Fyfe, D Martin, Ball, T Mitchell, O'Meara, (Colquhuon, Viney)

RUCK: Goldstein, Leuenberger (Daw, Grundy)

FORWARD: Franklin, Pavlich, Rockliff, Mayes, Daniher, Staker, (Membrey, Dwyer)

$30,800 left over

A forward line loaded with rookies (although Broughton as a DPP could slot in there to make it look better balanced)



maybe consider Crouch into the middle instead of Colquhuon?

I agree with your thoughts on the fwd line. it is a little light at the moment. I would directly swap broughton for staker just to balance out the lines.

Not a fan of birchall, just a personal thing. consider handley or harlett as alternatives


Yep, to be honest I totally forgot about Crouch but I wanted to keep Colquhoun as a Mid/Def link.

Made a few revisions…

BACK: Goddard, Gibbs, Duffield, Broughton, Thurlow, Docherty, (Heath, Terlich)

MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Cotchin, Rockliff, Fyfe, Mundy, Couch, O'Meara, (Colquhuon, Viney)

RUCK: Goldstein, Leuenberger (Daw, Grundy)

FWD: Franklin, Pavlich, Bartel, Varcoe, Daniher, Macaffer, (Staker, Dwyer)


who would you prefer

Cox, Kracker and Fyfe
Cox, Ball and Krueuzer


My team:
Goddard (mid) gibbs (mid) birchall
D. Grimes bock (fwd) vlastuin (mid)
Emg: Terlich, colquhoun

Ablett pendlebury murphy fyfe
Hartlett (def) varcoe (fwd) K. Stevens o’meara
Emg: J. Lonergan, viney

Mcevoy leuenberger
Emg: Grundy, currie

Franklin rockliff (mid) watts (def)
J. Lisle Stringer macaffer
Emg: j. Simpson (mid) lee

Salary – $12,000



You've spent too much money mate, a couple of stuff ups, injuries, or non-selections and you're rooted, my policy is to keep at least 750k on the sidelines as at week 1, that's right, three quarters of a million mate, makes all the difference when you realise you've picked a couple of turkeys.


I keep seeing Broughton in teams. I dropped him when I put a question mark against him – he's training with the defence group and he got his best numbers running through the midfield at Freo. Plus – Bock wont play early games and Harbrow and Stanley will be playing up the field.
I'd see what he does before putting him in – thats what I'll be doing as he's a nice foil for Staker as a B/F swap.

The Guru

Why would you pick, Saunders, Colquhoun, Membery, Terlich and Dwyer who all have poor job security. Even Mitchell will find it hard to get a regular game. You need good back up and guys that will make you money they cant do that if they arent playing.


Like it! Like it a lot …. With a bit of luck this team starts with 15 potential premiums! Love seeing Fyfe in the middle also. Only concern is that you have not utilised the Fwd/Ruck swing option.


I did think about that and decided that I may just cop that negative. Goldy and Leuey both seem like too good value to pass up, especially with Naitanui apparently going to miss the start of the season.


The Rough up Forward? Tough call.
Good call on Mayes ….. 2 years of senior footy in SA, good chance to play Rd.1.
Thanks Matt. Setting a standard early for the community.


I dont mind lisle up forward as a big roughie – showed a bit towards end of last season, his job security looks fairly good so im willing to take a punt on him!


@jonesy9 i dont mind your thinking with lisle but job security the worry? There has been absolutely no talk about him in the off season which could be good thing and finished last year off fairly well – given an oppurtunity i think he could be a great POD, should make you money too. I like your difference with him hopefully he can have a potential breakout! Goodluck
Jock, what do you think?


Hey there Higgo, Jock and Crouching One

Here is my current team and I'd love some feedback on it:

D: Goddard, Gibbs, Birchall, Yarran, Vlastuin, Terlich (Docherty, Colquhoun)
M: Ablett, Pendles, Cotchin, Shuey, Fyfe, Wines, Crouch, Viney (O'Meara, Goodes)
R: Goldstein, Leuenberger (Rowe, Currie)
F: Buddy, Cox, Rockliff, de Boer, Varcoe, Macaffer (Lee, Dwyer)

What do you think fellas?


Here goes one of my first attempts,

B: Goddard, Gibbs, Hanley.P, Broughton, Staker.B, Docherty.S (Terlich.D, Colquhoun.S)

M: Ablett, Pendlebury, Cotchin, Shuey, Mundy, Ball, Mayes.S, O'Meara.J (Kerridge.S, Viney.J)

R: Godstein, Leuenberger (Witts, McBean)

F: Roughead, Rockliff, Wright.M, Lecras, Varcoe, Byrnes.S (Macaffer.B, Lee.T)

Leftover cash is $3700



B Crouch is a rookie option in the mid you could consider.

Not sure about s brynes up fwd. havent heard much about him. Consider Daniher as an option


Byrnes will play every week barring injury and has high job security.


Yeah liking your team good selection in Mark Lecras i've done the same thing!


Waiting the NAB for the rookies & injuries but pretty settled at the moment.
Aces n 8's
DEF: B. Goddard, B. Gibbs, P. Duffield, G. Broughton, B. Goodes, J. Pittard (J. Bews, D. Terlich)
MID: G. Ablett jnr, D. Swan, S. Pendlebury, J. Selwood, M. Barlow, S. Mayes, J. O'Meara, M. Jones (S. Colquhoun, J. Viney)
RUC: P. Ryder, M. Leuenberger (M. Daw, S. Rowe)
FWD: L. Franklin, D. Cox, M. Robinson, J. Darling, B. Staker, T. Lee (J. Redpath, T. Membrey)
CASH LEFT: $31,500


Great team love it but get rid of Barlow put in Embly then get rid of Robinson and you could get someone like Nic Nat would improve youre team alot


nice team but really thinking of Buddy only 16games last year i think cox down front is good but maybe ryder switched with goldie but love your team good job!


Re above ^^^^ have gone for a 10/10/10 bye round also.


DEF: B. Goddard, B. Gibbs, H. Hartlett, N. Bock, S. Docherty, L. Stevenson (S. Colquhoun, D. Terlich)
MID: G. Ablett jnr, J. Selwood, T. Cotchin, D. Mundy, L. Ball, A. Embley, K. Mitchell, B. Crouch (J. O'Meara, J. Viney)
RUC: B. McEvoy, M. Leuenberger (D. Gorringe, L. McBean)
FWD: L. Franklin, N. Naitanui, T. Rockliff, S. Johnson, G. Broughton, B. Staker (T. Lee, B. Murdoch)
CASH LEFT: $9,900


Hey guys, loved the site last year and looking forward to this year all over again. This is the team I have constructed at the moment, left some spare cash for moving room before round 1. I actually think this is the year to aggressively upgrade in the mids, with 30 trades and a gold mine of rookie talent. The Ruck/Fwd link is essential, and I have a Mid/Fwd link to cover any rookie backfires in the mids. Been keeping a close eye during the off season, and have decided against a few popular picks. Let me know what you guys think!


Brendon Goddard [MID], Bryce Gibbs [MID], Paul Duffield, Greg Broughton [FWD], Cameron Pedersen [RUC], Jasper Pittard

(Sam Docherty, Dean Terlich)


Scott Pendlebury, Trent Cotchin, Marc Murphy, David Mundy, Oliver Wines, Jesse Lonergan, Jaeger O’Meara, Jack Viney,

(Troy Menzel [FWD], Brad Crouch)


Todd Goldstein, Matthew Leuenberger

(Majak Daw, Liam McBean[FWD])


Lance Franklin, Dean Cox [RUC], Taylor Walker, Tom Rockliff [MID], Dustin Martin [MID], Brent Staker [DEF]

(Brent Macaffer, Tom Lee)

$64,100 Remaining


pretty good side mate.

maybe one too many rookies in the mid, missing gazza but otherwise good job


Hi Gents. Fwd will develop and hopefully $ made there. Back line starters don't need to change – hopefully.

