Fantasy Footy Radar 2013 – Todd Goldstein

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AFL Fantasy Ruck prospect Todd Goldstein

It took me some time to convince the AFL fraternity that young ruckman need time to develop. When a big fella reaches his mid twenties it’s his time in the sun. His time to sprout wings. His time to stake his claim as a premium AFL Fantasy Footy ruckman.

So when the Goldmember took the #1 ruck position and started dominating games as a 22 year old in 2011 I made a note in my Supercoach and Dreamteam little black book. I’m looking at it right now..

“Goldmember. Can play. 2 seasons = premium. Watch”

The facts:

  • 2013 Price: Supercoach: $497,900, Dreamteam: $407,300
  • 2013 Position: RUCK
  • 2012 averages: 93 SC, 79 DT (20 games)
  • 2011 averages: 113 SC, 99 DT (21 games)
  • 2010 averages: 66 SC, 74 ST (21 games)
  • Age: 24

Jock’s Verdict:

It was when the big Member was forced to shoulder the load at North Melbourne in the latter half of the 2011 season that he announced himself to me as a player of the future. He came home and averaged around 120 Supercoach points in the back half of the season while big Hamish McIntosh was crook.

But 2012 didn’t start how 2011 ended. He started last season like a bloke who didn’t know if he was Arthur or Martha. It became clear that Hamish McIntosh was still officially the #1 ruckman at North Melbourne. Todd had to fluff around up forward and get the slops when big Hame wanted a breather. His fantasy scores reflected that.

We then saw the Goldmember emerge again in the latter half of the season when Hamish was again sidelined. He immediately started smacking some tons on the board. He then had some niggly lower back/hamstring issues and I don’t believe he regained full fitness.

Heres why I reckon you need to consider Todd Goldstein in AFL Fantasy 2013;

  • Hamish has packed up his swag and nicked off to Geelong. Goldstein is now clearly the top dog in the ruck division at North.
  • He is underpriced. Ranked 13th in price as a Supercoach ruckman. Will finish in the top 4 rucks this season if he stays fit – mark my words.
  • We have statistical proof that this bloke dominated when he’s the #1 ruck
  • About to bloody explode. Still entering his prime. At 24 he will have improved physically since last season
  • With attractive RUCK/FWD DPP players like Cox, Nic Nat, Ryder and co there is scope for more big fellas in your team.
There is a valid knock on the bloke – when he gets towelled up he gets towelled up. Big Sandilands wollopped him in round 22 in 2012 and he spat our fantasy scores in the mid 20’s in the main codes. Nic Nat and Cox got a hold of him in the elimination final as well and his output was just as dismall… must be said he didn’t have much of a chop out in either of these games.
All in all – Goldmember is a likely first or second ruck in my Supercoach and Dreamteam sides in 2013…
How about yours?


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So you are thinking Goldy & Burger as your rucks? NicNat only as an upgrade option later on? Think I’d feel safer with one ultra premium ruck starting with burger. I want to see Goldstein one more year and ill happily pay more next year if he’s in the 115 range, possible upgrade from burger mid season if he’s going that well.


G'day mate,
It' was either Jacobs, Hale or Giles for me until I read what you were putting down.
Jacobs played outstanding last year but is he No 1 for ADL?
Hale great year but was not a true ruc (want him so bad as a Fwd)
Giles had him last year went missing for a few but he was a No 2/3 last year in my squad and as such did not let me down.
Goldmember, I like the spin and more importently the cost.$$$ for my team else where… Mullet was my 1st but with groin injury clouds at this stage I'm on Todd!


I reckon Goldstein will average 100+ easily, and for the price he's a good option if you don't want to spend the big biscuits on the NicNat, Cox, Maric, Sandilands $600,000+ brigade. He'll be up there with the Jacobs, McEvoy, Ryder lot by the end of the year, quality starting ruckman who you won't be sweating over having in your side at the end of the year.

Even with all that, it's might still be a NO for me. One idea i've been kicking around in my 'ol noggin is to go really cheap in the rucks so i'll have more cash to spend in my midfield. My thinking is to have Big Luey as my R1 and a RUC/FWD guy like Josh Jenkins as my R2. For my forward line, as my big #1 priced forward i'll pick Roughead or Naitanui who also have RUC/FWD eligibilty. When it comes time to upgrade, i'll switch Roughie/NicNat to RUC and move Jenkins FWD, then upgrade Jenkins to a high scoring FWD, like NicNat/Roughead, Franklin or Pavlich (basically whoever is kicking the most SC butt at the time).


LOL Nice Marc Nice
IMO Mids should be Mids and Rucs should be Rucs ….But my what a spidery web you have wrought..I like it!
However for Goldmembers price I have freed (Is that a word) up $$$ with the option of changing my mind during the season. God I hate to sucumb to saying this "But we have 30 Trades" This is a hugh bone of contention with me but more then likely after trade 29 I will say Thank You SC Gods..! 1 more left.


Your screen will light up with DPP's come trade in time …… it


Reckon Goldstein is a good prospect however not sold on Berger, serious ankle job last year and how much of a preseason will he get in ?? Lobbe is not over priced will get games and could be a good cashie…. if he can stay fit… think he did a shoulder last preseason, the bench well here's a headache so far Grundy & Currie both will get games just how many……where is me crystal ball gone


Goldy burger 1-2 Rowe bench and nic Nat or roughy up forward for me