Fantasy Footy Radar 2013 – Tom Rockliff

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Supercoach 2013 Tom Rockliff

It’s the end of season 2011. Tommy Rockliff has had a blinder of a season. He’s averaged 28 touches a game, 6 marks, 5 tackles and over 110 in both Supercoach and Dreamteam. The kid has just won the Best and Fairest for the Lions over club legend Simon Black. He’s 21 years old. How bloody good am I? He reckons.

Fast forward 12 months and things aren’t as flash for Tom. He’s been played up forward a lot by Vossy. He was a prolific goal kicker at TAC cup level and needs to play a role in front of the sticks. He’s lost his regular midfield rotation. His fantasy scoring plummets from a dead set premium of 615K at the start of the season (which many selected him at) to 373K at the end of it.

The facts:

  • 2013 Price: Supercoach: $517K, Dreamteam: $480K
  • 2013 Position: MID/FWD
  • 2012: Let many fantasy coaches down. Well down on his usual output and provided just the 9 scores over 100. Was often played up forward by Vossy in almost a traditional full forward roll, the results AFL Fantasy scoring wise weren’t flash. Gains the FWD line eligibility for 2013
  • 2012 average: 97 SC, 93 DT
  • 2011 average: 114 SC, 112 DT. Scored over the ton in each of the last 11 Supercoach games of the season

Jock’s Verdict:

2012 will have done the kid wonders. A 21 year old who wins the B&F can’t help but get ahead of himself and suffer from an inflation of the head. I’m not convinced his move up forward was strictly structural… been in the caper for many years and wouldn’t be at all surprised if there was a tale to be told between Vossy and Rocky.

Forgetting all that business, the cards fall magnificently Rockliff’s way for fantasy season 2013. The addition of Stefan Martin to the Lion forward line is the most significant of these as Tom won’t be asked to play such a structural role up forward. Then there’s an ageing Simon Black who’ll be managed next season. Big Matthew Leuenberger will be tapping the thing magnificently and Brent Moloney will be there to get under the packs.

The Lions have set up for a assault on 2013 and I can assure you that we’ll see the Rock back in the guts this season.

STRONGLY CONSIDER. Plenty of value forward in season 2013 but there needs to be some space left for this bloke

Will you have a crack at Tom Rockliff in 2013?

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Intresting Jock , I think you are relying on Brisvagas playing to the tune that you want..I need / require in order to promote the young fella the what if’s ? will he be a player to rely on or is it all flash for 4/5 rounds at the start …Coin is easly spent but its the trade up that counts.. Not for me.. If Berger(value for money) taps it down is TR the guy who acts apon it…Not convonced mate.. I need more info


The best of the new m/fs (daisy, bartel, jude). Youd take a 97 average as a fwd every day of the week, and his output will most likely increase to over 100 in 2013. Wouldnt consider in the mids but in the forward line he is the lockiest lock after budwah and nicnat


He's an intruiging choice, he's most likely going to be in my forward line, but I will wait and see what other choices are available before I lock him in.


I agree Jock, there would have been a niggle causing Vossy to play him up forward, no way would he be leaving one of his gun mids in there otherwise. I expect we'll see 2011 numbers from him again this season, and as a forward? Loooock.


This one has me sitting on the fence a little. Reminds me of the situation we had with Dustin Martin last year. I locked him in the forward line and stuck with him to my frustration all year. So for me at the moment Rockliff is on the watchlist. If i see him tearing it up in the middle in the preseason then I'll have another look, but for now I'm leaning towards not picking him from the start.


PS old mate. Would love it if you looked at the following players: Yarran, Pedersen, Bock, Mumford & Dusty


Plays well in Brisbane & scores well, but not so well in Melb.
Still have doubts about him as a keeper & consistant scorer week in week out
for his price. Needs a breakout year in 2013. Not for me yet!


G'day Jocko Just wanting to know your opinion on Tom rockliff or Taylor Walker tossing up on who to get?


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