Back: Goddard, Gibbs, Birchall,Heppell, Broughton,Myers (Terlich, Colquhoun)

Mid: Ablett, Watson, Cotchin, Mundy, Zaharakis, Koby Stevens, O'Meara, Viney (Crouch, Goods)

Ruck: Roughead, Leuenberger (D Currie, L McBean)

Fwd: Ryder, D Martin, LeCras, Varcoe, Knights, Staker (Macaffer, T Lee)

$1,800 left


good balanced side clint.

bit of a question mark on knights personally. like the make up overall

(**) ^&

good side mate


gone a bit too heavy in defence take a look at bock instead of heppell or birchall to free up some money for your mid feild whitch is lacking


Cotchin a popular mid pick early …. @$622 K ? I have him down as a NO. Only one or two Elites for mine …. Ablett & Pendles.


Trent Cotchin is one of the best young players I have ever seen skilled, balanced,tough……….Pendles is a terrific player but Trent is definitely a notch better than him. Trent is the "chosen one" Higgo


Disagree mate
I'm with Higgo on this 1 season does not make the Man . I love the way he plays footy @grolls but and this is the big BUT Delidio is far more reliable on his track record for SC and so is 24 / 25Year old Dependalberry
you may be right and I'm an old dinoeseur…


Looking from fantasy POV Pendles is a scoring machine..due to the fact he is amongst other decent mids ala Swan and Thomas. But I think we'll see Cochin win a Charlie but not Pendles. On saying this I am concerned how TC is going to handle being captain this year.


id rathe dangerfeild then cotchin as at the end of last season dangerfeild averaged 138 in last 8 games.


so no Swan after his best preseason ever? And a touch up in the off season about his lifestyle? Enough to motivate the bull. Last time he had something to prove was the year after he was favourite in the Brownlow and was well beaten. The following year he won the Brownlow. I don't barrack for Collingwood but I know the best and Swan is in the top 2.


Here's my first crack at it, forward rookies didn't do much for me this year so hopefully going with a settled forward line and upgarde the other lines as I go

Backs – Goddard, Shaw, Gibbs, Bock, Pittard, Docherty (Van Unen, Terlich)

Mids – Ablett, Pendlebury, Watson, Cotchin, Mayes, Vlastuin, Menzel, O'Meara (Viney, Colquhoun)

Rucks – Mumford, Leuenberger (Witts, Currie)

Forwards – Franklin, Rockliff, Thomas, Martin, Broughton, Varcoe (Stringer, Lee)

$14,200 left


looks alright rick. Not sure where Vlastuin fits in at tigerland, He'll probably start down back ala Morris and Ellis last year. He might find it tough to break in to that back 6

You're a brave man picking mumford, better value out there imo. Especially as you haven't got a fwd/ruc swing


DEF: Waters, Birch, Duffman, Suckles, Malcheski, Terlich, (Siggins, Colquhoun)

MID: J Selwood, Kennedy, Grigg, Mundy, Wright, Ball, Crouch, O’Meara (Viney, Hrovat)

RUC: McIntosh, Leuy (Grundy, Currie)

FWD: Breust, A Walker, LeCras, Porps, Christensen, McGlynn (Lee, Kennedy)

$50,700 left

main situation is grigg, zork or rocky and then mundy im just a little unsure of


Nice in its uniqueness but far too many risks for mine.
None of the key DPP options … Gibbs, Goddard,. No ruck/fwd.
l like Christensen; good risk, but when you have him with others like Waters, McIntosh, Walker, Ball …. Your likelihood of misfortune magnifies greatly.
Zorko and/or Rockliff before Grigg in my opinion.
Nice cash in kitty.
Thanks Rhino, a thought provoking team.


suggest maybe shuey as an alternative to Grigg?


Def: Goddard, Gibbs, Duffield, Hanley, Yarran, Pittard (Colquhoun, Terlich)

Mid: Pendlebury, Selwood, Cotchin, Selwood, Rioli, Crouch, O’Meara, Paparone (Hvorat, Viney)

Ruck: Goldstein, Leuenberger (Gawn, Downie)

Fwd: Cox, Ryder, Rockliff, Johnson, Staker, Lee (Membrey, Dwyer)

Cash Left: $2000

Your thoughts would be much appreciated


Interesting team. You have a "make or break" on each line…. Which means likelihood of "break" is significant. Yarran, Rioli, Goldstein, Ryder. Maybe Goldstein is solid but not sold on the others given their prices.
Yarran?? Perhaps Malthouse can do something but I would consider him to be Fantasy irrelevant due to his inconsistency.
Cheers Nick.


Thanks for the analysis Higgo. Main reason for picking Yarran is how underpriced he is. Only averaged 67 last year, but averaged 87 in 2011 and I would imagine he would go back to that at least and would make me cash or become my d7 or d8 if nothing else. Also has the chance to become a genuine premium depending on how Malthouse uses him. Take your point on Rioli, but I will be moving him forward later in the season as he is almost always a top 10 fwd and I don’t see why this should change. Agree that Ryder is a risk, but he does have buckets of talent and I don’t mind gambling on it. Really need Goldstein, Scooter, Ryder and Rioli to breakout to be successful, which is a big gamble, but all have enough upside imo to be worth the risk. You can’t win without risk after all πŸ™‚


rumours that currie from Nth will get some game time in the ruck. could be ahead of gawn?

one to watch pre-season.

interested in why you picked paparone. I havent heard anything about him. alternative could be M Jones from Melbourne.


Gut feel on Paparone. Think he should be a good chance at game tim and has mid/fwd DPP. Rookies are hardly set in stone at this stage though so will wait until NAB cup and see who is named rd 1 as well. Currie is a good chance to replace Downie or Gawn depending on who is named rd 1, though I might also make one of them McBean or Rowe for DPP if there is only one likely ruck rookie named rd 1.


Here's my 2nd crack guys. Goddard is only in the mids for flexibility later on.

TEAM NAME: The Dreamweavers
DEF: B. Gibbs, H. Hartlett, P. Hanley, D. Heppell, C. Pedersen, B. Goodes (S. Docherty, L. Stevenson)
MID: G. Ablett jnr, T. Cotchin, M. Murphy, B. Goddard, O. Wines, S. Mayes, B. Crouch, T. Mitchell (J. O'Meara, J. Viney)
RUC: P. Ryder, M. Leuenberger (S. Rowe, B. Grundy)
FWD: L. Franklin, N. Naitanui, T. Rockliff, D. Martin, J. Stringer, J. Daniher (T. Menzel, T. Lee)
CASH LEFT: $211,400


"Dreamweaver" …. Still love that song! 1976 from memory, Gary Wright…..

Dreamweaver, I believe you can
get me through the night
Wow ohooooo Dreamweaver, I beleive we can
reach the morning light

Fly me high through the stary skies
and maybe to an astral plane
Cross the highways of fantasy


Like this team ….. LOVE THE CASH IN THE BANK.


Loving that reply. Figure that'll be my theme song if I ever make it into the T20 side for the local cricket club!


Interesting to see Goddard in the guts, is that just for the swing set it provides with Gibbs and Hartlett?


I'm actually gonna swing him with Brett Goodes later on, as I upgrade my midfield rookies. But yeah, he just provides that extra little bit of flexibility in my side.


is nicnat playing early on? if not would need to consider an alternative


DEF: Gibbs, B Atley, S Howard, C Russell, J Henderson, Staker, B Stevenson, L Saunders, J

MID: Ablett, G Watson, J Pendlebury, S Deledio, B Murphy, M Shuey, L Mitchell, K
Crouch, B O'Meara, J Viney, J

Ruck Sandilands, A Leuenberger, M Rowe, S Currie, D

For: Cox, D Walker, T Martin, D Christensen, A Varcoe, T Menzel, T Macaffer, B
Neade, J

Have a strategy, ruck bench is a work in progress and all can be sacked.


like the ruck setup. looks like everyone is having the berger in their side.

can i suggest that you might need to work further on the backline. looks a little light on. little unsure abut the atley, howard, henderson combination.

noticed that you passed up on both Bock and the frog (leCras)?


nice job picking atley good running defender nice job!


