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Luke Ball Supercoach and Dreamteam 2013Lukey Ball only lasted 2 and a bit rounds in 2012 before stuffing his knee.

His recovery has been slow.  The latest word is that he wont have a crack at any of the praccy matches but is on course for a round 1 start in AFL season 2013. Doesn’t sound flash to me. Doesn’t sound flash at all.

He started the 2012 season at $530K in Supercoach and $476K in Dreamteam. This year he hits the AFL Fantasy Footy menu as a reduced midprice option.

The facts:

2013 Price: Supercoach: $301,800, Dreamteam: $343,100
2013 Position: MID
2012 averages: 63 SC, 74 DT (3 games)
2011 averages: 98 SC, 96 DT (21 games)
2010 averages: 90 SC, 93 DT (20 games)
Age: 28

Jock’s Verdict:

I’ve watched Luke Ball develop from a young colt in the junior ranks to the seasoned war horse that he has now become. If ever there was a bloke you’d want in the trenches with you – this is the bloke. Was bloody shattered when he left my beloved St. Kilda folks. Shattered.

But I found comfort in knowing (as is the case with Brendon Bloody Goddard) that his best footy was behind him. He averaged 116 Supercoach points in 2005. That was the only time he cracked the ton average before his groin failed him. Many forget the Luke Ball that we’ve seen in recent seasons is the shadow of a footballer he could have been if he stayed fit.

Here are some of my arguments against Luke Ball as a Supercoach or Dreamteam option in 2013;

  • He is neither Arthur or Martha at this price. He doesn’t have the goods to become the premium lock that you want to take into finals. And he isn’t likely to make you much cash at the mid season cattle markets. Before his price was inflated at the beginning of last year he hadn’t cost anything above $500K since round 1 2009. And he aint getting any younger or fitter.
  • A knee reco. Not a good thing any day of the week. But especially bad news for a bloke with chronic groin trouble. Any subtle change in his running style due to the knee will just flare the old groin up and he’ll be cutting the oranges.
  • Swan. Pendlebury. Beams. Sidebottom. Thomas. Some got their chance in the guts when Ball went down and didn’t disappoint. I reckon poor old Bally will find it tough to justify a spot above any of these blokes.
  • 28… but not your run of the mill 28. Injuries, plays the game as hard as a cats head. On the downward spiral now folks.
  • And another thing… this bloke has had a sniff of life after footy. Went to the Olympics. President of the Players Association. Bloody good times. Has won a flag…. what more has he got to motivate him? I’m not for a minute suggesting that this bloke will give anything but 100% on the field of battle… but I just wonder how fiercely his footy fires will burn this year…

Here is why you might consider him;

  • Last years winner POWERTOTHEPEOPLE (click here for Higgo’s analysis) proved that the midpriced midfielder may have a place in the elite Supercoach team.. even if he doesn’t reach premium status. Have a look at Luke Parker in the POWERTOTHEPEOPLE team. All Ball really needs to do is take the field to at least increase his price, and his scoring output should outperform what his price suggests.
  • On the same vein the additional onfield midfielder leaves you with that extra position to make a play like this… help you squeeze a reasonable team on the field within the salary cap.

Overall I’m not convinced that Luke Ball is a wise selection this season. If he came in at this price as a younger colt and eligibility in the forward or back half I’d consider it… but I cant see him providing enough at this awkward price.

Smack him into the HIGGINATOR Team Analysis Tool and see if he fits your mob.

Anyone keen on him this season?

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G'day Jock

More food for thought….Excellent old man ! Excellent..
Originally I had him in when I was fiddleling with that fantastic bit o' Fantasy Cumpet anaylizer that Higgo produced.
instead I'm going with a young lad from Nth Melb. ya he is 100K more but at least I know the lad can play with the big boys…S. Gibson come on down!
Congrats Higgo wonderful SC Tool . I now owe you a Spritzer or a G&T?
Crouching hows Vickery doing, heard he upgraded his engine?

Thanks for the Gizzmo Peter. Awesome SC tool.


He's the Pies only real hard nut, in and under, inside mid, tackling machine. Should average around 90 hopefully. His late start this season may just be a cautious approach and a year off could be good for the hard nuts. Beams didn't start last year due to shin splints.

If you carry Ball all year at that starting price he should provide excellent cover during finals. Pies have Suns then Giants in rounds 17 and 18 though so a rest could be on the cards. The only concern is re-injury like it was with Watson and Hayes last year. Then again, Robbie Gray was in the same boat.


If he can ave 90 should be an advantage if y


If you can make smart prem choices as well, he will out score rival teams rookies scoring 70 on the ground. No nab is a worry, might see the red vest rest early days.


Lenny Hays of 2013?


Completely agree. Also good point about Collingwood's mid-field depth, that's probably the tipping point for me. Shame Ball wasn't another $50K or so cheaper, then he might have been a consideration.


Hey guys.
What do you think, Ball or some more dough for Kyle Horsley? Word is he’s going well on the track and could be a breakout year. Thoughts?