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A look at the 2012 Supercoach winning teamIf you’re the smartest Supercoach or Dreamteamer in the room you’re in the wrong bloody room.

A brutal statement but one that carries with it a valuable message. AFL Fantasy Football supremacy is not a caper you can master by yourself looking at a list of players while chewing the end of your grey lead pencil. Find the blokes that get the job done. Learn from them. Learn how to get as good as them.

While I have been the smartest Supercoach or Dreamteamer in any room I have entered within the last 27 years I still need to stay fresh. I need to stay abreast of the latest in fantasy football theory and game strategy. So its a refreshing and worthwhile exercise to review some of my fellow coaches approach to the game.

POWERTOTHEPEOPLE won Supercoach in 2013. Read Higgo’s analysis of his team here. The great Peter Higginbotham, The Crouching One and I have great pleasure in picking apart his team and his approach to the game in this our first podcast of the 2013 season,

We hope you enjoy it folks… and more importantly… we hope that you become a better AFL Fantasy Footballer to have listened.

That’s what were all about at the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community.

Your mate,

Jock Reynolds.

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Opps, loved the di-section of both champion teams..brillent ? LOL
Love the fact that Higgo drives a HyundIIiiii (Thats not the turbo it Higgo hitting 2 gear and the elastic band un winding) Love the detail of 'Tigers' Datsun/tarago peopplle mover>????is this code?(vley lucrititive.)
Jock, you entered a tickett? Which time mate and was it any good? Hahhaha

Welcome to Vallhalla…The resting place of All hero warriors.
I still giggle that you entered a Metro card….


Jock my man,
A couple of years ago during the pre season i was stuck in a dilemma between "Trent Cotchin v Nathan Foley" I spoke to a few die hard Richmond supporters and they told me to pick Cotchin but i end up picking Foley, The year 2011 when Trent was pick of the year… I Feel im in the same situation now between Jack Watts and Greg Broughton.. Greg at a new club will get midfield time and Jack will play loose man in defence because Mitch Clark will be holding up the foward line, Help me mate


Good question?
Boughton can play SC wise but it was anger material last season….
I think more of an Up Grade target if he settles in well or a down grade target if he needs to find his feet (That means cheaper for the quaility)
Jack is is a differnet kettle of fish altogether he is 23/24 plays forward and capable of kicking goals but FWDs loose money most of the time so if you pick him thats it Set you have to to see it through till close to the end (don't waste trades )
No answers here…Just thoughts'


Good work Jock, Higgo and Crouching.
All the best in 2013.