Here's my first crack;

DEF: Duffield, Hanley, Grimes, Pedersen, Osbourne, Colquhoun (Terlich, Van Unen)

MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Cotchin, Shuey, Gibbs, Mundy, O'Meara, Viney (Toumpas, Wines)

RUCK: Goldstein, Luey (Daw, McBean)

FWD: Pavlich, Roughead, Martin, LeCras, Varcoe, Macaffer (Staker, Lee)

Not 100% on the forwards, would love some feedback


As I said, not 100% on forwards yet, but he really started smashing it towards the end of 2010. Long time between drinks I know, but not convinced on membrey and I'm not certain dywer will get a lot of game time.

The funds are a bit tight, would love Sam Mayes in there.

I'll probably start big Tom Lee on the ground anyway.


work in progress but will start most likely with all the premiums.

Defenders: Terry Daniher Gary Ayres Matthew Scarlett Glenn Archer Steven Silvagni Andrew McLeod Francis Bourke Mucky Martin

Mids: Chris Judd James Hird Barry Cable Gary Ablett jr Michael Voss Robert Harvey Ted Whitten Bob Skilton Kevin Murray Nathan Buckley

Forwards: Carey, Peter Hudson, Leigh Matthews Gary Ablett sn Janothan BROWN Boomer HARVEY Jimmy Bartel Malcolm Blight

Rucks: Don Scott DEAN COX Graham Farmer Simon Madden


Hahahahah How much coin left mate
Back when the game was a real game LOVE IT


Oh late news Glenn Archer is still out suspended until 2014 but you have coverage right?


Like it mate……no room for Platten ?


This post could start some differing opinions for sure. No Bartlett? No Greg Williams in the guts? Tim Watson might get a game in some sides?


LOL BIG ; 100 years of football and you came up with Timmy Watson?


yeah well some of us have love children by that man and hey.. he could play. Oh and I thought he might rate higher than Bartel! and Boomer.. yeah ..just phew. But what I want to know is where is Ronald Dale Barassi.. !!!? Faarrrg I reckon the bloke has been flamin' knighted and given a medal for bravery Dools! I shoulda put him in!


I would definitely try to squeeze Joel Bowden……into the back line.


Def: Goddard gibbs broughton bock pittard staker (b goodes terlich)

Mids: ablett pendlebury cotchin fyfe ball watson wines o’meara (viney couch)

Rucks: goldstien luey (currie witts)

Fwd: t menzel rockliff a goodes hurley lecras varcoe (stringer mayers)

In bank $179.500 allowing for upgrades


Love yuor Mids Jason
Myself not convinced about DDP Goddard, Gibbs and Boughton
I like the fact you have left coin in the bank for upgrades
So from me for what its worth 7.5 / 10..but thats winning right


Goddard at his age is a risk plus new club will be watching in preseason for sure still not convinced on hurley?


great looking side.

big question mark on A Goodes i would think.

hurley is an interesting one. I will be watching how he is used this year. (fwd or Def) Could have a break out year


DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Grimes, Pittard, B. Goodes, Docherty (Stevenson,

MID: Ablett, Swan, Pendlebury, Cotchin, Boyd, Wines, Crouch, O'Meara (M. Jones, Viney)

RUC: Goldstein, Leuenberger (Rowe, Currie)

FWD: Cox, Rockliff, S. Johnson, Robinson, Sylvia, Staker (Growden, Lee)

CASH LEFT: $17,300


Terlich is on the pine in the back line, sorry guys for some reason his name didn't appear!


That's a pretty solid team. Pittard is an interesting one, could average 80+ with the big left out of defence if his hamstrings decide to stay attached.

What's the word on growden? Hasn't come across my radar yet


Growden was one of the GWS pre-listed 17 year olds! He would have played last year if he didn't have a bad leg break in the NEAFL in 2011, he returned to play a few matches in the twos towards the end of last year. GWS have likened him to "James Hird" on their websites player profile. If he gets a go during the NAB Cup he may be worth a look! Hope that helps Kev.


I personally love the 3 premium mids. I'd consider a swap on Cotch for something cheaper? pocket some dough and aim for a break out player? Maybe Fyffe or scooter and save $$$. Whilst the back line is a place for savings huge gaps can leave you 'egg'ing. I have a feeling yours will be stretched but I might be wrong. Gurus might know better.
Love the fwd line. Rocky Sylvia and robbo all have good upside I reckon this yr.


DEF: Goddard, Duffield, Hanley, Bock(FWD), Russell, Staker(FWD), Colquhoun(MID), Terlich

MID: Pendlebury, Kennedy JP, Griffen, Fyfe, Ball, Embley, Varcoe(FWD), O'Meara, Viney, Crouch

RUC: Goldstein, Leuenberger, Witts, Currie

FWD: Franklin, Rockliff(MID), Martin, (MID), Broughton(DEF), LeCras, Kennedy J, Rowe(RUCK), Macaffer

$3,100 left


Ball, Embley, Varcoe all in the mids is too much of a risk for mine, I'd choose one of Kennedy or LeCras and move varcoe into your forwards.


25% of teams thus far without Ablett. Could be "make or break" season factor.


I didn't start with Ablett in 2011 and I regretted it until I could free up the cash to get him midway through the year. Still a champion and I reckon still a regrett if you don't pick him initially.


Totally agree mate $740K is money in da bank if he falls over


I have to have him in Higgo, the points are worth the risk of his possible drop in price of $100k if he falls off the pace. (he ain't getttin' any younger) and finding the extra $$$ to get him in nigh on impossible till the first bye round? I suspect he is the ultimate premium player.


1st effort – A couple of PODs
D – Goddard, Gibbs, Duffield, Grimes, Bock, Russell, Staker, Terlich
M – Ablett, Kennedy, Selwood, Tuck, Embley, B Goodes, K Mitchell, Crouch, O'Meara, Viney
R – Mumford, Leuenberger, Rowe, Currie
F – Franklin, Cox, Broughton, LeCras, Jake Stringer, Mayes, Macaffer, Lee
Cap remaining – $41.9K
Perceived strength – picks from all 18 teams
Perceived weakness – no FWD/MID DPP as yet.


Bock and Russell might need review as season draws closer. The rest looks very strong.


Thanks for that. Changes already made.
D – Bock out – Colquhoun in
M – Selwood, Embley & K Mitchell out – Jack, Zorko & Kerridge in
R – unchanged
F – unchanged
16K left
Perceived Strengths – DPPs on every line, 10/10/10, picks from 17 teams
Weakness – no Geelong players!


Jock, what's the feeling about the split 1st round with Adelaide, Essendon, Freo & WCE playing on 22-23/3/13 and the other 14 playing the following weekend.
I know there'll be a partial lockout, but last year it sucked trying to get a full team on the park without flooding it with people playing on the first week (especially with regards the rookies), or picking rookies who barely played again (Tom Ledger anyone).


join'll be fine! πŸ™‚


Team Name: Dizzy Stuff

BACKS: Goddard, Heppell, Broughton, Atley, Docherty, Staker (Colqhoun, B Goodes)

MIDS: Ablett, Pendlebury, Watson, Cotchin, Shuey, K Stevens, O’Meara, Crouch (Viney, L Hunter)

RUCKS: Roughead, Leuenberger (Daw, Witts)

FORWARDS: Walker, Hawkins, Rockliff, Cloke, Krakouer, Daniher (Rowe, Dwyer)

Salary Cap Remaining: $100,000 plus (I’m writing this from memory)

Daniher and Atley are the two that I’m most uncertain about at this stage.


good balance. however i worry about the number of key position forwards you have. they can be inconsistent. you might be up for a rollercoaster ride.

lecras perhaps instead of cloke.


