Fantasy Footy Radar 2013 – Andrew Embley

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AFL Supercoach and Dreamteam 2013 Andrew Embley

Andrew Embley is a talented man. A decorated man when it comes to AFL and a player who will go down as one of the best to have pulled on a West Coast jumper.

He also operates a cooking demonstration business, “Cooking With Embers”. Brilliant business name. Set up for life after footy.

Now I don’t want to harp on about negatives when talking about such a champion of our game but I have an obligation to the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community here. I need to remind you all of the qualifying final this season when Embley coughed up a shocker and handed Collingwood the game.

This is what happens when your reflexes and reaction times slow down kids.

The facts:

  • 2013 Price: Supercoach: $226,800, Dreamteam: $264,300
  • 2013 Position: MID
  • 2012 averages: 53 SC, 57 DT (6 games only)
  • 2011 averages: 96 SC, 94 DT (21 games)
  • 2010 averages: 87 SC, 92 DT (20 games)
  • Turns 32 in season 2013

Jock’s Verdict:

He had a shocker in 2012. Stuffed his shoulder in the NAB, played the first 3 injured then went under the knife. When he did eventually play he was sub affected in 3 of his games which stuffed his fantasy footy scores. Some would write this off as bad luck but I’ve been around this block too many bloody times kids. With a bloke as advanced in years as old Embers you need to expect these injuries as a par for the course.

It saddens an old bloke to say this but we all understand that this is a brutal game. No room for romance here. Andrew mate – you’re bloody cheap this year. I know that. I know we also have a bit more room in our midfield and more trades available to fit the mid price player in. But these are the facts mate… the game has passed you by and I wont be entertaining you as an option in Supercoach, Dreamteam or any of the AFL Fantasy draft forms of the game in 2013.

If you play with embers kids… you’ll get burnt.

Will anyone think about cooking with Embers in 2013?

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Hows about brent staker? 128,000 as a dual def/fwd


As long as he comes thru pre-season OK, Staker will be in my team.


Too many good opions up FWD Nicoski and The Frog and now Embers all returning from serious injuries, The Frog is worth the gambit and at a streach so is Nicoski but Embers… .
Stay clear of the injured aged player they seem to get nursed along ie Subed or named as emergancy.
No, unless you have Testicular Fortitude bigger then Ben bloody Hur and have a crystal ball (LOL)


Disagree you would have to look seriously at this guy in 2013. Increased his sc average from 80s to 90s in 2011 and then got a freak injury last year. Even then was brought back to play a key rolefor finals and scored well when he played full games. Good back, hammys, endurance and gets more outside midfieldhelp next year from wellingham, gaff, and potentially Morton and cripps. Keeper potential ($500k with 90 av.)


dools, who is the frog? haha


G'day Togg
Slang for Marc LeCras (French surname) Fwd for WCE


Thanking you dools. All the best


Hmm..but lecras or nicoski? I have goldstein and leunberger as ruck. And want big cox up forward. But dont want to have too many of the same team in there


G'day Togg,
I want you to cast your mind back to 2012 MID …
Unfortunatly it's Collingwood:
All players above are in the 122 to 126 PTS Per Game AVG
All play for and are in the same line position wise so here is another example from Richmond:
But wait there is more… Not really ..A rule is made obsolete by the exception
(Therefore its not a Rule! ie i before e except after c most of the time….?)