Fantasy Footy Radar 2013 – Pearce Hanley

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Smashed a few sneaky pots at the local this morning with old mate Des Dooley and he’s got me thinking about this kid as an AFL Fantasy option down back in 2013.

Pearce Hanley comes from a little dairy town called Ballaghaderreen in Ireland’s County Mayo. Rough as guts. You need to grow up bloody quickly in those parts to stand on your own two feet. Only the most determined break the shackles and make a real crack of themselves. This bloke has already achieved an incredible amount in his 24 years… but I’m beginning to feel that there is more than a few chapters left in this feel good story…

The facts:

2013 Price: Supercoach: $485,200, Dreamteam: $425,300
2013 Position: DEF
2012 averages: 91 SC, 82 DT (22 games)
2011 averages: 83 SC, 80 DT (22 games)
2010 averages: 61 SC, 63 DT (9 games)
Age: 24

  • He scored below 60 Supercoach points on 6 occasions in 2012… looking at that it bloody amazes me that he averaged as much as he did. Take these AFL Fantasy farts out of the equation and he averaged 106 for the other 16. Must be said that you took the good with the bad with Pearce in 2012… will this up and down caper continue in 2013? This is a bloody important thing we need to make a call on before considering the kid
  • He looks the #1 candidate for the half back line run and carry player. This is good for his AFL Fantasy outlook. Inside word is that he is very highly rated in the Lions den… and expect him to play an increasingly important role as he learns and develops.
  • This is the thing that gets this old Fantasy Footy tragic up and about. We all know that Supercoach is the better indicator of how effective a player has been. The players who use the ball better and influence the outcomes of games more get higher Supercoach points. When I see a players Supercoach output accellerating away from his Dreamteam output I take notice. This bloke is learning the caper at a rate of knots. His effectiveness, efficiency and effect on a game of footy is changing like nobody else in the game. I wouldn’t expect a 24 year old who has played our great game his whole life to have much more game play improvement in him. But in Pearce Hanley’s case I can see this trend continuing this season.

Pearce Hanley Supercoach trend

And so it is that at the request of my old mate Dools I’m posting this one at 11.10pm on a Wednesday night to keep this one on the down low. Having been in this caper for over 27 years a man learns to back his judgement… I see some Supercoach quality in the oven here kids…

Will have a real long hard think about slotting Pearce into my team this season… who else is with Dools and I?


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Damn It Jock. LOCK
Not a word about the Duffman alright!
Cheeky bugger LOL


Broughton ahead of Hanley for me at this stage. $40K cheaper, proven performer, new club, DPP … However if Greg dosen't look happy Pearce is on my radar.


Bouugton is in anew team with a new job, does this translate to how he used to play b4 Ross the Boss. for me if he settles in well thats upograde stuff if however the gamble fails and he is required to fill a single role this season ..Wasted trade… No from me and I love the guy…Kitty Kat Kitty Kat where will you be?


thank Dools for us Jock me old mate and Hanley has heaps of upside to him. Love the stat on the under 60s.. but what the bejeeeeus is that all about? I took a peek: he had most of those low ones on the road, had 3 (2 against Eagles) at Patterson stadium so the trip west is unkind to him. The Hawks in Melb dealt him a blow too. But the 2 most concerning were the ones at the Gabba against Tigers and Carlton. (insert expletive) Worse stat still is all his good scores were against cellar dwellers (think GWS, Melb, Doggies, Gold Coast et el)….so even though I had him in 2012 on that info it's a no from me.


fangs Jock nice to post something in a blog I've read a lot of over the past couple of years. BTW the pods are dynamic. But can you ask Crouching to remove the digit? I wanna see him up top this 2013 season with bragging rights.


Totally loved this guy in 2012!! My best buy and B&F easily.


I'm not sure a bloke who had scores of 53, 56, 55, 41, 44 & 56 could be considered as a starter. I love the guy, but his SD is way too high. Great ceiling but he will be much cheaper throughout the year.


Had him from the start…a unique player indeed.


Big point that people should consider..
When Brisbane lost, Hanley averaged 74.2. When they won, He averaged 110.5.
Huge difference, almost 35 points actually.
Those wins came from Melbourne x 2, Western bulldogs x 2, Gold Coast x , Port Adelaide, GWS, Adelaide and West Coast.
Take his West Coast and Adelaide performances out and he averaged 119.75 a game.
Plays good against the seller dwellers, really good. Bad against the best.
Tip! .. Analyse the fixture.