The orange Ruf will not be the stand by RUC hw will live in the Fwd line most of the season


My first team

Bryce Gibbs, Paul Duffield, Chris Yarran, Cameron Pedersen, Brent Staker, Sam Docherty, Luke Brown

Gary Ablett, Scott Pendlebury, Luke Shuey, Nathan Fyfe, Jack Steven, Travis Varcoe, Brad Crouch, Troy Menzel, Jack Viney, Jaeger O'Meara

Todd Goldstein, Josh Jenkins, Sam Rowe, Majak Daw

Jarryd Roughead, Taylor Walker, Michael Hurley, Josh J. Kennedy, Nathan Bock, Chris Knights, Sam Kerridge, Tom Lee

$111,700 left over, will maybe use it to upgrade someone like Knights, Yarran or Bock, not sure yet.


perhaps knights to varcoe or even lecras if the money is right


Varcoe is in my mids, but Knights is just a temporary stop-gap until I can get him upgraded. He's fairly certain to play, so he should be OK, but I might change him to a rookie if I can find one who's looking a certainty to get regular games, which'll free up more $ to change someone else to a higher player.

Also forgot to put Hanley in my back 6.

I also have the problem with my current team having 14 guys missing in the 3rd bye round. I'm sure that'll change by the time Rd 13 comes around, but we'll see how I go there too.


LOVE the selections this far out from the start Great team on paper love the slides you made possible 9. /10 from me Not that its worth points but I think we are on the same game plan


Thanks Dools, good to know i'm on the right track with my selections!


For sure mate, this far out well; 20 days
It's hard to commit to paper but I would be happy going into Rnd 1 with that team if the comp started tomorrow


I really like your nuggets. Bock is a fav of mine but not ready when you need him bro so upgrade using your dough and move to the back line maybe. Balls out on the ruck and I love it. Brilliant strategy. allover but take the chance to tighten it up in the NAB.


Bock no certainty to start season. Maybe dump him and upgrade using your 100k to maybe Jack Darling? Might be due to step up this season?


Some nice teams so far. Ablett and franklin not as common as I was expecting. Plenty of variety so far, assuming because there are no Gws,gc rookies to guarantee a guns and rookie approach?
Anyhow here’s my first crack.
Def- g


Some nice teams so far. Ablett and franklin not as common as I was expecting. I figure they’ll be in our teams at the grand final, may as well start with them.

Plenty of variety so far, it appears because there are no Gws,gc rookies to guarantee a guns and rookie approach people are willing to mix it up. Should be an interesting season if that keeps up.

Anyhow here’s my first crack. It does have a few Brisbane players because I’m assuming at the moment that bris are going to improve with luey and molony etc in the side. That may change once I see them play.

Def- Goddard, duffield, Hanley,broughton, staker, colquhoun, (pittard, terlich.)

Mid- ablett, pendles, danger, cotchin, shuey, koby Stevens, gysberts, crouch,( hrovat, o’meara.)

Ruck- goldy, leuenberger, (Rowe, currie)

Fwd- franklin, rockcliff, zorko, bock, knights, T. lynch, (daniher, macaffer)

May need to swap rocky for nicnat, roughy etc to complete the links etc. am currently considering.


beer monkey, when considering nicnat, remember he is injured and may not start round 1


I had Nic nat and replaced him with rocky when I heard that news. Totally forgot about the r/f link until I posted it on here. I’ll need a 3rd prem ruckman on the list somewhere. Will sort it out by start of the season.


Having that DPP link might come in handy i think, I have Nic Nat in my forwards currently, but waiting to see how he goes and if he'll play round one I think he should be alright. If not maybe look into cox?


TEAM NAME: hamish's team
DEF: B. Goddard, J. Grimes, B. Gibbs, G. Broughton, B. Goodes, S. Docherty (D. Terlich, D. Van Unen)
MID: D. Swan, G. Ablett jnr, T. Cotchin, J. Kennedy, N. Fyfe, S. Mayes, J. O'Meara, N. Hrovat (S. Colquhoun, J. Viney)
RUC: T. Goldstein, M. Leuenberger (L. McBean, D. Currie)
FWD: L. Franklin, D. Cox, S. Johnson, T. Rockliff, T. Menzel, B. Staker (B. Macaffer, T. Lee)
CASH LEFT: $14,900


wow lots of action in this post. people good work.

mine reads….

d/ gibbs, duffman, broughton, bock, jaksch, staker (docherty, terlich)
m/ GAJ, Cotchin, Shuey, fyfe, gaff, mundy, crouch, o'meara (M Jones, viney)
r/ mummy, berger (currie, gawn)
f/ Roughy, rocky, dusty, breust, froggy, varcoe, (daniher, lee)

problem is no room for franklin. i'm hoping he has a slow start like last year.


Not sold on dusty myself, but could be in for a breakout year? If mummy can stay healthy I think he should be able to back to his form of previous years and looks to be a POD with not a whole lot of people picking him


funny you say that about dusty. he has been in and out of my line-up all week.

I just keep coming back to the fact that Mark Williams has taken dusty under his wing. Choko doesn't take any crap so I think he will be better than last year.

then I remember how inconsistent he is and I take him out again.

For the coin I dont see a logically replacement for me. Got some ideas?



Just thinking the same thing trying to decide on Shultz PTA Fwd or Syliva Mel..


OK Revised team. Still really struggling with forward rookies though.

Goddard, Gibbs, Grimes, Broughton, Pedersen, Vlatsuin, Pittard, Terlich

Gaz, Selwood, Cotchin, Shuey, Mundy, K. Mitchell, O’Meara, Viney, Goodes, B.Kennedy

Ryder, Leuenberger, Grundy, S. Rowe

Cox, Rockliff, Wright, Christensen, Varcoe, Staker, Lee, Membrey.

Pedersen, Luey, Varcoe only the only β€œTrue” midpricers. Plenty of upside in all 3 i think, Pedersen especially.

Shuey, Wright and Christensen the big gambles.I personally think Wright and Shuey will be in for big years and if Bundy gets his body right he is SC gold.

Im unsure on Shuey somewhat too, one of him Gaff and Masten are set to break out, Shuey or Gaff most likely, picking the right one may potentially net you a keeper at discount price.


Think shuey is in for a great year, could be a risk but if he plays well it wil be worth it. I wouldn't be to concerned with the forward rookies yet, long way until round 1, still got the NAB and preseason until they need to be locked in, plenty of time to find some good ones


Yeah i like Shuey a lot, going to be a very, very good player. So will Gaff though hopefully I will pick the right one this year.


all the decent fwd rookies seem to be a little pricey.

but consider – Daniher, Mayes, stringer, menzel

kerridge is a bit cheaper.


Daniher had off season surgery didnt he? Will be quite underdone for a big guy.

Stringer is coming off a horrific broken leg and didnt play much footy at all last year if i remember right, can play though from all accounts.

Mayes and Menzel seem decent enough size and will definitely be under consideration, 164k/149k not cheap though.


I agree westy…..I hate split rounds.

I do note that the last two winners both didnt trade till round 3.

panic trading will be a big danger leading into round 1.


First crack at a team also new to the loyal army

Defence: B Goddard, H Shaw, D pearce, C yarran, N Bock, B Goodes (L Plowman, D Terlich)

Midfield: D Beams, T Cotchin, M Murphy, A Gaff, J Caddy, C Beams, J O'meara, J Viney (B Couch, L Whitfield)

Ruck: T Goldstein, M Leuenberger (B Grundy, M Daw)

Forward: L Franklin, D Martin, G Broughton, M Lecras, T Varcoe, B Macaffer (T Menzel,
J Stringer)

Thoughts and opinions?? Cheers


also have $122,600 salary left, which i may save for season injurys and upgrades and what not πŸ™‚


good looking side.

Just a big warning sign on Beams for me. With Ball back I think Beams will suffer the most between the 3 big collingwood players.

I would upgrade to Pendlebury or even better, get Gazza in there otherwise you are starting behind 75% of the field.

I was looking at Murphy for ages but then I got worried about his ability to break a tag. Just a thought.



