Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Podcast – 2013 Preseason 4

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AFL Supercoach and Dreamteam PodcastHow have I been able to remain the best AFL Fantasy Footballer in Australia for over 37 years? Evolution. Rolling with the changes. A huge brain. You need to absorb change like a bloody sponge then use it to wipe your opponents off the bloody table.

Long time Supercoach and Dreamteam coaches will be presented with some alternative fantasy footy options in 2013. Alongside the format of the game that we know and love there will be some alternative draft style games that we can have a stab at.

Now the regular games will stay the same and will remain wildly popular.. but what is this new game all about? We discuss the details in this week’s podcast.

And of course we look at some of the players on the fantasy footy radar. It’s all about the forwards this week;

As always we are interested in hearing from you out there. Do you reckon the new AFL fantasy draft style games will take off, or are we looking at a flash in the pan here?


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Jock ,Crouching and Higgo Nice pod cast lads… Short but sweet
How in the Name of the Sherrin Gods did Sylvia get a mention might as well be taling about the seaguls at the G….Not relevent.
Anywho , looking forwrd to the next one
Crouching 1 ( you brought up the girls name…)
Higgo 2 ( you got excited and left early)
Jock 3 (somhow you keep it all together)