Fantasy Footy Radar 2013 – Dustin Martin

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Round 5 2011.

A 19 year old Dustin Martin smacks 4 goals through the big sticks on his way to 168 Supercoach points , 141 Dreamteam points and the respect of the football world.

Damian Hardwick announces Dustin’s coming of age…

12 months later things aren’t so flash. He’s been struggling. He misses training. He’s suspended by his club.  His mate Daniel Connors is sacked.  Lets down his mates. His club. Himself. Most importantly his Fantasy Football owners who are thrown into disarray.

Many see a loose cannon… nothing but trouble. This year will tell us a hell of a lot about Dustin Martin.

The facts:

2013 Price: Supercoach: $473,500, Dreamteam: $437,100
2013 Position: MID/FWD
2012 averages: 89 SC, 85 DT (20 games)
2011 averages: 99 SC, 89 DT (22 games)
2010 averages: 78 SC, 71 DT (21 games)
Age: 21

Jock’s Verdict:

Here’s this kid from Castlemaine. Been out bush. Played a few good games in the seniors… has a crack at the TAC Cup and dominates. Before he knows it he’s snapped up by the Tigers, shows some form. He’s told the sun shines out of his pip and thinks he’s the ants pants. Wouldn’t any 19 year old?

How easy’s this caper? He reckons. I’ve pulled my finger out pre season 2011 and BANG. I’ve done the hard yards now. I’m respected. Coach reckons I’ve made the grade.

But it doesn’t work that way in the big time Dusty.  Respect is earnt and needs to be kept. Elite performance requires elite preparation.

Dustin will decide in 2013 if he wants to be an elite AFL footballer.

Its a very simple equation for mine:

  • If he wants to be elite he will be one of the most prolific forward line scorers of the season. Mark my words here folks and mark them well. The Tiger army will rise as one on the back of a budding champion.
  • If he doesn’t… he’ll skulk around like he did last season. He’ll collect his pay packet and buy a fancy bloody car. He’ll finish with more than 25 Supercoach forwards ahead of him in terms of average like he did last season. And noone will remember his name 20 years from now.

I’ll watch Dustin closely over the coming months. I bloody hope he makes the right decision. I want to see the best this FOOTBALLER and this MAN has to offer. Sometimes even old Jock can’t tell you which way things will go with a player in AFL Fantasy. This is one of those rare times.

One bloke knows exactly whats in store in 2013. Maori blood pumps through his veins. He has more ability in his left big toe than many who ever pull on an AFL jumper. He’s at the crossroads.

At this stage I’ll pass on Dusty…. word is he’s switched on this preseason but I’ll take that with a grain of salt just for now.

Which way you gonna go Dusty?

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Jock, great stuff old friend 🙂 but where as you have your feet dangling down one side of the fence you are sitting on, i'm sitting beside you with my feet dangling down the other ready to jump … all over Martin … agree with everything you say and I believe he is at a cross roads .. but i'm going to take a punt and believe in the young man that he will chose the right path .. He will be hurting over his behaviour last season and will feel he needs to repay his do's .. I'm sure all those that picked him last year will be staying away from him this year so I could very well end up with an unusual player. Dangerfield of 2013 .. how many times did Dangermouse burn before he broke out ??


Don't think there was any real burning from Dangerfield, at least if people paid attention to the Crows (and especially knowing Neil Craig's occasional reluctance to play youngsters over vets) and knew that he wasn't going to score big until he got a full-time run in the guts. Dangerfield's averages went through a more natural progression,

2009: 62
2010: 69
2011: 80
2012: 118

So everyone was expecting the same sort of thing from Dusty, he was already well ahead of Danger in averages but he regressed instead, while Danger blew the roof off the place in 2012.


Great stuff from both of you lads,
I did not have Dusty last year (Thank the Gods) So he was not on my shopping list this year. Now as you Jock and backed up by Da Mad Irishman have said he could be a GPD for my team . I will wait an see what the Tiges do with him.
I'm not sitting on the fence, more like i'm outside the paddock Dusty is in and looking at different animals for the coming auction….


I was filthy with him for scoring a 19 in the final round and costing me a Grand Final win. I reckon there's too much talent running through the mids at Richmond (3 Tiger midfielders in the top 12 of SC scoring), for him to be more than a 100-105 point player, which is still a good output up forward, but i'm still salty with the guy. Maybe he'll have a Steele Sidebum type year? Upgrade target maybe, but not an initial selection for mine.


Yep, burnt me badly as well last year & was difficult to trade him out
as he was still playing but scoring low & lost me the most money of any
traded player from my team. Once bitten, twice shy. Not for me in 2013.


Hahah Richmond with 2 much talent running through the midfield ah yes that's why they finished in the top 2 last year


thoughts on goodsy? has he still got the goodes


OK. Mr.Mark Williams …. he new assistant coach at Tigers, Dustin his special project. He bloody come second in bloody time trial!! This clazy for Dusty as last year he have engine like Datsun 120B. This CrouchingOne first car, good for short trip to milk bar … no good for long drive to fish market. CrouchingOne not lock Datsun but he definet ..definert … defunet … he bloody LOCK Mr.Dustin!

Chris Crash

He's got Mark Williams up his arse. He wouldn't dare not deliver!


I'm taking the risk (again), got a good feeling!




ive said it before and i will say it again,, i am a gambling man, but mayby thats what is my downfall come sc at times, so you got to know when to hold em and know when to fold em. This kid is still a kid and is not a man till he proves he can cut it with the men so untill then i will check,,,, with a an option to bet after seeing how the cards land, he could still be that ace in the deck


I agree with most of what Jock says, in that Martin could jump to elite level if he put the effort in; as a WCE supporter, he kind of reminds me of Chris Masten (but somewhat better overall).

The thing is, though, of the guys that sit around him with similar qualifications (read: DPP), Matt De Boer & Matthew Wright, MArtin was by far the most consistent scorer that than the other two in 2012. His score variance is 70% that of De Boer's and 83% that of Wright. All three average scores are within a point of each other.

Given how popular De Boer in particular seems to be to open the 2013 season, if Martin's only downside is he might not try harder this year than last, he seems the best choice of other closely paired options.


Disagree i think Matty Wright gets a full time gig in the crows midfield this year. His preseason form is excellent and the coach loves him, he is an accumulator who wont be tagged due to danger, sloane, thompson etc. Therefore i think is the better option to be a consistent 95-110 player this year. Dusty might become a 100+ player but could stagnate, wright the better option to begin with i think dusty could be an upgrade early on if hes in quality form.