Fantasy Footy Radar 2013 – Trent Cotchin

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There’s something about a pronounced bum chin in a man. Inspires trust. Reliability.

What a season. What a player. Scored below 98 Supercoach points just once. Didn’t miss a game. 19 scores of 100 or more. 10 of those over 120. All this in a team that finished 12th on the ladder losing half their games. Bloody impressive.

Now we all know that I have a very finely tuned eye for talent but even I was blown away by the brand of the football produced by Cotchin the Trent in 2012. Immaculate. Love the bloke. Handsome lad too.

Welcome to the realm of the Ultra premium fantasy footballer Trent old son!

The facts:

  • 2013 Price: Supercoach: $622,200, Dreamteam: $570,200
  • 2013 Position: MID
  • 2012 averages: 116 SC, 110 DT
  • 2011 averages: 100 SC, 94 DT

Jock’s Verdict:

The only thing that needs to be considered here is value for money. You’ll likely be making a decision in the preseason about which of the high premium midfielders you’d prefer in your team which means pitting Cotchin up against your Ablett’s, Swan’s, Pendles, Beams, Watson, Joshy Kennedy, Dangerfield, Selwood and co.

When selecting from the top shelf folks you need to make bloody sure that you get the selection call spot on. You need to be dead set certain that the bloke is kosher. The one knock I have on the Cotch is that 2012 was only his 2nd season averaging over 100 in Supercoach and was his first in Dreamteam. I’d understand the logic behind overlooking Cotch for a mid with the long term runs on the board.

Having said that though my guts are telling me we are witnessing something special here in the Cotch. I don’t reckon we’ll see him much cheaper than this for a very long time. I expect a significant climb up the ladder for the Tigers in 2013 – this further strengthens my resolve.

IN MY TEAM at this stage. Looking to go with a very beefy midfield and I can’t see myself overlooking Cotchin for too many of the other mega premiums.

Anyone have their doubts about the Cotchin the Trent in AFL Fantasy Footy 2013?

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I think you said it all, Jock. Just look at that consistency, it's the kind of stuff that'd make you leap for SuperCoach joy. Doesn't seem to score those huge 140+ scores that the likes of Ablett, Swan and other MID premiums, so he's not normally an awesome Captain choice (at least last year), but at least you know you can usually pencil him in for 110-120 SC points and not worry about it.

I went with Josh Kennedy over Cotchin last year, but I will definitely have to have a good, serious look at this guy. The only question is does him being handed the Richmond captaincy do a reverse Judd (Judd expected to perform better due to not having to worry about the captaincy) and will he see an increase of attention on the field which will adversely affect his SuperCoach scores?


At this early stage of the campaigne, months to go yet .If Cotchin is not seriously on your RADAR you have no right playing the game…He was tagged , he was fouled he was crampt for room, he was bloody brillient nearly all season.
Will he be POD this year, Time for me to cast my glance elsewhere..No
Injury free..I think this boy will redifine Football.