Not really a fan of Beams with out his DPP eligibility, personally would swap him to pendles, but if you are wanting to risk it he may be a good POD… This is worth a read though


Hey Jock and Co, loving your work mate, here's my first crack, would love some advice from anyone, only done supercoach once before, did alright but I've learned from my many mistakes and hopefully do a lot better this year.

Goddard, Gibbs, Broughton, Bock, Colquhoun, Docherty
Heath, Terlich

Ablett, Pendlebury, Watson, Kennedy, Cotchin, K.Mitchell, Viney, O'Meara
T.Mitchell, Crouch

Goldstein, Leuenberger
Grundy, Rowe

Franklin, Nic Nat, Cox, Rockliff, Staker, Dick
Lee, Dwyer


pretty good team benno.

couple of suggestions.

Brad Dick wont get much game time I suggest.

Nic Nat is a good selection but be aware he might miss the start of the year with his injury.

There's a bit of a risk that you wont get 2 of the 4 rookies up back playing round 1. (I'm fighting the same issue, there's not much around) Maybe move staker up back and consider daniher if you have the coin. or T Membrey.

5 rookies in the mid is high risk (and maybe high reward). would look at turning one of the ultra premiums and a rookie into two midpricers (just a personal preference – see Luke Ball varcoe)

Just some thoughts


Thanks jimbo, rookies will definitely change before round one, just chucked in some names I've heard of, once I've seen a bit more will be able to select some good ones. You have me thinking of a midpricer or two now, will look into and consider if i can find some i like, also think Nic Nat should be alright, but if he looks like he won't be a round 1 starter will swap him out. Still a long way to go though! Cheers for the advice mate

The Iron Sock

Love the site gentlemen.

DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Heppell, Birchall, H Pearce, Staker (Culquhoun – aka Beef Croquette, Terlich)

MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Shuey, Mayes, Toumpas, Wines, Viney, Vaseline (Hrovat, O'meara)

RUCK: Looneybin, Goldstein (Grundy, Cordy)

FWD: Rockliff, Varcoe, Stevie J, French, Bock, beZorko (Menzel, Simpson)

The Iron Sock

Oh, and 247k in the vault


Here is my team let me know what you think.. trying to break into the top 1000 for the first time!

DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Grimes, Broughton, Goodes, Pittard (Stevenson, Terlich)
MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Kennedy, Cotchin, Mundy, Stevens, Crouch, O'Meara (Hunter, Viney)
RUC: Cox, Leuenberger (Daw, Witts)
FWD: Franklin, Rockliff, Johnson, Martin, Hitchcock, Macaffer (Staker, Lee)

CASH LEFT: $13,000


hey felsty.

we all are trying to break into the top 1000 πŸ˜‰

I also share the concern about macaffer's job security.


As a Woodsman, can I say that Macaffer is a bit of a risk with Ball returning. Loved Cafes work in 2010 GF II (sorry Jock), but with Ball in, we have Blair, Fasolo, Beams, Sidebottom, Sinclair, Elliot, Krakouer and Didak as small fwd options.

I'd love to see Macaffer return as he has sticky mittens and good game sense, but he's not a dual position player so I think, sadly, he might be crowded out by mid/fwds like Blair, Sidebottom, Didak and an aspiring Fasolo. The pure small forwards are failry handy too. Krakouer will shade him for sure.

Macaffer should get a game ahead of Sinclair an Elliot, but that is dependent on defensive acts in the fwd 50. I'd probably avoid.


I think Macaffer will get a game because him krakeour cloke and lynch will be the main avenue’s to goal. Macaffer should be a definite if he lines up in rd 1!!!


Good luck. He might play back pocket 4 games is my guess.


Pretty new at this, love some feedback. Cheers

DEF goddard, scotland, broughton, bock, B Goodes, staker, (docherty, terlich)
MID GAJ, swan, watson, stevie J, gibbs, ball, whitfield, toumpas (omeara, viney)
RUCK Goldy Leuey (daw, mcbean)
FWD buddy, rockliff, cloke, lecras, macaffer, kerridge (rowe, lee)


Charlie your in the right place πŸ˜€
Scotland is very expensive and doesn't offer value for money for me. Better options for cheaper like his mate Yarran,
Not a big fan of selecting defenders in the middle if it means playing a rookie defender over a rookie midfielder. Midfielder will out score defender 9 out of 10 times.
I'd take Scotland out, flick Gibbs back and pick another premium midfielder. How much does that leave you ?? Fyfe is a good option for less than $500k, Priddis and Murphy good options around the 600k. Depends on what how much $$ you have


Scotland is suspended for the first 2 Home and Away games


Team: Quadripple M


H.Shaw, B.Waters, B.Gybbs, C.Pederson, B.Goodes, B.Staker

(D.Terlich, S.Colquhon)


G.Ablett, S.Pendlebury, T.Cotchin, M.Murphy, C.Beams, T.Varcoe, K.Stevens, B, Crouch

(J.O’Meara, J.Viney)


T.Goldstein, M.Leunberger

(M.Daw, B,Grundy)


L.Franklin, J,Roughead, T.Rockliff, M.LeCras, S.Byrnes, T.Menzel

(B.Macaffer, T.Lee)

$168,900 left for upgrades

Wondering wether to go one more cash cow in the midfield if so Varcoe would move back into my forwardline for Byrnes. Any thoughts?



I think you are on the money with your last comment. varcoe forward. grab one of the top 4 rookies.



Good first stab my friend. Id maybe look at combining Varcoe and Beams to get another premium and rookie for those spots.

A little word of caution on Waters too, not back in full training yet and if he's not coming off a full pre-season maybe a risk with his injury past. Maybe better options.


Ok I was thinking maybe Danyle Pearce for the backline.

In the midfield though there’s a problem for me with me already having three premiums in the last bye round and I don’t trust J.Selwood or JP Kennedy. So I was thinking A.Swallow or N.Fyfe, thoughts?


You'll get 115 ppg avg from [email protected] 22 games
Fyfe the same….but injury is always hanging over him.


First version of my Team, would love some feedback

DEF: B Goddard, B Gibbs, G Broughton, D Heppel, N Bock, B Goodes, (D Van Unen, D Terlich)

MID: G Ablett, S Pendlebury, J Watson, L Shuey, N Fyfe, L ball, S Mayes, J O'Meara (Colquhoun, J Viney)

RUCK: S Mumford, M Leuenberger (S Rowe, B Grundy)

FWD: L Franklin, T Rockliff, A Goodes, T Varcoe, J Daniher, T Menzel (T Lee, B Staker)

Rem Salary Cap $50,500


Nav, great first team πŸ™‚ one guy that jumped out the page at me was A Goodes. He's not back in full training yet and I think he may well be fantasy scorer in decline. Expect him to play most of his time in the forward line as Swans have a bucket load of young talent in the middle. Keep your eye on Martin this preseason, better option perhaps.

Can't see any other issues at this early stage πŸ˜€


Thats for the advise, I have taken out A Goods and put in D Martin and see how he goes in the NAB games, plus his cheaper. I'll keep most of the team but not sold on L Ball, S Mumford and all rookies.

If I replace L Ball with K Stevens, i will have enough Money to Upgrade L Shuey to T Sotchin and N Fyfe to M Murphy
If I replace L Ball with k Stevens , I can then upgrade S Mumford to N Nat or Cox and have 68,300 in the bank remaing for upgrades.

Feedback, Thoughts on the above?

Luke Furlan



DEF: B Goddard, B Gibbs, Fisher Broughton Russell Pittard (D Van Unen, D Terlich)

MID: G Ablett, Swan, Pendlebury, Cotchin, Boyd , Redden S Mayes, J O'Meara (Crouch, J Viney)

RUCK: Goldy, M Leuenberger (witts, Currie)

FWD:, T Rockliff, Martin, Robinson , sylviaT Varcoe, B Staker (Lee Membrey)


Bubba great to see you on board. This team is a little bit different which is good to see. Couple of things id suggest
1. No Boyd .. Great Pro but no scope for improvement, and will yo-yo all year. Murphy, Jack, Priddis and Swallow are all better picks in his price bracket .
2. Sylvia and Robinson are risky picks. Id limit your exposure and just pick one of these unless they both go off during the NAB … Possibly a few better options for less $$$ like Knights or Kennedy .

