Fantasy Footy Radar 2013 – Marc Murphy

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A ripping bloke and a gifted footballer is Marc Murphy. After playing every game in 2011 and averaging over 110 in both Supercoach and Dreamteam he looked set to assert himself as one of the #1 AFL Fantasy Footy locks in the business. Things didn’t work out that way.

He started the season like a raging young bull and everything looked hunky dory. Then a few things happened. Firstly teams started giving him the hard tag instead of Judd. When he copped the dedicated tag in rounds 6 and 7 he averaged just the 81 Supercoach points. Then he busted his shoulder in round 8. Things weren’t too bloody rosy all of a sudden.

He returned and hit the ground running again in round 16. However he was suspect again a few times later in the season when under the hard tag… nothing too drastic… just cause for mild concern..

The facts:

  • 2013 Price: Supercoach: $602,900, Dreamteam: $522,000
  • 2013 Position: MID
  • 2012 averages: 113 SC, 101 DT (16 games)
  • 2011 averages: 118 SC, 111 DT (22 games)
  • 2010 averages: 112 SC, 100 DT (21 games in first season)
  • Age: 25 when season kicks off

Jock’s Verdict:

Look. You wont go far wrong with Marc in AFL Fantasy 2013 please don’t get me wrong. But we are talking serious money here and we want to be pretty certain that we have all boxes ticks when we’re dealing with the upper end of the premium midfielder scale. My niggling doubts:

  • He may well be the skipper in 2013. Is he the kind of bloke to be weighed down by this? Will his output suffer?
  • We had a glimpse of him under the stiff tag… and it wasn’t that flash. Would we be better off spending the cash on a proven tag breaker?
  • That tag will be coming at him even more than last year with Judd 1 year older and frailer

Having said all this I’m still convinced he’ll average 110+ in Supercoach and 100+ in Dreamteam if he stays fit. Just not sure he has it in him to average up over 120 which is almost the new yardstick when we talk about the blue ribbon midfielders of the competition these days.

I’ll likely look elsewhere for premium midfielders in season 2013… what about you lot?

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i love Marc Murphy, had him in my side the past 3 years, but it looks like I may be giving him a miss this year. $600,000 is a bit pricey for someone who has so many question marks about him. He could be a nice target down the line, but to begin with, i'll take a pass.


I'm putting murphy in as a lock…..and I'll be squaring away scotland and gibbs as well.

I'm expecting the malthouse effect to have a huge impact on some carlton players who haven't quite lived up to full expection.

but not kreuzer, his the burn man.


Difficult, Jock very difficult. Shut down by efficient taggers too many times aka Stanton who will be in my SC wilderness this year. Having said the above..Malthouse has created superb Mids in his Era …The price is the hard one for me… Ya, ya, 30 trades and all that; buit 600K is a big big gamble especialy given Carltons opening rounds…I'l lwait out…I think?
I'm seriously re-thinking Gibbs though not a lock at this stage but my what a handy Defender/Midfielder change up….
Looking forward to the 'cast tonight ..Bring it


Upgrade target Jock. Blues have a shocker starting draw. Has had a delayed preseason.


lets look at this differently….your same price, who is a better option?