Fantasy Footy Radar 2013 – Jordan Russell

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Jordan RussellThis tweet by the great Peter Higginbotham is enough to make every Supercoach and Dreamteamer stop and take notes.

A young Jordan Russell was selected as a #9 draft back in 2004. He took a while to find his feet but then came good in 2010. He finished runner-up to Chris Judd in the Best and Fairest after a solid year down back. Not too shabby at all.

Then the poor bastard went in for some hip surgery in the 2011 preseason and never again regained his form, confidence, fitness and most importantly the favor of Brett Rattan. He’s from South Australia and word is he wanted to return home to Port Adelaide. That fell through. Blessing in disguise if you ask me. Not only is he staying in a decent part of the world, but he has also slotted straight in under the soft fatherly plumage of Nathan Buckley’s wing at Collingwood.

The facts:

  • 2013 Price: Supercoach: $240K, Dreamteam: $264K
  • 2013 Position: DEF
  • 2012: No good at all. Just the 7 games and battled for a game all year
  • 2012 average: 50 SC, 57 DT
  • 2010 average: 87 SC, 80 DT. Included 4 consecutive games where he averaged 120+

Jock’s Verdict:

Preseason is an exciting time at a footy club. A few stand out early and burn the track to shreds. This is the case with Jordan. Been down at training, been speaking to a few of the lads and I can tell you categorically that he is impressing the absolute bejesus out of Nathan and his new teammates. The signs are very good.

But lets not kid ourselves folks.. it’s a long summer. A bloke doesn’t struggle for a game at a club like Carlton for a very bloody good reason. I’m not certain that he has good job security. Even if he gets a regular gig I reckon he’ll be in a lockdown and I wouldn’t expect him to increase in price by much more that $100K during the season. This makes him only a luke warm prospect as a bit of a cash cow. However.. Higgo has one hell of a strike rate with these blokes….

 NO from me. I’m just not convinced he’ll break out enough to become a keeper, or make enough cash to make him worth it as trade fodder.

But I know there are PLENTY keen on him for 2013… over to you?

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"Staying in a decent part of the world" !?

Way to show a typical Victorian small minded mentality.

Good way to turn away all of the S.A. fans coming to your site.


If you're that easily offended then you can leave buddy. Don't deserve Jock's genius tips. Have fun living in a hole hahahahahahha


Well played Matt,way to make yourself look like a simple minded knob. Im from W.A and ive loved visiting S.A every time ive been to watch the footy. Try getting out and visiting other states…you might enjoy yourself.


SA where's that !?!? ohh i faintly remember now,,,,,,, thats the town that had the grand prix once upon a time!!


Spud – makes as much sense picking him as Jack Anthony