Great first effort with that little bit of uniqueness πŸ™‚


Lets See, First Draft
appreciate feedback

DEF: B Goddard, B Gibbs, G Broughton, J Grimes , N Bock, B Goodes, (B.Staker, D Terlich)

MID: G Ablett, S Pendlebury, M Murphy, S Mitchell, L ball, S Mayes, B Crouch, J O'Meara (Colquhoun, J Viney)

RUCK: T.Goldstein, M Leuenberger (M.Daw, L McBean)

FWD: L Franklin, J Roughhead, T Rockliff, J Kennedy, T Varcoe, J Daniher, (J Stringer, T Lee)

Salary remaining $114,800


I am not to sure about Murphy being in there because late last year he was taking the oppositions best taggers off judd and he wasnt ever able to get into the games. Also on Grimes he has potential to be a amazing supercoach player but his history of injurys is just to big also the fact that he plays for Melbourne doesnt help his cause.


thinking of changing murphy to j.selwood or watson. have changed grimes to birchall. thanks for the input


Luke I can't fault this team at all – very solid. Murphy doesn't worry me all that much. When he came back in round 16 last year he averaged 121 points a round until the end of the season. Take out his injured score of 38 against Adelaide in round 8 and he would have averaged 117.6pts a round. Value for money and in my team at the moment πŸ˜€


Made some adjustments to my original team.

Defence: G Birchall, H Shaw, D pearce, C yarran, N Bock, B Goodes (L Plowman, D Terlich)

Midfield: S Pendlebury, T Cotchin, B Goddard, A Gaff, J Caddy, C Beams, J O'meara, J Viney (B Couch, L Whitfield)

Ruck: T Goldstein, M Leuenberger (B Grundy, M Daw)

Forward: L Franklin, D Martin, G Broughton, D Thomas, T Varcoe, S Mayes (T Menzel,
J Stringer)

Changes Made: Have swapped Beams out for pendles as suggested from comments of my first take of the team, also took out M Murphy from the middle and slotted in Goddard and in Goddards place in defence Birchall goes in, made an upgrade from Lecras to D Thomas also.

Explanation on goddard move: I think him being in the middle really gives me some flexibility moving forward when its time to upgrade some rookies.
Clay beams also is someone who i think has big potential to make a leap this year into not only the starting 22 but some consistant scores of 75-90 he reminds me of a young Patrick Dangerfield.

Would love all your opinions cheers.


my real opinion? With respect my brother…I don't like it as is .. one might think the red red kroovy will flow in this one. Love Shaw he might be a pretty POD. The rest of the Back line are a huge stretch. Dump if they are not certain to play. Check them out!!!! Balance who you will UPGRADE to and who you will start with. Take a minute to look at the first 6 rounds my man and then go from there./ Who has a good run? FFS look at who you should start and who might be an early upgrade.. SC it matters in DT Trade trade trade biatch!


Jamie just commented on Micheal's Team below. Not a big fan of selecting defenders in the middle if it means playing a rookie defender over a rookie midfielder. Midfielder will out score defender 9 out of 10 times. Read comment on Micheals team as it explains in a little more detail.

P.S Soild Team mate .. really impressed so far


3rd year in and finished in top 20000 last year (not bad for a Sydneysider born & bred on league!)

DEF: Goddard, Hanley, Broughton, Bock, Vlastuin, Jaksch (B Goodes, Frost)
MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Watson, Cotchin, Gibbs, Gaff, Varcoe, Whitfield (Couch, O'Meara)
RUC: Goldstein, Leuenberger (Daw, McBean)
FWD: Roughead, Rockliff, LeCras, Mayes, Daniher, Staker (T Menzel, Kerridge)

Positives: plenty of DPP options (maybe too many?), 4 mid premiums with potential for 2 more to make the jump up.
Negatives: relying on a few injury returns, unknown rookies (everyone has that though I s'pose), a bit light on in def, thinking may need more MID/FWD rather than the other way around.
Either/Or: Gaff vs Shuey I agonised over! Aside from the rookies all others were pretty much locks for me.

Keen for thoughts as always, don't be scared to get stuck in if you think it's warranted lol!!


Forgot to mention I have $77K in the bank.


u gotta get viney in as a rookie….biggest lock after o'meara…cheaper than whitfied too


great call Bubba, totally forgot about him!


Michael, great first stab mate: first team I looked at and impressed, a few in there I haven't given too much though but look good on paper all the same. I would have probably gone Shuey over Gaff but plenty of time to see them in the NAB for you to agonise some more.
Have noticed you have Gibbs in the Midfield. Not a big fan of starting players with Def/Mid eligibly in the middle. If you flick him in the back line and take out frost and select another rookie like Wines in the middle you will score more points. Midfield players tend to score more than backs and this goes for rookies too. All of Wines, Couch and O'Meara will outscore Jaksch, so there is possibly as much as 20pts a game you are better off with this simple move.


Thanks Mick, good idea to drop Gibbs back but apparently is flying at the moment and I think he is poised to jump up to super premium status. I've decided to put him back anyway and take out Jaksch as it allows me to then put Viney in the mids.

DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Hanley, Broughton, Bock, Vlastuin (B Goodes, Frost)
MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Watson, Cotchin, Gaff, Varcoe, Couch (Viney, O'Meara)
RUC: Goldstein, Leuenberger (Daw, McBean)
FWD: Roughead, Rockliff, LeCras, Mayes, Daniher, Staker (T Menzel, Kerridge)

$112K in the bank. Only question is – Wines or Couch? Both should get game time you would think but who has more potential? Have gone for Couch purely on pedigree.


Id move varcoe into the fwd line and dump Daniher. Dont expect him to be selected too early in the season, upgrade/downgrade target later on.


You need a theme song. How about this?


DEF: B. Goddard, B. Gibbs, N. Bock, B. Staker, S. Docherty, D. Terlich (S. Colquhoun, D. Van Unen)
MID: G. Ablett jnr, D. Swan, S. Pendlebury, B. Deledio, T. Cotchin, K. Mitchell, B. Crouch, J. O'Meara (M. Jones, J. Viney)
RUC: T. Goldstein, M. Leuenberger (J. Witts, D. Currie)
FWD: J. Bartel, T. Rockliff, J. Lewis, M. Robinson, B. Whitecross, C. Sylvia (T. Lee, T. Membrey)

How about this one for being out there…..5 gun midfield with 6 running mids as my forward line and weak defence


K Mitchell or T Mitchell?


DEF: B. Goddard, B. Gibbs, P. Duffield, D. Heppell, N. Bock, J. Russell (D. Terlich, D. Van Unen)
MID: D. Swan, G. Ablett jnr, J. Redden, T. Cotchin, S. Colquhoun, S. Mayes, K. Mitchell, B. Crouch (T. Mitchell, J. Viney)
RUC: M. Leuenberger, T. Goldstein (J. Witts, D. Currie)
FWD: D. Cox, C. Sylvia, T. Rockliff, M. Robinson, B. Staker, D. Martin (T. Membrey, T. Lee)
CASH LEFT: $9,500

or this one…..trying to think outside the square


DEF: B. Goddard, B. Gibbs, B. Staker, S. Docherty, D. Terlich, S. Colquhoun (J. Pittard, D. Van Unen)
MID: D. Swan, G. Ablett jnr, M. Murphy, J. Redden, S. Pendlebury, B. Deledio, T. Cotchin, T. Rockliff (J. O'Meara, J. Viney)
RUC: M. Leuenberger, C. Pedersen (J. Witts, D. Currie)
FWD: D. Cox, J. Lewis, T. Varcoe, T. Membrey, C. Knights, J. Patton (T. Lee, B. Dick)

Last one for a while…i Promise……Full TOP GUN Midfield


DEF: Goddard Gibbs Osborne Pittard Docherty Stevenson Terlich Van Unen
MIDS: Ablett Swan Pendlebury Cotchin Shuey K Mitchell O'Meara Colquhoun M Jones Viney
RUCKS: Goldstein Sandilands Rowe Currie
FWDS: Franklin Cox Bartel Rockliff Broughton Macaffer Staker Dick
$2700 Left


Love the mids, that looks solid. Mitchell was selected in the rookie draft and not 100% that he has been upgraded yet.

