Fantasy Footy Radar 2013 – Brent Staker

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AFL Fantasy Bargain Brent StakerI warned him about this bloody LARS caper. Round 1, 2011. He’s had a solid first year at the Lions in 2010 after leaving West Coast. Has has a good 2011 preseason. Then bloody SNAP. Brent snaps his ACL after barely buttering a crumpet for the season.

He wants to get back as quick as he can so he goes in for this rubbish bloody LARS surgery. Some bloke bungs a lacka band in there and reckons it’ll stand up to the cut and thrust of the AFL. Pigs arse. BANG she goes again when he returns in round 17.

Brent hasn’t played since. But he has been solid this pre season after a very long recovery campaign… and he is on target to be hunky dory come round 1 2013.

The facts:

  • 2013 Price: Supercoach: $128,000, Dreamteam: $132,600
  • 2013 Position: DEF/FWD
  • 2012 averages: stuffed knees, didn’t play
  • 2011 averages: 67 SC, 54 DT (7 games)
  • 2010 averages: 88 SC, 74 DT (22 games)
  • Age: 28

Jock’s Verdict:

Well this is a hard one to overlook.

  • Best case scenario: He has a solid pre season. Plays a role in the NAB and gets through unscathed. He returns to his 2010 form and taps out an average of around 90 Supercoach points and 75 Dreamteam. We’ve payed rookie money for him and our trousers are bursting at the zip. He slots in as a nice 6th defender or forward and slides onto the bench for coverage later in the season. Ideally though we’ve traded him out and are we’re backstroking as naked as the day we’re born in ccaaassshhhhhhhh.
  • Worst case scenario: He goes down in the first 12 seconds of round 1 with a shattered pelvis which requires 27 pins and 2 years on the sidelines. Or maybe a knee. We’re shattered. But who cares we have 30 trades so we trade sideways for a rookie back who has emerged.
  • Likely scenario: He gets through at least 6 games in the first half of the season… enough for us to make some cash off him if nothing else.

Brent could be one of the most selected cheap players of the 2013 season if he survives preseason and the NAB. If fit he is a much required key position player at the Brisbane Lions and his job security will be supreme. Fitness is of course the big question here so I will be watching him with interest over the coming months. Wish him the best of luck – a fantastic fellow and a talent that has not been allowed to fully develop.

If he’s names for round 1 he will be a very likely started in the backline for JR Brumby FC.

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G'day Jock
Fun article with a serious message, Brent will be in my team as a FWD I think otherwise I cant have in my Midfeild 2 Ultras 3 Elites and 2 Premiums
Defence at this stage I would like Reilly, Hanley Gibbs and Goddard with Bock, Maybe.


I'll have him as a starter in my FWD line at the moment. Of course that's pending his getting through the pre-season. He's a hard guy to pass up. At that price it's a no-risk selection at the moment, as you said, worst case scenario we trade him out for a rookie who's playing. There's probably not another guy at $130,000 who'll have the potential to score 80SC points a game. Pick him, hope his price rises to $350,000-$400,000 and then upgrade him for a premium is my plan.


Hi Buddy,
“A cunning plan that dose’t envolve turnips”..I like it!


A no-brainer really.


Yep. I've picked him & @ $128K I'm taking a punt on him.
Like you guys I'll watch him closely thru pre-season & Nab cup.
If he's unsighted & unheard of before Rnd1
I'll drop kick him straight outta my team before i waste a trade.


Hi Mick,
I had a Sam Kerridge (105K from ADL) in my team last year, Just to give me swing from MID to FWD..Worked a treat as some players went down from either line but I still did not need to play him. He was my substitute for a Sub,
I guess what I'm trying to say is "They may not be on the park but your team can still use them"


Hi Dools.
Having Picked Brent I want him to play From Rnd 1 & maybe cash him in
before the byes.
If I decide to do as you mention above, why spend 128k on a 28 yr old who
may not get a game.
when i could spend 110-115k on someone( Mid/Fwd) who's cheaper,keen to impress,no injury history & could potentially make heaps more cash than Brent.
Having said that, I hope Brent has a good comeback season
& I wish him well for his sake.


I've got him as a FWD. Seems to be more quality defender rookies than forward rookies this year so have Staker and Macaffer as my F5 & F6


mayes.kerridge.lee? all good forward rookies i got staker down back cos i also have gray and siposs down forwar with my three premiums