Fantasy Footy Radar 2013 – Dale Thomas

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I would get a pen out and put a line through Daisy Thomas’ Supercoach and Dreamteam outputs from 2012. The chips just didn’t fall his way.

After a breakout 2011 averaging up around 105 in both forms of the major AFL fantasy footy codes many experienced heads were expecting him to come out and nudge the 110-115 average mark in 2012. However an indifferent start to the year and then a niggle in round 3 stuffed the rest of his season. Couldn’t have timed it worse. Sidebum and Beams got all the midfield slops when Luke Ball went down and Daisy was left to play catch up fitness wise for the rest of the season. Never hit his straps.

The facts:

  • 2013 Price: Supercoach: $515,000, Dreamteam: $480,000
  • 2013 Position: FWD/MID
  • 2012 averages: 96 SC, 93 DT
  • 2011 averages: 104 SC, 103 DT
  • 2010 averages: 94 SC, 95 DT

Jock’s Verdict:

The good news to come out of his 2012 season for fantasy footy coaches is that young Dale is again eligible in the forward line for season 2013. The other good news is that he’s a hell of a lot cheaper than he was at the beginning of 2012 ($593K in Supercoach and $510K in Dreamteam). And while I’m dishing out good news like big bloody Father Christmas he’s a good chance to get back onto the Wing where he dominated in 2011.

The bad news is that he wont get a full preseason in, he went in and got the ankle that stuffed his 2012 season operated on and he is still recovering. A bit on the softer side is young Dale I would have thought. Factor that into his recovery time. Kids have changed since my day. I was embarrassed to miss 2 weeks with a broken bloody femur which was my most significant absence from the game.

NOT AT THIS STAGE. A lot depends on his recovery from surgery. The other factor niggling away at me is the fact that we have one less in the forward line this season. Not 100% convinced that he will finish the season in the top 8 scoring forward line players unless he can return to 100% fitness and confidence. Until I see him with my own eyes with some dash in preseason he might be a player I hold off on in my starting side in 2013.

Who’s keen on him in 2013?

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I find it hard to put Daisy in my team..Injury aside too many other good players out there


I'll most likely have to pass on Daisy, at least in my first picked squad. He does look like an interesting upgrade target if he does start slow due to surgery, then starts hitting the straps in the 2nd half of the season, but I reckon at best he'll be around his 2010 and 2012 averages for the year.


I’m more interested in the broken femur that put you out for 2 weeks, must have been a bloody big snap….

Thanks jock