Don't see Dick playing a lot of footy this year, tough team to break into over in the west.

Would shift broughton down back for either pittard or stevenson and grab another forward (tom lee maybe?)


Here’s my first attempt with the Higginator. Still not sure who the best Rookie DPP’s will be. Tossed up between Troy Menzel and Ben Kennedy. Also a little concerned with Josh Kennedy. Appreciate any feedback. Cheers

Backs: Heppell, Gibbs, Duffield, Broughton, Grimes, Docherty, Terlich, Goodes

Mids: GAJ, Pendles, J Sellwood, Shuey, Mundy, Goddard, Omeara, Crouch, M Jones, B Kennedy

Rucks: Goldy, Leuenberger, Rowe, Currie

Fwds: J Roughead, Tex Walker, J Kennedy, Varcoe, Mayes, Staker, Growden, Lee


Hey Demon.

rumours are growing that Kerridge should get some game time up fwd.

also goodes is on the rookie list so may not get a call up round 1.


G'day demon,

If you're unsure of B Kennedy I'd be picking up O'meara in the mids. Would have gone number 1 if he wasn't part of the mini draft last year.

Josh Kennedy is a bit up and down imo, you'd be riding a rollercoaster there. Watch knights or lecras during the preseason


Cheers Jimbo. I’ll swap Kerridge in. I didn’t realise Goodes was a rookie either, so will need to rethink that one too.


Brendon Goddard / Bryce Gibbs / Grant Birchall / Hamish Hartlett
Jasper Pittard / Sam Docherty (Dylan Van Unen / Dean Terlich)

Gary Ablett / Trent Cotchin / Scott Pendlebury / Jack Redden
Nathan Fyfe / Andrew Gaff / Brad Crouch / Jaeger O'Meara
(Jack Viney / Sam Colquhoun)

Matthew Kreuzer / Matthew Leuenberger
(Liam McBean / Sam Naismith)

Dean Cox / Steve Johnson / Tom Rockliff / Andrew Walker
Brent Staker / Brent Macaffer (Tom Lee / Ben Kennedy)


Any thoughts would be great!!!


'day HeyMish
Not sold on Hamish Harlett in Def injury prone
Walker in Fwd line capable of big bags but IMO but not reliable LOVE DeanCox teamed up with Stevie J


+1 on walker, for some unknown reason I grabbed him during the great injury crisis of 2012 and he just didn't cut it.

Gaff could go either way, big left boot but doesn't get a lot of his own ball.


How about Hartlett for Christopher yarran. Suffered turf toe throughout last year but still had a reasonable average (not for his price) despite several subs. We all know how the silver fox loves the swinging defender role.
In terms of walker I’m hoping he plays that flanking winger role I saw him play several times last year. My biggest downside is that he seems to give away unnecessary free kicks when negative tactics are applied. Kinda like buddy I guess. Anyway will watch.
If I did go with yazza should I upgrade gaff to shuey?


You seem to like taking Punts so heres one from left feild Lake or Suckling???


here is my third and final team before the nab cup
BACKS: B Goddard, H Shaw, D Pearce, G Broughton, B Ellis, B Goodes (J Pittard, D Terlich)

MIDS: S Pendlebury, T Cotchin, B Gibbs??, A Gaff, C Beams, T Varcoe, J O'meara, J Viney (B Crouch, K Mitchell)

RUC: T Goldstein, M Leuenberger (B Grundy, M Daw)

FOR: L Franklin, J Bartel, D Thomas, D Martin, K Harper, J Stringer (T Membrey, S Mayes)

Not sure on gibbs i want to slot him in the back line but not sure on who to take out to make room for him i have $101,700 left in the salary for changes to be made.

Thoughts and opinions??


2nd go at team with feedback.
Team: Quadripple M

H.Shaw, B.Gybbs, D.Pearce, C.Pederson, B.Goodes, B.Staker
(D.Terlich, S. Colquhoun)

G.Ablett, S.Pendlebury, T.Cothin, M.Murphy, D.Swallow, K.Stevens, B. Crouch, J.O’Meara
(J.Viney, M.Jones)

T.Goldstien, M.Leuenberger
(M.Daw, B.Grundy)

L.Franklin, J.Roughead, T.Rockliff, M.LeCras, T.Varcoe, T.Menzel
(B.Macaffer, T,Lee)

$137,000 left.
I think I have it about right my forward line has a lot of maybes in the rookie section and my defence seems a bit week, anyone agree or disagree?


murphy im not sure on his ability to break a tag, have a look at gaff as a possible replacement. If david swallows knee can hold up he should provide you with some quality points, and i think in your back line you need someone like a goddard just to balance it out a little.
Hope i could help


Okay mate ; Gibbs to the back line , Shaw out (He usually drops in price before Bye) Trade in 1 of the following Ziebell, Clancee Pearse or Delido or Dangerfield if you got the coin and lose D. Martin


Pearce is a nice pick


why drop Dusty Dools?

I reckon Mark Williams will have him singing from a hym sheet.

also think he will spend more time on the ball this year as he has improved his tank.

his is 21 turning 22 this year. good age for a break year.

interested in your thoughts dools (and others)


G'day Jimbo I think there are better choices out there If coin allows.
I do not doubt Choocko s ability as a couch I doubt D. Martins ability to preform to a consistant and high level of output
Me I would pick Shultz PTA Fwd over him (and he has injury concerns)
I of course could be wrong If, IF Dusty plays well I will trade him in It's wait and see for me


Hi Jamie
D. Thomas has injury recovery scatch him out red vest material at best for game 1
Varcoe to his slot, but Fyfe in his slot Not sold on D. Martin. but you may be on a winner..Seriouse consider Christenson (Gee) or M. LaCras WCE
Backline is alright Rucs are Good
For your conideration….


Yeah i was a bit uncertain with daisy i know he is in a moon boot for another 1.5 to 2 weeks. I made some adjustments to the team with varcoe in the forward out goes daisy. Also have taken out membrey and chucked in a experience mcaffer and am going to treat him like a rookie also got menzel in the midfield for some flexibility come upgrade time. currently have 76,900 left in the bank looking for an upgrade on a player you are uncertain about?


final team….haha…..classic.

Jamie, if you are anything most of us you will change the team almost daily for the next 2 months πŸ˜‰

re: gibbs I would drop Broughton. Probably the most inconsistent of the big 4 back there in your team.


Will be my 3rd year on supercoach this site has helped and a lot of lessons learned. Much appreciated
Cracked the top 1800 last year after bye rounds but dropped off because of injuries and ran out of trades. This year doing a lot of preseason research and hope to make top 1000

Team :Ball busters
Def- Goddard (M). Gibbs (M). Duffield. Docherty.
Bock (F). Jaksh (F). Pittard. Terlich.

Mid- Ablett. Watson. Kennedy. Cotchin. O’Meara
Stanton. Ball. Goodes (D). Crouch. Viney.

Ruck- Cox (F). Leuenburger. Rowe (F)

Fwd- Pavlich. Ryder (R). Rockliff (M). Mcaffer
Varcoe (M). Menzel. Staker (D). Kerridge (M)
Bank- 77k

With extra trades I’m starting with Stanton in hope hell smash it early but will trade once he/ essendon start to decline. Ball is a worry see how he’s played in NAB but may swap varcoe, get mid/ fwd link and bring in mid price fwd.
Mcaffer, goodes and jaksh are very dependent on NAB cup
Goodes still rookie listed
Feel good about rest of rookies but NAB cup will tell all


thoughts on keeping Claye Beams in the mid or trade him out for a better player
Beams price- 355,100
salary room- 76,900
whos ready for a breakout year?


im thinking allen christensen or lewis jetta thoughts?? i know they have both been outstanding in pre season


sam gibson could have a break out year to add to a good rookie year.

also horsley and coniglio should both improve.

all could average high 80's low 90's.


