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Many of us had Nic Naitanui penciled in as our first picked Supercoach player in 2013 by the end of last season. News that he is now eligible as both a forward and a ruck made that a foregone conclusion.

But all that has since changed and the news is not flash for those who were looking to lock him straight in for 2013. He’s gone under the knife for groin surgery and is not a likely started in the 2013 NAB Cup.

The Fijian flyer has the goods to become one of the finest AFL Fantasy ruckman that has ever played the game. His impact on a game of footy is as devastating as I have seen. He is a far more attractive Supercoach option than he is a Dreamteam option due to his ability to influence games whenever he touches the pill. He finished the highest scoring Supercoach ruck in 2012, while he finished 9th in terms of Dreamteam average score per game for the big fellas.

He only averaged 5 kicks a game…

The facts:

2013 Price: Supercoach: $611,000, Dreamteam: $442,800
2013 Position: RUCK/FWD
2012 averages: 114 SC, 86 DT (20 games)
2011 averages: 94 SC, 75 DT (20 games)
2010 averages: 71SC, 62 DT (21 games)
Age: 22

Jock’s Verdict:

$611,000 makes him the most expensive ruck and the second most expensive forward line prospect in Supercoach 2013. This is a significant investment. I’m not happy forking out this kind of coin unless the cattle I’m purchasing is tip top and in perfect working order.

With this buggered up pre season Nic Nat will need weeks to gather the fitness required to perform at his 2012 level. His price will fall and this will make him a nice upgrade target as he makes the transition back into elite fitness around round 5-6.

I’m happier to look at him this way this season especially considering I’ll have the option of bringing him into either my forward line or into my rucks when he finds form. My hands will be less tied than they would otherwise have been if I needed to force him back into my ruck line.

Leaving Nic Nat on the sidelines will give me the flexibility to consider more of the tasty midpriced ruck and forward options that are on offer this year such as Leuenberger in the ruck, then your Mark LeCras, Travis Varcoes, Brent Stakers, Chris Knights and co up forward. Can afford to roll the dice just a touch more with the extra trades.

So that’s how I’m assessing the Fijian flyer in 2013… will you consider whacking him into your starting side?

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Joshua Elliott

I agree, him being absent the first few weeks is a chance to get him cheaper and to develop another rookie or mid-pricer in the meantime. He might be the perfect trade-up from the Berger once he has peaked in price.


More Genies from @Jock Reynolds – 100% agree with every word – another issue that must not be overlooked is if Nic Naitanui is ready for round 1 and has missed all the NAB cup I can see him getting subbed out in the first couple of rounds until he is 100% match fit.


They have Melbourne, Port and the Bullies in the first 6, they seem like pretty good matches to rest him in. You'd think the other 3 against Freo, Hawthorn and Carlton might be a bit different.


Agree Jock, i'll leave him out of my initial side with a look to snag him when the price is right. Should be firing on all cylinders by the 2nd half of the year.

How do you guys reckon the new rules re rucks and wrestling will have an impact on NicNat, if at all? Seems perfectly tailored to help him maximize his potential in the ruck.


Totally agree with everyone everyone Nic Nat.

Too Hottie

And thats why you are Fantasy Football Genius Jock! im even looking at Roughy up forward then 3 mid price and a cheapy in the rucks with the Berger, fellow lion Martin and Josh Jenkins so when Nic Nat is looking primed, i trade out the either of the latter two of who has made the most $$$$$.
I cant wait, starting to lose sleep with anticipation already!!!!


Thank you Too Hottie mate! I'm looking at a skinny-ish ruck division as well


I'm thinking similar to you Hottie as well, with Berger,Jenkins,Daw and McBean in Rucks with Roughy as FWD and possibly Rowe as F7. Then bring Nic Nat in when he starts to cut loose…….of course I could change this 100 times before Rd1.


How come no one ever mentions the Mullet. Surely he has to be in the side along with the burger