Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Podcast – Christmas Edition

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Supercoach 2013 podcastChristmas is all about family, friends and community folks.

So it is with great festive spirit that we bring you this festive edition of the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Football Community podcast.

We come to you directly from The Crouching One’s gym where we oversee a cage fight involving some of the communities finest supporters. Dean Field, Snudz, Matty Hudson, Nathan King, Aaron Meadows, Shaun Williams, Marc Barrington, Billy Damm, Dools, MJ. All of em in the cage. Battling it out for an amazing prize.

And we get through the premium midfielders on the 2013 radar;

  • Pendles, Swan and Beams… three midfield guns.. one team
  • Marc Murphy
  • Gary Ablett
  • Trent Cotchin
  • Luke Shuey
  • Jobe Watson
  • Jordan Russell.

Merry Christmas folks – enjoy the special,


Click here for all the players on Jock’s Radar in AFL Fantasy 2013

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Well done, MJ! Look forward to reading your first column! Dean, hope you can get your head back on straight in time for SuperCoach 2013 and Crouching, I hope your insurance costs don't jump up too much, lord knows there will be some slacker next year who'll need you to give them a kick in the ass.

For MID premiums, I've got Ablett, Swan and 1 of Cotchin or Dangerfield pencilled in so far. Shuey is looking like a lock as well. Got my eye on a few others to round out my mids, but I'll have to wait until I hear/see more about them in the new year.

Merry Xmas Jock, Higgo, Crouching One and everyone else in the community, hope you have a safe and happy holidays.


Great stuff mate.. Hope you have a fantastic Christmas as well, bad luck in the cage fight.. You put on a sterling show mate!

At this stage I'll be trying to lock in Pendles, GAJ, Shuey and another top shelter. Really looking for a Beefy midfield this season


Thanks MRB37 … I look forward to reading your feedback .. Have a good Xmas mate


I have walked off the squiiril grip (Just mentioning it brings tears to the eyes)
Thanks for a great, entertaining show..Have a safe festive seaon all and I 'm looking forward to another go at King of the Ring! LOL. Jock you will have to explain that one to Higgo..
3 points – MJ (Nice move mate!)
2 points – Jock, Crouching
1 point – Higgo leave Santa out of all calculations..He is a bit like G.Ablett Snr. He can do what ever he bloody likes, just be grateful for the presents mate.


Good on ya Dools, you toiled manfully in the cage, just a shame you came up against the might of MJ, one of the most talented cage fighters of our generation mate


Just wanted that trip to Hastings Caravan Park more Dools .. Great fight mate, Head is Killing me this morning


Not sure if The Son of God (ripper story by the way!) is a lock ….. last few winners DID NOT SELECT THE HIGHEST RANKED PLAYER IN THEIR STARTING SQUADS!
Some Christmas food for thought.


Santa you do make a very good point regarding last couple of winners and the highest ranked player but I think Ablett is in another bracket .. I think everybody should just at it as having to pick 29 players with a Salary cap of 9.26mil and just start with Ablett locked in


OY Santa Clause ya ####. Where's me ###### bike. I've looked through all this other crap and there's nothing that I like…

Haaa. Great song. Great times. Just having a lark Santa. Big fan of yours mate. Must have one of those bloody iPhone things I suppose posting for Santa Force One?


Oh does my head hurt this morning .. Can't remember a thing .. what happened last night ??


Hey, M.J I replied on the Robbie Gray page . Hope tp hear your thoughts soon.

On a lighter note .Your head is sore! My jewels have changed color and I don't know why? What the hell did I do last night?


Nothing at all to do with those pills we made you take as you entered the gym lads. No thing at all.


Great stuff me ol' China
Looking at J.J. Kennedy ( FWD) Over the injury (Ankle) reportred to be training strong and as the favored tall target down Patterson Stadium, now the Q Stick has left. Thinking he will be possible break out guy in WCE Line up along with his little mate the Frog…
Your thoughts?


hi Dools,
I think that Kennedy looks a valid selection as well. He covers a lot of ground, kicks goals, gets lots of inside fifties as well


G'day there Dools! The very best of. He festive season to you mate, hope you are enjoying your Christmas eve.

Not sold on WCE Kennedy mate. Don't believe that he is the type to provide a consistent week in week out fantasy score…. Could very well be wrong, I'll be having a good look in the preseason


Hey Santo,
He is a tempting selection eh?
Also looking at Brett Goodes WBD as my bench Def Mid swing only $128K what do you think ?
Didi you read M.J's article on the site?