Sorry about spelling, I know about daisy and he can change if needed
Light on mods but that’s the only spot for really good rookies at rock bottom prices ( now they just gotta get a game)

Goddard, Gibbs, burchil, duffield, boughton, pittard
Terlich, goodes

Kennedy, j selwood, Cotchin, Murphy, k Mitchell, crouch, omeara, viney
Jones, colquhoun

Jacobs, leuy
Gawn, currie

Buddy, rocky, daisy, Martin, varco, knights
Staker, Dwyer


BACKS: H Shaw, B Gibbs, G Broughton, P Duffield, C Pederson, B Staker, J Pittard, D Terlich

MIDS: G Ablett, S Pendlebury, T Cotchin, R Sloane, L Ball, J Viney, J O'meara, B Crouch, T Mitchell, K Mitchell

RUCK: S Mumford, M Leunberger, M Gawn, D Currie

FORWARDS: L Franklin, T Rockliff, D Martin, A Christensen, T Varcoe, J Kennedy, B Macaffer, T Lee

$18, 300 remaining


I think that is solid mate…But wait out on Luke Ball
Great to see Kennedy in the Fwd line
Mummy watch in NAB


Gone Light in the back, some potential rookies that should get games. First draft

BACKS: B Goddard, B Gibbs, B Staker, B Goodes, J Pittard, L Stevenson (L, Brown, D Terlich)

MIDS: G Ablett, D Swan, S Pendlebury, T Cotchin, L Ball, A Embley, K Mitchell, M Jones (O'Meara, Viney)

RUCK: A Sandilands, Berger (Daw, Grundy)

FORWARDS: L Franklin, D Cox, D Zorko, T Rockliff, D Martin, J Kennedy (J Daniher, T Lee)

$300 Salary Remaining


First draft – all a bit of a raffle before NAB cup (already replaced Morabito with Crouch)

Taking a few risks on comebacks and kids but pays massive dividends long term if it comes off – if it doesn't still room to move


Duffield, Gibbs, Malceski, Goddard, Yarran, B.Goodes, Pittard, Terlich

Ablett, Deledio, Hannaberry, Cooney, Ball, Embley, Wines, Crouch, O’Meara, Viney

Goldstein, Leuenberger, Witts, Gawn

Franklin, Roughead (Haw), Stevie J, Jenkins, Le Cras, Macaffer, Varcoe, Staker

$36,900 in the kitty


Wow Phil if the gamble comes off, I smell winner mate
Love the fact that Delido and not Cotchin made your team
Brave team…salute you


couple of ones to worry about here phil, namely Macaffer (job security?), Yarran (consistency) and Cooney (fitness). also note that goodes is on the rookie list and may not play round 1

Sc Jason

Def: Pearce Hanley Bryce Gibbs Greg broughton dean Terlich dale Morris Brent staker (Brett goodies jasper pittard) Mids:Gary ablett Scott pendlebury jobe Watson Nathan fife Trent Cochin Luke ball Oliver wines jack viney jaeger o'meara brad crouch. Rucks: Todd Goldstein Matthew leuenberger (Daniel currie jarrod watts) Fwd: Tom rockliff mark LeCras Travis varco Adam goodies jake stringer jarryd roughead (Troy menzel Sam mayes)


sam mayes is a gun!


Did the download work Hamish?


No Goddard????

Sc Jason

$92.100 in the bank


Hmmm….. Here is a thought;
Would it not be most beneficial to start building your team from rookies up? By first selecting the best money spinners, this will then inform you of the number of Premiums and the degree of spend you have on each line. I would think that it is important to maximise the midfield rookies(highest point potential) meaning that your defence and forward line must be filled with as many midfield swingers as possible …. Eg. Gibbs, Goddard, Rockliff, Martin.
And another thought while I am at it … Why are so many people NOT picking the Mid/Fwd rookie Sam Dwyer in their forward lines? Mature aged, purpose pick for Collingwood ….Perhaps someone from The Commnity can enlighten me.


Higgo, I can't find him on the higginator! There are only two blokes at 96K!


On Sam Dwyer, I suspect he's depth at this point with Ball back into the mix. Swan, Ball, Pendlebury, Beams, Blair, Thomas plus possibly Fasolo and J Thomas may restrict consistent opportunity.__Dwyer may however help the VFL team go into finals and therefore provide the senior list with match ready players at the pointy end of the season.


Thats how I started……….picked all me undervalued and definite rookies then filled in my preferred top liners.


suggestions on any good mid priced midfielders looking at a break out year?


B Vince ADL , J Ziebell NTH and Clancee Pearse Freo I think


Gaff is a high mid priced player but is a good pick up not many will have him and can see him stepping it to avg over 100 this year gets a lot of the ball and dose not get tagged due to priddis Kerr and selwood taking the tags worth a real
Good look


B Moloney…… start in a team that should be on the way up again.


scott selwood, shuey or chris judd?


shuey for me




Backs: Goddard, D Pearce, Broughton, Yarran, B Ellis, B Goodes (Staker, Terlich)

Mids: Pendles, J Selwood, Cotchin, Judd, Fyfe, Cooney, O'Meara, Viney (crouch, Menzel)

Ruc: Goldstein, Leuenberger, Daw,

For: Franklin, Bartel, Martin, Varcoe, Harper, Stringer (Mcaffer, Mayes)

Thoughts ?


Currie instead of Daw…. Currie and the young lad from Collingwood for me

Dean field

Def- Stanley, Gibbs, Hanley, Broughton, Docherty, Stevenson (terlich, colquhoun)

Mids- Swan, Ablett, Cotchin, Goddard, Caddy, Moloney, Menzel, Crouch (O’meara , Viney)

Rucks- goldy, Luey( Witts, McBean)

Fwds- SJ, Rocky, Walker, Bruest, Cloke, Staker( Lee, Growden)


goddard move to up back for stanley and pick up a mid like Gaff?



Def:B.Goddard, B.Gibbs,P.Duffeild,P.Hanley,B.Smith,J.Pittard


Ruck: T.Goldstein, M.Leuenberger

Forward: T.Rockliff,D.Martin,L.Breust,G.Broughton,T.Varcoe,T,Lee


there's a report that stevenson from PTA (def) is on the cards to play round 1. Might be a better chance than docherty at this stage.

mids and ruck look good as is the forwards (I'm on the Breust bandwagon too)

Defence I'm not so sure about. (B Smith, Pittard are a bit questionable). Maybe staker up back and pick up kerridge fwd?)


Defenders: Bryce Gibbs, Greg Broughton, Michael Hibberd, Chris Yarran, Nick Vlastuin, Sam Docherty (Jasper Pittard, Dean Terlich)

Mids: Gary Ablett, Trent Cotchin, Chris Judd, Brendon Goddard, Nathan Fyfe, Brad Crouch, Jaeger O'Meara, Jack Viney, (Troy Menzel, Tom Mitchell)

Rucks: Ivan Maric, Matthew Leuenberger (Majak Daw, Callum Sinclair – sacrifice for rolling lockout captain scenario)

Forwards: Lance Franklin, Dean Cox, Tom Rockliff, Mark LeCras, Josh J. Kennedy, Travis Varcoe (Gary Rohan, Brent Staker)


Ivan is under an injury cloud
Like Fyfe in the Mids unsure about Judd
Fwd line looks Good but I don't know how G Rohan is he re habing or Pre season training???


Rohan wont start the season.

Love the Fffe choice great value.
Goddard in mids? Move him to Bck LIne and dump a mid price or rookie. Hibberd Yarran or Valstuin (pick a cheaper option than him anyway). Upgrade a mid Menzel maybe.) Maybe to Ball if you want to stay cheap. Or look for a break out young player, no risk in your mids looking for a breakout (well beside Fyffe).